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  1. From this view, It sure seems that it is tight and secured (This photo was taken after the install but before the incident). In any case, if a mechanic whom I trust and have worked 100's of hours alongside cannot reliably place this device without error, there is something inherently wrong with the design in my view. If there is a possibility of the quad seal becoming pinched and sliding out of it's groove and one cannot visually inspect for this condition while tightening then this is a defective design. Also, the only response I got from the company was to insist that I send the device to their lab and threaten me with legal action. Not a good look.
  2. Buuuttt, said board is a "special tool" available only from the factory... Wait times vary 12-24 weeks and price is 1.5 AMU.
  3. @A64Pilot, I am at a loss for how to express my empathy for your challenges with your knee. As my dad used to say, "Never quit on the uphill!"
  4. Wow! Congrats on the outcome... +1 for training! Alex
  5. I think there is a way to update your speed brakes to the electric ones.....buuttttt.....it's going to cost more than a little....
  6. I would like to pause for a moment and thank all who have participated in this thread and on this forum in general. I have and continue to rely on your collective expertise to guide me to become a better, safer pilot and maintainer of my aircraft. Your input is greatly appreciated. I feel sometimes like I will be judged negatively from some of the information I share but each time I have those reservations, the responses are largely thoughtful, respectful and very helpful. Thanks again.
  7. Yeah, trust me, I'm not flying it again until we do just that or a compete overhaul. I'm researching my options as to whether and to which carrier a claim should be submitted.
  8. Thanks to all of you who have posted such thoughtful experiences and advice. Last night I filtered the oil and cut open the filter after one hour of run time. I did not have time yet to pull the oil screen. Here are some photos of the metal flakes I found. Sorry about the poor quality of the photos. I'm certainly no expert but impression from looking at them is that they look like the same alloy as that of main bearings. In total, there were perhaps 5-6 flakes in the filter and the same number captured in the filtered oil. i
  9. Agreed... Now, for the rest of the story....I own the maintenance shop and it is owned by the same LLC as the aircraft. I can only imagine the finger pointing that's going to go on between the two insurance companies and I worry what my premium will be next year...ugh I work alongside the A&P and therefore I know intimately how careful and thorough he is. He performed the install in this case because it was the first time and there is a 337 required.
  10. I'm just in denial... You're right. I've been down for four months due to rotator cuff surgery and this was my third flight since then. I have trips scheduled and 5 days of refresher training scheduled also until the end of the year. I'm sick to my stomach.
  11. Please explain further. The engine was without oil pressure for 2 minutes and for the last minute it was at idle. I am not questioning your expertise, rather asking you to educate me as to the decision.
  12. For those who are interested, here's some flight data: Flight track: 8:15:22 am local, Manifold Pressure and Oil Pressure begin to drop: 8:15:36 Manifold Pressure at 32.5 inches and I first recognize the problem 8:15:54 Turn back initiated and Oil Pressure near zero 8:16:10 Power Reduced to Idle in the decent 08:17:58 Shutdown of engine
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