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  1. @Ryan ORL Here is a thought with that budget. My 76 F add the GFC 500 and you will have a great plane and be well under budget.
  2. I said I would add more pictures. The one flying was Wednesday this week near Waco.
  3. Happy Black Friday! I have had several people inquire and will be getting it listed on other sites soon. This will make a great purchase before the new year especially if putting into a business.
  4. Alright now! Jerry's auction went well and sold that J. Now it is time to refocus on my F... LOL
  5. For the 4 bangers at least. I would consider the Cessna the Tortoise and the E the rabbit (F still a rabbit but a 4 knot slower rabbit according to rising up) and our TN's rabbits on roids? I also use my turbo from 5 to 10k and it still makes a difference for sure.
  6. I think Jerry might be the mechanic with the mechanics lien which is why he may want to see it sold (which is all good the plane needs to be sold and some tlc)
  7. Forgot to add the new Mags and new Ignition harness. I had two new ones installed about 200 hrs ago as well as a new ignition harness about 100 or so hours.
  8. And, my F can really only be compared to an E if it has the RayJay Turbo. It is interesting through the years I see a whole lot more F's that got the Turbo than E's. It would really be interesting to hear someone that has owned both. According to Rising Up the cruise difference is 4 kts(how much is weight and how much is length? Because other than that they are for all practical purposes the same plane.). Who here has a RayJay E model with the numbers from say 15k feet. I get about 160 kts tas in normal cruise at that level. I can go to economy cruise to slow down or max cruise to pick
  9. If someone was considering experimental this might make a great bird instead. Take this one on the cheap go through it and rebuild it top to bottom. Big assumptions you are an A&P or can work closely with one that can sign off and then there is the whole potential corrosion issue.
  10. From what I have heard the speed difference in an E and F is negligible even though the F is longer (roughly 12 inches). I am certainly not the expert here but from what I understand is that the extra length did not really change the aerodynamics and the weight difference is only 60 lbs. Someone here can also tell you how much per 100 lbs it will cost you in kts. I think if my memory is correct I remember something like 1 or 2 kts per 100 lbs. That would mean the speed difference due to weight between an F and E is around .6 to 1.2 kts. and you get 12 more inches.
  11. I would be planning on about 1 hour 20 minutes to his airport of KWEA. That might not be the same as Kessel in less than twelve parsecs, but it is a whole lot better the DRIVING!! or A CESSNA (almost like driving...LOL)!!!!!
  12. If you want it in DFW I can bring it to you
  13. I thought this was my forever plane. Which is why I have set up the panel the way I wanted and have it set for the GFC500 Auto Pilot. It is simply the Ovation bug bit me in the ..........
  14. @KJC1333 Agreed this is a GREAT Oregon mountain bird. I certainly feel like someone is getting a lot of bang for the buck when they buy a F with Turbo mine or not. Simply look at what it would cost to add a turbo to a non turbo airplane and you are talking 30k or 40k (someone would know the hard number). Bang for the buck in turbo, panel, total time, and engine hours. Of course it is my plane so I think it is a good value and I think I have priced it right. BTW .... I bought this plane from a Dr. in Oregon.
  15. TY.... I still think I have your plane!!!!!
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