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  1. Thanks! We have been talking via PM and I purchased....MooneySpace for the win again!
  2. I think as a start, perhaps agreeing to use a respected MSC might be fair to both parties.
  3. Respectfully, do you have any data with which to back us this claim? I've heard the suppositions that the TKS could trap water and therefore the water could cause issues. I've not found however any credible sources describing this. Also, TKS fluid in and of itself is not corrosive that I know of. Perhaps @CAV Icecould chime in with some data, etc....
  4. Wow, three cracked cylinders! Do you have any photos?
  5. It is not corrosive. It if were, TKS-equipped aircraft would be falling apart left and right.
  6. I am looking for a set of 3 inch rudder pedal extensions. Anyone have a set lying around you would like to part with for a fair price? Alex
  7. Yes that is is the one that matches mine. I was able to pull the number from the Lasar site (sold out there) and find it on Aircraft Spruce...it's listed as a Piper gasket... https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/appages/MC462_021.php?clickkey=3060725 Thanks for the help! Alex
  8. Awesome! Thanks Andy! Go MooneySpace!
  9. I am in the process of changing a fuel sender now and I looked on Aircraft spruce for a gasket with no luck. Anyone know of a good fast source for these?
  10. And how much money you have
  11. Suggestion: NEVER use the words "breaking off the wing" in a sentence involving maintenance!
  12. I'm late to the discussion but a great one it is! Kudos @Boilermonkey for factoring in not only what the airplane is capable of but where your limitations are the day of the flight. I'll add that departing toward your destination (when headed westbound) and stopping mid route to let the line of storms pass overhead can be a great way to stay safe, have lunch or just meet interesting people at the airport doing the same thing. I did that two weeks ago on a flight from KEWN to KPIB. I stopped in KMCN... here's the view just prior to landing: Just after:
  13. I'm no expert and I am sure others who are will chime in but I think you are not able to even do that at any cost until Mooney coordinates with Garmin on the necessary FAA certifications....
  14. Yeah, but to be able to afford the second one, you have to pay the first one off first!
  15. I’ve got a trim servo from a KFC150 system...are they compatible?
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