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  1. Ah, but there is no sales tax in the greatest state, Montana.
  2. Well, the F & G has been completed and the install kits are available. I flew the F from the Garmin facilities back mid-October. As @Wessaid the C,D,E 65 and newer is complete, and if the production stays consistent, the PMAd install kits will be available two weeks after certification. The rest start certification in January, and given my experience working with Garmin as one of the certification platforms, the pre 65s should be complete in June/July.
  3. I need 2, let me know. I gave up looking for replacements about 4 years ago.
  4. @Wes has his E with Garmin for the GFC500 certification and I believe he hangars at the downtown airport.
  5. My GFC500 was installed with a new switch, the old Century 41 trim switch was removed. The work was completed by Garmin. Unfortunately, I do not know the part number.
  6. No that's cool, lash out and don't think rationally about a crash through trees. You should find the airplane and throw the firewall forward in your plane. I wish you well.
  7. Unless he crashed tail first, I can't imagine the spinner or exhaust survived without damage.
  8. @AGL Aviationposted a video a while back, maybe Tamara can post it again.
  9. Not having to take my hands off the throttle lever while adjusting airspeed during critical phases which is generally when trim is needed. Electric trim is very nice and in fact the majority of the aircraft I have flown only have electric trim, no manual option. I find the manual trim wheel on the Mooney to be too small and inconveniently located for ease of use.
  10. Garmin was looking at two pre 65 candidates last week when I was at their hangar. Once the one that meets their requirements has been identified and all the paperwork drafted up they will be certifying the pre 65s.
  11. They are about to start certification on the pre 65s. Garmin was looking at a couple candidates last week when I was there.
  12. One of the most important things to take into consideration is wind direction. You have to make your turn INTO the wind. 1000' should be doable, with practice 800' is practical. DA and weight will change the altitude required. Used to practice these often when flying PC-12s. In a heavy weight PC-12 you needed 800 AGL in a light weight one 500 AGL was easy and actually required a slip to make the runway.
  13. Well the Gods have answered your prayers...the GFC 500 is available for the F.
  14. I would be shocked if the C,D,E is ready. The certification aircraft just flew for the first time last week. I'm sure the PMA for the kit is not complete as the FAA has not certified the installation. The F,G are certified by the FAA.
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