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  1. That's a pretty bird. I did the one-piece windows to my '68 in July, no regerts. I'm planning the cowling mod as well. I covet your wingtips, but it looks like they aren't available anymore :-( If I hit the lotto, I'll by a TBM - and I'll have my Mooney refurbished so it looks like it came out of the factory yesterday.
  2. Be careful not to become complacent and accidentally have hot mags. My check is that if I don't see the keys on the glareshield or in my hand, I don't touch the prop or go near the engine at all.
  3. The spot above my audio panel is a cutout specifically for the GFC-500.
  4. You can put your weeeeeed in it.
  5. Garmin keeps bumping the F from the STC list for the GFC-500. If we all reach out to Garmin, can we get their attention? Even if you’re driving an F and are holding out for the GFC-500, your voice should be heard. Reply here if you’re one of us!
  6. Aluminum Falcom She may not look like much on the outside, but she's got it were it counts. I've also got the Han Solo "fuzzy" dice hanging in the cockpit.
  7. Love those, and the price is good. May I ask how much installation was in time/cost? I have a '68 F that looks pretty much identical inside except for the manual gear.
  8. Yes, full tear down and inspection of the crank.
  9. Yes, that's part of the AD, and replaced the bolt.
  10. Yes, engine was completely off and broken down, and I had every part possible inspected. I've been very hands-on with this annual so I can understand my bird better. I'm also doing any work I can legally (and when I have evenings/weekends/lunches to do it). Even had the engine mount stripped and repainted. And since I was down for so long, I modded the side windows to a single pane, and gave been redoing the interior as well. and switched to LED's all around...
  11. As stated, that's the not the prop governor hose, but it's also not rated for the fuel pressures in the IO-360, and not for aero use.
  12. Yes, fuel line. It's the only photo I have. My IA informed me that the flex line on the prop governor was also not rated for the application, and was not aviation rated either (I believe). I don't have a picture of that hose.
  13. Yes, that's me, and I combined the tear-down with an annual, and that's why we're finding these things. We're going over everything with a fine-toothed comb, and fixing the stuff that isn't right.
  14. Yes, to be pedantic, you are correct. 220 SMOH. Not since new.