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  1. Added these over the weekend.
  2. What product is recommended to reattach placards on the panel that are peeling off? Regular super glue? Thanks!
  3. 1995 J, 1015 lbs. useful load. 631 lbs payload with full (64gal).
  4. Yeah, also on the center console below the vernier. I like the idea of putting the RPM one above the PFD.
  5. Ran through the book and everything looks there, except the RPM limitation is no longer on the right panel adjacent to the tachometer, but directly below the Vernier controls. Would that be improper? I suppose it would be possible to comply with half of the description if placed adjacent to the tachometer which is now in the left instrument panel.
  6. Because I wanted a second NAV radio and I didn't want to pay the premium for two GTNs. I asked a lot of people and the answer was strongly biased towards the G500. Mostly people vastly more experienced than me, many on MooneySpace as well. A guess that future integration options would be better or more flexible. Both seemed comparable enough, but after so many chats with shops and PIREPs from owners it seemed hard to imagine the price premium isn't justified.
  7. I'm very happy with the panel. I'll probably want to make some new placards someday. The new ELT antenna is a bit of a drag. (You see what I did there?)
  8. I haven't seen it in person yet, but here's a pic from the shop.
  9. I'm in this exact same boat right now. I've got my M20J at the avionics shop currently and they're doing a new panel, including the Artex 345. However, I asked him to hold off on the ELT for now because he said he'd have to install the whip into a new hole with a doubler. He suggested that even if he were to grind off the cherry max rivets holding down the fairing that the ELT antenna wouldn't fit (I assume he's talking about the whip though, not a blade style). What is the compatible blade antenna that fits under the dorsal fin for the Artex 345? Thanks! Derek
  10. The job (all new Garmin stuff) is underway! Just got the following pic from the shop. In 8 weeks should have a G500Txi (+EIS and Cies Senders), GTN650Xi, PMA 450b, GI-275, GFC500, GNC255, GTX345, GDL69A, and the Airtex 345 here.
  11. Last 2 annuals were at a MSC. Getting one done by a different shop this time around. My IA sent me the attached picture of the chain. Sort of surprised me that the chain was in this state. Is the chain something that is normally cleaned up and greased at annual? I even had a new trim chain cover installed 2019 annual (because it was missing)... How long would it take to accumulate that amount of funk on the chain? And what's the risk associated? Chain corrodes and breaks due to gunk in the grease? Gunk causes it to jam? New owner... Trying to learn things... Thanks!
  12. Anyone gotten a spring lately? I'm in for annual now and the tach is about to roll over the 1000h mark so was hoping to get the back spring done, but the shop can't find a replacement. Will do it whenever one is obtained.
  13. I was thinking it looked bug-like. Previous owner had a dirt floor hangar. I have it in an asphalt floor hangar. As far as I know, it has spent no meaningful time parked outside. I do have my eyes on the LED lights... I actually have annual and then going into avionics in November. Maybe I should just "while you're in there" some LEDs. Did you make that lens for the landing light @ArtVandelay?
  14. I'm going to clean this stuff out, but before I do wondering what y'all think it is. I haven't opened up this lens since acquiring the plane a few years ago. And honestly I never looked so closely inside it so I haven't noticed it until now. Does stuff tend to blow around inside the wing and accumulate in the lens area? Hoping it's detritus from some old situation before my time. Either way going to ask for some boroscope action at annual this fall.
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