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  1. alextstone

    Hartzell Bravo prop?

    Yes, PaulM, I think you are right. FIKI coats the prop blades with fluid.
  2. alextstone

    Hartzell Bravo prop?

    FWIW, I am interested in volunteering my FIKI Bravo for the STC...please pass the word along
  3. alextstone


    If you look at the prop hours and prop overhaul date, you can impute that the airplane has been flown 30 hours since 2014 - almost five years! Too bad and probably a red flag for deferred maintenance and engine corrosion.
  4. alextstone

    Upgraded Bravo vs. Acclaim

    Man, that is one heck of a story! Congrats on safely landing and on getting past the headache of an engine swap.
  5. alextstone

    Upgraded Bravo vs. Acclaim

    OK @Bravoman you just made my problems seem trivial! Wow, cracked case and engine replacement?!? What were the “tells” on takeoff that you experienced?
  6. alextstone

    Upgraded Bravo vs. Acclaim

    My bias has no basis in good stats. It is only my experience. I think it has a lot to do with owning a 5 - 10 year old airplane vs a 15-30 year old airplane. In my case, I purchased the Bravo September 1st after a pre-buy and annual inspection with a supposedly clean bill of health. $30,000 and three months later, I am still finding issues that should have been identified by the Mooney Service Center that performed the work. So, is my math everyone's experience? Probably not. I still would not trade the speed,. FIKI and high altitude capability for the money! Alex
  7. alextstone

    Upgraded Bravo vs. Acclaim

    I owned (or more accurately, the bank owned and I flew for a fee each month) an Acclaim from 2007 to 2010. Last summer, I purchased a '95 Bravo. Both aircraft have been a joy to fly. If I could afford to, I would definitely go back to the Acclaim however. The GFC 700, climb performance, cruise performance and simple engine management are amazing! That said, the Bravo, for half the money is a lot more than half the utility and fun. Whichever you choose, calculate an operating and maintenance budget for each, then double it for the Acclaim and triple it for the Bravo. These planes are not cheap to operate and maintain properly. Please post pics of your choice!
  8. This portable Garmin GPS / EFB is like new. It came with the plane I recently purchased and I prefer using an iPad. Comes with all items in the photos. New total would be approximately $2000.00. I’ll sell for $1,150.00, UPS ground shipping within the contiguous US included.
  9. alextstone

    More excitement at FL 19.5 with my Rocket

    Wow! Well done.
  10. alextstone

    Fatal Carbon Monoxide Crash

    Thanks, Dan. This week, I had the TKS filter changed in my Bravo. I recently had the exhaust system overhauled as well. The next flight out upon takeoff, the CO meter went off and the CO concentration in the cabin quickly climbed to over 300 ppm. Previously, I had never seen it go above 15 ppm. After the cowling was removed to inspect the exhaust system and firewall, the mechanic and I checked the belly panels that he removed to install the TKS filter. One of them was not seated correctly, leaving a small gap in the panel right where the exhaust flows along the fuselage belly. Seated the panel and sealed correctly, problem solved. The CO meter may have saved my life. Alex
  11. alextstone

    Long Body Market?

    That's a great story! Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  12. alextstone

    Bluebook, VREF and Mooney Values

    John, I would love to see photos of your airplane. It sounds like a very special one indeed. Jimmy, I hope you find a solution to this fair market value problem. I remember when you gave me a "dose of reality" over using VRef for valuations during my purchase process. Safe Flying, Alex
  13. alextstone

    AOPA FLY-IN KJKA Gulf Shores

    I made it here this afternoon. Anyone up for meeting at the pancake breakfast? Alex
  14. alextstone

    When to overhaul the turbocharger?

    Hahaha! Yes, that was during the "dry fit". And the one v-band that's not new in the photo was replaced with a new one. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  15. alextstone

    When to overhaul the turbocharger?

    What a nice sight to see! Overhauled cylinder, Turbo and exhaust installed, Ground runs completed and initial flight test completed, followed by 5 hours of additional flight time this weekend. Noticeable improvement in climb performance, vibration, etc. Just waiting now on the final bill... Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk