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  1. I'm not a mechanic and would like all maintenance manuals as well! I'm a very hands-on owner (buy my mechanics a lot of pizza and beer to have them look over my shoulder and guide me through the harder parts of any maintenance I do).
  2. hmasing

    Loose sheet metal screws

    PLEASE tell me where you got this replacement interior plastic! Or, is that a reconditioned plastic you did using the Spatial Interior system?
  3. About $2500 if memory serves - plus your labor time.
  4. Do you have a source for a glareshield? I've come up empty, but my google-fu is weak here.
  5. When you're done with your templates... can I have them? :-) My M20F has no glareshield at all. And I have no skills. OK, OK, yeah, some skills...
  6. hmasing

    Awesome Mooney spouse

    My fiance almost passed out from fear the first time I took her flying. Bought my new (to me) '68 M20F 6 weeks ago, and now every weekend it's, "Where are we going?!" :-)