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  1. Here are my two mods I did in order on my 1963 C (pictures of the C are in my profile) Mod #1 - 1976 F model with turbo normalizer Mod #2 I Just did a couple months ago 1994 Ovation with 310 HP STC I couldn't resist. Your post was: Created this post to have everyone share their M20C mods, and pictures. Show them off and let me know which ones you would do again and which ones you wouldn't. Just though I would let you know they both worked very well and highly recommend them. If you can
  2. Sorry if I missed something, but what is the difference in the 3 units? At least for our planes I know that anything is better than nothing but for such a minor cost difference just makes me think well just buy the best? I bought the classic version but left it as part of my F model that I sold and now need to add one to my new plane. $139, $159, $169? or the Classic version at $129, $149, $159?
  3. Just looked at controller for my usual every once in a while check in to see what is in the market. WOW WOW There are currently only 54 Mooneys listed????? That is half of the number of normal listings!
  4. I was going to add to the thread earlier that says.... REMEMBER everything is for sale. I just closed on mine at the end of Dec. A 310 hp O without A/C or FIKI though. I would resale it for the right price (However, as you can imagine I would be asking well above market value...LOL). After a very extensive pre-buy I think I have a purchased a phenomenal bird and I am sure you will enjoy your new O and congrats.
  5. So my question is a cost benefit etc comparison between twin GI275's vs 7 inch G500TXi or the 7 inch G3X Touch (not to mention the 10 inch) or the Aspen/Dynon Products?. Did you consider these options?
  6. Just FYI... I was taught to avoid using the AP disconnect switch as much as possible because they have a tendency to break off in your hand. The use a quick hit of the trim tab does the same thing and those are not as fragile.
  7. I do not know if anyone can even count the number at KDWH. If someone has a count for DWH I would be interested to know.
  8. I am not sure how to edit the title, but CONTRACT PENDING!
  9. @Ryan ORL Here is a thought with that budget. My 76 F add the GFC 500 and you will have a great plane and be well under budget.
  10. I said I would add more pictures. The one flying was Wednesday this week near Waco.
  11. Happy Black Friday! I have had several people inquire and will be getting it listed on other sites soon. This will make a great purchase before the new year especially if putting into a business.
  12. Alright now! Jerry's auction went well and sold that J. Now it is time to refocus on my F... LOL
  13. For the 4 bangers at least. I would consider the Cessna the Tortoise and the E the rabbit (F still a rabbit but a 4 knot slower rabbit according to rising up) and our TN's rabbits on roids? I also use my turbo from 5 to 10k and it still makes a difference for sure.
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