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  1. Agree with aggressive leaning on the ground and idle 1100-1200RPM.
  2. I fly a J. A stabilized approach for me means on short final I am at 70 kts (not 71 0r 72), full flaps and at the flare I dial in trim. I do my best to keep it flying after the flare as the airspeed bleeds. ( I'm not a CFI just trying to be helpful.)
  3. Just wondering. For those on the forum that fly themselves to Atlanta, GA. What is your preferred destination airport if you have business in downtown Atlanta? Do you use KATL or do you prefer one of the outlying aerodromes?
  4. Well my KX155 has gone Tango Uniform after one attempt at repair. Time for a replacement. Any recommendations? I am considering the Garmin 225.
  5. I fly a J and I have found 70kts is the airspeed over the numbers for a no float landing. Short field landings are done at 65kts. This is ignoring those gusty days when you have to factor in a few extra knots. I encourage you to enroll in a MAPA Proficiency Program. Great way to really get familiar with your airplane.
  6. Years ago I decided to get my tailwheel endorsement at Aeroflex-Andover (12N). It's a 1981' strip with a pond on either end. I would fly my J to the airfield to get instruction in an Aviat Husky on tundra tires.(just love that stick and rudder aviating) As long as I kept 65kts on short final there was no problem landing. It's all about speed control. I learned to fly at Red Lion (N73) which was only 2880' long so short fields for me was the norm.
  7. I had the opportunity to walk through a B-17 that belonged to the Confederate AirForce when they were at Trenton-Mercer (TTN) in NJ years ago. Basically it was an aluminum shell with a catwalk for crew to move along. Not a pressurized aircraft so left and right waist gunner positions were open windows. My overall impression was that there really was no protection other than the helmets and/or Flak jackets that the crew wore or sat on. I doubt there was any special effort to protect the control systems. The idea was to carry maximum payload ie bombs to target. My brother used to fly an Interstate L6 for one of these organizations. He decided to step away from this hobby lt was his opinion that the aircraft were flown until they crashed. It raises an interesting question: Is it better to keep all of these airplanes flying until extinction or at some point is it best to preserve them by putting them on static display?
  8. My former flight instructor was only wearing a lap belt (no shoulder harness) when his Navion lost an engine. He landed short and struck a berm. He sustained a severe cervical spine injury that left him with permanent quadraparesis as a consequence of the violent flexion/extension movement of his head striking the panel.
  9. I have a external antenna jack installed already. Looking for COM only. Sporty's advertises the PJ2 which looks like a good radio with jacks for my LIghtSpeed Headset.
  10. Does anyone on the forum have an opinion about a recommended handheld radio to use as a back up? If so, please offer that opinion.
  11. I tried mounting my iPad on my panel with a RAM EZ Roller mount and it left this mark on my panel. Does anyone have any useful suggestions concerning removal of the stain.? I didn't like the location of the iPad.I prefer to continue to use my knee pad.
  12. I just had two G5s and a GFC 500 installed. The vacuum system, the BK HSI, AI, a WX1000 and some cable for a Garmin 396 were removed. I flew the airplane until we had about 8m gallons left, drained the tanks, added unusable. fuel and did a new W&B. Gained about 40 lbs in useful load.
  13. Gentlemen, I appreciate your responses. Indeed, when I was able to recover my POH from my airplane I read the above. (This is a tough room to work).
  14. Recently noticed at idle the oil pressure drops to yellow arc at idle on fuel pressure gauge. Jumps into the green at takeoff and during flight. Engine is an IO360 A3B6 with about 270 hrs. Any ideas about the cause? Thanks.