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  1. If that plane and pilot article is accurate it specifically says no other converter boxes such as a GAD 43e are required. This is huge if my gyro starts to go even more than It is right now.
  2. It could be worse, I just spoke with a friend who got a quoted $4K on his P210. He has 25K hours and is a DPE. Goes to show you what a high gear up rate does to prices.
  3. Agreed, these units are addressing the market for people who don't want to spend 10s of thousands just to replace one malfunctioning unit. I don't think they intended someone to build a cockpit full of round glass.
  4. Well if I'm looking at it correctly, the A/P link is working now and it appears to work and provide attitude information to my KAP150... Unless I'm wrong, this could allow me to ditch my gyro and still have a functioning autopilot without a 20-30k upgrade.
  5. Exactly, I got quoted an extra $6k to install an EA100 including parts. So with labor I'm spending around $20K to put in an aspen and EA100 and I still have an autopilot from 30 years ago in the plane. With the other options at the moment, no thanks.
  6. I know nothing is "easy" when it comes to tech but if the GAD43e can take info from the 500txi and convert into an analogue signal how much tougher could it really be for the G5? As I've said previously, these king autopilots are all going to go eventually and if you already have a G5 and all of the other Garmin toys it's only inevitable that you'll be buying the GFC500.
  7. Only issue is that the wet Gill batteries are only about $100 cheaper than sealed Concorde or Gill sealed ones. On a side note, my ELT battery is due and I can either pay $218 for essentially some D batteries that have been tied together or upgrade to 406. Since I have a PLB in the plane I’ll probably go with the battery replacement ransom...
  8. It just seems ridiculous to me that Garmin seems to have abandoned Don. He spent all of that money on something that was supposed to work as designed, it doesn't, yet Garmin won't make it right. I'm not sure this would be tolerated in any other industry. Think of buying a $20-25k Ford and it won't drive straight. Ford suggests a few fixes that don't work and then won't return your calls. Then you go on the internet to solicit the advice/help of other Ford owners on ideas to fix the problem. Something isn't right here...
  9. Yes that was my thought, easier with aircraft with trim tabs but not ours. Going to take some detailed reconstruction later.
  10. Maybe it was tough to tell trim position based on initial findings? Given the pictures I’ve seen of the fire it may have been tough to tell the tail position in relation to the empenage. Unlike other aircraft where it’s easy to see the trim tab position on the control surfaces this is a little bit different in our aircraft given the extensive damage. Of course, detailed forensics once they collect all of the debris may make this possible but could be difficult at first...
  11. https://app.ntsb.gov/pdfgenerator/ReportGeneratorFile.ashx?EventID=20191231X83852&AKey=1&RType=HTML&IType=FA What a shame, I read his obituary above and he seemed like a very accomplished guy...two tours in Afghanistan in addition to everything else.
  12. Gunga galunga... gunga, gunga-lagunga
  13. It's $700 in south Florida and either you need to wait a few months or someone personally. I've never heard of $2000+. Fortunately, my examiner who gave me both my Private and Instrument rides never schedules far in advance so he has a very flexible schedule.