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  1. I used Gleim and found that they needed to offer some video content to make it better. On some subjects (like holding pattern entry) I simply went to youtube to find some videos that filled in the blanks. OH and by the way I passed it this morning 1st try not quite a perfect score but close enough. You know they always word a couple questions funky enough to make you go "WHAT?"
  2. The title is 550 and the body is 540. I thought something was up with a 550 at 11700, but the 540 at 11700 is right in line.
  3. +1 on the Trim servo
  4. I find it curious on how companies do their demographics. If marketing certified aircraft, I certainly understand why a company would go after the Cessna market. Just a very quick search can give you a rough understanding of the market. Controller currently has listed around 304 Cessna's for sale. Piper has 277 and the next largest group is Cirrus (but take them out because most are newer and not doing as many upgrades). Beech has 121 and next is MOONEY AT 105. Behind Mooney is all really irrelevant in the grand scheme of markets. You have Diamond (with 44) again a lot like Cirrus where most are not being upgraded. Next is American Champion at 20 and Extra Aircraft at 19 then it really starts to really then out with Socata at 15 and Grumman at 12 and Waco at 11 (The rest are in low double digits). Why would anyone really market to a market like the Grumman or Socata or Waco over the Mooney? (It boils down to Money. In this case someone with Grumman stepped up with the $$ to get one done. Nobody with a Mooney was willing to do it especially knowing there are and will be options. But, is this short sighted saying "I will just not go after the market at all" when looking at the size?) Honestly why would anyone market any product to anything below the Mooney? Note: I just don't mean in this case but in G, TT, S, A, and all other companies as well.
  5. You are right! I should have said two players that seem to be priced in reality for the market. For the price all the CB (including me at the top of the list) Mooney owners would most likely scratch the more expensive players. I have nothing negative about Paul or the STC Group they simply needed some people to step up to pay some deposits and one person on the west coast ready to jump on the project now.
  6. +1 on looking at Trutrack and it looks like Trio maybe pulling the plug. I was hoping Trutrak, Trio and Garmin would all be good alternatives.
  7. WOW! Looks like we are down to two players with TRUTRAK potentially for C and Up and then Garmin for J and up with F and G to follow.
  8. wcb


    Merry Christmas! Here is what Santa brought me!
  9. As Joe said I was the previous owner of 6871U and she is a joy to fly. The only reason I even sold her was because I found a deal I simply could not pass up on my current plane.
  10. wcb

    SabreCowl Gen2 preview

    WOW. That looks GREAT! Just what I was thinking and can't wait to get'R done!
  11. wcb

    A little formation flying over Texas

    Thanks and I do like the minimalist panel as well. JD said a few people were having some SkyTrax ADSB IN issues. I am fly near the south end of Canyon Lake quite a bit.
  12. wcb

    A little formation flying over Texas

    Nice Formation video. Looks like west of SA near Uvalde? I was going to pm you but, here is an off topic question for you. On the way to see JD the other day in Smithville to have him service my turbo my transponder took a dump. I know you are an Avidyne 540 user and was wondering if you use the remote mount transponder or the panel mount. Do you know if there are any real differences? Likes dislikes? I was thinking of upgrading to the 540 (just not yet) with the remote mount transponder. But, now this happen I am thinking of doing the panel mount now and the 540 later????
  13. wcb

    More excitement at FL 19.5 with my Rocket

    I basically had the same thing on my 1976 RayJay TN M20F this weekend. I was just starting to dial in the MP and MP went from 24 to 27 stayed at 27 and then all of a sudden within less than a minute of turning on the turbo something gave an there I was back to 24 MP. Pulled the turbo immediately back to the off position with no change and no other problems indicated on my JPI so I decided to continue my flight as planned. (for those that do not know if you turn off the turbo normalizer the plane works just as normally aspirated) I was planning my flight at 11500 from Del Rio to Houston (if you know anything about that part of Texas I was truly in the middle of nowhere and decided to continue to 11500. I had never climbed to 11500 without the turbo and WOW it was not good once I hit about 10000. My cruise back just the week before gave me 201 mph TAS and 158 indicated at 13500. This week with no turbo 160 TAS and 131 indicated. What a big difference! My problem seems to be the butterfly valve (my clamps seemed fine). This is the picture of the valve. I will be taking it in later this week and will know more. I am thinking it is time for a full rebuild.
  14. I am interested! Sending you a pm
  15. Was the shock part of a LASAR mod? I do recall seeing that on another Mooney, but was not sure of it origin.