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  1. As Niko says it looks like a MooneySpace page so you add your user name and password. I am all good didn't get email or password from me!!! But he tried and changed password anyway. Always good to change them often. I almost never change this one since there is really nothing here but I changed it anyway.
  2. Got it too..... he tried me. I have now changed my password. What would be the point? Log into Mooneyspace as me (really).
  3. I have two older light speed ANR for trade. Both work fine they are the generation prior to ZULU.... 3G series. Both have new ear pads that I just replaced. PM me if interested.
  4. I know and have been in contact with them many times over the last year. If only there were another option!!!!!! ..... OHHHHHHHH can you say TRUTRAK (I know, I know not quite the same) (and yes others that are more $$$ like STEC)???
  5. I do not know if anyone has posted this but the Garmin web site has been updated and now shows they are also going to work on all short bodies. I am still SOOOOOO disappointed that they did not include ALL mid bodies now (F,G,J are basically the same plane when it comes to the overall structure of where servos would be located etc etc etc.) I do not think I have expressed that disappointment enough. If only Garmin would actually listen!!!! GFC 500 Certification Programs Currently In-progress: Mooney M20 Models: J, K, M, R, S GFC 500 Certification Programs Planned to Begin in the Next 12-months: Mooney M20 Models: M20, A, B, C, D, E, F, G
  6. They emailed me back today saying the J and K are next. I still do not know why it is NOT all Mid bodies F, G, J, K. The F and G are then to follow etc.. I do not think they actually know that the F - J are basically the same with minor aerodynamic changes and the K is the basically the same with more power and turbo etc...
  7. And how is Gen 2 coming? I hope to still be in my correct spot in line
  8. Transponder KT76 w/tray $500 or OBO reduced This is the more rare and hard to find KT76 not to be confused with the KT76A or KT76C. The wiring is different and cannot swap for the A OR C. It will slide in replace the KT 76 or KT 78 (again no A or C). It went out and would not power up so I sent it to El Paso Aero to be fixed (as you can see from the paper work Jan 16, 2019) and powers up fine now as you can see from the light in the picture. While doing the transponder test it was discovered the the encoder is also bad(this past Monday). So, I decided the heck with it I am going to go ahead and add Avidyne GPS/NAV/COM, Transponder and new encoder. So I now have the KT 76 available and thought I would offer it here before ebay or anywhere else. I have sent it back to El Paso Aero to confirm all is good and has a clean bill of health. I will have a King KX 170B and VOR head soon.
  9. I used Gleim and found that they needed to offer some video content to make it better. On some subjects (like holding pattern entry) I simply went to youtube to find some videos that filled in the blanks. OH and by the way I passed it this morning 1st try not quite a perfect score but close enough. You know they always word a couple questions funky enough to make you go "WHAT?"
  10. The title is 550 and the body is 540. I thought something was up with a 550 at 11700, but the 540 at 11700 is right in line.
  11. I find it curious on how companies do their demographics. If marketing certified aircraft, I certainly understand why a company would go after the Cessna market. Just a very quick search can give you a rough understanding of the market. Controller currently has listed around 304 Cessna's for sale. Piper has 277 and the next largest group is Cirrus (but take them out because most are newer and not doing as many upgrades). Beech has 121 and next is MOONEY AT 105. Behind Mooney is all really irrelevant in the grand scheme of markets. You have Diamond (with 44) again a lot like Cirrus where most are not being upgraded. Next is American Champion at 20 and Extra Aircraft at 19 then it really starts to really then out with Socata at 15 and Grumman at 12 and Waco at 11 (The rest are in low double digits). Why would anyone really market to a market like the Grumman or Socata or Waco over the Mooney? (It boils down to Money. In this case someone with Grumman stepped up with the $$ to get one done. Nobody with a Mooney was willing to do it especially knowing there are and will be options. But, is this short sighted saying "I will just not go after the market at all" when looking at the size?) Honestly why would anyone market any product to anything below the Mooney? Note: I just don't mean in this case but in G, TT, S, A, and all other companies as well.
  12. You are right! I should have said two players that seem to be priced in reality for the market. For the price all the CB (including me at the top of the list) Mooney owners would most likely scratch the more expensive players. I have nothing negative about Paul or the STC Group they simply needed some people to step up to pay some deposits and one person on the west coast ready to jump on the project now.