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  1. Pretty cool. Provides a constant readout of any CO. Also registers temp, altitude, airspeed.
  2. After reading the article I bought a unit from Aithre. No buyers remorse here. Mitigating one less thing how my airplane could kill me.
  3. I fly in congested airspace in the ABE-PHL area. I always request flight following even if I am doing air work. ATC rarely, if ever refuses. I keep my 43OW page turned to the ADS-B traffic window at the 2-6 miles level. Traffic also appears on my iPad (Foreflight).And finally, I use my Mark II eyeballs. Let's all be careful out there.
  4. I get the aural tone at 1000' to go and 200' to go as well as flashing digits.
  5. I fly a J with two G5s and the GFC 500. I did not install the yaw damper. I may not know what I am missing but the new autopilot is amazing. I have no complaints concerning its ability to fly precision approaches in turbulence.
  6. Much to my relief the problem was a loose connection. Repaired easily. Still have the KX155. (Crossed fingers.)
  7. Foregive me. I am a purist. I use a stove top percolator (holds 6 cups). Water is pre-heated to a boil in a separate electric pot. Three level scoops of "Chock Full O' Nuts" (no COI) medium ground coffee placed in the percolator basket while the water heats. When water is boiling poured into the percolator that has been preheated for 3 seconds on the gas range. Basket is placed within the percolator. Flame on stove (it's a gas range) is immediately brought to "low" and allowed to percolate for 6 minutes. Contents allowed to settle for 10 minutes. Mug with teaspoon of cream is heated in microwave for 15 secs. Pour coffee. Enjoy. Tedious? Yes. These are desperate times.
  8. I like your plan. I had 500 hours in a PA28-180 and had my instrument rating before I transitioned to my J. The speed brakes are useful but if you found an airplane that met all of your other criteria I would not make it a deal breaker. I highly recommend training with a Mooney specific CFII and/or attending a Mooney PPP. Actually, there is a J for sale right now at KBLM. As soon as you are able I would recommend the dual G5s and the GFC 500.
  9. Angel Flight East has stopped all missions for passengers. You might try the folks over at BeechTalk.
  10. Tom Gray, who is my A&P and Mooney expert had a. nice J in his hangar at Eagle's Nest (31E) about a month ago for sale. I don't know if it is still available. John Pallante is my instructor and long time friend. I met John at my first PPP about 20 years ago. He is absolutely the best at keeping me sharp in the airplane. John flies a J now and lives in Toms River. I believe he is not instructing currently because of the need for social distancing. Great guy. Great CFII.
  11. I fly an 1988 J. I understand your experience. What has worked for me is first nailing the approach speed over the numbers, that is, 70kts. Second developing a consistent sight picture by looking down the runway. Third, I recite to myself as I flare and rollup the electric trim "keep it flying, keep it flying". I try to hold if off the runway as long as I can. I am no expert nor am I a CFI. Just trying to help.
  12. I had a similar problem. Replacing the fuel pump fixed it.
  13. Wow. Well done. Excellent information. Question: What is the best maneuver to avoid a head-on collision. My recollection about avoiding bird strikes is to pull up since avian reaction is to dive but does this recommendation hold for nose to nose encounters?
  14. I have two G5s and the GFC 500 in my airplane. I've logged about 20 hours in VFR conditions getting familiar with the"buttonology". A useful resource I found is Max Trescott's "GPS and WAAS Instrument Flying Handbook". As someone who has spent 20 years flying steam gauges and raw data I found this extremely useful in making the transition to glass. (No Conflict of Interest).