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  1. To those of you at Sun N Fun, are there any screaming deals being offered by any of the vendors -- i.e., decent prices on LED landing light bulbs, ADS-B stuff, etc?
  2. Persistent IMC conditions, but not necessarily to minimums.
  3. I also don’t understand the hostility toward Apple. The iPhone and iPad were huge developments. Is Apple perfect — of course not. Are their products expensive — yes. But that’s why I own the stock!!
  4. Mike, what altitude and fuel burn were you at? I only get 185 TAS at around 3k and 20g/hr. I'm more used to 175 TAS at normal Ovation cruise altitudes and ROP.
  5. Cost = exorbitant Value = priceless
  6. Since this is an admitted manufacturing defect that clearly affects safety, I think Mooney International might want to consult with their lawyers and insurance carrier in deciding whether they want to pay for all the repairs or not. The litigation costs of just one crash will eclipse the repair costs by many orders of magnitude. Just sayin.
  7. Always do a final "centerline check" for gear down. I'm probably to the point of being obsessive about checking gear down. Verbalize your GUMPS every time and it helps ensure you don't forget.
  8. This type of question gets asked a lot on here. I think It depends upon you and where you are on the learning curve. You have more engine management and flight management to deal with in a high flying turbo. So, you have to ask yourself whether you are going to be behind the plane or not with this move. If not, then go for it and skip a step in aircraft purchases. If you are struggling to keep up with whatever you are flying now, then proceed cautiously and do not skimp on transition training.
  9. I have to go into the Nashville area for a wedding this weekend, and I am looking for recommendations. It looks like KBNA and KMQY are about equal distance from where I need to go, with KBNA a little closer. I am used to flying into Bravo and Charlie airports, but I have never been into KBNA and the layout looks a little daunting and I have no idea how GA friendly they are. Any advice?
  10. I fly into AVL monthly, and all I do is tell them that I am doing self serve, and it is has never been an issue and they just annotate the landing slip accordingly. Recently, I just taxi straight to the pumps on landing and fill up before going to the FBO ramp. I have not flown into Hendersonville, but the weather in the AVL area is often IFR or really marginal VFR, so I am happy to have the instrument approaches at AVL. I probably do instrument approaches in actual IMC on nearly 50% of my trips to AVL. It can be a real roller coaster if the winds are blowing in the valley.
  11. So, its actually a bit more complicated and is a function of the rules against the admissibility of hearsay. There are some exceptions for certain government reports, but the exception is limited in scope.
  12. Obviously I have not read them either, but assuming Continental's motions was accurate, the theory of liability looks suspect.
  13. As someone else commented, the Ultra might actually be a knot or two slower than the Type S due to the extra step. I flew a demo with Lee and he mentioned a number of changes from the Type S to the Ultra, but I don't recall him claiming a speed increase. That said, we were easily making 230 kts at 17.5k on the demo flight. So, the plane is wicked fast. We pulled the power back to Ovation speeds, and we were making 180 kts at 17.5k on 13 gph with a very nice range map showing. Of course, the Type S should do the same, so I think it comes down to whether you want to spend the extra $$ to get the Ultra.
  14. After reading the Motion for Mistrial (and yes, I am an attorney), I can start to understand why aircraft engines are so darn expensive. This litigation, which appears in my opinion to lack any reasonable foundation in law or fact against Continental, has probably cost Continental well in excess of $1 million in attorney's fees and costs to date. I have been in a number of high stakes cases, and litigation is an expensive proposition. Best guess is that the plaintiff's attorney is hoping that the jury is going to want to award something because of the underlying tragedy. This is the type of case where the judge is expected to intervene and prevent that type of result and decide the case on the law. There is always the appellate courts as well.
  15. I have done quite a bit of deep stall, spin and unusual attitude recovery training -- but all in aerobatic aircraft. Namely, Pitts, Zlin, T-6, and Extras. I am a big proponent of such training -- particularly of experiencing accelerated and cross-controlled stalls and recovery. Ironically, I hate doing stalls in my Mooney. Scares the crap out of me. Go figure.