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  1. I'm pretty sure according to JPI you're supposed to keep some extra cabling behind there incase you want to move the display around.
  2. I personally never liked comparing bonanzas to M20J's. You're comparing a plane that has 285 to 300hp to one that has 200hp. A much more solid comparison is a Missile, Ovation, or Eagle to the S35 and newer aircraft's. Nearly all the time the beech is gonna have a better useful load. I've seen 35 series with under 1100lbs of useful load. I've even seen a couple with under a 1000, but the range of useful load on the V35's seem to vary between 1050lbs and 1350 most being around 1250. The range on the Eagles and Ovations seems to be in between 935lbs and 1175lbs. In all cases a fast Ovation is going to be faster than a fast S35. however, where the S35 excels is in rougher fields. It's also more fun to fly. where the M20R is heavy on the Roll and Pitch, I think its quite light on the rudder. the case is the opposite in the 35. I thought it was very nice on the Roll and pitch, but quite heavy on the rudder. In turbulence, the Mooney is way nicer in my opinion, since its tail doesn't wag that much. yaw damper solves this problem. Panel space is Very nice on the 35 for upgrades in the future. there is not a lot of room for avionics on the M20R. Climb rate is better in the Mooney, but the 35 catches up with the IO550 upgrade. I like both air frames very much. each has their advantages, and each has its disadvantages. but you also need to compare apples to apples. An M20J is not comparable to a 35. The 35 will win practically every aspect except for fuel flow.
  3. Youre comparing a very nice J to a basic 36. Ive seen fully decked out a36 for 400+. Its a nice J or a basic 36. Pick youre poison.
  4. After having them a year, is your opinion still the same? Any change in W&B. and any noticeable cruise speed loss? Have they been installed yet?
  5. anychance you also have a pma7000b BT. slide in for a PMA7000MS.
  6. Already installed. Just need to hook up the nav tail light and the sync.
  7. I'd just go on ebay or something and look for a used one. I got my gopro 4 silver for $120 with 2 spare batteries. go pro quality for a cheap price. they're bombproof camera's so I don't really mind buying second hand.
  8. I have the wings synced. The tail is a standalone. I think eventually, im gonna connect the Tail. The ocd annoys me. Im also gonna connect the tail nav light next annual too.
  9. I used the old ground cable to sync them. Since the old lights were seperate and each wing tip had 2 lights, that means that there were 2 ground cables. Since the orions use one ground, i cut the second ground cable out, attached them from both sides, and used it as a sync wire.
  10. Im pretty sure you can fly into both in an experimental.
  11. It looks like the bank was around 15 degrees and the WT pushed it to 30. In the comments, the pilot said the wake turbulence caused the excessive bank.
  12. I think the cheapest option obviously is 201 wingtips.
  13. This entire W&B sheet just looks wrong. To start off with 77 gallons in an e doesnt exist.
  14. Id get the plane reweighed. But id also take all the fuel out except for unusable. There has to be a mistake. Before you reweigh it, clean the entire plane. Get everything out of the cabin. Small stuff adds up. This is why my aircraft is never getting near a scale. It seems like anytime a mooney gets next to a scale, you lose some money and at least 100lbs of useful load.