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  1. I hope they don’t do an afterburner taxi out.
  2. +1 How you get to your landing when cleared for a visual approach is up to you as long as you do it in a safe manner while complying with regulations/restrictions and any ATC/ tower instructions. Pilots start getting into trouble when they provide their own interpretations of how things should be done rather than deferring to the FAR/AIM or asking ATC when in doubt.
  3. Thanks. I will likely be adding MT prop to my bravo in the next year or 2.
  4. FoxMike, How much weight did the MT prop save you?
  5. That’s true. The wingspan is only a foot longer or so. The Baron is a great plane, which has always been on my short list of desirable planes. The BE55s and BE58s that most appealed to me cost more than my Bravo. The few that I’ve flown have had more maintenance issues/costs than I’ve experienced on my Bravo (knock on wood). It sounds like you have chosen and maintained your Barons well if your costs were less or similar to your Bravos. They climb well. I wish they had higher service ceilings (excluding older TC turbos, Colemill conversions etc.). Twins can be safer in the hands of proficient pilots. I’m happy with my choice though Sorry for the thread drift.
  6. HXG


    No discussing politics, religion, or criticism of peoples lifestyle choices. It rarely goes well in person, let alone online.
  7. Having flown many different piston twins, I did consider a Baron (the only twin that interests me), but their acquisition and operating costs are higher for a newer plane that I considered on par with my Bravo, service ceiling is lower, and I couldn’t justify a bigger airplane and bigger hangar when most of my flying is solo.
  8. I love my gas guzzling Bravo. But, I certainly don’t look at 252s/ Encores as lesser airplanes. Their speeds are amazingly similar with significant less fuel burn. I would be proud to own either one. I just happened to find a local FIKI BRAVO for sale that I wanted more than the available 252s so I traded in my Super Decathlon and went for my dream plane. No regrets, but that new engine cost will be brutal.
  9. I’m pretty sure this is one of the president’s planes. I’m not sure, but, I think it’s an arrow.
  10. On my last few flights, I’ve also been seeing 28.7-28.9 GPH on take off.
  11. +1 This a frequent source of confusion. When cleared for the approach without a new altitude instruction, you can only descend (excluding emergency) if 1) you’re given the altitude clearance to do so, 2) until you’re established on a published segment of the route (may descend to MEA or per published TAA sector- NOT MSA), on a feeder route, or on the Approach. The FAR/AIM is your best source of information. It never hurts to ask ATC if you have any question. I also would have filed a NASA report- just in case.
  12. A meet up sometime this summer sounds good. Glad you got to take the mountain course, which is a little more focused on flying below 14,000 feet, but still useful. Most of my mountain flying before purchasing my turbo mooney a little over 2 years ago has been in non-turbo aircraft including taildraggers.
  13. gsxrpilot, Welcome to the front range! I’m based at KLMO. It’s been unusually stormy here (earlier in day and season and more frequent for the past several weeks). I’m sure you heard this already, but I highly recommend the Colorado Pilots Association (CPA) Mountain Flying course in June and August (8/17). It’s a great course on mountain flying anywhere and especially in Colorado. You’ll gain a ton of local knowledge and tips for mountain flying just about anywhere in the Colorado area. Here are a few pics from my quick 20 minute sightseeing flight from Longmont- Boulder- Rollins pass- Lake Granby- Milner Pass- Trail Ridge Road- Fort Collins on May 31 and a last pic of me this 4th of July at KSJC:
  14. Here’s a few pics from flights over the past several days- Telluride, Rockies, Moab, Sierras, Yosemite, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, & Lake Powell.