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  1. Unfortunately I'm out. I am flying a little further east to the Savannah area to see my son and his fiance.
  2. It uses a USB C cable, the plug that comes with it is rated 110-240V so with an adapter you can plug it in there in the UK.
  3. Check out it turns out to be a small group of Mooneys, around 60, that fly in together on Saturday. There are still a couple of training events available.
  4. No, but there are three squadrons so it was easy to never run into folks from the other units.
  5. Actually, I flew both the PC-12 and it's modified sister. The PC-12 is a sweet ride, the U-28A is a draggy, overweight pig, but she can sure get the job done.
  6. Can't get a $200 hamburger in a Pilatus, unless you just taxi from the hangar to the restaurant on the field.
  7. It is fortunate that the mill on the Pilatus very rarely fails. In fact the units I flew with have surpassed 50,000 hours on the fleet without a single engine failure. Yes, we flew with NVGs, however not always, and NVGs don't magically change night into day, especially if there is weather and or limited light. We also used out twin GNS430s and practiced 1000's of simulated engine out patterns. There is always the chance that things don't work out and you may be forced to set up a glide, ride it in and hope for the best. There were days that due to the mission my personal minimums were "I hope I make it home tonight" other days, I would laugh at the suggestion of evening walking out to the plane. You have to balance the mission and the risks.
  8. Made a career flying a Pilatus. It is one of the best SE aircraft around. I have flown them over the ocean, in countries that did not have ATC and in most cases no IAP. I have flown it to ILS mins during the winter with a de-icing boot failure. Most of my flying was at night..."we own the night!" I will fly my Mooney at night if my mission dictates, although it rarely does. I have had the opportunity to fly LPVs to mins in "low IFR." I don't go looking for it but I'm not afraid to if needed. Again, only if my mission requires it. You have to have personal minimums and stick to them. Heck, we didn't go flying yesterday, it was severe VFR. The catch was forecast LLWS and MOD Turbulence below 8k. We did not see the benefit of getting beat up for 2 hours, or worse yet, finding the LLWS of departure.
  9. Looks like another round of storms Thursday into Friday next week, hopefully Saturday's weather holds out.
  10. Sounds good, next week is doable, weather dependent.
  11. The weather looks good enough, should support circling off of the RNAV. It's not the IMC, its the probable wife is not a fan.
  12. Is this still a go? I will have to check the weather again in the morning. Looks like lots of wind, right now there is a 45 minute difference in my flight plan between going east and back west. I was bucking 118 knots of headwind on the way home today, thankfully not in the Mooney.
  13. Hoping to make it. Have to get home tomorrow first. Had to weather the work planes out of Mississippi because of the tornado threat today. I'm sitting in Dayton, OH right now.