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  1. I use LV Avionics at KABE. Had two G5s and GFC500 installed. Not cheap but Mike's shop is reliable, honest and does quality work.
  2. Maine Lobster Now is located along the perimeter of KPWM (Portland ME Jetport). On my way back from fishing the Rangely Lakes region I stop and get live lobsters to go.
  3. I agree with ToddCC22. After 29 hours of flight training I purchased a Cherokee 180. I flew it for the first 500 hours getting both my PPL and Instrument Rating. Afterward, I stepped up to a J that I have flown ever since. My instructor, a captain for USAir who had more time at the outer marker than I ever will have, recommended this approach. IFR flying is mostly a cognitive challenge. You want your stick and rudder skills to be second nature before stepping into a complex airplane. Regards, TGS
  4. Must be a slow day, now we're posting pictures of dead birds.m Nice.
  5. I recently rehabilitated a Ruby-Throated Hummingbird and a Canada Warbler that flew into glass windows. Each responded promptly after 10-15 minutes in a shoebox. The quiet darkness seems to help.
  6. Good outcome. Can't argue with the the result. Well done. However... If I ever find myself in this situation, I am going to declare an emergency. Let there be no question I want all available resources to assist me when I get on the ground.
  7. Ahem. Not that it matters but HIghpockets made that recommendation to fly with Damian and...I would fly my J to the 1981' runway and hop into the Husky. Don't think they have the Husky now, just a couple of Supercubs.
  8. I received my tailwheel endorsement at Aeroflex/Andover 12N in NJ with Damian DelGazio. Flew the Aviat Husky on tundra tires.
  9. Two good sources of information about LOP ops, in my opinion, are the Advanced Pilot Seminars ( John Deacon et al) that you can find online and reading Mike Busch's book "Engines". Congrats on the purchase. I fly a 88J with a JPI 700. I don't have Gami injectors and I fly LOP.
  10. I am not an A&P but it has been my experience in my J that I only put in 7 quarts. Oil level will slowly fall to 6 over 15 hours. I wind up adding 2 quarts per oil change which is done after 30-40 hours.
  11. You've got a bunch of us musing over at BT about the outage. What's going on?
  12. When I had my GFC 500 installed the CWS button was converted to a TOGA button. I find it very convenient.
  13. My first airplane was a PA-180. My instructor, an airline captain who started with Allegheny Airlines flying DC-3s, advised me to continue to fly VFR to build time. He recommended I start my IFR training only after my stick and rudder skills were imprinted to the point of being second nature. Flying IFR is a cognitive game. It's about staying ahead of the airplane. I see no reason why you should not purchase a Mooney but I would encourage you to fly as much as you can VFR to get really comfortable in the cockpit. It's been my experience that no two flights, VFR or IFR, are ever the same. 2
  14. It's clean and minty fresh.
  15. As I understand NORAD actively surveils and there is always a fighter CAP orbiting.
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