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  1. Spare headsets, life vests, and old moving blankets for when I'm transporting animals. That's my hat rack in a nutshell.
  2. +1 for EAPanels. They did mine above. Also, on your panel - you do note that there's an 80' altitude discrepancy between your Aspen and your G5 with the same baro settings?
  3. I found a place that does custom placard engraving online. I had them to the "FLY GOOD DON'T SUCK" and my tail number placards. Was *maybe* $25 total including shipping. I can't seem to locate the exact place that did it right now, though... :-/ This may be a good start?
  4. How was I to know that the cotter pin locking in a castle nut was missing on my mixture cable - and even moreso, to know to look for it when you can't see it even with the cowling off? Serious question. I have to trust that my A&P/IA know what they're doing, and they have to trust that I'll work with them to ensure a safe aircraft to the best of our combined ability.
  5. I've got a 330 non-ES I'd sell for a song, and @Janat83 could send it for an upgrade.
  6. Just starting the process of thinking through a repaint (original 1968 paint on mine!), and going polished with some bad-ass flames seems like a path I'd like to consider... but it looks like too much work to maintain. Thanks for all the great reading on this thread!
  7. Here's where I ended up with my 68 M20F Panel Update.
  8. That's a bit of an edge case... Later mooneys have fixed steps, fwiw.
  9. I have a 1968 M20F with the top coffee grinder, and a belly strobe. Nav lights on each wingtip, and a tail light in the back. I'd like to eliminate as many of those as possible, and go LED - I'd also like to be seen from the International Space Station. What have you good folks done to replace/eliminate lights with LED's? I'd love to be able to just go with wingtip and tail lights if at all possible. My plane is in for annual right now, for the next couple weeks, and all the panels are open so now's the time to add wiring if needed. Thanks!
  10. Thanks, man - sorry to have double-spammed you with this.
  11. BAS? Yeah, they have some C seats, but not the ones for the F.
  12. @chrixxer - do you know the salvage yard that has your old M20F, and did it still have the seats in it?
  13. @davidnz Sorry to necropost on this thread - I'm trying to find your installation gallery from when you did this? I'm in the process of doing this mod myself, pulled the windows today, and my I/A is trying to figure out the best way to position the stringers.
  14. My spec to Whelen was simple: I want the light that fits my airplane that sets the trees at the far end of the runway on fire The PAR 46 Prometheus is great, and while the trees at the far end of the runway only smoke a little, it's a really nice landing light nonetheless.