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  1. This thread's half brother about the demise had way more activity but this time. Come on mooniacs get happy!
  2. Side panel. Looked like quite an adventure to figure out.
  3. The problem was a wire grounding out.
  4. 172s and DA20s. Now M20J MSE Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  5. Third transition training flight... 12 landings, power off 180. Gusty enough to balloon up to 4 white from 3 red. Proud of a few landings, proud of a few go arounds. Finally got used to saying the tail number. These are facts. Another fact... The Mooney is awesome!
  6. Maybe the "others" are one of the bigger fish, some Textron-like conglomerate. Seems like an a good optimistic scenario.
  7. Fortunately I have those. I do plan to make a stick though.
  8. Oh boy. Don't have one of those, but I assume you mean to feel around with a stick?
  9. If I recall correctly I was doing the opposite and was fueling towards the inboard side.
  10. Yes. We flew on that tank as well. Yes and that side indicates true. Is there anything I can do to diagnose the problem before talking to the shop? Thanks!
  11. I was fueling my new to me m20j. I was with my CFI. It was actually my first time doing self-serve fuel. I guess I must have screwed up because when I got back in the plane left tank gauge was 0 and the annunciator for fuel was on. Is it possible that I damaged something sensitive with the pump? Thought I was being careful... maybe not careful enough. At any rate at least I got another two hours down of the insurance probation. Thanks!
  12. Thanks @carusoam. This has helped a lot.
  13. She's looking to finish her PPL in the near future. That will be a fun day!
  14. What about the 24 volt thing? If the system is 28 volts shouldn't I be using a supply which provides that exact voltage and not the 24 volt one suggested by @elimansour?