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  1. Id go whelen or aeroled. Aeroled costs more but is brighter. When switching them make sure you take the plate behind the lights off. The first time i did it, i took off the clear lens. First light takes about 30 to 45 minutes. Once youve done it once, it takes about 20 minutes after that for each one.
  2. In my opinion, replace it with a 650E, and never deal with it again.
  3. I dont think so. I got quoted 38k for gtn750, pma450b, gtx345, and dual g5's plus removing the vacuum system. So i think 30 for avionics thats are considerbly cheaper is possible.
  4. But youll have a very nice M20F. Plane give or take 20k. Engine Overhaul - 35k Wings - 8k Avionincs - 30k (dual G5's, GNX375, PMA8000, GNC255, GTR225) Interior - 7k Squaks - 10k All in - 110K That would be a very nice F model though. If its your forever plane then Id say go from the ground up and build it exactly how you want. In the end it will be a wonderful airplane.
  5. 30k ish on a good day. More like 25 realistically. By the time you finish youll probably be spending around 50k to 60k after the 25k you already spent. But you will have a plane that has a solid foundation and is fresh. Another thought is that by the end you could probably buy a decent J for the price youll be spending bringing back the F.
  6. I cant wait til i get to the point in life where i need to compare my mooney to my meridian
  7. A vacation home is fine if you leave ot for a couple weeks. A plane not so much.
  8. Maybe take a look at EI or surefly. I dont think the Surefly is certified for turbo yet, but the EI is.
  9. 10.2 gallons is 49 percent power. Those numbers look about right.
  10. I believe they got bought by Bendix King. if it were me, Id save up money and go the garmin way. yes it is more expensive, but youre getting something from a company that seems to have their shit together.
  11. I think id personally be fine taking the eagle into a 2000ft strip. Ive done oceano multiple times and as don said, it really is a non event.
  12. Tsa doesnt check your planes. I fly out of john wayne. Never have the checked my plane for the last 6 years.
  13. You dont need to drill a hole. The tabs were added and you legally had to stop at the tabs. Theres no way id go past the tabs because thats "illegal". I also dont know from experience that you can fill them up to 100 gallons with no problem.
  14. For the time being I have 2 KX155A nav Comms in my aircraft. My issue seems to revolve around the HSI , but id put money on it that its a connection issue. When I tune localizer or ILS into the nav, it works perfectly. When i input a VOR into it, I get a flag. Ive tried it with a VOT check and same thing. I dont think somethings wrong with the kx155a, since when the frequency is in and set it to show the radials on screen, theyre pretty accurate. I tried switching the #2 and #1 nav and it made no difference. I thought id ask here. Its not worthwhile thorwing money at it. The plane goes in for avionics on the 4th of january, and everything is getting ripped out. Literally nothing in the panel is staying except for the CBs and the panel lights. And i can fly light IFR just fine with a spare nav.