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  1. Absolutely right. I'll be working on my ops to make sure I avoid it
  2. Yeah, I did notice that too. I wasn't keeping a close eye on the tach during the approach and was just modulating the throttle as felt appropriate for the descent profile I needed. However, I did see the tach a few times and noticed being in that range. I seem to recall adjusting my throttle position when i realized i was in that range. I also recall asking my CFI about if operating in that range on my approaches was bad. He said that the concern was for continuous operation and that a short stretch in the approach wouldn't be an issue. However, I did feel the vibration, and to make a smoother ride I'd like to avoid it even if it is safe in small doses. Thanks for the tip! It's something I will be keeping in mind as I try and improve my handling.
  3. Finally took her up for my first Mooney solo after finishing transition training! Excuse my muttering and mumbling...
  4. I did go looking for this in the poh... Didn't see it... I'll have a closer look. Yep, a 1995 MSE Thanks all. I'll check these spots next time I'm with the plane
  5. Embarrassing question.... I went looking for the tach timr gauge last week in the 201 I bought in October. Couldn't find one. Seems like I wrongfully assumed it was a standard piece of kit. How are the engine times calculated for annual/maintenance then? Are the numbers just provided as an estimate by the pilot? Pic attached. Also, not sure how I overlooked this for so long... Even more embarrassing...
  6. That will most likely be during my next flight. Yippee ki yay
  7. Got that one too of course. Looking forward to the climb rate on my first Solo in the Mooney.
  8. After having today finished my insurance-mandated transition training. I now feel like a Mooney pilot as well as owner. "I have given Derek ****** 10 hours of dual training in a M20J, covering all areas of proficiency ***undecipherable** for a private pilot. I have determined he is safe and proficient to act as PIC of the M20J. 12/7/19" -- CFI 12/8: Edited to correct date.
  9. This thread's half brother about the demise had way more activity but this time. Come on mooniacs get happy!
  10. Side panel. Looked like quite an adventure to figure out.
  11. The problem was a wire grounding out.
  12. 172s and DA20s. Now M20J MSE Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  13. Third transition training flight... 12 landings, power off 180. Gusty enough to balloon up to 4 white from 3 red. Proud of a few landings, proud of a few go arounds. Finally got used to saying the tail number. These are facts. Another fact... The Mooney is awesome!
  14. Maybe the "others" are one of the bigger fish, some Textron-like conglomerate. Seems like an a good optimistic scenario.