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  1. kpaul

    Best sunshade cover brand

    Yep, something like this. I made these a couple of years ago for mine.
  2. kpaul


    The top is how all of my students land when in the right seat. If in the left seat they think they are in England and land on the left.
  3. kpaul

    Rest stop NC to WI

    He has a fuel stop, not because he has too, but because it's cheap.
  4. kpaul

    Rest stop NC to WI

    @Marcopolowhere do you stop?
  5. kpaul

    Mooney M10 for sale! $23k

    Also appears the current owner only put 23 hours on it
  6. kpaul

    New ride

    My daughter loves her STEM courses. She has started to so some interest in flying. She is coming to OSH with me this year, hopefully the passion will take hold. Then the CFO will have two voices to silence. My son attended an aviation program after high school. He decided it was not what he really wanted to do, at least at that point in his life. He is now a Combat Medic serving in the Army. I think this mini Mooney looks like fun, and at least originally they were designed to be spinable. Tough spring gear seems like a good starting point for someone looking to earn their PPL. No flaps...I guess like the rest of the Mooney fleet being on speed is going to remain important.
  7. kpaul

    Garmin G5 Screen Protectors

    Any chance you are designing these for GTNs? I would love one for my 650.
  8. kpaul

    Garmin G5 Screen Protectors

    Thank you for your response and refund. It is refreshing to see a company respond like this, although I was not fishing for a refund. I am always willing to pay actual shipping charges. I do understand your position when it comes to heavy orders. In fact other aviation suppliers have similar policies. Hopefully others will take advantage of the G5 coupon code. Thanks, Kevin
  9. kpaul

    New ride

    Dan, My daughter is 14...maybe I should buy this one and have her fly it for and then sell it to you in a few years
  10. kpaul

    Garmin G5 Screen Protectors

    I actually pulled the trigger and ordered a set of these for my dual G5s. However, your partner Aircraft Source is a little proud of their shipping. $10 flat rate to be shipped standard USPS. I almost cancelled the order when I saw their shipping rates. In fact I will likely not be doing more business with Aircraft Source.
  11. kpaul

    New ride

    Funny, I told my wife we should buy this for our daughter. So far the CFO has not agreed with my assessment.
  12. it's listed on the Caravan web page, but doesn't mention making reservations.
  13. kpaul

    m20a totalled today

    Glad to hear everyone was able to walk away safely .
  14. kpaul

    Will I need any Transition Training?

    @Bob_Belville did you notice any difference flying/landing the F VS your E? Bob recently flew my F during a Mooney Caravan training (he didn't want to get his new paint dirty)
  15. kpaul

    Tie down anchors for Oshkosh

    I also have the Claw Even though I have used them I have not actually "used" them. I have always had decent weather. I know there was some discussion amongst the folks that were at Sun-N-Fun during the tornado, but honestly I am not sure which ones worked or didn't under those circumstances.