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  1. wcb

    Fuel Senders

    Just installed CiES in my 76 F. My current ones were working fine but I installed the JPI EDM 900 along with some tank work and thought I should just go all the way. I have not picked up the plane or senders yet and likely will not get them until around the 1st. I also have a new oil cooler and the oil cooler mod being done (which is the delay in picking up the plane). I would sell you all 4 make an offer.
  2. wcb

    M22 Mustang

    Actually I do believe Mooney still has a ton of pressurized aircraft out there. They were (are) just different companies today TBM and Aerostar!
  3. wcb

    Don't be like me!

    All that was fine I thought! Just needed to be 4 minutes not 25
  4. wcb

    QUESTION: M20E Vs M20F

    The one thing I have not seen (which is unusual for this very generous crowd) is the offer to come have a look. Where are you located as I know a ton of folks here are happy to talk about and SHOW off their Mooney's. I have had a C and now a 76 F (with TN [RayJay Turbo Normalized). If you could find a E or an F with a LoPresti Cowl, 201 Windshield, TN and the right price (THAT WOULD BE THE TICKET - Sadly that combo does not exist). The next best would be a F model with upgraded 201Cowl, 201 Windshield and TN (which would almost make it TN - J), but priced lower than the same thing in a J. @Guitarmastergetting insight from a current F owner is much appreciated. What timeline on selling your F? By the way if his hits the market remember it has the long awaited Sabre Cowl And @Alan Fox may still have a highly modified F for sale which would be very desirable.
  5. wcb


    My point was not about the slower speed. My point was the cowl could grow on you if a better looking spinner and prop were on it. There are plenty of other topics about 2 vs 3 or even 4 blade props (speed vs climb etc etc).
  6. wcb


    Very interesting. I think the cowl could grow on you if it were gaining enough efficiency and if you put a polished spinner on it (and three blade prop). This was really a picture about noise abatement (the muffler) but certainly shows the smiling face cowling. https://cafe.foundation/v2/tech_enablingtech_noisetech.php
  7. wcb


    I would like to see more pictures of this. I am curious about that intake. Could it be like the new model of the car that you always drove. It first comes out and you say I hate it. Then it grows on you because you start seeing more of them and realize they really are more efficient (this one is claiming 210 MPH some of that has to be in the cowl, but what about cooling). O SNAP! Just looked up the CAFE Foundation. It is electric!
  8. wcb


    NICE! You should add them in your albums. I personally like the LoPresti option on the F's.
  9. wcb


    Wish you would post pictures of both. I see an E on controller with the LoPresti Cowl. I would thin the E with the Cowl and other mods would take the cake for speed test (Lo Presti Speed Cowl Wing Tip Farings Tail Root Faring 201 Windscreen 201 Spinner ETC) https://www.controller.com/listings/aircraft/for-sale/26231033/1974-mooney-m20e-chapparal I would consider the LoPresti myself but they say "NO TURBO" and my 76F has the RayJay Turbo. (that and the budget )
  10. wcb

    Still a Mooniac...

    I did not check the tail number just noted the color scheme and tip tanks.
  11. wcb

    Still a Mooniac...

    Were you just in Houston (IAH) at about 11:00 on Friday morning. If not one just like it at Atlantic Aviation at IAH.
  12. wcb

    Top Gun; Maverick

    On the history channel there have been some great "Air Aces" and air battle scenes that have been recreated. One Vietnam air battle in particular is almost exactly what occurred in the big climax battle in Top Gun (out numbered and out gunned but the superior pilot won the day) with the major real difference being the aircraft involved.
  13. wcb

    Tank seal vs Bladder

    As I suspected this topic has brought up all the usual arguments for and against bladders with not much info on perceived or real safety. As I stated I had already made my decision and with the simple back log at the shop has given me to rethink the safety issue. @carusoam I have the fancy CIES sending units ready to be installed and the JPI EDM 900 recently installed. I will provide a PIREP when after the tank work and sending units are complete. However, to add a little fuel to the fire what if the bladder added no additional weight, cost the exact same as a reseal, resale value add-on was the same, and corrosion issues were the same?
  14. wcb

    Tank seal vs Bladder

    I certainly have seen many of the threads and emotion that surrounds it. I have been on the schedule to do a reseal but they have been back logged (weight and cost was part of my original decision to go reseal). Due to the challenges of scheduling I thought I would revisit the decision to reseal and the safety issue came to mind. I see there are almost never any fires associated with a gear up with the exception of a few off field gear ups that have happens on streets or highways where the wing has then clipped something to trigger a fire.