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  1. Looks like the G5 is in MPH which matches pretty closely to the machinal ASI.
  2. Are you basing your plane at Milton? When I was based down there, I kept my plane at Defuniak Springs (54J). I had two annuals done there at 54J using Monarch Aviation Maintenance, its now called Eagle Aviation Maintenance. The name change came about when the owner partnered with Onvoi GLobal Services, who happens to be a defense contractor and bases their Cessna 208 operation and a small flight school there. Since the merger the prices have increased quite a bit. Erik, the DOM/Owner/A&P IA worked at Destin when they had a MSC so he has Mooney experience. There was at least one other Mooney based on the field and maintained there, but I believe that the owner of that plane may have taken his plane elsewhere for his most recent annual @thomas1142would have the most recent information on the status of EAM's current maintenance. Who did your last annual in Clovis/Portales? If possible you might want to knock it out with some one you have used before, that way you have a full year to test the waters and find someone you are comfortable with. When I moves to NE Mississippi, I could have flown back to 54J, but I now take my plane to North Carolina and AGL Aviation (MSC).
  3. Just upload them, we know a guy around here who has a knack of correcting them. Love to see my home state...only about 10 months until I finally get to move back!
  4. Yes, the 41 trims on its own. It uses the same servo connected to the trim switch on my yoke. My trim switch requires two actions to operate - push down and then rocker fore/aft. I have attached a snip from the C41 manual because I don't have a good picture of the trim switch in the plane.
  5. I have a Century 41 A/P. My electric trim switch is also my A/P disconnect.
  6. I'm with you...However, it opens on my Surface.
  7. I know you are just in the planning stages, however this map is showing you departing from Malmstrom AFB (KGFA) make sure you plan on using Great Falls (KGTF). Air Force Security Forces have NO sense of humor. Your routing there would work if you "needed" to be IFR. Generally, early mornings are best, you just want to be ahead of the thermal heating of the afternoons. I flew gliders a few times out of KGPI and you can do some pretty descent thermaling and ridge soaring in the afternoons. If you departed from Cut Bank (KCTB) as you previously mentioned. I would just climb to 10.5 or 12.5 and plan to cross the mountains over Marias Pass. It is the shortest distance across the mountains. Its only about a 40 minute flight to KGPI. If you are nervous, stick close to the highways - fly IFRRR - I Follow Roads, Rivers and Railroads. South of Marias Pass is the Big Bear and Bob Marshall wildernesses. Its pretty inhospitable, although a beautiful place to do some back country backpacking.
  8. This should not be the case. The slope is in the first half or first 3000' of the runway (which ever is shorter). So unless an equal slope is listed for both ends of the runways it is not threshold to threshold. Many runways only list a slope for one end and not the other.
  9. Don't worry there are no mountains in MO. That is the abbreviation for Missouri. Now western MT aka Montana has a few. I grew up flying in Montana and have had my M20F up there. You don't want to land in Cut Bank, you will miss all of the views landing east of the mountains. Fly in the morning and on VMC days.
  10. Your arrows are pointing to Full USA $299 and North America (AKA Mexico, USA, Canada) $409. I don't see Western US as an option.
  11. Minneapolis - Yes. Oasis Aero, a Mooney service center ( )and Weep no More (tank sealing specialist) are located in Willmar MN about 80 NM from Minneapolis.
  12. Yes, Seth was very "fortuitous" with his arrival...oh wait, didn't he have a prop strike taxiing to his parking spot.
  13. NO! the Mooney Caravan DID NOT use the B2OSH time slot. NO! the Caravan did not arrive until SUNDAY. What part of all of this are you missing?
  14. I honestly have no idea what you are referring to. None of the sequence you listed for the Caravan is remotely accurate. The decision to not fly in on Saturday was made at about 7am, the storms were indeed forecast at the arrival time of 1130, hence the reason the caravan delayed. The Caravan was scheduled to land right after the Cherokees. About half of that formation had their tents destroyed as they attempted to set up camp. Yes B2OSH delayed through their first arrival window, electing to attempt an 8 PM Saturday arrival, however the airfield never re-opened for grass parking so their leadership decided to cancel their mass arrival. The Caravan did not use the B2OSH landing window on Saturday. On Sunday, the Caravan was given a 9am land time by OSH ATC. The Caravan was then slightly delayed by EAA because they were unsure where to park 62 ACFT. Initially, the plan was to park the aircraft on a taxiway until a dry enough spot was located. it was not until after the Caravan landed that EAA informed the lead aircraft that they had a parking location available. There was continuous coordination between the Caravan Lead pilot and OSH ATC and EAA, luck had nothing to do with it.
  15. Mine is plastic, some planes do have cloth or leather headliners. Mine has a texture to the plastic, I do not believe a suction cup would work. My Stratus is mounted to the ceiling with industrial Velcro. The sticky mounts use a type of double back tape, it is not too bad to peel off. Sometimes it takes some dental floss to cut it loose and then a little Goo Gone on a rag cleans up the residue.