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  1. I did it... bought me a Mooney!

    Congratulations and you are welcome (I almost bought that one before I got my 76F)
  2. MT 4 Blade Pirep

    I just have to say your forgot one thing in your PIREP! It sure looks changes the looks and looks SWEET!
  3. EDM 900 owners

    So, I have a JPI EDM 900 in the box (Just received the shipment). I was going to have my A&P do the install but it is looking like I should have one of our guys Mooney guys that have gone through these issues do the install. Anyone near Houston?????
  4. I know the official numbers are not out yet. However, does anyone that has had it done (I know just a couple at this point) have a rough (just a rough feeling) of numbers. What kind of speed increase and what kind of temps (I know one actually had a slight temp increase).
  5. Thoughts?

    Not yet the JPI was the first shipment to arrive this week.
  6. Is the spinner STC'd or field approval as well?
  7. Thoughts?

    Looks like exactly what I am doing, but instead of G650 an IFD 540. I already have the JPI EDM 900
  8. Something's not right

    I will say I have had a short dealing with the company and what I found is they find a steal deal (who knows how) and then simply put a fair markup. They bought an F from my home airport cheap (it was a great plane with all the right mods) and they in turn sold it cheap. I was actually the 1st person to call on the F and they sold it to someone else while I was waiting for a return call from them to tell me what they would take my C in on trade. If you want it you will need to act fast. Those guys sell them cheap and from what I know the planes are what they say they are it was just unfortunate the way they handled my dealing. I also echo what some of the others are saying Paint, to much Damage for my liking, Last annual 2014, Avionics and interior.
  9. So my RPM yellow are starts a 2000 and the placard says avoid continuous use between 2100 and 2350. Is there an issue with dropping below. I am willing to give the 1900 RPM a try like the article says, but just was unclear about the usage under 2350 or any length of time.
  10. I could use his contact info or any info on potential repair of a Pathfinder M3A for the 76 M20F. Any help from the MS community would be awesome. Several people have said just scrap it and go with a STEC. For now I would rather save the $10,000 to $15,000 (or more) and only spend a few thousand on a repair (to many other things on my wish list).
  11. Garmin GTN650 or Avidyne IFD440

    I decided to add the JPI EDM 900 vs GPS/NAV/COM for now as well. I also added the Statux (prebuilt from Everlast) vs the Stratus. Both should arrive late this week.
  12. Garmin GTN650 or Avidyne IFD440

    I am curious what you decided and how you are liking you choice?
  13. My other plane was in the X hangers this one is in M. The X hanger had several inches (see the pictures in the gallery) and the "Bagging" of the wheels kept the water off of the wheels, breaks, and bearings. Sorry about the Harley and hope to see you out there sometime.
  14. Thanks for the support. I think it is a smoking deal. It has to be the most economical way to fly.