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  1. Damn... reading this thread makes me want one. Someone tade me outright a 310 hp O for a turbo normalized 1976 F!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I have a 76 F in Texas. I just bought the B Kool. It was delivered today but I will not get to use it for a few weeks. My next flight is scheduled for Thrus and Friday but I will not have room to test it.
  3. Video down. I wanted to watch that one too.
  4. The biggest issue for using something other than aviation approved oil has nothing to do with oil engine life. What happens if you have to put the plane in the field or worse (even not oil related). What is the liability you and your family are incurring? Personal liability and would the insurance company walk away saying willful neglect?
  5. Are you saying the best speed improvement for a J is ...... wait for it ........ is a K?
  6. Love my TN and glad I did not have to pay to add it after the fact. How much are you thinking it is going to cost to add?
  7. Have never looked into does port and polish decrease cylinder life. Does anyone have the facts?
  8. 10 extra HP with the IO-390! What if you did a port and polish on the cylinders also? I understand the port and polish will get you about 20 hp. So, if my math is right 10 + 20 would give you 30 more HP (nothing to sneeze at). The question is for every percentage of increase in HP how much more KT can you gain?
  9. I always liked the autopilot from the movie Airplane. 1:20 into the clip!
  10. With a Q-tip prop! Certainly do not see that everyday!
  11. In the interview it was Mr. Tom Honeycutt (is what it sounds like?) and he was a hero for sure. A man of action with no hesitation!
  12. All I do is hand fly !!!! Come on Garmin and the FAA get the GFC 500 for the F!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Mine was Pathfinder as well in my 76F. However it is INOP. I am being patient for the Garmin GFC 500. There are several threads about the AP market today with Trutrak, Trio (they bailed out on Mooney) and Garmin all coming in with a more reasonably price option for our vintage birds.
  14. The Turbine BO is AWESOME!!!!! I have tried to get a buddy of mine to move from a A36 Bo to a Turbine Bo!
  15. I have to wonder what the price point on these two birds are??? Since it says call. Those are some very nice birds and do seem to fit his mission. For him I would look at a Bo like these over a Malibu as well as continue the Ovation search. To bad he missed the 4 blade ovation in the for sale section now. That one was at my home field and would have been a great bird for his mission.