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  1. Comparing an ovation to a bravo, and an ovation to an Acclaim is the difference here. 310hp vs 270hp instead of 310hp vs 310hp. An acclaim will do 205 knots at 10k. A bravo will do 180 at 10k, and an ovation will do 180 knots at 10k. My statement was that at below 10k a bravo and a 310hp ovation are the same. That is most definetely not the case for a 310hp acclaim at 10k.
  2. I will also add that if you don't plan to fly higher, it doesn't make sense to go to a 252 considering you came from a J. below 10ish thousand feet they are nearly the same airplane.
  3. The Bravo vs Ovation debate has to do a lot with how high you fly. Up until about 6 to 7ish thousand feet a 310hp ovation will out climb the bravo. After that, it will be the same for a short time and then the bravo will begin to catch up. Unless you're going to take advantage of flying above 12k feet, the bravo doesn't make sense. The Ovation will do everything the bravo does at those altitudes, while on lower fuel flows. Flying above that, the Bravo really begins to shine. I usually fly my Eagle/Ovation at 13 to 15 thousand feet. Above that and the climb starts to suffer a bit. I
  4. My bad. Ive met enough people that don't know their systems to the point where i didn't think that was sarcasm.
  5. When you turn the AP on, it automatically turns the YD on, but then you can just press the YD and turn it off, while keeping the AP on. It makes a difference in the LB for sure.
  6. You can always just turn the YD off instead of renting a plane to find out what its like without it.
  7. I wouldnt mind 350hp. Or 500.
  8. Id take an ovation over my own dignity anyday. I dont see the problem.
  9. I read JGG's comment on beechtalk talking about the aerostar and seemed to like the bravo a lot more than the aerostar. Maybe check out a lacair IV-P, or an ES-P. There seems to be one member on here that can't stop talking about his IV-P, and it makes sense why. 300 knots at FL270 is pretty saucey.
  10. Its been sitting a while. It gets posted every now and then, but those same pictures were used 4 years ago when i was looking at ovations.
  11. Someone got really lucky. Dam. I would guess that thing should go at least 70k higher.
  12. Was that the one priced at 149k? With 2800 since overhaul and 800 top? Ish
  13. Makes sense. As a long distance cruiser, the M, R, S, and TN are incredible machines especially considering they come stock with 100 gallon tanks.
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