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  1. I drain the oil the day before I change the filter, then I use these bibs to catch the oil that leaks from the filter: Here's the link to buy them from Aircraft Spruce.
  2. @BravomanI've been wondering that very same thing. In the absence of any other identifiable issues, I will have to concede that the whole LOP experiment was a failure. I've always said that the most frequent source of my problem can be found by looking in the mirror! FWIW, I am happy I went down the LOP road though because I taught me a lot about the engine. I also confess that I might still fly LOP but at significantly lower power settings in the future (<65%) - because I am still enamored with the concept. @donkaye, you're the among the most experienced and knowledgeable Bravo ow
  3. I have a KLN 90 if you are interested
  4. Here's the#1 cylinder when 300 hours in service: Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  5. Funny you should bring that up because this particular cylinder is the last one that was NOT overhauled by J&J and that is who I called yesterday to order another overhauled one. The issue for me with the new ones is that they are not immediately available....I'm just trying to get to TBO in about 650 hours at this point...
  6. I mentioned two different cylinders and I think you might have them reversed in your mind. #5 is the one that was replaced in March 2020 and has the oily fuel injector. #1 is the one that was replaced in 10/18 and has the failing exhaust valve...the photo above is of #5 exhaust valve 01/19 about 170 hours ago. Confusing to be sure. I will get new photos of the intake valves, especially #5 when I am back at the airplane... and I will study a diagram of the cylinder - anyone out there have such a thing to share?
  7. Here's a photo of the exhaust valve for cylinder #5 on 01/19 at 324 hours in service and 170 hours ago, pretty, huh?
  8. Hi Mike, the cylinder was channel chromed in 2014 by Aircraft Cylinders of America and apparently there it sat until it found its way to my engine in 2018.
  9. Let me start off by saying, I LOVE my Bravo. I just crossed the two year anniversary mark and my wife and I have had many great adventures, some of which, I've chronicled here. In that time, I've flown over 300 hours, almost exclusively in the Bravo (with the exception of a TBM 700 and and and Extra 300 - just had to brag about that because it was so freaking cool!). This is my fifth airplane and my fourth Mooney so I knew full well going into this ownership that there would be deferred maintenance to overcome and other wish list items to attend to during the first two to three years. To d
  10. @Niko182, I dropped my Bravo off for annual today...Surefly eMag is being installed in the left mag locationalong with a new right Slick mag and new ignition harnesses. I'll report back in a couple of weeks regarding changes in temps / performance if any. Alex
  11. @Pissed_'Ole_Pete, interesting first post you made there. Care to elaborate and also give us some background?
  12. I hope my comment was not offensive. That just looks like it could have been disastrous. The heat signature from the leaking exhaust may have been a good early warning sign as well...
  13. I would wager that has been developing for far longer than 25 hours flight time....which begs the question: Why wasn't it identified at a previous oil change?
  14. @carusoam , @alexz the response times are even faster when advice is solicited on how to spend AMU's...
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