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  1. @Sabremech how many interested parties do you have? Are we nearing the 15 you needed for reduced pricing? I am working on talking the financial advisor into them.
  2. Dg for my 59 mooney

    It does say Cessna on the face...I'm not sure what you expected.
  3. New England Mooney Pilots

    @Raptor05121 I think these guys ( @Marauder @M20F-1968 ) need your Millennial social media prowess.
  4. Which servo is leaking

    This sounds like when we used to have the new guys test the airspeed indicator on the F-16 by blowing on the pitot tube...made for some great photos.
  5. Having flown extensively around the panhandle of Florida for the past 5+ years, I am convinced that the Tallahassee approach controllers hate pilots. I initially thought it was just military pilots, but they were inconsiderate A-Holes while flying my Mooney in there as well. I have used MilllionAir at TLH for Pilots-N-Paws a couple of times and also for Operation Airdrop, post hurricane relief flights. Those times they offered fuel discounts, but they are still not a CB option.
  6. I think there may be a pretty young redhead that may disagree with this assessment.
  7. PFD install conundrum, which one...

    So running your 12V, 29 ampere you have about 1 hour assuming your Emergency + 50% draw. That should be enough time to safely land under most conditions. Just make one radio call explaining your situation and plan to ATC, since transmitting takes more power than receiving. Looks like you are pretty set in case of an alternator failure.
  8. Landing Gear Disc Compression Tool

    Steven, welcome to MS. You should consider adding so information to your Avatar, like make, model, location. A quick topic search
  9. CO Detector Discounts

    I removed the clip and use a 3M Command Strip to attach it to the right side of my panel. Easy to remove if needed.
  10. Welcome to Mooney Space Try @mike_elliott he is located in FL and is know to travel.
  11. Mooney Production

    Yep, one piece rear windows. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  12. Mooney Production

    Well, how about that. All this time I thought I owned a 1975 M20F, according to the serial number (22-1322) I actually have a 1976. According to the logs is was manufactured and completed its test flights in December 1975. Today is the first time I noticed the "1976" written at the top of page one.
  13. looking to travel west

    Try this route KHZE KRWL KCNY KPGA KGCN KSMO, It keeps you from crossing the ranges in Utah and since you were in the area, overfly the Grand Canyon. I grew up flying in Montana. I was in and out of West Yellowstone in a C172 as a teenager, beautiful area as other have mentioned.
  14. Procedure Turns - Avidyne 440

    It was flying a "parallel" holding in-lieu of entry not the 45/180 PT barb. I have never flown behind a GPS that will fly parallel on the non-maneuvering side, they all drive on the outbound course and then make the turn on the maneuvering side. On the Garmin units as you approach the fix it will state what it is doing, ie. teardrop, parallel.
  15. Twin Comanche- Partnership?

    LOL, that is very close to my experience.