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  1. That sounds like Sarasota Avionics who quoted me 300 hrs for my panel. They wanted $7K for a new panel as well. My shop did the whole thing powder coated for a third of that.
  2. Did your Bravo recently spend time in CA or NY? In all seriousness I'd check the flaps as previously mentioned. I assume your shop used the Mooney travel boards to make sure the flaps, ailerons, and rudder were all where they are supposed to be. Do you have any pictures of your ailerons in flight so we can see how they meet the edge of the flaps?
  3. Thanks @philiplane@N201MKTurbo @anthonydesmet To answer some of your questions, I did have avionics work done about 5 months ago and they most likely had the entire interior out of the plane. It's possible that they could have hit a fitting. The odd part is that after I got my regulator back from overhaul everything seemed to work ok for about 15 hours until the episode on this last flight when it started losing about 100 psi every 5-10 minutes once it got past 1000 psi. I didn't keep the 02 flowing when I was up high because I didn't want it to get to 0 while I was at FL210. I suppos
  4. No, I had to put it on the right but with the important instruments also on the PFD it works for me to have the detailed stuff on the right.
  5. I opted for the 10” G3X plus the 7” MFD that I primarily use for the engine instruments. This was cheaper than adding a standalone JPI and I get to use the MFD for more than just engine instruments. It’s also nice having all of the data parameters the G3X records. I’m not sure what the JPI records but the G3X does almost every flight parameter in addition to all the engine instrumentation.
  6. No, I think that has to be next, just very odd that it holds when the valve is turned off. I would think if the problem was in the line it would leak out when off too, but maybe you have a better idea of how the system works?
  7. I thought I’d put this issue out there to see if the collective wisdom/experience of this group could help me solve this O2 issue on my 92 Bravo. Last December when flying from FXE to Boston I landed and heard this “hissing” noise coming from the oxygen bottle area (once I got out of the plane). I had been flying at FL210 and it had been working fine but possibly depleting faster than normal. I thought I had some sort of leak so refilled the bottle when I got back home. The pressure actually held fine on the ground and in the air. The only time when it would draw down at a crazy ra
  8. I’m not trying to be political, but with fuel prices going up and massive inflation from printing trillions, I don’t see prices ever going back down.
  9. That’s correct. I think when people say the Bravo engine is expensive they are comparing it to the airframe value which can vary from $100k to $300k for a late model GX. On the other hand, you generally can’t touch an acclaim for less than $300K.
  10. I’ve actually gotten a pretty good controller response when flying from FXE to BED once (about 1100 nm) at FL230. When I got to Washington center the controller said “46BL! We were just talking about you! Ft lauderdale to Bedford in a Mooney?! You must be pretty daring!” ”daring” was not the adjective I was looking for :).
  11. The STC for your plane should have detailed installation drawings along with the specific system settings for your model (gain settings, ect...). I've seen them for my plane but every installer should have it for your model.
  12. 95 during the runup is not abnormal. Even with oil temp above 120 I still get mid nineties in the runup.
  13. It’s sometimes depressing to compare TAS numbers in the Bravo to others based on the fuel we burn, but it’s really about having the option to go into the FLs when needed or to catch a tailwind. Sure, the 252 can do it all on less fuel, but (I tried to complete the sentence but could not, you win @gsxrpilot!)
  14. I installed the GDL 52R along with my G3X. It's another benefit of the G3X, the 52R is $700 while the GDL 69 which works with all the other Garmin products is nearly $4K.
  15. I recently put in XM weather in my Bravo and I’m very happy with its utility in my long cross countries. For the cost (around $30 a month) it gives me a lot more features for planning and working with ATC on alternate routes once in the air. I especially like the feature that allows me to see speed and direction of cells. Yes, it’s not free but for about 8 gallons of fuel per month, more than worth the money.
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