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  1. I lean until EGT peaks and richen 2 tick marks
  2. I got a 1994 M20J MSE last October and she's been flying great. I put a GoPro on the tail tiedown last weekend to record a bit of footage and noticed when I got to our first destination that the lens was covered in crud. I wiped it off and thought maybe some dust got kicked up landing or something. I noticed the same crud on the camera after the next and final leg. When I got home I scanned the video and noticed that not too long after takeoff and at cruise, the video gradually got cloudier and cloudier. So I guess it's coming from the exhaust. I had thought the airplane was running well, I have had to add about a quart of oil in the last 10 hours. Should I be looking into my leaning procedure? Anything else I should be looking into before getting a shop involved? Is this likely a sign of some big issue? Im a relatively new pilot (sub 100 hours) and this is my first aircraft... So I'm learning a ton every time I fly and talk to you all. Thanks for the help and suggestions!
  3. This is a great thread to ask this in. I have a one year old Siberian Husky, named Solo (he's a scoundrel like his namesake). He pretty much whines/speaks endlessly in the car, and we put him in the car about 4 to 5 times per week on average. How do you all go about introducing your pups to the airplane, what's your loading procedure, and how do you handle moments if/when the dog gets super vocal? Maybe the mic won't pick them up when talking to atc, but makes me nervous. We, the wife and I, want to fly with him but we are pretty terrified of the potential difficulty loading and unloading.
  4. What a story. I'm not so romantic about the fuel gauge!
  5. I bought my Mooney last year, and it came with an NGT9000 transponder. I am trying to get it's traffic to show up on Foreflight, but it isn't working. The transponder is running a WiFi network, which I connect my iPad to, but the transponder isn't showing up in Foreflight's devices list. Is this a problem that is going to require an avionics shop? My internet searches for this issue haven't been fruitful. Thanks!
  6. ... somewhere around the Catskills on a nice chilly MLK Day flight. After the flight I was too cold to hang around and do much troubleshooting, and it didn't cross my mind to look for fuel staining (as recommended by @carusoam on another related thread from a few years back), so I didn't do any other investigation beyond snapping a photo. The errant gauge is the right sight gauge, 1995 J 201 MSE. I have the maintenance manual at the hangar (too cold to think to bring it home), but if anyone knows the part number... Is the recommended replacement one of these from LASAR?
  7. Absolutely right. I'll be working on my ops to make sure I avoid it
  8. Yeah, I did notice that too. I wasn't keeping a close eye on the tach during the approach and was just modulating the throttle as felt appropriate for the descent profile I needed. However, I did see the tach a few times and noticed being in that range. I seem to recall adjusting my throttle position when i realized i was in that range. I also recall asking my CFI about if operating in that range on my approaches was bad. He said that the concern was for continuous operation and that a short stretch in the approach wouldn't be an issue. However, I did feel the vibration, and to make a smoother ride I'd like to avoid it even if it is safe in small doses. Thanks for the tip! It's something I will be keeping in mind as I try and improve my handling.
  9. Finally took her up for my first Mooney solo after finishing transition training! Excuse my muttering and mumbling...
  10. I did go looking for this in the poh... Didn't see it... I'll have a closer look. Yep, a 1995 MSE Thanks all. I'll check these spots next time I'm with the plane
  11. Embarrassing question.... I went looking for the tach timr gauge last week in the 201 I bought in October. Couldn't find one. Seems like I wrongfully assumed it was a standard piece of kit. How are the engine times calculated for annual/maintenance then? Are the numbers just provided as an estimate by the pilot? Pic attached. Also, not sure how I overlooked this for so long... Even more embarrassing...
  12. That will most likely be during my next flight. Yippee ki yay
  13. Got that one too of course. Looking forward to the climb rate on my first Solo in the Mooney.