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  1. kpaul

    337 approval difficulty

    @gsxrpilot has this set up already, so I am sure he can provide you data from his experience.
  2. kpaul

    Insurance up 20%

    AOPA gives you the lowest quote they receive. If you ask they will send you all the quotes they pulled for your plane. That is what I did and I had two additional quotes within minutes, but the one they originally sent was the best deal and it was with Global.
  3. kpaul

    Interesting NOTAM web site

    I don't know what to tell you, it works on my computer, phone and iPad.
  4. kpaul

    Interesting NOTAM web site

    Hey now, never try to insert common sense into the government, you will be nothing but disappointed.
  5. Nights over the water are as close to flying IFR in VMC as you can get. Not much for your eyes to rely on. Gets even worse over calm water that can reflect the up and down look the same. The moon will help, staying close to islands with lights will as well. Enjoy your training.
  6. kpaul

    Interesting NOTAM web site

    You may want to put in the https: at the beginning.
  7. kpaul

    Interesting NOTAM web site

    Odd, it should look like this: Maybe it is Safari. It works fine on my PC. It's not a scam it is a DoD webpage.
  8. kpaul

    Interesting NOTAM web site

    Try this one the format is considerably more user friendly, especially if printed. DAIP is supposed to replace DINS, but with everything else in the government the roll out plan is still rolling out.
  9. kpaul

    Mooney mechanics near Raleigh, NC

    I had my annual at @AGL Aviationthis year. I can't recommend them highly enough. The two avionics shops @Bob_Belvillementioned are very busy, so you better get on their list if you have any immediate issues. I tried to get my IFR cert with both of them. They were both booked 6-8 weeks out.
  10. kpaul


    Good point!
  11. I think you have to be careful. Are you a commercial pilot? Do you have commercial insurance on your Mooney? While you may not directly being compensated, someone is, money is exchanging hands and your flight is being bought.
  12. kpaul


    It's not that bad, and after all my students are being paid to be here and it is their singular full time job. We take them from 0 hours and in 12 months turn them into competent military pilots, so we have to push them pretty hard. I get them at their 6 month mark and between 60-80 hours total time, that's when they start flying the Beech 400. After graduation they are off to fly C-130/C-17/C-5 or KC-135/KC-10 among others. In addition to instruments, we teach them to fly low levels both single ship and in formation along with simulated airdrop and aerial refueling.
  13. kpaul


    That and it is a great way to make sure you dialed/typed in the correct frequency. I have witnessed folks putting in the wrong LOC freq either by "memory" or being off by one approach plate initially. My favorite question to ask while flying down a LOC final is "are how confident are you that you have the correct frequency dialed in?' That is usually closely followed by "so how's your timing working out?" Yep, I make them time on every approach. It only takes once or twice before they realize that I usually won't ask them questions inside the FAF so long as they TIM and complete the 6Ts. My student yesterday flew 8 approaches, 3 were full procedure, 3 were circling, 2 were single engine, one was flown to a published missed and hold. It was a combination of VORs, LOCs, ILS and RNAVs. Not bad for a 150hr pilot trying to think at 200kts. W logged 4.5 hours on two flights that included 2 drop-in locations and 2 full stop locations. He learned a valuable lesson on the final RNAV approach to a full stop. Unlike the previous RNAVs of the day, he elected to skip the confirmation steps after loading the approach. Who knew that it is difficult to fly a RNAV when the ILS is loaded into the GPS? The clue light finally came on as were approaching the FAF and the name was wrong and the coupled AP did not descend on the VNAV profile. I finally had to step in and reload the correct approach. It was nice that we were in VMC conditions and the RNAV and ILS are near identical ground tracks, it kept me from being violated while still allowing him to learn the lesson.
  14. kpaul

    FS: Narco Mk12D 14v COM/NAV

    @Raptor05121 this question is for you ^^^^^
  15. kpaul


    You mean Tune-Identify-Monitor (TIM). Yep, I make my students do that for every and all NAVAIDS used to include VOR, LOC, TAC, NDB & OMs. We can't separate the VOR ident from the DME, but since the radios auto tune the paired DME we rely on the VOR ident. They do get a break from listening to Morris Code on RNAVs, but only after they check RAIM and verify the courses, distances, altitudes, names and sequence of the loaded approach matches the plate.