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  1. Amazing, jealously level 100. I'm relatively new to the forum and just read your build thread from a few years ago. Very impressive!
  2. I also had a good flight yesterday from FL to NH with some great tail winds from the DC area to NH at 17.5k (230+ ground speeds). Just for acclaim envy, I took the last photo below in initial descent :).
  3. When I first started looking at Mooney’s I measured the interior (panel to panel) with a tape measure and the Mooney was nearly 4” wider than a 172. My intuition had previously told me that wouldn’t be the case.
  4. Thanks! The weird part for me is how it went up and then came down, I turned heat on and off and if anything that seemed to lower it a few which was weird. I know very little about this subject but I could see where the flaps open (especially in a climb) could potentially cause a tiny bit of exhaust to be mixed with the cabin air inlets but maybe I’m off base.
  5. What would you see as a concerning CO level in cruise? I took a flight yesterday from FL to NH at 17.5k and for most of the flight I was seeing 4-5 on the indicator, at one time during the flight it went up to 14 for 5-6 minutes and then settled down to 0 for the last 1.5 hrs. I saw a little correlation between when I had the cowl flaps cracked open and then closed them and it settled down to 0-5. I just bought my CO monitor last month and have generally seen 0 in cruise.
  6. The last, the acclaim like paint scheme with the “bandit” style extended windows is the most beautiful one in GA today, in my opinion. Of course the tinted windows also help to complete the look.
  7. Thanks, that’s the plan, just need to find a gun or airbrush with small nozzle since the areas I’m doing are very small...
  8. Thanks, I was also thinking about the wheel well but I assume there is a tiny bit of room between the tire and the top of the well when stowed...
  9. I’m may be overly cautious by asking this question but has anyone installed the lopresti hubba hubba caps on their aircraft? I put them on and they seem to extend ever so slightly outside the edge of the tire and want to be sure that there won’t be a problem with clearance when I raise the gear. Again, overly cautious since they have an STC for the M20, but wanted to check with others before I go flying.
  10. Quick update to this, on a recommendation of a paint shop (and others here) I went to Finishmasters and had them match the color. The store down here also carries Axalta AF-400 which is a very common aviation grade paint (not cheap unfortunately). I need to mix it with an activator that paint shop was kind enough to provide free of charge since Finishmasters only sells it in gallons for $325. I’m going to get a small sprayer and hopefully paint the leading edge soon.
  11. +1, I’ve been pretty happy with their products and they are relatively reasonably priced.
  12. Someone around here (Airparts in FXE) recommended going to a marine paint place to have that done. They don’t have aviation paint but heavy duty marine grade which others have used in the past for touch up and I suppose would work?
  13. Thanks Lance, but unfortunately mine doesn't have this. I'm considering going with the rustoleum as others have mentioned...
  14. That reminds me of a story of when I was buying a used work truck before the internet and the the seller described the color as “baby shit yellow”. I’m not sure what GM was thinking with that color either.
  15. Thanks, I’ve got about 5-6 bare spots that are each about an inch wide or less. A few on the vertical are maybe 1.5 inches.