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  1. Nobody on this site belongs to the CB (CHEAP BASTARD) club!!! Just go with the Lo Presti remember money is no object (Sadly not for the C)! Options: Cost ($), complexity (X), Cooling (~) Speed (Z) and Coolness (O) (O for the big O factor not 0 for zero) (N for neutral) Lo Presti $$$$$ XXXXX ~?~ ZZZZZ OOOOO (not for your C) Sabre Not Yet available $$$ XX ~?~ ZZZ OOOO (assumptions based on threads V2 is yet to be tested) (might be to long for your C) Money Mart no longer available SWTA no longer available (someone can step up to buy the STC and start making these again, just call them to talk with JD) ARI $$ XX ~~ Z1/2 OO (What I would do for your C) Lasar $ X ~~ 1/2Z maybe gets one O No Mod N N N N N As far as cooling goes: Based on my ratings as you can see there are some cooling advantages (Honestly not much from what I can tell and does depend on other factors as well) but all cowl mods are fairly close based on my research and the Lo Presti maybe neutral to positive and Sabre has not been tested on his current mod. For me I am trying to wait for the Sabre Mod. Remember the ARI(I might do while I wait for Sabre), Sabre and Lo Presti all require the 201 Spinner which adds to the cost over the Lasar. Opinion only from a PP who has been looking into the mod for several years now! Don't forget the OIL COOLER MOD that is required for some of these as well and maybe the mod to start with. Overhaul the engine = buy a new oil cooler and have it relocated (I did mine last year).
  2. The most interesting thing that seems off to me is that the panel is sooo nice but not so much around bottom next to the switches yoke cabin heat etc. and 4 hours a few years ago????? btw @Greg_D I hanger in the X hangers next to Texas Flight. Currently in an F and my old plane was a C. Maybe see you around the field sometime.
  3. wcb

    Getting back in the air

    I do Hooks, College Station, Conroe, Hooks. I need to change that routine and add Brenham and west.
  4. I have gotten some useful load back by adding the G5's, JPI, removing old Suction, ADF, DME and wiring etc etc. I think I am pushing 1050 lbs currently. As far as stuff I can carry I added another almost 15 lbs of load by dropping almost 15 off most the waist area!
  5. The MT 3 blade is 46 lbs and 71 in Hartzell 2 blade is 62-64 lbs and 74 in Hartzell 3 blade is 74 lbs and 74 in If weight climb and performance are you thing and the budget is open then the MT it is. However, the MT reputation is not as high as Hartzell. My research showed for that for me it is MT depending on budget at the time I will need to replace. Based on my understanding (PP only) the older MT's used a different process and were not as good as the newer process. D Max and many other Mooney experts are certainly not impressed with the MT and in-particularly the older MT's vs Hartzell or McCaully. There is also the whole MT is overseas and the others are in the US so in theory ("they say") service is better here just because you don't have to wait for time and distance thing. Haven't done any research on engines other than you should make sure you have a good engine monitor and GAMI injectors. I would also have the pistons port and polished could add upto 20hp.
  6. +1 for JPI is set at 2400 and my total Hobbs vs Tach is always a little different accounting for time when the JPI is on but the engine is not running. A couple weeks ago 3 hr flight Houston to Memphis and on the return trip Memphis to Houston. Hobbs and Tach were equal on the JPI. Standard climb and cruise settings.
  7. Looks like a kit alternative to me. Take it all the way down and replace with NEW, strip, seal, (etc etc) EVERYTHING! Make a brand new J for 200k oh it it might be worth 115k. But, it is a J and not an RV. Or to Alan Fox it goes!
  8. Mac! I have missed you buddy!
  9. I fully understand. I was really referring to my 200 hp gaining an additional 10% of horse power for a few thousand and since it is FI not carb (not having to change a venturi size) it could make a difference. I have an F that I already upgraded to GAMI injectors a year ago.
  10. @PilotCoyote @M20Doc What if you are not a carb plane but FI with GAMI injectors. I think $1200+, Shipping and RR could really be worth 20 hp? I am in no need now but thinking ahead or simply thinking more speed "I feel the need! The need for SPEED!"
  11. Anyone ever see something like this on Flight Aware. It shows I was traveling 1070 MPH from San Antonio TX to Hondo TX. I was actually going from Houston to San Antonio and did not pass up San Antonio as it shows.
  12. I have already replace the AI and the DG. Therefore, am I thought I had to keep the TC???? I will read through it again as well. Oops just saw Paul's comments after I posted @gsxrpilot Paul and I have the same understanding .
  13. I currently have the dual G5 setup but it is my understanding that they do not replace the TC.
  14. I have a similar issue and was looking at the upgrade option any recommendations. @Creekrat It actually seems to work fine but the brushes appear to be on the way out.
  15. It is on my calendar. As we say here in TX. "God willing and the creek don't rise!"