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  1. I have the Turboplus intercooler and it is an absolutely "must have" for the 231 but I have never seen the speeds they quote...I can get 175 KTAS at 18k feet.....at 10k feet...maybe 150KTAS...
  2. thanks guys..absolutely correct and thats what I do next time
  3. As an interesting adjunct to this discussion, I have a TSIO-360 LB with an intercooler and Merlyn. Recently, I went out to do an IPC with my CFII. As we know, IPC's are not necessarily representative of real world IMC approaches since the CFII usually throws several approaches at the pilot during the flight. At least, this is what happened to me. A problem I found (and was pointed out to me by my CFII) was that I was spending too much time on engine management after each approach. A Merlyn requires a "deft" touch on the throttle as it can easily get over boosted and I am transitioning from ROP during final approach to a Missed then reconfiguring to setup for the next approach flying LOP. Moving from ROP to LOP while getting the correct Approach loaded and buttons pushed while under "foggles" is a big load on the pilot. I am thinking that the next IPC (and all the rest after) will be done ROP so I dont mess with the engine at all other than prop. What techniques do others use?
  4. I have the "strip" which includes fuel gauges but it is from a 231
  5. Thought about that but it's a balancing act made doubly difficult carrying luggage...
  6. The bikes are pretty popular but my wife's scooter takes up most of the baggage area (she has MD and requires it for transportation) so I need something that won't take up much room...Uber or Lyft isnt really gonna work for covering long ramp distances or in many locales outside the US where language or non-compatible cell networks exist.
  7. Thanks all...yea....been seeing those electric unicycles speed around town...looks fun but Im likely to break something...the boards are easier and safer to ride and Boosted makes some of the best!
  8. OK...so this is a bit of a crapshoot but I am wondering whether anyone carries a personal transportation device in their Mooney? I know some may carry the fold down bike but even in a folded position, it takes up a lot of cargo space. Other than walking, has anyone tried one of the electric skate boards or electric Unicycle? We carry my wife's electric scooter in the cargo section and it weighs 39 lbs with the battery. I find that trying to keep up with her when we arrive at our destination is tough especially when there is a distance to walk so I'm looking at both options...electric skateboard and electric unicycle. If someone uses either, would you be willing to share your thoughts and the pros and cons?
  9. I have a hull value of $130k....$1 mil not smooth....around $1500/year....2000 hrs time in type...insurance is mostly priced on hull value regardless of individual experience...I use Ace Aviation Insurance out of Georgia(678 491 4800) Austin or Victoria.....happy with them over the years
  10. I have an older Mooney 231 with the original halogen bulb recognition lights in each wingtip.

    Can anyone advise me of where I can obtain a new 12v LED replacement?    thank you.

  11. I will give your suggestions a try...2500 rpm....I could probably run leaner as at 9 gph...there was no stumble at all...the algorithym for HP on the JPI 900 showed 64% power but you are using the correct formula...
  12. Happy to report that after swapping 3 injectors provided by GAMI, the GAMI spread dropped from 1 gph to .2 gph......I am able to lean the engine to 9 gph running 64% power LOP...hottest jug is 344 and 1536 EGT....TIT dropped down to 1600......
  13. 231LV


    You are likely going to need a couple fuel stops heading west (i did flying Houston/San Francisco) and one heading east with favorable tailwinds...depending upon where in FL you are based....agree.....faster than the E model