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  1. Amazing backcountry flying video

    The videos are very cool but that leads to an important question. I know landing on a well manicured grass strip is no problem for our birds but where is the line? I have property that had an old rough gravel runway on it and have considered looking into making it function again. Anyone land there Mooney's on gravel? What Lengths would be the most comfortable?
  2. Practicing stalls in a Mooney

    Skip to about 16:30 and start watching from there
  3. Practicing stalls in a Mooney

    As far as practicing power on stalls and thinking you will never be in that situation ask Cooperd0g a Naval Pilot that this year not only did it, but did it into a tree line. Somehow was blessed to survive. Prior Proper Planning(Practice) Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Look up his post on here regarding his incident at Hummel Field W75.
  4. J

    actually I would talk with someone like All American Aircraft Sales or http://aircraftownershipsolutions.com/pages/home/1 to determine what it is you really think will be the "BEST J" for you (if you buy from them or not). Again someone like...... I am certainly not endorsing anyone or endorsing any of the aircraft or websites in the prior post.
  5. J

    here are the best J's on the market as far as I can tell. https://www.trade-a-plane.com/filtered/search?category_level1=Single+Engine+Piston&make=MOONEY&model_group=MOONEY+M20+SERIES&model=M20J+201&model=M20J+MSE&s-type=aircraft&s-page=1 https://www.controller.com/listings/aircraft/for-sale/list/category/6/piston-single-aircraft/manufacturer/mooney/model-group/m20j Sorry just couldn't help but to respond.
  6. Trutrack Update

    Here is a quick update. response from TruTrack "Just checking in on the progress of the Mooney M20's in particularly the M20F. Watching the Mooney Space pages I am seeing everyone (a ton of us that is) are waiting on pins and needles to see who will be first to market. It looks like first to market will be huge in winning the overall Mooney community." Response: "We are currently finishing up the PA-28's and I am expecting that we will see Mooney's added by spring if not before."
  7. M20F w/201 mods

    @bluehighwayflyer you are 100% right. I had the two mods backwards in my head. That is the ARI. Infact I think ARI might have even used that plane in one for the pictures they sent me as examples they did. It was the exact same colors, but prior to 3 blade prop and windshield. I have spoken with SWTA and they are supposedly trying to resurrect their mods. However, I sure would like the LoPresti (Crazy Price Tag) or SabreMechs Mod (still waiting on cost and performance numbers from them).
  8. M20F w/201 mods

    I actually think that was the older SWTA cowl mod. I think the ARI mod looks more like the J. Like the SWTA windshield mod the cowl mod is no longer available, but a nice mod. I am in Houston with a 76 F and would love to add those mods to mine. 3 Blade prop, 201 Spinner, Cowl Mod and Windshield mod will hopefully be in the budget next year. This year is on the panel for me. Would love to see it sometime to compare. Are you buying it from him or just getting some time in it?
  9. Rayjay Turbo.

    I have to ask why you are selling it. I have one on my F and would not want to sacrifice the additional MP at cruise. I do not fly from or to high altitude airports yet but would think it makes a big difference there as well.
  10. I get the "trifecta" but I was waiting on some to hit the Grand Slam. Where are all the boats, planes, cars and bikes. Here is a vid of my son landing a flip IMG_1823.mov
  11. I did it... bought me a Mooney!

    Congratulations and you are welcome (I almost bought that one before I got my 76F)
  12. MT 4 Blade Pirep

    I just have to say your forgot one thing in your PIREP! It sure looks changes the looks and looks SWEET!
  13. EDM 900 owners

    So, I have a JPI EDM 900 in the box (Just received the shipment). I was going to have my A&P do the install but it is looking like I should have one of our guys Mooney guys that have gone through these issues do the install. Anyone near Houston?????
  14. I know the official numbers are not out yet. However, does anyone that has had it done (I know just a couple at this point) have a rough (just a rough feeling) of numbers. What kind of speed increase and what kind of temps (I know one actually had a slight temp increase).
  15. Thoughts?

    Not yet the JPI was the first shipment to arrive this week.