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  1. Welcome aboard, Mark! Nice Bravo you you go: to POH.pdf?dl=0 Some of the manuals in those links will not apply to your airplane but that should get you started. Alex
  2. Thanks for all of the posts describing what happened. Your attitude is impressive. I hope you are made whole quickly and this unfortunate situation does not dampen your enthusiasm. I have not always been in the habit of asking line persons whether they know the towing limits of a Mooney. Oddly enough though, last week on the way back to MS from AZ, I diverted to Denton TX (US Jet Center FBO) and just as I was about to walk away from the airplane to catch an Uber, I turned around and asked the very "young" line person if he knew about the towing limits for Mooneys. He smiled and said, "Yessir, 11 and 13 degrees. I'll take good care of her for you." That young man was trained well! Unfortunately, the next morning, I was charged for 118 gallons instead of the 30 gallons I ordered. It turned out that the clerk confused my airplane with another. Both encounters were good reminders to check and double check everything, assume nothing. Alex
  3. I first learned to run LOP after installing GAMI’s then I switched to fine wire plugs. I did notice a difference in the smoothness of the engine and the ability to run further into LOP by a small margin. Temps are a bit lower too.
  4. Yes, I have serial number 27-0201 so mine has the espresso option. Great machine but the cost per cup is 1AMU.
  5. Interesting...@carusoam teach me something here...I thought all Bravo's came with a second alternator. I assumed this to be the case because the one I bought in September has two. Is this not the case? Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  6. Oh no! I hope Mooney makes him whole...
  7. Thanks, @flyboy0681! We will plan food and drink accordingly! Yes, we are looking for quiet, sandy, sunny lazy days with the intermittent day trip to other Cays sprinkled in for more fun.
  8. My wife, Denise, and I are headed down to Eluthera / Governors Harbor / Staniel Cay in two weeks for 6 days. We are staying at a bed and breakfast called Pineapple Fields. Here's the link: I'll keep my eyes peeled for a spot that suits your and your wife's requirements. This will be our first trip together in the Bahamas and my first one in the Mooney Bravo. I am beyond excited! Like you, I just had a new JPI monitor installed so that will make the trip all the more interesting.
  9. My wife is ready to start learning to be a pilot! It’s been decades since I went through the initial training and so I am wondering what recommendations are out there for well written study guides, etc. Any suggestions are appreciated. Alex
  10. Hmm, that's important. My aircraft was re painted before I purchased it and I suspect it was not re rigged perfectly. I'm also dragging TKS around and I have yet to tune my GAMI injectors so I may be losing more airspeed than I should LOP. I used to worry about all of this a lot more until I realized that there is a beautiful view out of the glarescreen to be had at any speed.
  11. My apology if you took offense. I was actually trying to lighten the mood a bit. I'm not known for my social tact. I understand you are certain you are right.
  12. My Dad used to tell me often: "Son, you're in a lot of trouble when you start believing your own bullshit." There are so many parameters here that I do not think you can make such a comparison nor does it really matter. Each to his or her own though.
  13. Thanks, All, for the responses!
  14. Those figures are running LOP...ROP, add 10-15kts.
  15. Below 10,000, 165kts TAS (+-) 15,000, 175kts TAS (+-) 18,000, 180 kts TAS (+-) I have not been higher yet. Mid weight, with TKS.