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  1. Mooney Stickers

    I have no affiliation to this company, just happened to come across it on the net and though there may be some MLB and Mooney fans on here.
  2. I guess I better quit drinking that blue Kool-Aid that I get out of the bottom of the wings.
  3. Savannah,GA. KSAV

    KLHW is a great little airport. My son is stationed there at Ft Stewart so we have flown in. Cheap gas, no tie down fees, very friendly FBO personnel. Not sure about the rental car, if I recall it was a local company not a big national company. We had the advantage of my son providing transportation.
  4. Today's flight for 2017

    Which one do you fly your instrument approaches off of? I would want that one to be accurate according to the controlling obstacle. It appears that your original and your Aspen tend to agree within about 40-50' in the two different pictures, but the G5 is 110-120' high. Are all 3 within 75' of known field elevation on the ground? One day I will grow up and have to worry about the three altimeters in my panel, until then I will assume my one is accurate
  5. Today's flight for 2017

    Rocket, Is there always a 80' split in altitude between your Aspen and G5? In this shot your Aspen says 23,050 but the G5 says 21,030.
  6. handheld transcom recommendations

    I have Sporty’s 400. I have used it only on the ground. I have messed with loading an ILS but have not flown an approach on it. The price is great, AA batteries are cheap. The requirement for a special headset adapter at an extra cost is a bummer, but worth it.
  7. Noisy radio

    Ah, the beauty of Bose and Bluetooth A20s. My daughter watches movies, listens to music and I don't have to hear any of it.
  8. 100-200 driving or Mooney miles? SWTA (84R) is only 136 NM by Mooney.
  9. Physics of frost

    Never say never, forecast has a "wintery mix" headed to the south east
  10. Not a Mite, but I ran across this M10 getting an avionics overhaul SN# 690001.
  11. Formation Flying Clinic

    LOL, I'm sure they won't even notice. I need to get over to Kerrville while I am here, it is a short (ish) drive about a hour and a half. The Mooney is hanging out in its hangar, fresh off its annual, back in Florida.
  12. Formation Flying Clinic

    @mike_elliottI wish I could attend, I will still be transitioning from the PC-12 to the Beechjet 400 in San Antonio.
  13. WTB Aftermarket Wing Tips
  14. When to replace starter?

    Gotcha, I have my maintenance done by Eric at Monarch there on the field. In fact my plane is in his hangar for its annual. There is also a really good avionics shop there as well.