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  1. I deleted the post just as I was able to get them off. I presume they were a bit stuck from never being removed so it took about 30 minutes to remove them. Now there finally off. Appreaciate the help.
  2. Ive taken my Ovation / Screaming eagle (same exact airplane) to smiley creek and johnson. Its not an issue. I guess however ive taken to my mooney to places a lot of people dont feel comfy flying to. If you have any questions ask away. As far as landing on grass/gravel/dirt, I recommend staying lighter, and keeping the nosehweel high. So far my experience on to soft field places consist of el mirage lakebed, johnson creek, smiley creek, frazier lake, and amboy. I wouldnt hesitate to go back to any of them.
  3. My instructor always told me to avoid using "to" and "for". Avoids mixing up words and numbers. Same thing as don said, but id also avoid anychance of using "for" such as "climbing 2500 for 8500".
  4. Is 30 a typo? I think if you only have 30, it makes sense that theyre asking for 10 in a slightly different mooney. If its 300, your statement makes more sense.
  5. Scosche magnet mount. Cheap and reliable. Doesnt fall off in turbulence. 24 dollars.
  6. Am I missing something. Last flown in 2011 but last annual in 2005? Talk about red flags. I think its a good rule of thumb to check the owner out as much as the plane, and that seems like a pretty big red flag.
  7. This right here is why you buy PS. I've only heard good things from their support. I only have good things to say about them in my experience.
  8. TBO isn't applicable under part 91 flying. It realistically only applies to 121 and 135 operators. Plenty of people take their engine way over TBO. If its running beautifully, why drop a 50 grand check when its not necessary?
  9. The columbia 350 / 400 and mooney Ovation/Acclaim are practically the same airplane looking at it from a mission standpoint. 100 gallons. 550 engines. Cruise and fuel flows are similar. Maybe the mooney has the edge by a very very small amount on cruise, and the columbia on the useful load.
  10. The moment your engine craps out on you during takeoff, in flight or landing is the instance where the plane no longer belongs to you. It belongs to the insarance company at that point. I love my mooney, but if it means maybe save the mooney and myself and my family/passengers, or garentee i can save myself and passengers, totaling the airplane, I know which one I'm picking.
  11. If you hold the middle key on menu buttons on the audiopanel, it turns off the source for the pilot. Its a mute button.
  12. Flightstream is available for the GTN650 and 750, and my G3X has a flightpathmarker. I presume the TXI's do aswell.
  13. Your friend doesnt seem like a good match for aviation. Oh well. He'll learn the hard way.
  14. Didnt the acclaim type s get 242 knots with 280hp? They come stock with 280, or at least used to.
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