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  2. this is probably a scenario were a dual engine failure would've been better than a single.
  3. Fullerton is a rather small airport for a duke to be taking off out of. looks like he yanked it up as the engine failed. in a bigger airport with a move relaxed and shallower take off, I don't think it would have snap rolled like that. airspeed is your friend, and looking by the video, it looked like he didn't have a lot of it. I THINK (this opinion could be completely wrong) he was climbing on power and not airspeed. in ovations, if you climb at 80 knots, you are climbing on power, and the moment you lose that engine, you have nothing. you don't have airspeed or power. if I climb at 120, I lose the engine and I still have airspeed left. Difference with a twin is that if you lose an engine at that slow of a speed, the offset of thrust is just going to roll you. the looks like this guy was climbing on power, and the moment he lost that engine, he didn't have enough airspeed to keep the plane yawed in the correct direction. his airspeed was also low enough that the plane had no problem snap rolling that quickly.
  4. Same here. Use it and i love it. And the mount doesnt really stick out on the ipad. And its 16 bucks.
  5. they were grounded because of a bad AOA probe causing the nose to drop. I got that info from beech talk. Also believe it was a mandatory SB. not an AD Edit: Just saw the AD on beechtalk. but these issue is with the AOA, so it is very doubtful that anything can happen on our Mooney's since we don't have that.
  6. The ps450b is the newest and most advanced audio panel not only by ps engoneering but its the most advanced audio panel on the market. Literally everyone that buys one loves it. It has a bunch of features, dual bluetooth, so a co pilot can listen to source 1 of music while the pilot can listen to source 2. Ico, crew, and all mode. And a 2.4amp charger. Plus way more.
  7. The 450b is as good as it gets. Its the best one on the market right now. It has so many features and a charger too. If youre switching the stuff out, Get the good stuff. It wont be something you regret buying.
  8. A lot of people do the screaming eagle upgrade when they overhaul the engine. Makes it easier cause the prop is coming off anyway. So just throw one the mt and have the gov and fuel flow adjusted while the overhaul is happening.
  9. pretty sure the POH states that you need 3 strobe lights working for night flights in the equipment list.
  10. I would recommend going led. You save a couple lbs. way brighter, way lighter, and way less energy.
  11. Im sure this one has at least 1150lbs. Mt prop is only 54lbs vs the normal 80lbs prop.