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  1. Niko182

    Almost good bye

    Try to find a rayjay kit for your M20C. might be expensive, but wont be anywhere near the price of a Bo or commanche.
  2. Niko182

    Data Card KLN 94

    Anyone have a data card theyd be willing to get rid of and gain a couple bucks. Honeywell sells them, and they're just under 500 bucks. was hoping someone would have one here for a bit cheaper since a card from the 90's shouldn't set me back half a grand.
  3. i believe Los Alamitos also does PAR approaches, inbetween Johnwayne and Long Beach.
  4. Niko182


    My bad. I read it as "why was it painted only 3 years ago".
  5. Niko182


    It was painted in 93?
  6. Niko182

    Upgraded Bravo vs. Acclaim

    Im still trying to figure out why the acclaim is cheaper to own than the bravo. The only difference i can think about is cowl flaps. Both have insanely expensive engines. One burns about 2 to 3 gallons more per hour. The other statistically has a higher chance of making tbo. Just curious why the acclaim is cheaper than the bravo.
  7. Niko182

    Christmas gift ideas....

    Just a warning to everyone that RC usually isn't a cheap hobby. it gets extremely expensive quickly if you fall in love with it. I will say it was a bargain compared to aviation. You get what you pay for is also a big reality in models. most of the cheap stuff can be bought online but there are no replacement parts. Id look at anything horizon hobby. all their products have all parts to rebuild the entire model, so if you crash, repair is still possible.
  8. Niko182

    Christmas gift ideas.... I'd start off with these. I was into RC big time before i started flying. thats a great starter.
  9. Niko182

    GTN 750 vs current upgrades

    Id say do a IFD540 with a lynx ngt9000 transponder. Save yourself the hassle and do the EDM 900 instead of the 830. when your gauges start to die, youll be happy you did the 900, instead of the 830.
  10. Niko182

    Calling West Coast Mooniacs

    Id be more than happy to if youre fine with flying with a youngster. I fly out of john wayne and camarillio is usually a pretty fun location with some great food. Nik
  11. Niko182

    Upgraded Bravo vs. Acclaim

    Id say older bravo or ovation with FIKI. there are 3 or 4 eagles that have FIKI, but I wouldn't bet my luck finding one of those. One of those came for sale about a year ago and it had FIKI but still had 1080lbs useful load. Anywhere up to around 15K bravo or Ovation doesn't matter, they both will still climb decently. In my eagle, I still see like 5 to 6 hundred ft per minute at 13k. its not a bravo, but Its pretty good for an NA bird. Nearly all the Long body moonies are some of the best long range 2 person cross country machines. I can top of my tanks with 100 gallons and I still have 530 lbs of useful load. and that should get me easily over 1200nm if I cruise at 170knots and 12 gallons per hour. Lycoming or Continental. Pick your poison. Whichever way you go it still isnt cheap.
  12. Niko182

    Cold CHT's

    Lately other than takeoff i try not to run the engine high powered yet. Im stoll running around 21 inches and 2400rpm in cruise which gives me about 175 ish knots. Ill start running it fast when i can catch up with the aircraft. Not saying im behind, just saying things happen alot faster at 310hp, including the takeoff, climb, descent, and landing, and i have no need to firewall the power as of now.
  13. Niko182

    Cold CHT's

    OAT was ranging from 2 to 10 degrees C. Takeoff is full power, and the moment the gear and the flaps go up, I pull the RPM back to 2400RPM. Climb is WOT at 2400rpm. I'm not farmiliar with power settings yet, but I run the iddenticale EGT's I used to see with the 244HP rated engine, so I would guess the CHT's would be around the same. Even with the lower than usual flowflow on takeoff, I still dont see temps of the CHT's passing 350. Is it bad that the cylinders stay cool, or is this just me over thinking. FYI, I also run ROP. I'm not ready to risk destroying my engine yet. thatll come when the EDM 900 comes in to play.