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    well here is the counter "!"
  2. wcb


    how about something that has not been started yet like the Factory Closing down.
  3. It will be interesting where it falls. I do not think the Chinese will just let it go for nothing. So somewhere between 0 and 100 million (I am sure they want more than 100 million)????? As the article says there is value in the the current assets (hard as well as designs etc) as well as the brand name.
  4. I read into the article they are actively looking for a buyer. What is the price? If they are looking for more than the $100 million they bought it for I would bet they are SOL (at least from me...LOL).
  5. I certainly will not debate your expertise and defer to you as the wisest of all men in your field that I have run across(not that I run in the PhD in Applied Mathematics crowd). My simple point on the UK vs US debate was simply if we (the US) did not break from the UK the world for certain would be very different today. If we would not have stayed the United States the world would be very different today. Mr. Andrews points out decisions and actions matter. Decisions and actions can impact lives and history for generations. I also like the "real" history but just like any Hollywood movie Mr. Andrews puts an exaggerated flare to his story telling to appeal to wide audience. I have seen his more detailed work and will have to defer to him on his research to fact and embellishment. You would really enjoy picking his story apart on why the solid rocket boosters on the space shuttle were designed off of the width of two horses ass.
  6. Here is why I am always right! The same way Socrates was the wisest man! "I know that I know nothing" is a saying derived from Plato's account of the Greek philosopher Socrates. It is also called the Socratic paradox. The phrase is not one that Socrates himself is ever recorded as saying. A man who knew what he knew and then had the wisdom seek guidance from those that were far wiser than himself. As @alextstone said the 2 am bar talk continues
  7. Agreed. We need one CHEF in charge! I will do it because I am always right!!!!!!
  8. @Hyett6420 @aviatoreb @Bravoman OK! I have a couple videos for you to watch by Andy Adrews. 1st two are on Jashua Chamberline on the decision to take action. 2nd is on the Butterfly effect. If some things in history of what would seem to be small impacts have impacted our life today. In other words if it was not for Columbus, if it was not for America winning the war, if it was not for the civil war and Jashua Chamberline we would not have an America to set in during the World War II to stop the evil that was swept over all of Europe and the world. You could say the butterfly effect impacted the war and us all today from not just the US perspective but the world perspective (would Russia have been in a position to to help the war in a meaningful way if it had not gone through its own revolution etc etc) OK... Back to speculating on the Factory!!!! making J's again!!!!!!
  9. That is good news. Here is what I emailed them on Wednesday of this week. I have dual G5's but not the 750 or 650. I am glad it is getting going. ______________ I am wanting to see an update for the M20F and here is a quote fromthe nations leading Mooney expert."The M20F airframe is virtually no different from a 1977 M20J, withthe exception of a sloped windshield, a new cowling design and a fewother minor changes. In fact, the 77 J was built on the exact sameframe as this plane."So, I am sooooo curious why the J is approved and it is soooooo long for the F. _____________
  10. I have two 7's I replaced. I believe they both work and it was the cable. After replacing the cable it I noticed some chips etc in the cable. My bird is a 76 model so therefore that is the age of the 7's as well. You can have them both (two for one). I will also message you.
  11. Wondering does he need to go to the Gulfstream forum??? (Now that is a step up!!!) Just kidding but how much of an upgrade is the question???
  12. You want the truth? You can't handle the truth! Reminds me of Col. Jessup ...movies make it seem there are people in power that can make a whole flight disappear. This is only missing some of the data....LOL ..... For all those govt officials monitoring this post I don't mean anything by it I am just joking ... Hold on a couple black SUV's just pulled in and now a knock on my door ... Should I go and answ....................................................
  13. Reminds me of a new George Strait song. For you country music fans you should download the album. He has one song called Old Violin. He basically is saying he is feeling like an old violin soon to be put away and never played again. Are our old birds and our pilots are they going "to be put away and never played again", drones to rule the sky's (I think not for a long long time)
  14. Almost none of those changes really impacted performance like the speed mods. As far as the engine many would say the A1A dual mag system was much better also my useful load is around 1050 and is better than almost all J's . It was my understanding that RAM was on both the F and J's however mine is a RayJay Turbo so am unable to really comment. I would say there were really two MAJOR improvements in my opinion that make the J a Superior machine (not talking about acquisition cost and resell ... I still think a good F can be purchased for less money compared to a comparable J.) #1 improvement Speed MODS!!!! #2 improvement Fuel Selector Location!!!!! Sorry if this was mentioned in another response but I would love to have my fuel selector valve location fixed.
  15. I would look for an E or an F. Find a J that you like and then look for a similar equipped and timed E or F. You will buy it for many thousands left and in theory will hold same percentage increase or decrease in a 2 to 4 year window. I particularly think if you can find a good F with some mods is the best value on the older planes. Remember the J is only an F with a few speed mods (windshield and cowl being the biggest two).