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  1. I posted this on another thread but it can probably be useful here too. Here is the price of the entire GFC500 price layed out, because other people reading are probably curious about itGFC500 AP control Panel: $2,800GSA28 servo: 1400 x 4 = $5,600Product Info Kit = $50Basic Install Kit = $2,000Pitch Trim Kit = $850Yaw Damper Kit = $850Labor for installation of GFC500 = $5,000Labor for Yaw Damper = $800Yaw Damper alone = 3,050Total = $17,950 -850 for pt kit -850 for yd kit -2800 for lack of 2 servos -800 for labour of YD -1000 for approx labour of PT. that brings it down to 11.5 amu that brings it to give or take 12k for just 2 servos and hooking it up to the GPS. There's a g5 for sale here that's 1800. You can install that yourself with the help of an A&P. Obviously your lacking all the approach benefits without the g5, but you can add that later. There's your 12 to 15k install for an autopilot.
  2. Unless you have a king or century autopilot, it doesnt really make sense to install a gi275. The g5 hsi is way cheaper than the gi275, but if you want it can be done.
  3. Came out of a 1999 Mooney Eagle. This is probably one of the cleanest KX155a's I've seen. works absolutely fantastic, and would have kept it if the G3X was compatible with it. Price includes shipping. Buyer pays paypal fee. Thanks Nik
  4. Bendix King KI-203 CDI for sale. came working perfectly out of a plane and will go into your plane working perfectly. Price includes shipping. Buyer pays paypal fee. Thanks Nik
  5. I got a couple probes left from my EDM900 and a Tanis heater Set / Parts. New in package I have 1 CHT Bayonet probe, and one 1280 EGT Probe. Used I have 1 CHT Bayonet probe, 2 1280 EGT probes, and a CHT Gasket Probe. on one of the EGT probes its hose clamp is missing, but you can take the hose clamp off the EGT probe you're replacing on just stick it on. New probes $80 Each Used probes $60 Each. I also have a Tanis heater that was removed from the aircraft. It only has 5 of the 6 heaters and a Heat pad. Id want 50 for each of the threaded heat elements and the pad. or 250 for the entire setup. Nik
  6. Sold. Also realized I accidentally posted this in the General section. Apologies.
  7. The garmin one is lighted, same output and cheaper. Just FYI
  8. The 310R is the most comfortable plane I have ever been in. So much space.
  9. I got a JPI 900 for sale. Was in my plane for about a year and a half, until it got replaced with a G3X. came out of the plane working awesome, and ready for the next owner. I have 7 CHT probes and 7 EGT probes. 5 of those CHT probes are gasket probes, the last 2 are Bayonet. Also one of the 7 egt probes had the hose clamp cut because the screw was stuck. the probe it self still works perfectly. Comes with JPI900 unit Fuel Flow Manifold Pressure Oil Temp Oil Pressure EGT probes CHT Gasket Probes OAT Probe for a 4 cylinder setup I want $2100 for everything i want $2300 Price is shipped. Buyer pays paypal fee or cash. I personally don't care. Whats in the picture is what is included. Not more, not less.
  10. Something to start with. Never flown in the flight levels
  11. I'm looking for a portable O2 system. Thanks Nik
  12. A couple weeks back i tried climbing out at 2700rpm all the way up instead of 2500rpm. The #5 cylinder didnt get above 370F. Now i just climb out at 2700rpm. Its a bit louder but you climb faster so im not complaining.