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  1. This has been a good thread about dealing with ATC. I would respectfully suggest that if you are interested in getting a peek at what goes on on the other side of the microphone is to listen to the "Opposing Bases" podcast. RH and AG are controllers and pilots who work the Triad Tracon. Very funny and informative. (No COI).
  2. I am considering attending the Mooney Summit in October. I reviewed the website but did not see (or missed) information about hotel accommodations. Are rooms reserved at the Barrymore?
  3. Not sure if I have reported this here before but I had to replace a roll servo due to a bad bearing. The GFC 500 was installed September 2019. Still under warranty part and labor was covered.Servo failed on a flight back from NH to NJ.
  4. My home base is a Class C airfield. Flying ILS or RNAV I will keep the speed 120kts. Two miles from the threshold, pull the power, full flaps, 70 its over the fence. Keeps Tower happy. Otherwise agree 90.80,70 at uncontrolled fields with shorter runways.
  5. I have the GFC500. I did not install the yaw damper. The autopilot flies precision approaches in cross winds as if it's on rails.
  6. I Own a PJ2 that I can connect to an external antenna I have in my J. Very happy with it, Owned for about a year. Still using the original batteries.
  7. I usually land with full flaps. The exception is if there is a gusting crosswind equal or greater than 20-25 KTS I will go to 1/2 flaps. Theoretically, it decreases the lateral profile of the airplane to the crosswind. YMMV.
  8. Sure sounds alike AG doesn't it. They talk frequently about VFR check-ins on the podcast all the time. BTW a couple of summers ago I lived in Chapel Hill for a month. Great town. My former college roommate lives there.
  9. I guess that ATC facility has more than two controllers with a sense of humor.
  10. Got an email from "Opposing Bases" after I sent them feedback. To be discussed at next podcast.
  11. One of the guys in the tower was from "Opposing Bases". Great podcast by two guys who are both pilots and controllers.
  12. On my iPad, the upper left hand corner has a menu for map types. At bottom of the column is "U.S. VFR (flyway). Touch that selection and will superimpose of the VFR chart.
  13. Have to be careful about those soft field landings.
  14. Not a bad idea to listen 1 1/2 speed. The pauses in the conversation are sometimes a distraction. But great conversation nonetheless.
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