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  1. It honestly baffles my mind what people do. I understand some people arent the brightest star out there, or the sharpest tool in the shed, but people that steal aircraft parts off airplanes are just straight up morons. If you get caught stealing aircraft parts, which eventually you will since literally every single part of avionics are documented, you dont even have the courtosy to deal with the police. You get to enjoy some quality time with the FBI. And you are garenteed time in prison for at least a couple years. Even stealing the smallest parts while send you to jail for at least half a decade. Doesnt matter if its an egt probe or the engine. Idiots.
  2. id do it. you might gain a knot if you're lucky, and you can never have too much useful load.
  3. the difference however between an M20J and a J3 are pretty significant. the difference in altitude change when 2 to 3 degrees of pitch change occurs is pretty significant when doing 175mph instead of 70mph. Personally I'd happily fly a J3 at 400 to 500ft along the coast. I get scared when I get below 1000ft flying along the coast in the Mooney. I usually fly along the coast around 1250 to 1500ft along the coast with the power at 50% doing 140knots. but those 1500ft give me a pretty big margin before hitting the deck. 50 ft not so much. I feel bad for the dude, but he was being an idiot flying at 50ft and reality finally caught up with him.
  4. Its because they didnt set the aspect ratio correctly.
  5. I don't know if I'm reading this right, but if the emergency gear actuator is popped out, it pops the gear relay CB and doesn't allow the gear to go up. I learned this the hard way too.
  6. Microsoft flight simulators over the years have always been programs that require a lot of CPU power too. Since the previous graphics of FSX where never that great graphics wise you could get by with a decent GPU, if you had a great CPU. I think this FS 2020 is going to require both a lot of CPU and GPU power. Ill be upgrading from my GTX970 to a RTX2070 most likely within the next year.
  7. Its being released on both xbox and pc.FSX was also available on xbox.
  8. I dont think i was alive for that. A tad bit before my time. Literally. Looking at this however, The graphics look insane.
  10. The cirrus is a great bird, but for the money, you get so much more from a mooney. You can buy a mooney bravo and put 65k into the panel, and youll still have money saved over for gas. Heres a 252 with tks and a high useful load that fits your mission perfectly. Itll do 200 in the flight levels. With that useful load can easily carry 4 people. And its ready for a g3x.
  11. I got quoted 55 for all of that plus a GNX375. I think for the time being, Ill keep the Stec 30, so no GFC500, and add a gtn750 or 650, and an audio panel. I'm just trying to figure out if its worthwhile to go with the 750 since one, there will already be a gnx375, and two, the G3x can control a lot that the gtn's can so is that spare space really needed.
  12. I'd also say 252 or Bravo Bravo is going to be easier to find with TKS and a lot of them are FIKI 252 fiki is nice but very rare. Bravo is a little faster on a lot more fuel. Personally I'd say the 252 is the way to go.
  13. in-between the 2 back seats is where i would do it. thats how the new acclaims are.
  14. The front seats are also more spacious on the long bodies, since the gear doesn't come up where your legs are. both the K and M have useful loads that vary quite a large amount. some are under 800. others are over 1000.