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  1. wcb

    Not Mooney...

    Two events near the same area same day. Not a good day in Fort Bend County yesterday. One DEA Cessna and one RV. https://www.click2houston.com/news/plane-with-3-dea-agents-on-board-crashes-into-vehicles-near-sugar-land http://www.kathrynsreport.com/2018/
  2. wcb

    I flew in this yesterday

    The primary reason we do not have high speed rails is that the freight company's actually own/run the actual tracks. The tracks themselves are built for heavy freight and lower speeds. In most places if freight and passenger are on the same rail it is the passenger train that has to yield to freight. The only way to truly get high speed here is a new set of tracks built only for high speed. Texas is now trying to add high speed between Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and back (a big loop).
  3. wcb

    Kool Scoop Fit Issue

    NIce...and even better TWO Kool Scoops
  4. wcb

    Kool Scoop Fit Issue

    Do you have pictures? What is the best way to cut the plastic? Basically yours is in your seat pocket (or other storage) and slide it in on the ground?
  5. wcb

    Acclaim Air-to-Air Photo Shoot

    I think you were lucky to have clouds. They add depth and perspective. They are all great pics. Pick one ...#5 for me
  6. Anyone else have Kool Scoop issues. It seems the "neck" is to short for proper a proper fit.
  7. wcb

    Never Had a Mooney

    Where in east TX? Don Maxwell in Longview is the East Texas Mooney Man. Might be nice to add location to your avatar.
  8. Was just reading a couple of threads when I thought....When everyone starts bringing up the age of their planes (mine is 42) (my old one was 54 when I sold). All I can think of is: It sure would be nice to have one of those two door Mooney's https://www.mooney.com Then SNAP back to reality!!!!!!!!!
  9. I replaced mine like this as well and here is a picture of everything including the filter.
  10. wcb

    Cirrus Delivery

    I think it is ..eaaaaaa .... ok and all, but was hoping is was for the Cirrus JET
  11. Great info. Yes I think it is most likely over 500 hours (I really have no idea). I will check the log books when I get home.
  12. Must be over priced. No takers so far soooo how about $85
  13. Simple... Don't turn on the news!
  14. SOLD SOLD NOW $85 I have installed twin G5's and thus eliminated the need for a vacuum system. This system was working when removed. As you can see the filter is basically brand new with very few hours and installed 02/2018. Pump hoses gauge filter (in other words everything that was removed) It maybe worth rebuilding or use as is until it need rebuilding. Carr
  15. wcb

    Mooney Stall/Spins

    Also, shows how quick you can turn a stall into a spin if you do not react quickly enough. Simply based on my opinion of the video I do not think the instructor meant to do a spin he was simply to slow to react with the stall. I could not hear before the spin but it sound like all they were talking about was doing a stall.