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  1. Can't get any earlier than a 77J!
  2. kpaul

    Dog spot.

    When we travel, family of 3 with 2 dogs, a lab mix and a random ditch dog. The lab takes a spot in the back and the smaller one (~35lbs) rides on top of the luggage. The last thing loaded is a dog crate bed that fits the cargo area nicely. Both dogs wear harnesses. The lab is attached to the seat belt. The one on the back, I run a teather to one of the cargo tie down rings on the floor. The feathers allow them to stand up and turn around but not leave their respective seats. They should also keep them restrained if the plane ever came to a sudden stop.
  3. The speaker is correct. The F/G certification started in February. Garmin averages right at 6 months from recieving an aircraft to certification. If it goes beyond 6 months, it will require a contract renegotiation with the owner. Just so happens I hold that contract for the F/G. The E model rolled into certification a couple of weeks ago. There is a thread about it somewhere around here. So the short bodies should be complete in November.
  4. Believe it is painted white, if you zoom in you can see the edges.
  5. Yeah, this was not a deal to snooze on. @Ross Tayloris a gentleman pilot. The book in already enroute. Always happy to do business with upstanding MSers.
  6. @Alan Foxhow involved is converting a fixed rear bench to the split reclining?
  7. He does not have an engine monitor.
  8. Sweet, Max told me he had your E lined up when I was there in February. Glad to hear they will get yours going before mine is complete. It sounds like yours rolls in just as the install is complete on mine.
  9. Wes, Yours is going to Garmin next week? Are you based at MKC?
  10. They might...I actually didn't realize they planned to jump the G and F together. It's my understanding that they don't have a G. If the E rolls into certification in August, I would be looking for "in-progress" on the website sometime in November.
  11. When I was there in February, they already had an E model slated. It is due to roll into their hangar as soon as mine is finished. But it never hurts to try to sign up on their web page in case something falls through with the current plane. My plane had dual G5s and GTN 650. Also, when I was contacted, I was willing to fly it to their facility in Olathe, KS for a preliminary inspection. They had already turned down two other Fs for, at least in their eyes, maintenance concerns. It did help because immediately following my preliminary inspection my plane went into annual. It actually worked well with Garmin's schedule and it allowed my plane to return to them with a fresh annual and a fresh AD log. Obviously, they don't want a plane with a bunch of inspections coming due while they have it.
  12. @bradp has a recent GFC 500/M20J install and is a big fan of the YD.
  13. According to the Garmin rep, they update the website to "in-progress" once they are in a 3 month window of completing the certification and having the STC.