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  1. I have a '68 M20F. What's involved with that update? Seems simpler to replace, but I may be ignorant of the realities here.
  2. Picked up my M20F last summer, and am interested in doing this to replace the two heavily glazed original back windows with one piece. Can anyone who's done this help me figure out the steps involved? Thanks!
  3. That's the engine eject switch. If you have any engine troubles, it activates explosive bolts and throws the engine clear of the airframe. Also, I may not know what I'm talking about. :-)
  4. Good call, I'll do that next week. Thanks!
  5. (I fat-fingered the title - it's a '68 M20F)
  6. UPDATE: This is, in fact, a K&N Filter. I spoke to them today, and they said it is a special product made exclusively for Challenger Aviation, and they cannot sell it directly. They gave me the number of (937) 387-6500 to contact them about purchasing a filter directly, with the same part number - SP-2979. Hopefully this helps others in the future, I'll update if I am able to purchase directly from Challenger. Otherwise, looks like I'm in for $250 for a whole replacement. This one was neglected by the prior owner and not cleaned or oiled, and now is basically letting unfiltered air straight through. ------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the air filter on my '68 M20F. It appears to be this: I am looking JUST for a replacement filter, The bracket and gasket are fine. The part number for the filter is SP-2979, stamped on the side. It is a K&N Filter: ...which does not appear to be made anymore. Does anyone have any ideas where I can get a replacement filter for this? Thanks!
  7. Does one of those two dead STC's include the F? I hope not, I just bought mine and would love to add this on my low-time engine.
  8. Turns out I bought this plane last summer (July, 2018). It's in decent shape overall. Engine was overhauled about 250 hours before I bought it, and some avionics updates. Had a GNS530W and a G5. Some minor hail damage, and dings/pings you'd expect from a 51 year old bird. Aside from prior owner not doing a great job with avionics upgrades and some maintenance, it's a solid flyer once I got the many, many, many squawks worked out. Knocking out the service bulletins that weren't done (none mandatory), putting in new insulation, new fuel senders, new ELT, etc, and she'll give me a good many decades. She's in for a panel overhaul as I type this, and will be getting new skin to fix the hail damage, and a paint job in the next couple of years.
  9. @Sabremech Please put me in line for a Gen 2 cowling for my '68 F. Repaint is in a couple years, and I'd like to do the cowling at the same time. :-D
  10. Do you have any photos of your installation you can share? I'm doing exactly this SB on my '68 M20F right now.
  11. I'm not a mechanic and would like all maintenance manuals as well! I'm a very hands-on owner (buy my mechanics a lot of pizza and beer to have them look over my shoulder and guide me through the harder parts of any maintenance I do).
  12. PLEASE tell me where you got this replacement interior plastic! Or, is that a reconditioned plastic you did using the Spatial Interior system?
  13. About $2500 if memory serves - plus your labor time.
  14. Do you have a source for a glareshield? I've come up empty, but my google-fu is weak here.
  15. When you're done with your templates... can I have them? :-) My M20F has no glareshield at all. And I have no skills. OK, OK, yeah, some skills...