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  1. https://www.aso.com/listings/spec/ViewAd.aspx?id=189755 plane has a prop control.
  2. The Rotax is significantly more modern than the Continental. Not superior in my opinion, but way more modern.
  3. They both accomplish exactly the same thing, slightly differently. No need to switch.
  4. A bravo that was not originally a TLS with a top overhaul would make me want to check that engine out. The lycoming 540 on the bravo is supposed to be pretty robust as far as the top end of that engine goes. When I got my Eagle, I originally wanted a 2GX. Having passed that point, I don’t regret my choice of going with a non g1000 airframe. Cost wise, the cost to add a GFC500 and a gtn750 with a G3X will be cheaper than buying a G1000 ovation/bravo, and you’ll have the GFC autopilot instead of the stec 55 and you’ll have waas.
  5. Shocker. Who would've guessed.
  6. F to a J isn't worth it in my opinion. F to a 252 or a Slovation is a different story. The K being a bargain compared to the J only applies to the 231 models as the post 1990 J models cost the same as the post 1990 K models. Electric F and J models are in about the same price category of to own per year, and the 252 and ovation are in a category above the F/J models, price wise. I am however talking about annual expenses, not the initial purchase price. As an FYI there is a way to get around the California tax if you're able to fly the plane out of the state for more than half the year. 8% of 200k is 16 grand. So you have to ask yourself if you'd rather spend 16k flying around the country or 16k on taxes.
  7. KSNA KGJT KRIL KGWS RLG FOOOT 18V You can do most of it below 10000ft, however the for the rollins pass, right by FOOOT, you'll need to climb up to 12500 probably for about 5 to 10 minutes. the majority of the flight can be done at 7500 and 8500, and once you pass grand junction you'll need to climb to around 9000 to 10000 ft. PM me if you want more details. This is one of my usual flights, so I do it fairly often.
  8. Probably Garmins remote com being used with the G3X
  9. With the quality of new ones that are coming out, I'd probably keep the current one you have in there.
  10. I always recommend the scosche mount. Its 16 bucks. I'd try that one first before you try anything else since its so cheap.
  11. I could do it. Just shoot me a text 9492678813.
  12. It’s because your setup has an altitude range. Foreflight doesn’t have an altitude range set up so it will show all targets at the way up to 51000ft. The G3x is setup to probably show targets within 2000ft of your altitude. Pretty sure that can be adjusted in the settings, which is why in this case the target 1000ft above you showed up but not the 2 targets 4000ft and 4800ft below you.
  13. There's way too much information on this post for me to think its a scam. The account eaglen92ce on VAF was created in 2009, has plenty of post history, and has the same phone number listed as on this post. A scammer would also never offer to meet face to face.
  14. I'd also say plus one for Brian Kendricks. In my opinion, he is simply the best. His rate is also more than reasonable in my opinion, especially for the quality of work he provides.
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