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  1. HXG

    Kathryn's Report

    This is the longest this site has been down in the last several years. Hopefully, it returns soon.
  2. Agree with the word of caution on the go around especially if you’re near the runway and trimmed for landing since the Bravo and Acclaim pitch up dramatically with sudden full power. I advance the power smoothly but don’t get to full power until I get that trim wheel rolled forward agreessively with my right hand (forget the thumb electric trim button- it’s too slow to keep up with trim needed).
  3. I forgot to mention that I don’t land with the boost pump on. The boost pump switch on (and switch tanks) is another spring loaded action I’m always ready for.
  4. In my Bravo in Colorado, I remain aggressively leaned for all ground ops. I don’t advance the mixture full rich on final. I usually leave the mixture where it’s set or occasionally advance it some for a possible missed approach. Of course, prop is full in on final. Most are taught to advance the mixture full rich for final on turbos. This is fine since it simplifies things, but I would lean aggressively on roll out at high DA airports to avoid an engine quit while exiting the runway. Personally, I am spring loaded (and proficient/practiced) to immediately advance mixture full rich, throttle full, flaps 1/2, gear up, trim down physically with the trim wheel, while applying significant right rudder for a go around.
  5. Congrats! That’s a huge honor.
  6. Aircraft Weight & CG were likely significant contributory factors to the accident whether overweight or at max weight. It certainly reduced the safety margin if not the primary cause. If I had any say, I wouldn’t let anyone I know near that flight as a 6th adult or child. An ATP/ CFI pilot (I believe) should have known better than to place 4 innocent adults at risk with a student pilot and a heavy airplane at night.
  7. Good advice given. Aspen isn’t that challenging on a good mountain flying, low wind, VFR day. I highly recommend taking the Colorado Pilot Association (CPA) Mountain Flying weekend course for anyone who wants to learn more about mountain flying in Colorado and elsewhere. It’s given in June and August every year. Several associated instructors have Mooney experience. Ho
  8. I also noticed same flightaware altitude error (generally 200 feet lower) after switching to ADSB. I subsequently did a few ATC altitude checks which always confirmed my attitude was dead on with what ATC was reading which was reassuring.
  9. I don’t have much to add. But, I agree that it’s best to take your time and get the panel you want in one installation. Ho
  10. HXG

    My new M20M panel

    Gsxrpilot, our layouts our very similar. I look forward to flying with this setup. Yep, the L3 ESI 500 is hooked up to Nav#2. The switch between nav # 1 & # 2 is good idea for even more redundancy. The L3 and Aspen both have synthetic vision. The aspen has an AOA indicator. I also put in the Garmin FS 510. Thanks, Ho
  11. HXG

    My new M20M panel

    The Moritz gauges were going one by one. I also had a problem with a fuel pressure gauge and fuel level. I decided on the 900 for primary gauges since I new I could fit it in my direct line of sight and easily access it with my right hand. My goal was to facilitate a tight scan for IFR. I new I wanted as much information and redundancy in front of my nose so I avoided adding things to the right panel. That’s also why I chose the 2 650’s. I went with Aspen and the L3 front and center over the G500 or G500TXI which are beautiful since I didn’t feel the extra MFD information in that location was that important to me (personal preferance based on how I fly but it was a tough call). I kept the Avidyne EX 500 in place (no room behind panel to move higher) which has nexrad weather and stormscope lightning. I also kept some steam gauges since I just couldn’t let go being an initial steam gauge guy. Vacuum pumps are gone. I believe I saved near 12lbs. I can’t yet give a cost estimate since I had a lot of other stuff done including speed brake servicing, alternator regulator repair, stormscope repair, new LED lights, wiring work etc. I haven’t yet picked up the plane and payed the final balance. Thanks for the compliments. This really is my dream plane which is FIKI. This is my 3rd and hopefully final plane. I previously was a partner in an RV-8 and sold my Super Decathlon in a trade for this beautiful Bravo. Ho
  12. Great panel! I like your layout. I did a similar layout.
  13. Hi all, I thought I would share a photo of my new Bravo glass panel done at Aerotronics in Billings, MT. I certainly have enjoyed looking at the many great panels people have posted. I’ve owned my first mooney for about 8 months now. Love it. Ho