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  1. And they do not even need a license to reproduce!
  2. Finally they at least show this on there website: GFC 500 Certification Programs Currently In-progress: Mooney M20 Models: F, G I know they claim they will be ready on the F & G this summer. From what I understand it has been "in-progress" since the end of the year and they may have just updated the site.
  3. Send me a picture of what you are looking for. I do not know what was pitch etc.
  4. I removed mine... if anyone is looking for spare parts (send me a picture of what you are looking for and I will see what i have). I have no idea what works and doesn't work with it.
  5. Simple one cup Folgers Classic Roast. I do not care for Starbucks or Dunkin like so many rave about. I also do not like Keurig. That being said I would try that.
  6. @bonal I agree acupuncture is a great choice and I to was very skeptical. It was not a 30 year solution for me as it was for you. If my acupuncturist was close and more convenient I would go more often for allergies, neck and back pain. I also agree that if you do not suffer from allergies you have no idea how miserable it can be. To give you an idea how I got over my skepticism being an good Texan and not having much exposure to eastern medicine when I first went. The first time I went in it was for neck pain. I walk in the office and there are a couple of professional rodeo riders with back issues (as you can imagine) in the waiting room. They swore by it and it worked on my neck (later ankle, neck, and allergies). But, still honey is number 1 on my Allergy to do list.
  7. @Eight8Victor I have had some temporary relief from acupuncture (not convenient and costly). I am like you you have allergies to everything in the 3+ to 4+ range. BUT, the absolute best is local honey. Here in Houston is Allergy heaven. I have gone through 3 rounds of the shots(around 10 years ago was the last round). With that said the last two years have been the best allergy seasons and the instruction will differ slightly on your location and timing of when pollen hits. Buy local honey from a local vendor making sure they have local hives. Take one table spoon EVERYDAY for the month of January. Take two table spoons EVERYDAY starting mid February and continue through the end of May or simply continue. Take the honey directly by mouth (almost like mouth wash and medicine) do not put it in your coffee or tee etc (take it direct).
  8. AWESOME is all that can be said
  9. Faster horses, younger women, older whiskey and more money
  10. I do not know about anyone else or if it is a problem since I am PPL only and there are so many other good qualified people on here. But, it certainly appears in the picture that the outside tubular structure on the port side is bent. Look at the distance at the bottom of the both parts of the tubular structure the width is significantly different.
  11. Awesome. Can't wait to see it on and in action. Do you have a timeline and price points yet?
  12. Spend $2k on a yoke or $2k for a few roles of toilet paper? Tough decisions. I did see some DIY guy building his own and providing instructions to build your own. I am to cheep for the $2k and no inclination to tackle a DIY project like that. I might end up with the Honeycomb Alpha Yoke (about $250)
  13. What type of forced feedback yoke and rudder peddles that are good and not to much $$
  14. I have seen pictures of it but have no idea who, what, when or how. I know it has been done but it maybe field approval type mod. not an STC????
  15. Mine is almost brand new. @bavareze Does it work for what you are looking for??? I am currently looking for around 2k or best offer (so make and offer)