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  1. I am interested! Sending you a pm
  2. Was the shock part of a LASAR mod? I do recall seeing that on another Mooney, but was not sure of it origin.
  3. wcb

    GFC500 Update

    I am obviously in the market for a new AP. (going on 3 or 4 years now with no AP) These three are sooooo similar I am simply trying to highlight how close they are and light a fire under them (maybe they will get on the F and G quicker now). In fairness as I said I am glad to have had even a response. If you may remember I have posted communication between Trutrak and Trio as well. I even pointed out to Trutrak and Trio the demographic market is bigger for Mooney than the Grumman and some of the other aircraft models. (On a side note it does not take rocket since to look at some of these demographics and yet sometimes Mooney Models get put behind other models). Also, as a collective group the more we ask for things the sooner we will get them and I have nothing but very good things to say about working with and contacting all of these vendors (Garmin, Trutrak, Trio, Avidyne or JPI)
  4. wcb

    GFC500 Update

    So, I asked Garmin why not the G and the F when they are the basic same air frame as the J (Fully understand the A-E as short bodies). Here was the response (Weak in my opinion, but nice to get a response). 1st is my email to them and then the response. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ I know you do not answer most of the emails on this email account.But, could you explain why the M20F and G which are the same bodies asthe J are excluded from this current STC. I get why the A-E areexcluded as they are "short bodies". I would like to be able to postin the Mooneyspace page as their is a lot of chatter around therelease of yours as well as Trutrack and Trio's autopilots.Thanks, Carr ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hi Carr!The issue with certifying multiple airframes under one STC, is the engineering effort to cover more models is not trivial. It may seem like they are the same, but in reality Garmin has much more engineering work to perform to certify each additional airframe we cover. We not only have to prove the mechanical installation (servos, cables, etc.) is compatible with each airframe, but also that each airframe we approve the GFC to be installed into flies that aircraft equally as well as the one we flight test. This leads to having to divide up some models. In this particular case, there could be a significant difference in airframe operating dynamics due to different models. Hope this all makes sense and we appreciate your continued interest and patience.Kyle Lennemann | Aviation Associate Sales Manager
  5. Looks like ARI has started an ARI eBay store.
  6. damn always a hair short. I would take the sidewider in tx if cdnflyby cant
  7. wcb

    Laminar Flow Wing and disturbed flow

    I am surprised none of our polished aluminum "naked" brethren have said "that is why flying naked is better". In an earlier post in this thread Bob said he went strait from David's to paint.
  8. wcb

    Laminar Flow Wing and disturbed flow

    Lets say the MP decrease by removing your ram air was on the top end maybe even .3" can that equate for a knot or two? Then add the difference in the ARI mod vs your new mod could that be a knot or so? Then add small weight balance change, small airflow changes with paint, small rigging differences from before and after paint another knot or two? What I am suggesting (based on everything you have looked at already and how well you know your plane) is that it is not one change that has potentially impacted your speed.
  9. wcb

    Is the EDM-730 the -830?

    @JRam I have been happy with my on field mech but he is not a "Mooney specialist and he is a one man band". I am lucky to be near two of the top Mooney shops in the nation. I had JD Castell with SWTA in Smithville, TX do the JPI while doing annual, new mags and some other small work (I was HIGHLY PLEASED and can only say positive things about working with JD). If you do not know him they bought a Mooney SWTA (a long time Mooney Service Center) and have really prided themselves on service (I know Paul and I sound like paid spokespersons but we are not). I also live close enough to fly into Don Maxwell and can say the same thing for the experience I had with Don who patched tanks and did some other work. @chrixxer I know the skyview will be cool but just know we might be waiting a long time. I have been waiting for the autopilots to materialize and now Garmin is working on theirs but excluded our F models (pushed them off even further when it is the basic same body as the F - I don't understand). I decided if it was worth doing it was worth doing right. The problem with aircraft ownership is we will always be breaking our budget and what is a few thousand among friends (just kidding it all gets crazy stay within your long term plans is always a good answer).
  10. The only help I have is on the JPI 900. I simply removed all probes and replaced all. I did not want to mix old (points of failure) and new. The price difference (a few hundred or so) is not much in the grand scheme of ownership. My thought is do it right the 1st time. The other thing I did was completely remove the tach and all other gauges that the JPI now handles to cleanup the overall panel (your panel is pretty clean but we have all heard it is best to keep a sterile cockpit) and small weight savings. I would try to move your VOR to the lower spot if possible and put your JPI right in the best line of eyesight possible (in the VOR location) and everything is right there (just what I did and am really pleased with it).
  11. wcb

    Laminar Flow Wing and disturbed flow

    I think Jose is onto something. When I had my G5's installed and they re-certified my pitot static system I was having some false readings and they had to track down some leaks. Therefore, you might actually be going as fast as it looks but just reading slower.
  12. wcb

    Is the EDM-730 the -830?

    Mine was less than half the $10k you were quoted. Well to be precise they were $4331.78 for all the parts (less than half). Add labor which mine was $1500 (ok now more than have at $5831.78) I do find it odd that the 730 does not have % HP and 830 does (I guess that is part of the $1000 price difference). I do like that option and sorry I do not know as I said I am no expert. I do think you will like either one you go with!!!!! Sorry not to be helpful!
  13. wcb

    Laminar Flow Wing and disturbed flow

    Not only the rigging but I know you also had that new cowl. Is it noticeable after the cowl to after paint or before the cowl to after paint. How many kts is "noticeable"? The good news is it LOOKS FAST!!!!!!!
  14. wcb

    Is the EDM-730 the -830?

    Just go with the 900 and get rid of multiple other gauges cluttering up your panel. I got rid of Tach, MP, Fuel levels, Fuel Pressure, Oil Pressure, Oil Temp, Amps, EI 4 cyl egt cht, and fuel flow. It is worth the extra $1000. From what I understand is you are not really getting two different (redundant readings) by keeping your old gauge (you would be getting two readings of the same thing on two different gauges. Just a PP opinion only I am certainly NOT the expert. Tell the shop to hold for a day or so and make a good decision (JPI should not have a problem with returning the 830 for a 900).
  15. wcb

    that's it!

    I couldn't resist but say. I have nothing for you on the mechanical issues, but SWEEEEET usage of the Mooney!