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  1. Id suck it up and fly to MN to get the tanks resealed. Do it once and dont deal with anything for at least another 10 years. Edit:in my opinion its always quite fun doing the really long XC flights to when getting an aircraft or sending it somewhere for a big repair. Spend 2 or 3 days flyong over a large chunk of the US and possibly a different country. Then it all sucks when you gotta be cramped in an economy seat for 4 or 5 hours on the way back and thats when you realize how much you really love your personal airliner. Picking my plane up from wisconson and flying it back to california was probably one of 3 flights where i learned the most about being a pilot. If i need to fly 5 to 8 hours and a couple days to drop the plane off, itll usually be a really good experience so i dont mind it.
  2. If you look at the acclaim, bravo, encore, 252, and 231, they all have certified ceilings in the limitations section, those fl240 for the 231, fl250 for the acclaim and bravo, and for the encore and 252, fl280. all the naturally aspirated Mooneys don't have certified ceilings. they just have service ceilings.
  3. I'm sure he could try to apply for the adapt that day and maybe if hes lucky he'll get it. just include in the description, trying to make it to an airport one last time before shutdown. or call Charlotte center.
  4. An ovation can go as high as it wants. Its service ceiling is fl200, meaning at that altitude itll get 100ft per minute at max gross weight and that was at 280hp. Im sure at 310 hp and a lower gross you could get it to fl220 to fl230 without any major issues. Might just need time. I heard on beechtalk that a NA 260hp 182 made it to fl240. I wouldnt doubt the ovation could go higher.
  5. From what ive heard, 40 to 50 rop is the worst place for an engine to be.
  6. My annual basoc cost was 2600 bucks. My entire annual was right over 16k. First year so much more than usual.
  7. Yeah. Thats what the eagle comes out too including everything.
  8. Expect to pay about 25k for about 100 hours per year. That should include everything. Maybe a bit more of you have no retract and HP time.
  9. I would just fill it up half way and fly that way. 1 and a half tanks should do just fine. Stop every 500 miles.
  10. Pity my plane is in the shop. I wouldve been game.
  11. I think the 2 big shops are in MN and florida. Not really a lot of options.
  12. Book a refundable southwest ticket if need be.
  13. I run lop based on a fuel flow. When im just flying around for fun locally ill pull the power back to like 18 to 20 inches, prop back to 2400, and just lean to like 9 to 10 gph. If it starts running ruff, i just pull the power a bit back til its smooth usually like .3 to .4inches of MP. Climb is always rop. I just keep all the CHTs below 365, which is easy except one cylinder likes to get a little toastier than the rest, sometimes hitting that 365. In cruise, below 8000 ill fly LOP. Above 8000, i fly peak. CHTs have never been a problem with my aircraft so i have that option. Usually around 14 gallons per hour peak at like 10k.