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  1. alextstone

    Got into ice today

    I am both amazed and somewhat jealous of the experience you speak of, @kpaul !
  2. alextstone

    In Need of a Prop Governor

    I do but it's just a JPI 700... No MP, FF or RPM Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  3. alextstone

    In Need of a Prop Governor

    I should "off scale" I meant above 2575...I did not take note of exactly how far above unfortunately though. I should have been more clear in my description. I read the SB...ominous stuff. I will think about what to do next and I will call Jewell also. Thanks for all of the good advice.
  4. alextstone

    In Need of a Prop Governor

    The overspeed was off the scale but I reduced RPM within a couple of seconds. It was unstable intermittently after that.
  5. alextstone

    In Need of a Prop Governor

    I had a prop overspeed condition last week that was difficult to manage. My mechanic removed the governor and sent it off for inspection and possible overhaul. I just learned that the casing is condemned so no overhaul for this part. Does anyone know of a shop that might keep one on hand already built up?
  6. alextstone

    avionics upgrade advice

    Is a good idea in my view of you set it up BEFORE the commencement of the approach :-) Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  7. alextstone

    avionics upgrade advice

    Oh, and I prefer to “fling” my approaches
  8. alextstone

    avionics upgrade advice

    You mentioned the display being cluttered. When fling an approach, i like to switch from the HSI 360 degree Mode to the arc (120 degree) mode and I change the items displayed to eliminate data I do not want to see. Have you experimented with these options?
  9. alextstone

    I Think I Found The Source of the CO leak

    Hi Rick, Yes, the nuts needed to be re I think you are right about the source of the leak. This was the first oil change I did, at 20.2 hours since the last one. I am doing them every 25 hrs or less as recommended. Alex
  10. alextstone

    WTB TKS Ovation or Bravo

    I'm new to Bravos, too so take my info with that in mind. Around 60K should get you a good overhaul from what I understand. As was mentioned, the Lycomings have a reputation for more durability than Continentals. In my case, although I had a pre-purchase and annual inspection before delivery, I discovered a cylinder that was losing compression due to a failing exhaust valve. That cost about $3.5K parts/labor to overhaul. Turbos in general seem to be good for about 1000 hours. My turbo overhaul cost was about 3K plus labor. The exhaust system also seems to need IRAN / overhaul at about 1000 hours and there are some components that can be expensive, but this is not necessarily a Bravo-specific problem. There are other AD's and SB's to consider of course. Others on this forum are more knowledgable so keep asking questions!
  11. alextstone

    WTB TKS Ovation or Bravo

    Welcome to Mooneyspace!, Last September, I purchased a FIKI 95 Bravo with lots of avionics upgrades, long range tanks (7 hour endurance!) and almost new paint for a number that is very close to your budget (2400 hr TT, NDH, 1100 HR SMOH). I have invested another 20K since purchase in handling some "deferred maintenance" issues. I've owned a 93 J Mooney, an '05 Ovation 2 and an '07 Acclaim Type S. For what it's worth, here's what I have learned: 1) I do not enjoy turbulence for extended periods of time so a turbo really comes in handy. 2) I want to safely dispatch in most weather conditions so FIKI is a must (and turbo). 3) Airplane maintenance is expensive in general and the Bravo has some peculiarities that raise its maintenance costs somewhat higher (25 hr oil changes, expensive engine and components). Someone else wisely pointed out that although these airplanes are in the 200K range, a comparable new aircraft is 750K so you can reasonably expect the maintenance costs to be reflective of an airplane worth 750K. 4) They all go reasonably fast, some faster, higher and farther than others. Pick one that fits 85% of your mission profile, is within your purchase AND operating budget. Fly commercial the other 15% of the time. Have fun researching and as my wife says, "Sometimes it comes down to not making the right choice but making your choice right".
  12. alextstone

    "Blood Test" Came back Normal!

    Yes, of course. Just more data, but reassuring to some degree if you are sitting in my position.
  13. By "blood test" I am referring to the first oil analysis I have ordered since I took delivery of my 95 Bravo in September. Since that time, I have flown her 70 or so hours, replaced one cylinder (burned exhaust valve), had the turbo and the exhaust system overhauled, installed GAMI's and fine wire plugs and learned to fly LOP. I was nervous about the oil analysis because before I purchased this plane, she had been flown WAY too infrequently over the past 10 years. The second sample is from 10 years ago...
  14. alextstone

    Is it ever too cold to fly?

    I'm no expert but the thing that would worry me the most would be the engine (and oil) temp on startup. A thorough engine preheat would be a must for each leg of the trip.
  15. alextstone

    Mooney Lunch Roundup in Alabama

    Thanks, Bob! After talking to @kpaul about it today, I put it on my calendar...see you there!