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  1. Davidv

    Update: Me & N201DY

    Great looking plane! Inside and out! I also just did some training with Mike and echo your thoughts. Where in Florida are you?
  2. Davidv

    Bravo Oil Level

    Thanks for all of the responses so far - May be a stupid question but anything wrong with letting it drift towards 7? I’m at 8 at the moment but want to see if the consumption slows at 8.
  3. Davidv

    Bravo Oil Level

    For the Bravo owners out there, what oil level does your engine typically like? As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I’m a new owner it’s burning slightly more oil than I would expect and I’m curious if there is a common level where it does best. Mine is a pretty low time engine. @mike_elliott was kind enough to give me his take when we flew together a few days ago but interested to hear from others as well!
  4. Davidv

    How do you use your Speed Brakes?

    That’s a good point Skip. Also, I remember reading a Mooney NTSB report (I can’t rememebr which one) where the pilot had veered off the runway on landing and cited a cause as only one speedbrake being deployed which caused a yaw to one side. Either Precise Flight or Mooney responded by saying the brakes were tested on landing and takeoff with only one in the up position and it did not have a material effect on maintaining directional control.
  5. Davidv

    How do you use your Speed Brakes?

    I’m only a few weeks into owning my Bravo but I think there might be something wrong with it because it doesn’t want to slow down ;). I’ve found the speedbrakes most helpful on the last portion of my descent when I encounter some turbulence and don’t want to pull up or cool the engine by cutting power. Unfortunately, my right speedbrake just stopped working so I have send it back to precise flight for some maintenance...
  6. I’m sorry if I’m being repetitive, but every aircraft is worth exactly....drumroll please Whatever someone else is willing to pay for it. if you think a plane is overvalued, terrific, don’t buy it.
  7. Davidv

    Engine Starting

    I had the same issue on my IO-540 a few weeks ago, bad impulse coupler in the left mag. Turned out there was also water that had made its way inside but we replaced the mags anyway. Just like you I originally thought it was a hot start issue but after trying many things over several hours (stranded in a tiny unattended airport at night away from home), we eventually came to the conclusion it was the mag.
  8. Davidv

    Check Gear!

    A friend of mine who is a 20k hr CFII/DPE with nearly all small single and multi engine time (not 20k hrs flying 737s), with no claim history, just paid 3300 yr for his P210. I was shocked. Maybe it has something to do with the pressurization but I expected him to be at half that.
  9. Davidv

    Bravo Instruction South Florida

    Thanks to both of you! i actually was in KCLW today and saw Mike’s card in the FBO as well so I’ll give him a call tomorrow.
  10. I'm sorry to create a new topic for this, but does anyone have any good recommendations for a Bravo specific instructor in South Florida (east or west coast). I'm based on the east coast but will happily fly elsewhere. I just bought a 1992 Bravo and have been getting some general instruction from a few knowledgable people but would like to spend time with someone who knows the airplane and engine very well. Thanks in advance for the recommendations! David
  11. Davidv


    I believe someone bought it. I was also concerned about the amount of times the controls were re-rigged on this one.
  12. Davidv


    No, we didn’t look closely but it’s a great deal if everything is as advertised. I think they started pricing it at 219k a few months back and have been steadily lowering the price... I don’t have any connection to the aircraft but seems like a great opportunity for someone in that price range.
  13. Davidv


    Not sure which ones you were looking at but this one looks pretty good: https://www.trade-a-plane.com/search?category_level1=Single+Engine+Piston&make=MOONEY&model=M20K+305+ROCKET&listing_id=2333033&s-type=aircraft Some of the other ones I saw on controller had engine times creeping a little too close to TBO. I’m not sure exactly but I believe the Rocket engine TBO is somewhere between 1600-1800 but I’m sure someone can correct me here.
  14. Davidv


    Good plan Alejandro. The guy who was helping me buy mine kept nodding at an ovation 2 on the market for 190k. Although it was tempting because I probably could have got it for less and it has way more stuff on it, I also wanted to stay under the $150k mark. The ovations are great, but the great deal ones seem to get snapped up immediately and the others probably also have some red flags...
  15. Davidv


    I know the feeling - so it’s been out of annual since 2013? But it’s flown how many hours since then??