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  1. I did something similar...but I already added the GFC 500...I like the GI275 enough that I’m debating scrapping the plan to add the G3X.
  2. Hi Brian! No real world experience here but I've thought about it extensively. My wife and I make periodic water crossings up to 2-3 hours in length in a Bravo. Consider investing in Switlik vests as these are comfortable enough to wear continuously during flight. Other gear to have: A raft with a cover, water, high calorie density food, EPIRB beacon, VHF radio, Satellite phone or text device, knife or medical EMT scissors in the pocket on the vest to cut belts or airbags. My wife insists on packing shark repellent, for which she received much grief. If we ever encounter a shark, she
  3. Thanks, that helps me frame an expectation. The data logs have been delivered to Garmin...waiting for a response.
  4. About two months ago, I had a GFC500 with the Yaw Damper option installed in my Bravo. I occasionally the autopilot has an "adverse disconnect" initiated by the yaw damper servo. I talked with the shop about the issue and they recommended that I insure that I am: 1. adjusting rudder trim properly. 2. avoiding resting my feet on the rudder pedals. I am indeed doing these two things and yet I am still having the issue. In fact, when I transition from climb to cruise, I disengage the yaw damper, verify the rudder trim centers the indicator, then I re-engage the yaw damper just
  5. That's called a "double winner"...a wife who supports such a large purchase / time commitment AND the financial means to make it happen. Welcome back!
  6. That airplane had been on and off the market for about four years at least. Each time it's relisted, the price goes down 10k. It could finally be at the right place price wise but I would get a THOROUGH inspection
  7. Hi @PilotGrant! Welcome to MooneySpace! I fly a '95 Bravo and this is my 4th Mooney. Your price point seems in range although lately the selection of Bravos has been a bit thin. As was mentioned, Jimmy Garrison is a great resource as is Richard Simile at Thunderbird Aircraft: https://thunderbirdaircraft.com/aircraft-for-sale I've purchased from both of them and in my view you cannot go wrong with either. You're probably not going to find one with AC, BTW. Keep the questions coming for the group and you will find some great info here. Alex
  8. Thank you for the reminder. The panel in question was not functioning properly during high altitude flights as cold at -25 deg C. The purge procedure seems to have been successful in that it now wets across its length and the top half wets at 50 degrees, although the flow rate through the top half is much slower at that temp.
  9. I had a panel at the wing root of the right wing that would not weep correctly in flight or on the ground. Although it was SLOWLY improving over time, I wanted to accelerate the process and rule out any big problems. I followed @peevee 's post in a related thread found here and I built this: As @peevee mentioned, you will need the appropriate sized Olives, seals, connectors and a clenching tool to compress the olive onto the tubing purchased in advance from @CAV Ice. In my case, I elected to purge all of the wing panels at the same time because the TKS proportioning valve
  10. I am having an issue with my rudder trim indicator (95 Bravo) I verified that the switch itself, motor, etc work. The indicator however will "stick" to the right. Although left trim is applied, the indicator stays put until it does not any more...any ideas what is causing this issue? Potentiometer going bad? Thanks in advance for suggestions....
  11. Night IMC in icing conditions...the highest of all "pucker factors"!
  12. Sorry for the confusion I created here....I am at home recovering from surgery (bored and medicated)and I had no business doing math problems online. I’m not going to correct the post though because it’s been addressed in detail and the correction might just serve to muddy the waters further.
  13. My usage also is one quart per 8 hours when the engine is healthy. Recently, that quickly went up to one quart every 3 hours and this sudden change was my early warning sign of a cylinder suffering from blow by of the rings and impending exhaust valve failure. BTW, Lycoming provides a formula for "normal" maximum oil consumption: "Lycoming uses the following formula to determine maximum oil consumption: (. 006 x BHP x 4 )/ 7.4 = maximum quart/hour consumption. This means that...." For the Bravo: (. 006 x 270 x 4 )/ 7.4 = .087 qaurt/hour consumption maximum!!! I think the biggest takeaway
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