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  1. Niko182

    Tyndall Damage

    my favorite quote from that article. "The base’s F-22 stealth fighter jets may be unmatched in the skies, but they were all but defenseless on the ground" when all aircraft on that base were flown out.
  2. how soon do you need it. I have a 155 28V coming up for sale with an HSI in the near future. Might be a couple weeks however.
  3. Niko182

    Remove back seats for fuel cell?

    Also to add, Its gonna be a really small auxiliary tank you're gonna be adding. a 20 gallon tank will get you 74 gallons total, allowing 8.7 hours of total flight no reserves at 8.5 GPH. a 20 gallon tank could fit without you even removing the back seats.
  4. Niko182

    Donation Drive 2015

    just donated. Could you add me to the list. I need to list a couple things for sale. Thanks Nik @mooniac58
  5. Niko182

    Can aeroplanes be like ships?

    Fun Fact: Did you guys know, there are more airplanes in the ocean than ships in the sky.
  6. Niko182

    Remove back seats for fuel cell?

    Im just waiting for @Piloto to come here and talk about that pilot relief tube. Regarding the actual question. Too mich fuel is never a problem as long as youre at or under gross weight. But having that back space for big luggage is great. Choose if you want people, luggage, or distance. Pick one of those 3. What other people would do is mostly irrelavent. Its your plane, your mission.
  7. Niko182

    Paint recommendations

    My 2 favorite paint jobs ive seen so far are these 2. Surprisingly which have curly lines but what ever.
  8. Niko182

    Paint recommendations

    what does a job like that set you back? I like that because its not the usual curly lines. Also If 52q ever gets painted, I don't want white as a colour on the plane. Id rather want silver metallic.
  9. I'd say at least 15 tied down on our field. There is the M20s I fly, a M20F, and 2 m20J's right next to my tie down. going around john wayne, there are 4 or 5 other long bodies, a couple of M20ks, but the short bodies don't seem to be around. I think there was also one or 2 acclaims on the field. thats Tied down. maybe another couple hangared.
  10. Niko182

    Flying a J at 2,900 lbs

    1145lbs useful load on a cessna 172? the 180HP cessna I used to fly had a useful load somewhere within 850. you sure it wasn't a 182?
  11. Niko182

    Too soon to move on to a Mooney 231? 130TT

    more like a 10hp difference. non of the o and io 360 variants were ever 200 hp. I believe the highest ones were at 192 or 193HP
  12. Niko182

    Too soon to move on to a Mooney 231? 130TT

    the ovation burns fuel from 12 to 16 GPH. the bravos and rockets burn around 16 to 21GPH. Ovations have cheaper engines, and the hull values are identical when looked at on controller.
  13. Niko182

    Too soon to move on to a Mooney 231? 130TT

    how is a bravo and a rocket cheaper to own than an ovation?
  14. Niko182

    Mooney 2; Birds 0

    A B2
  15. Niko182

    Icing conditions climb and descent

    then I shall take my comment back. apologies