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  1. Xavier, can you share current useful load and size of the fuel tanks? TIA!
  2. Same issues on insurance...ES-P from SLC bounced it's sale a couple of times due to no takers on insurance...
  3. Seems like insuring a high performance experimental has become either cost prohibitive or impossible for most people as the insurance market has hardened!
  4. Oh I'm all about a LIVP if I could get it & me insured! But meanwhile we have to live in reality so Mooney's & Columbia/Cessna's are top of the doable list. The big 6 cylinder engines don't seem to add as many knots as they do GPH, hence the M20K's being the logical choice from both an acquisition & operating cost perspective.
  5. Aspiring Mooniac here...retired navy pilot looking for fast, economical, & reasonably long range business & personal transportation. Thinking that an M20K would be definitely on the short list. Seeing a few for sale that have the single piece belly skin and most of the speed mods...gap seals, wing root filets, etc... Can anyone comment on how many knots are a reasonable expectation with "compound" mods? Next, are the Mooniacs tracking on or in talks with Deltahawk on future use of their 2stroke turbo-diesels as possible replacements for the older GB's & LB's...when if finall
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