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  1. Garmin GNS530W for sale

    PMs are generally accepted with out needing permission, especially for folks trying to sell items.
  2. Making (NEW) Mooney T shirts!

    Just ordered one! Thanks for the design work. I could get my wife to wear one, however she only likes V-neck t-shirts.
  3. ADSB Tracking

    Ok that make more sense, it is a maintenance function not an every day application Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  4. ADSB Tracking

    My mode S code is registered to the FAA, changing the call sign in the box does not change it. A snippet of my plane from below shows the code. Are you saying this one can be changed?
  5. 9 Mooney Formation over VA

    The hat will need to show less wind effects
  6. I will inform them during my next meeting with them.
  7. You know what they say about opinions.... This would have happened even prior to lift off. I have never taken off in a car but get mud and water in the wheel wells. Funny, the engineers at Pilatus have a different opinion, I guess they are wrong as well.
  8. Nice, I would not be able to do the math, but I am glad there are folks out there that can and even enjoy that kind of thing.
  9. ADSB Tracking

    Meaning you can change your call sign that is transmitted? I have flown systems where that was part of our normal flow, verifying that the callsign was current for that day. My understanding is there is a internal code that is registered to the aircraft that can't be changed.
  10. Correct - I was only talking about the mains.
  11. Yaw Gear with Gear down

    This will cause yaw and unless you have a yaw damper installed. Why fly an ILS full flaps? If I am on an ILS I would only use partial flaps or no flaps (gasp). I do not enjoy large pitch changes caused by configuration changes while IMC.
  12. @Alan Fox could probably give you an idea of what it is worth as scrap. But the parts are worth more which is why he parts his out.
  13. ADSB Tracking

    If the circuit breaker "popped" then it is not operable...
  14. Trust me in the fact that I am not misguided. if you were to hold a bicycle wheel/tire <2lbs at the hub and have someone spin it to our take off speed and then rotate it 90 degrees, it would rip itself from your hands. Spinning objects changing planes have significant torque, hence the reason the engineers include it in checklists to step on the brakes prior to retraction.
  15. @Bob_Belville Stepping on the brakes is recommended to stop precession torque. A spinning wheel when tipped creates a significant amount of torque which stresses the retract mechanism. It is a checklist step in every aircraft I have flown that has gear the retracts perpendicular to the direction of roll.