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  1. Niko182

    Average useful load of a Mooney

    1999 20S. 100 Gallon tanks with 75 Gal Tabs. 1140Lbs useful. 700 Lbs useful load with 75 gallons. I use 5.8lbs per gallon. Range about 1300NM flying conservatively. 800NM range with 75 gallons.
  2. Niko182

    GFC500 Update

    This makes sense. What does the TXI offer that the G3X doesn't. They're practically the same thing.
  3. Niko182

    GFC500 Update

    Another question to ask is when was the last time Bendix King actually did something. I wouldn't ever buy something BK now. they've been saying they're coming out with the KL300 for the last 4 years. Garmin and Aspen both have come out with better and cheaper alternatives in a shorter time span. I can get a dual G5 setup or an E5 that replaces both the AI and HSI for cheaper than the BK AI unit alone with the autopilot adapter. I've seen so many people annoyed with garmin, that they don't play well with others, but at least they're pushing whats available to GA. yeah, their top of the line stuff is expensive, but quality comes at a price. Dynon has been available to 172's for over half a year and it doesn't seem like many owners are biting. Why would mooney owners bite if cessna owners won't. Mooney owners are known as the cheap ones. The GFC500 seems like an awesome autopilot and I can completely see why people would take out a KFC and replace it with a GFC500. The way I see it, it'll probably be cheaper in the long run.
  4. Niko182

    GFC500 Update

    Ive seen quotes hitting 4k and 5k for servo overhauls. Some people arent as lucky as you.
  5. Niko182

    GFC500 Update

    Just wait for the day you have to overhaul something on your KFC. Then lets see what your opinion is.
  6. Niko182

    Got into ice today

    I don't think he intentionally flew into ice. You're making it sound like he knew there was ice and he flew in it on purpose.
  7. Niko182

    Aspen with GFC 500?

    5000 for an EIS or 4500 for a jpi 900. And its 3K install difference between the 7 and the 10 inch display. You forgot that he still needs to buy a jpi900. If youre spending 45K on a gfc500, EIS, g5, g500TXI, and install, i think 3.5K to have a screen double the size is worth it. The JPI 900 isnt free. You still need to pay for that if you dont have the EIS. And the install includes quite a large protion of the price.
  8. Niko182

    Dead Garwin CHT gauge?

    From what I remember, CHT isn't required as a Primary engine gauge so you can fly with it broken. Check the cable if its grounding or resisting somewhere. To be fair that box is probably a couple decades old. I'd at least look at a JPI 700 for EGT's and CHT's. if you want to get rid of all the engine gauges and so on JPI 900 or EI c30.
  9. Niko182

    Aspen with GFC 500?

    Practically theses are your options as of now. Option 1 10 inch or 7 inch TXI, with a G5 as a buckup, running the GFC500, with 430, 530, 650, or 750 required, while the TXI is running the EIS if you have the 10 inch. If you have the 7 inch, use a JPI 900. Option 2 Aspen 1500 MAX, with no backup required, running an Stec3100. You get the choice of running Avidyne 440, 540, 550, or a GTN in this case. in option 1 realistically, you need to run everything Garmin. and for an engine monitor, JPI 900, or 930 since youll have the room if only 2 aspens are going to be taking up room. My opinion, avoid getting a 7 inch TXI. The price difference is minimal between the 7 and the 10, and the 10 inch allows you to run an EIS system, and it will create a cleaner panel overall. Id run practically recreate what RMAG created as his panel, except has the GFC500 instead of the KFC150.
  10. Niko182

    Boneheaded mistake

    For runup, I use CIGARSCE. The 2 last being CB's and Emergency gear latch (learned that one the hard way. Took of and couldn't figure out the gear didn't go up) Then when lining up, I do -LIGHTS -CAMERA (Mixture) -ATTITUDE -ACTION So far, thats worked great for me.
  11. Niko182

    Suction gauge Requirements?

    I do but I think it runs off the Mortiz gauges as in the Moritz decides whether the light turns on or not.
  12. Within the next 4 days, I'm having a JPI 900 installed and the plan was to remove the Moritz gauges and the JPI 700. One thing I found out was that the 900 doesn't have a suction gauge, but the Moritz gauges do. Should I keep the Moritz gauges gauges in the aircraft, or remove them and install something like this... 10-00311 is the one I'd get as it's certified. I just need something until the vacuum system is removed hopefully within the next year.
  13. Niko182

    Mooney down in Hayward CA

    The rules in aviation are there for a reason. A lot of the rules where created in correlation with an accident that happened in the past. If this guy would have stuck to the rules, he'd probably still be alive today. I'm not bashing trying to bash the guy, but there are multiple reports of people around the area stating, that 1. It was IFR 2. It was raining 3. freezing levels where low 4. It was night time in an area where even a lot of IFR pilots won't depart out of that airport. You have to just look at this guy and wonder what he was thinking when he went WOT on the runway to takeoff. a lot of reports saying he used the plane to travel from home to the bay area every weekend. - Its a Friday evening - In the bay area after a long day of work. - Lives in livermore - Most likely wants to go home after a long week of work Sounds a lot like gethereitis.
  14. Niko182

    Mooney down in Hayward CA

    You have the link to the video? also... There are old pilots and bold pilots. not many of both however.
  15. Niko182

    GTN 650 install cost

    In this case I'd do the 440. the fact that you can install it in 10 minutes will save you about 3k in labor cost. Personally I dislike the small GPS units including the 650, the 430, and the 440. but out of all of these, Avidyne came up with a brilliant idea. IFD100 ipad app that makes the 440 practically a remote box and the Ipad can control it. When a GPS NAV COM is going in my panel, its going to be a gtn750. but when it comes to the smaller screens, I'd recommend IFR440 all the way. Sell you GNS430 for like 4.5amu and buy the IFD440 for 10.5amu from avionics source in Seattle. no sales tax, no install cost and minimal shipping. at the end of the day you spent 6 grand instead of 7 to 8 for a box that will be considerably better. and the best part. no waiting. if you want you can do this now and have the box legally installed in the plane next week. If your antenna isn't WAAS, my guess is it would be about 1-3 hours to replace the antenna to a WAAS one.