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  1. These are called trapped lee waves and are very common over the Appalachians. It has a very classical signature on the Skew-T diagram.
  2. I am in Hangar C. Will be doing a presentation tomorrow (Friday) at 9 am on Personal Weather Minimums and Saturday at 9 am on the Skew-T in CFAA room #1. Will be giving away two of my books at the end of the presentation.
  3. Just a reminder that I will be on Facebook Live again tonight (Saturday) at 7:30 pm EDT to go over the weather analysis using EZWxBrief for the SUN 'n FUN event. Will likely discuss the weather on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Even if you are not attending the event, there is some educational value of listening in.
  4. For those interested, I will be doing a Facebook Live presentation tomorrow (Thursday) at 7:30 pm EDT to go through the weather for Monday/Tuesday next week for the SUN 'n FUN fly-in. It'll likely be about a 20-30 minute presentation and I hope to record it (assuming the Internet gods are shining down on me). I will likely do another one on Friday and Saturday (and possibly Sunday) if there's something pressing to talk about. Even if you are not going to the event, you may learn a few things.
  5. No major updates to report at this time. The Southeast U.S. appears to be free of any major weather system at this point on Tuesday afternoon. This doesn't imply there will be no threats for icing, turbulence or even pulse thunderstorm activity in Florida. From the GFS model, it appears there will be a weather system with weak upper level support in the north and central Plains. And a deep upper level trough impacting the Northeast U.S. that will bring down freezing levels to near the surface in that region. I'll likely be up on Facebook Live starting on Thursday of next week to do
  6. Won't likely start making frequent updates until April 8th or so, but you can see here that since the first forecast, there is a significant change in the forecast. Whereas the GFS was forecasting a nasty event for the Southeast, this forecast is just the opposite with decent weather throughout Florida and Deep South. This will likely change back and forth for the next week or so until it’s about five days out where the forecast will be more certain.
  7. I thought I'd kick off a weather thread for those that are planning to attend SUN 'n FUN 2021 (or anyone who would like to learn a bit more about weather). It's really, really too early to make any distinct decisions one way or another, however, it's always good to assess trends. As I have done for previous events, I will likely take some time and record and post a video or two or three to my YouTube channel to cover a more in depth view of the weather for those who are planning to fly to Lakeland at the start of the event. Meanwhile, about the best you can do at this point in time is
  8. I am scheduled to be there as a vendor with my booth in Hangar C (C-92) listed under Avwxworkshops Inc. Will be doing four presentations at 9 am on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Note that the SnF forum daily schedule tool doesn't quite order the days correctly. The topics and the days are correct, but the last two should be flipped. I will be giving away a few of my Pilot Weather books at each of the presentations and will also have a daily give-away for my book and 1-yr subscription to my website. So stop by and say hello!
  9. Dan, Good feedback. Even though I sell a weather book, this is just the foundation. Important, but there is a need to learn how to integrate all of this guidance so you understand how to characterize that big picture. I have been doing a 1-on-1 online training with pilots over the last 15 years for flights they are looking to take. This makes it real and likely one of the best ways to learn how each piece of guidance contributes to making a good decision. Given that each weather event is unique, it’s really hard to put this kind of training in a book. So seeing it all in action for a f
  10. Robert, I didn't cut the CAPE out of this chart. This is a radiosonde observation and they don't include CAPE on RAOBs. But this might help.
  11. Alex, About 25 workshops including a couple recorded webinars on the Skew-T.
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