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  1. I agree. Great podcast that I often listen to on commutes to and from work. I do listen at 1 1/2 x speed.
  2. Scott, great discussion. I had a feeling this case was setting us up to disregard the instability producing the possibility of icing. The CAPE value is less impressive than I thought it would be, but I think the important point is that of the instability overshoot of cumulus clouds above 15,000 feet. Looks like 19,000 feet or higher would be better altitude option, but certainly not high enough with a significantly greater instability/ higher CAPE and higher temperatures.
  3. As far as top common questions, I would guess some involve: Predicting IMC- cloud bases and heights (helped by models and skewTlogP) and reduced visibility including fog Predicting icing-(helped by models, freezing levels, temps, clouds/visible moisture, icing products, skewTlogP) and best way to get out of icing- climbing with shallow angle, descending, 180 degree turn (I know it depends). Predicting turbulence and high gusty winds as well as low level windshear- I also live on the Colorado front range and I must admit there are windy turbulent days that can be tough for me to
  4. Here’s a NWS link including SkewTLogP icing signatures: https://www.weather.gov/jetstream/skewt_samples
  5. Freezing rain hit the DFW area this morning.
  6. Thanks for sharing. Checklists and flows are important, but don’t forget the after landing checklist. As part of my after landing checklist, I always reset my elevator and rudder trim to the takeoff settings before shutdown.
  7. I received my 2nd dose Covid Pfizer vaccine a little over 3 weeks ago. I’m a health care provider so I can share my experience as well as that of 100s of health care workers in my circle. Severe Allergic reactions are extremely rare. Most people just have a little more arm soreness than they experience with the flu vaccine that lasts a couple of days on both doses. On the 2nd dose, a few more symptoms do occur with both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, but are generally mild. A few may feel a little tired with muscle aches for up to 48 hours. Some people had a fever and chills typic
  8. I often use this shortcut. Just make sure you tap the active leg line ABOVE the CDI (not the CDI itself) to open the flight plan. I should have been more specific in my post which is now corrected.
  9. Not sure if everyone is aware, but no need to hit HOME to get the Flight Plan on the GTN. Instead, tap the active leg line ABOVE the CDI (circled in red below) on the map or default nav page to open the flight plan. You can also load and activate an approach from the flight plan page if you want although hitting HOME then PROC is pretty quick. Personally, I like using minimum steps cycling between Map and Default Nav page and Back and tapping the CDI on the GTN for the flight plan during flight. I also load my expected approach and use activate legs, Direct to IAP Fix or AVTF depending o
  10. Beautiful morning for flying through Rollins Pass Colorado. Eldora and Winter Park ski resorts in pics.
  11. I recently put my used 3 blade Mccauley Bravo prop on consignment at Rocky Mountain Propellers in Erie, CO. It may be available for sale. I just upgraded to the 4 blade MT prop when I put in a factory reman engine. The MT prop is awesome- quiet, smooth and added climb performance with at least no cruise speed loss, if not faster. The MT prop may take several months to get so plan way ahead if go that route.
  12. I think a sleet and snow mix would be seen at the surface. Freezing rain is also possible, but, I favor sleet due to a more shallow warm layer above freezing associated with the inversion and a thicker below freezing level just above the surface. I would expect some freezing rain higher around 5000 feet, but would expect it to freeze to possible ice pellets with additional sleet at the surface. Given the prolonged near 0 temperatures in the inversion I would expect some mixed precipitation.
  13. I also went with a factory re-man. Only a few thousand dollars more than all quotes I received. I’m happy so far at 30 hours.
  14. Smoky flight in Northern Colorado front range due to Cameron Peak fire. Flew away from the smoke but couldn’t avoid it returning to KLMO. 3SM visibility 2500 overcast smoke layer. Shiny plane covered in ash.
  15. I forgot to mention congratulations on getting your IFR certificate! File IFR as much as possible even on severe clear days. Also, practice some higher speed approaches for times you may be asked to keep your speed up on final. On these, I still settle in at 100-110 knots from the FAF if IMC. If that doesn’t work for ATC, they can vector and resequence me, but they usually won’t if you prepared them for your approach speeds before and after the FAF.
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