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  1. I'm a fan of the atlantic aero a36's. They have the cowling and 310hp engine off the mooney put on an a36 or a v35. They bring the cruise speeds of the 36's to around 170 to 175knots on about 13gph, and the 35s to about 175 to 185knots on the 13gph. That combined with the significantly quieter cabin and the useful load on the 1978 to 1983 hitting the high 1500lbs with the 4023 gross weight and the ability to really go off airport makes them look really good. Im not saying the mooney isnt good. All im saying is that when youre flying with 4 people and luggage a large amount of the time, you want a six seater.
  2. Realistically, your options consist of a screaming eagle, or an encore. Which one you choose doesnt really matter, theyll offer about the same performance on about the same fuel flow in the teens. Your main problem is useful load. Most clean encores and eagles will have at least an 1100lbs useful load. With that, you can carry your entire family, but its slightly tight. The dog will make it an issue. I absolutely love my eagle, especially with its 1217lbs useful load, but im always thinking an a36 with the atlantic aero io550r conversion would probably be a better fit. And im going to recommend you pass on the mooney, and get a toga, a 210, or a 36. I adore my mooney, but i realized after moving away from rentals, i fill up the plane with either people or bikes, or luggage, and evertime I fly somewhere, the plane is filled to the brim. In the end, i think id gladly give up 5 to 8 knots on the same fuel flow, for the ability to have some barn doors and carry a 1500lbs of useful load or more. If you have a dog and kids, those barn doors will be magical for you.
  3. I'd say any mooney without a 550 or a 520, or a turbo is the way to go. Pilots that only fly rentals don't have the knowledge or the know how, on how to properly operate an engine. Age isn't that big of a factor. most people are learning in cessna 172's and PA28's from the 70s anyway.
  4. Someone here stated that if the parts were found, rocket would still do the conversion. it would be a plus 100k conversion.
  5. People still know theres adblock. Right?
  6. It gives you GPS and VOR capabilities. In this time you really dont need dual Navs anymore. After getting LPV capabilities, i havent used my nav in quite a while. Nearly every airport has an RNAV approach. If the GPS fails, its not hard to find an airport with ILS vVOR capabilities. 1 GPS and 1 Nav systems are more than redundant enough.
  7. Id do a gnc355, an SL30 or a GNC255, and 2 g5's. That gives you 2 CDI's with GS, 2 AI's, 2 DG's, LPV, and ILS capability. Get rid of the vacuum, and cut a new panel. The G5 allows you to use 2 signals, so id take advantage of that.
  8. I had an interesting dealing with EGA. I bought an Engine Monitor and after it was installed it had a couple issues. It was routed directly instead of being routed through a circuit breaker, if it started heating up there was no way to turn it off. The Fuel Flow transducer wasn't hooked up properly, and was leaking a substantial amount of fuel. The outer Fuel senders weren't connected. The inner fuel senders were connected to both the old Moritz gauges and the JPI900, which meant both of them never showed accurate. They drilled holes through the front of the plane instead of using the proper routing. These are all things both Foothill aviation said during my annual and Chandler avionics said. I wish I could say better but I never complained since I got it for a cheap price. Installed was 7K on the dot. I've had really good stuff to say about him. Straight up and gets the job done. He fixed a leaking fuel pump while I was getting the avionics done and got me going without any wait time.
  9. I dont think the LED's are the issue. I think the issue is removal of the power supply. If you have one in the tail it'll make a difference on your arm for sure.
  10. If your current radios are only ok, spend the extra cash and get the gnc355, and get rid of one radio.
  11. Id just let the hanger elf swap it out and look the other way. If its the identicle power supply, it literally requires the hangar elf to uplug the strobes, remove 4 screws, switch it out, and plug it back it. Not exactly rocket science. Itll look like it had never been replaced anyway.
  12. Mooney sells it. Curious if you can still get it. It costs 4995. Look around since some shops mark up the price. Lasar charged like 8 grand, while AGL did it for 4995.
  13. It requires no power supplies. You need to figure out how many you need remove. If you connect the LED's and forget to remove a power supply out of the cuircut, im pretty sure itll blow the LED set up. The power supplies shoot out a high amount of power for a fraction of a second and causes a regular light to strobe (pretend youre turning your house light on and off really quickly). The LED's take in 28 volts consistantly, and through the cuircutry within the Orion light, gets turned on and off. Someone please correct me if im wrong. Also take advantage of the useful load getting rid of the power supplies. It wont be much, but 5 lbs here and there adds up after a while.
  14. Also important to figure out if your plane has 1, 2, or 3 power supplies for the strobes. My 1999 eagle had 2. One behind the seats, and one in the tail. Some have 3. And i think some have 1. You can figure it out by first looking in the tail section. If you need help shoot me a PM and i can walk you through it. All it is, is a bit of wire crimping. The lights fit with ease.