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  1. Powerflow from what I read is not enough bang for the buck with almost no speed increase for most (at least what I read) (for me it is a no) Single windshield non 201 style no speed increase (for me it is a no) (for me I am thinking of doing the 201 style), Also, if you just repainted either way will require some touch up. Monroy tanks only if your bladder can handle it or pilot relief tube installed (for me it is a no) EI for me it is when mags need replacing GFC 500 is what I am waiting for but I have no AP if your STEC 40 is fine then for me it would be a no. Have you thought of any flap gap, dorsal fin, wing root or any other aerodynamic mods to get a combined knot or 2 along with cleaning up old antenna etc.
  2. Wow! I did not think there was that much difference in the F and the J!
  3. If it would have been available a year ago I would have considered it until GFC500 is approved(I think it is less than 3 months away for the F .... at least I hope). I have no wing leveler or any sort of autopilot, it was inop and nobody serviced them. It looks like from some of the verbiage they are working on different models.
  4. honestly looks long for the Mooney yoke?
  5. I like the flat grey as well.... In my picture above the only reason that one section is going in the wrong direction is that is a plate cover for where we have already placed the rack for the Garmin GFC 500.
  6. And when I did mine I made sure to pre-plan for the new Garmin Autopilot to go in right above the audio panel. We put in the rack and simply made a cover for the hole.
  7. I agree in keeping it intact. I also question the aspect of moving a system from one plane to the other (one engine to another). In a perfect world I thought of upgrading to a J so I have the aerodynamic speed mods over my F and then taking my RAYJAY and adding it to a J that didn't have it. At the end of the day I did not think it was worth it.
  8. I have that J and the Ovation. I use the Ovation and like you do not really like the J. Also the actual instruments make a difference and the use of Air Manager is important and wonder how FS will compare to make my panel as close to my real panel.
  9. most people I think are not doing a actual carbon fiber. I think they are doing more of a vinyl covering. Basically remove all your old black vinyl and replace it with new vinyl of your choosing.
  10. wcb

    76 M20F

  11. Xplane does not have Mooneys. You have to buy them separate. I wonder will they have a community like Xplane that will build add ons!
  12. Mine has maintained mp up to 17500 (have not gone to FL yet). Remember even if for some reason your set up cannot maintain the full 27" of MP and say you are only getting 24 or 25" of MP that is still a ton better than say 15" mp when flying higher with NA (I think around 20- 30 kts better). I normally run mine under 27" (I will climb at 27 and cruise at 25 or 26) because I choose to not because it won't.
  13. They are not supposed to be photographed!