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  1. Sure sounds alike AG doesn't it. They talk frequently about VFR check-ins on the podcast all the time. BTW a couple of summers ago I lived in Chapel Hill for a month. Great town. My former college roommate lives there.
  2. I guess that ATC facility has more than two controllers with a sense of humor.
  3. Got an email from "Opposing Bases" after I sent them feedback. To be discussed at next podcast.
  4. One of the guys in the tower was from "Opposing Bases". Great podcast by two guys who are both pilots and controllers.
  5. On my iPad, the upper left hand corner has a menu for map types. At bottom of the column is "U.S. VFR (flyway). Touch that selection and will superimpose of the VFR chart.
  6. Have to be careful about those soft field landings.
  7. Not a bad idea to listen 1 1/2 speed. The pauses in the conversation are sometimes a distraction. But great conversation nonetheless.
  8. Couple of days ago I came across an entertaining podcast " Opposing Bases". AG and RH are both ATC controllers and pilots that discuss ATC subjects as well as take questions. I recommend having a listen (No COI)
  9. 100 years ago the US govt, passed a law forbidding any newspaper in the US from publishing the news about the Pandemic of 1918 that was sweeping through the US, especially among the young. The outcome of not allowing the "agenda outlets" to publicize the threat of a viral illness had dire consequences. The current threat is a real public heath emergency and should be taken seriously.
  10. I have one hour of dual in a SF 260. Flew AirCombat out of FRG 30 years ago.
  11. I flew the corridor several times before the change in the regs that brought some sanity to managing the flow of air traffic. Back in the day I swore off the corridor. There was a lot of helicopter traffic as well as GA that required extreme vigilance. Probably easier now.
  12. I was one of the first kids to get the Salk vaccine. Since I've received the Sabin, Pneumovax, Shingles, Influenza, Hep A, Typhoid, and now in processs Covid 19 (Moderna) You can trust the vaccine. Thomas G. Stackhouse MD.
  13. My J does not have speed brakes. I may not know what I am missing. I received excellent transition training in my airplane and find I can handle rapid descents and landings without speed brakes. If you find the right airplane without speed brakes I would not let it be a deal breaker.
  14. I just had my interior completely replaced. I am asking for recommendations where to purchase mats to protect my new clean carpeting in my J Thanks. TGS
  15. It is my impression that Phiily and McGuire don't always get along. I've had similar experiences concerning handoffs. TGS
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