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  1. According to Mooney your serial number makes it a 1976. Last one built in the 1976 model year was 20-1239. 20-1240 is the first built for 1978. My plane according to the FAA is a 1975, however it is actually a 1976 per Mooney. It appears that Mooney and governmental agencies have a communication problem.
  2. 77 was the first year of the J...I think the focus had shifted.
  3. No need to campaign, the F model is in progress, that is to say they have a F model in their possession in order to gain FAA certification for the GFC 500. I believe the "Goal" is to be complete and certified by OSH. The E model has been identified, but will likely not begin the certification process until July. Apparently, in the FAA's eyes each model of the M20 series is "different" enough that each must be certified individually.
  4. Many more complex aircraft have all or a lot of these built in. In the Beech 400 I fly: If your speed brakes are extended and you advance the throttles to takeoff power the speed brakes retract. Also with the speed brakes out if you configure full flap they retract. It has an annoying gear warning, based on throttle position, but it can be silenced with a button on the yoke. It does activate a light on the glare shield stating such. The on board GPWS gives both a Too Low Gear and or Flaps at about 500' AGL. The flaps can be overridden if you do a partial or no flap landing. It has a shaker and stall warning based on AOA. The shaker is well prior to stall warn, which also occurs prior to actual stall. If the throttles are advanced to the take off position and the trim is not set you get a warning tone, there are also glare shield lights that show if the trim is up, down or in t/o position in addition to the trim indicator on the panel. To my knowledge we have never had a gear up in the aircraft and they are flown at 5 locations training 80ish hour pilots. We even do touch and go's. But as mentioned in another thread we also make a gear down radio call prior to each landing, and checklist discipline is a huge portion of the training program. Also, one of the two pilots is an instructor, whos job is on the line everyday, so while minor mistakes are tolerated, major ones are corrected pretty quickly.
  5. He's good for a while...I talked to Paul about resealing my tanks. The first available appointment was in November 2020, Oh, and I contacted him back in mid January. My appointment is 1 Year from this week. It will be in conjunction with my next annual.
  6. Glad I wasn't in a slower plane. I managed to hit C-172 speeds flying from NC to KS, Winds 230 @ 64kts. I later descended to 4K...The winds at 4K were 220 @ 64kts.
  7. I wish I could. Hopefully, I can pick it up this Saturday, I need to get it to the Kansas City area, where it's going to be spending the next 6 months.
  8. Well Bob, I hate to burst your bubble but the Northern Flights Group is located in Bemidji, MN. Bemidji happens to be located about 20 miles NE of the Mississippi River headwaters. Good luck this year!
  9. you can get all of the manuals here
  10. Pg. 81 of REV 21 • G5 needs to be connected to the battery bus when installed: -As an Attitude Indicator (ADI), -installed in either the turn coordinator or attitude indicator position • G5 needs to be connected to the avionics bus when installed: -As a HSI -In the DG position
  11. That's interesting. Of course for me an hour is probably enough. If I have a complete electrical failure, I would not be continuing my flight longer than it took to make it to a suitable airfield.
  12. My G5s are on separate 5 amp breakers. Each also has its own 4 hour battery.
  13. The GFC500 for your E will begin the certification process in March. They have selected the plane/owner that will be used. It takes Garmin 4-5 months to work through the install, test flights and get the FAA sign off.
  14. @M20Docsomeone needs your expert photograph dialogistic skills.