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  1. If you're going to spend the money to install an autopilot, just do the basic 2 servo gfc500. It will be slightly more, but it will also work. Don't know if thats the case for the BK. @donkaye has things to say about it.
  2. Although mine is a lot slower, it also has the washers.
  3. Ill be at the plane later tonight. Ill text you a picture.
  4. What size drill size does one buy for the lenses? I know theres a special drill, but i dont know if its a 14, 17, or 18. Thanks Nik
  5. Are you asking if you can legally put a picture of a mooney logo in your mooney? Mooney can barely stay in business. I dont think chasing people that make a logo and put it in their own airplane is high on their list. Just do it.
  6. I just went over the entire installation manual for the given STC. It goes over everything power plant but doesn't state anything about removing the fuel tabs. although there is no mention of the fuel tabs, the max legal fuel is increased from 75 gallons to 89 gallons under the limitations, however if you continue to fill until the tank is full, you should have about 98 to 104 gallons usable in the aircraft. as far as the tabs go, you might be able to switch them out for the 89 gallon or 98 gallon tabs under minor air frame mod since they aren't structural to the air frame in any way and don't apply to the limitations of the screaming eagle, but I don't know how the regulations work in Europe. I'd say this falls under a grey line, especially since the M20R and M20S share a parts catalog, so I couldn't think of anything stopping you from just changing them out to the 98 gallon tabs since the parts catalog would list it as an option. I do have the installation manual for the STC right in front of me, so If you do want pictures shoot me a message on Whatsapp at 9492678813 and I'll send over some screenshots. @StevenL757 and @LANCECASPER might have some insight as well, since they've both been around quite a while
  7. Id do remote xpndr over a comm. My personal preference. I use the comm a lot more than i use the transponder.
  8. Id recommend a mask for this year. Not for covid but for the smoke. Its pretty bad this time of year up there.
  9. What rpm is the engine at 1.6gph?
  10. I used tims in long beach. I think it took like 2 weeks for an exchange. Easy to deal with and it went on for the life of the engine. I paid right around 2k.
  11. Commercial manuevers are a lot easier in a mooney than in a 172 or pa28. The plane is a lot more stable. Id say do it in your aircraft.
  12. Apperently theres a ca loophole for sales tax. If the first year the plane is out of california for more than half the year, the sales tax gets waved. I learned that from a buddy who bought a half million dollar bo. I wish I knew that before I bought my Slowvation.
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