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  1. Congrats! I'm working on mine (been "preparing" for the written for like 1.5 years). I should be ready by now I suppose. I don't know why but I'm finding it very hard to do the program the local flight school wants me to do. They're having me do some ground school iPad App from Cessna (think its king schools product behind the covers). I find it awful. I really just want to read the text book from Jepp, take the test and then go fly with a CFI, but the school just doesn't work that way. What was your experience like? What sort of cadence of ground school (on your own or formal) and flight lessons did you keep throughout? Did you do the written early on in the process?
  2. Thanks for all this information everyone. Too many choices! I'm definitely not fluent in all the manufacturer model numbers yet. It's like alphabet soup. I have to Google every darn one of them.
  3. I'm embarrassed to say I don't know. To be honest I only just know realized it did more than provide adsb in and out. I see on the NGT-9000 webpage it says that active traffic is an option that can be embedded. Not sure how to know if I have that option or if I can activate it. So much to learn as an owner now. When I rent i would just get in, fly, park, and forget about the aircraft. I never really knew or used the systems over minimum necessary to survive as a renter.
  4. Just closed yesterday on N355RL, a '95 M20J, and it's going to be in the shop for a few weeks waiting on a few parts from Mooney. I want to upgrade the engine monitor and I'm thinking about a JPI 900/930. I also want to do a GPS, not sure which. Thoughts on what should happen to the panel to make them fit? Suggestions on the GPS?
  5. I will base at POU. Work is being done by C&W at Caldwell.
  6. Thank you. I'm looking forward to the training a lot. I imagine it's going to feel something like a first solo.
  7. Yes it is the original paint. The prior owner was very involved, owner assisted annuals every year until he passed away a couple years ago.
  8. Just closed on N355RL, a 1995 M20J MSE! Excited, and also a bit mortified... Thank you all for your advice and help! Please keep it coming! Now it's in the shop for 3 weeks waiting for parts for some skeletons that came out of the closet in the prebuy. Attached the first picture I took after becoming an owner for the first time.
  9. And here I am just hoping the prebuy goes well. Hopefully I will be following up with photos!
  10. Absolutely. My CFI has decent Mooney time but not that recently. I'll be hunting for an expert after initial training. Prior owner is deceased. But the agent representing the aircraft is friendly and surely wouldn't mind questions. Didn't intend to put across that as my intention. Agree completely. Better learn how to fuel up... Great idea. Oil is one of those things as a renter from a flight school that I checked every time but never had to add. And I've never been able to have the plane for more than 4 hours. It was always "magically"full.
  11. The 1995 J I'm looking at is going to prebuy on Wednesday (C&W at CDW)! I have a hangar lined up that I should be able to get in come mid to late October. I'm trying to figure out an interim storage situation now. Assuming the prebuy goes well, I will be a renter turned owner in a week. Generally once I tie down (after a 2 hour block rental) at the school where I rent, I just walk away and have no idea what the planes are doing when nobody is flying them. I've never used a towbar, I've never put a plane in or out of a hangar, I've never pumped my own fuel, and I've never stopped at an FBO away from home base. I'm sure there is much more I haven't done or know about. I've got about 70 hours and there are just a lot of stuff that the training doesn't make time for. I have to do my transition training to make insurance happy, so I'm sure I can get some help with that stuff. It's a shame this stuff isn't covered in training. Useful pilot stuff... The plane has a Tanis and a battery minder, so I suppose some power strips to run those and one of those phone boxes so I can call and activate the Tanis since cold weather is on the way. But, given that I may own a plane next week, what supplies are must haves from day one? I assume a towbar is a good investment (didn't see one in the plane when I did the demo flight). And I'm sure I'll need some cleaning supplies. Maybe some chocks and the obvious fuel sump cup... I'm sure you'll all have a lot of shopping list items.
  12. I'm in the process of getting myself into an M20J and will be needing those 10 hours dual with a CFI if the purchase goes well. I'm planning to base out of KPOU (I live in northern Westchester County). I know a CFI with some Mooney experience. But, I'm all about options so I'm interested in finding out from the hivemind here on MS who the good folks are in the area to teach a low timer like me (about 60h PP). I'm starting on my IR right now also, and plan to use the J for that training. So, a CFII would be even better. I appreciate any recommendations y'all have! Thanks!