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  1. The other two responses so far offered some great advice. I was also a lower time pilot when I bought my plane and did not know anything about buying planes. When it comes to damage, there is group of people out there who have no issues purchasing a plane that was damaged and repaired by a reputable shop with good documentation. The consideration for you (if a trusted expert can get you comfortable with the repairs), is how long you want to own the plane and what kind of discount you're getting. Because a lot of people are looking for undamaged planes, it may sit on the market for a lot longer when you eventually decide to sell. The toughest part of this process is patience. You see a great aircraft, call, and someone else had just offered full price with no PPI the day before (yes, that happened to me and I couldn't believe it). So you start expanding your view to other Mooney models, start considering things you wouldn't have considered before "Could the damage to the wing really be that bad ;)" but you really just need to wait for your pitch (baseball analogy for today).
  2. No tie downs in Opa Locka unfortunately (unless you want to pay Atlantic or Signature $450 per month!!!! I couldn't believe it when they quoted me that, and that was after they waited weeks to call me back). I would check out bobbys landing or hollywood aviation at HWO if you're looking for tie downs (both around 90 if available). Even at Pompano I have a friend who was forced to pay $250/month for a tie down because he couldn't find one elsewhere.
  3. Almost all hangars are on a long waiting list, except for Lynx at FXE, they just took over from Jet World and raised the hangar prices to $850/month, so a bunch of tenants left. The going rate is anywhere from $650-$750. You can get tie downs at North Perry for around 90 but may be a waiting list, not as bad or long as hangar though.
  4. I believe just the GNX-375 but I’ll also add that my installer charged me $6850, so $7995 is just the suggested retail. I also know that it wasn’t a case or moving money from the unit install since my instal hours are roughly 20.
  5. May be a dumb question, but has anyone seen the avwweb video below where they talk about the acclaim engine mounts (1:30)? Is there a reason why similar mounts could not fit onto other older models?
  6. Yes, I have extremely low expectations from my Lenovo laptop but even with the slow frame rate I find it helpful to do basic IFR maneuvers with my desktop yoke using 0 visibility and various wind settings. The frame rate makes simulating a realistic landing impossible but that’s ok since I’m just doing low approach.
  7. Do you have a good recommendation of a stand-alone box to use for x-plane? I just downloaded the ovation but my frame rate is way to slow based on my pc performance.
  8. We can only hope that the rumors of Garmin announcing the G5 to work with BK autopilots at Oshkosh are true... I get the potential strategy of selling more GFC500s, but with all of the BK systems aging and the cost of repairs high, it would seem they have more to gain by selling a ton of G5’s and then letting people switch out the AP as their BK start to fail. The G5 is also required as a backup option for a G3X or TXI so purchasing the G5 could be the “gateway” drug for a future upgrade to a larger Garmin unit.
  9. Skip, on the flight school point I was just pointing out that every flight school I’ve seen (which isn’t more than 2-3 down here in south Florida) the students and instructors (every one of them going for their 1500 hours) is logging according to Hobbs time. Yes it’s an annoyingly precise topic but like most nerds here (me), it’s interesting to look at the details even if I just write down the ForeFlight times if they look accurate when flying rather than taking out a pen and paper to calculate time down to the .01 hour.
  10. Agreed, I just think it’s important to use a method that you believe is reasonably accurate and then stick with it, or else the honor system gets abused since after hundreds or thousands of hours a few tenths of an hour off starts to add up.
  11. I think it all counts towards total time in the way that I interpret the regulation. If anything, every flight school is overestimating time by using the Hobbs alone since it’s activated in a lot of planes by the rise of oil pressure (when the aircraft turns on and off). The time that is spent in warm up, receiving clearances, ect before the aircraft moves is being counted towards total logbook time. This is why I think an accurate ForeFlight/CloudAhoy log (or a stopwatch if you like) most closely mirrors the regulation because it should theoretically start when the plane begins to move and stop when the plane ultimately comes to rest. I’ve looked at several of my detailed tracks in the app and it very closely (down to what looks like a few feet) seems to capture where the plane started moving to where it ultimately stopped. You just need to be careful that the GPS source is a good one and in the plane when recording starts. I’ve had it accidentally also record from my iPhone and it shows my walk from the car to the plane.
  12. @donkaye or @LANCECASPER would know way more than me but my feeling having based my plane in Florida and encountering 80+ degree to 90 degree days all year long tells me you shouldn’t see that much of a difference. I run at 30/24 about 18-18.5 gph at 1600 egt and 360-390 chts. My feeling on the temp mainly has to do with the higher altitude flying I do. When I go from 90 degrees at the surface to an IAS only 20 kts or so slower in the teens but significantly cooler my temps stay about the same if not rise slightly. Obviously this is due to the air density and IAS but it tells me that you won’t see a material difference in your summer flying.
  13. I’m usually around 30.0 to 30.5 on my Hoskins.
  14. That may have something to do with it. I was in a friends ovation on Saturday and it was in the same location in the back of the baggage compartment.
  15. What year is yours? Mine is a 1992.