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  1. I mentioned in a previous thread that I had a GNC 355 GPS/Com Installed and had a request for pictures.
  2. The vacuum pressure was running at almost 6 with full power and was staying high when throttle was pulled back to 1700 rpm
  3. I will post some pics of the gnc 355 when I get back to the plane Hopefully before the end of next week
  4. Carusoam you nailed the ammeter. I found a wire broken on the end of the fuse holder. Problem solved it will be a couple of weeks before I can chase the high vacuum. Any recommendations on where and for what I should be looking. I really appreciate the assistance. Dennis
  5. 1970 m20c. Went to fly today to play with my new garmin gnc355. Three things amp meter not moving vacuum pressure was high and attitude indicator was a little slow spooling up. With the help of my a&up friend we looked for the cause of issue. 1. Amp gauge a. Amp gauge has about 2.3 ohms of resistance and does move with external source of voltage. b. Alternator and regulator are working confirmed with volt gauge plugged into cigarette lighter c. One wire to the gauge does indicate battery voltage. Other wire on gauge does
  6. on my 1970 C you can see the duct attached to back of alternator. The larger Scat is used to make Coffee when not being used for cabin heat.
  7. I just had my Muffler and Risers overhauled by AWI. The turn around was quick, they received my exhaust on a Wednesday and shipped it back the following Monday. All for a price less than worst case scenario quoted. Very pleased with their service.
  8. Sweet -- May you have many happy hours. Dennis
  9. I found the answer to bolt size in a previous thread -- Thanks M20DOC "It should be an AN3-15 bolt, an AN310-3 nut, a pair of AN 960-10 washers and a 186-218 spring. The entire tail pipe requires this time 3. The AN stuff should be stock at any shop, the spring is the same as the ones used in Cessna twin exhaust systems. Likely easier to find on most fields than a Mooney spring. Clarence"
  10. On my 1970 M20C -- just like Hanks, Green -- gear down, Amber -- Gear up, no lights during transit
  11. 1970 M20C During the process of removing my tail pipe I noted that the washers were absent on one of the bolts. Upon further investigation I noted that there were two different lengths of bolts. The bolt without the washer appears to be AN3-13 the other two bolts appear to be AN3-14. When checking the parts book it did not specifically list the the tail pipe bolts, however the old rib ball muffler shows AN3-15 for all the other ball type connections My questions -- 1) What is the correct bolt size? Washer placement, is one washer at the head of the bolt and then was
  12. Picture from Right Instrument panel on a 1970 M20. in the center of the picture just above the numbers is an open tube, it is one of two tubes that open into the right side scoop just in front of the door. One tube has a clear tubing that runs toward the rear of the radio stack the other is just open. Should something be on the other tube? Dennis
  13. Scott, Where did you purchase your new muffler? Thanks Dennis
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