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  1. Airports shut down in Houston. I was flying UA commercial on they way back to Houston and now looks like I am STUCK in Dulles. Anyone happen to be going from the DC area to Houston Friday or Saturday? Just thought I would throw it out there.
  2. Almost none of those changes really impacted performance like the speed mods. As far as the engine many would say the A1A dual mag system was much better also my useful load is around 1050 and is better than almost all J's . It was my understanding that RAM was on both the F and J's however mine is a RayJay Turbo so am unable to really comment. I would say there were really two MAJOR improvements in my opinion that make the J a Superior machine (not talking about acquisition cost and resell ... I still think a good F can be purchased for less money compared to a comparable J.) #1 improvement Speed MODS!!!! #2 improvement Fuel Selector Location!!!!! Sorry if this was mentioned in another response but I would love to have my fuel selector valve location fixed.
  3. I would look for an E or an F. Find a J that you like and then look for a similar equipped and timed E or F. You will buy it for many thousands left and in theory will hold same percentage increase or decrease in a 2 to 4 year window. I particularly think if you can find a good F with some mods is the best value on the older planes. Remember the J is only an F with a few speed mods (windshield and cowl being the biggest two).
  4. Are you also missing in your description the SWTA 201 Windshield. From the picture it looks like yours was updated. Yours regardless of windshield is worth 10k or more than plane A in my opinion (most of that would be in engine time, recency etc as discussed above).
  5. Actually look for the new pics of his V2. Really it is a J cowl with rounded inlets. Looks way better than V1 (sorry Bob but I must speak the truth).
  6. Book says continuous use no more than 27 mp and no lower than 3500 feet. I run mine more conservative and will usually try to keep it around 25 to 26 mp and do not engage below 5k. The biggest difference is above 10k. I can climb at 750 foot a minute easy all the way to 15 -16 k vs climb in an F above 10k is like 100 ft per minute. The speed increase above 10k is so nice as well I think it is about 20+ kts. I can get a true airspeed of right at 178 kts or about 200 mph once in cruise above 10k vs non turbo of more like 150 to 160 TAS at those altitudes. I am still looking forward to try to take it to the low FL's like 18, 19, or 20 (15-16 is about as high as i have been so far normally stay between 9500 and 12500) to see if it will perform as billed.
  7. Love the Turbo and cannot see not having either turbo or turbo normalized again. I use it anytime I am above 5k and use it on most real flights (most of my mission is around 2 to 4 hours).
  8. NO, I would not stay with the 700 upgrade to the 700 with the TIT. I also have a F model with the RayJay Turbo.
  9. 1st things 1st in my opinion is a high quality engine monitor. JPI 900 or 930 or the Electronic International equivalent.
  10. Only a few options. 1. Do what @Sabremech mech did and work with the FAA directly or the DER. 2. Get in line for the @Sabremech mod. I think it is going to be better than an original J. (So far this is what I have done!) 3. Go big time and go with Lo Presti 4. Add the ARI 5. Be low key add the LASAR mod 6. Join the CB club do nothing. (wait we are Mooney owners and not cirrus drivers doesn't that automatically make us part of the CB club!)
  11. I thought it was compelling with a big price drop (find out why). The few Mooney's I have seen on their site have been over priced in my opinion and the last was listed for a very long time. Someone may have reconsidered their Mooney valuations to get that one sold and dropped the price on this one. They seem to be the place for a Cessna TTX though (Shhh)! Dont forget All American. They are in TX and probably have the best reputation when it comes to Mooney's I found this one interesting as well. https://www.controller.com/listings/aircraft/for-sale/77988539/1988-mooney-m20j-205 If they just had a turbo normalizer like my F I might consider trading in on something like those two (if staying 4 cyl mid body mooney)
  12. check out this one with a recent price drop https://vanbortel.com/aircraft-for-sale/aircraft-inventory/1171/1978-mooney-201-m20j
  13. Sorry to see you leaving the F ranks! I remember we met at DWH over the last year at some point. I am in the X hangers next to TX Flight. Are you moving onto another plane or just moving on from ownership?