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  1. Just to add a snippet about shock cooling and agreeing with @gsxrpilot... A twin engine aircraft receives the worst possible shock cooling when during practice one of the engines is shut down for single engine training. An analysis of the twins used for these training exercises revealed that the engines that were shut down required no extra maintenance or overhauls compared to the engine that was kept running. Reading that thoroughly debunked the shock cooling myth for me.
  2. Mooney will forever be a part of my flying life now. For rental car activities after flying to the destination my daughter can switch to the booster next year but my son will need the full car seat for two more years... I'll be around Mooneyspace and the Quakertown gathering throughout ownership of the next aircraft and will be using @orionflt for any pre-buy and annuals... When the kids no longer fly with us (15-25 years) I will probably move back to an M20E or maybe a Vans RV 7 or 9; maybe even a Lancair Legacy...
  3. For local flights it was perfect. For overnight trips and vacations where we needed to bring car seats it was tough. We flew to NC to visit family for Thanksgiving for a few days and loaded up the baggage area. I installed the car seats and my wife and I had our children's feet resting on our shoulders the entire trip. I wanted a larger airplane that day... Here was that trip...
  4. When I purchased my M20C I bought it with the intention to own it temporarily to learn about complex aircraft and ownership in general. I always planned on selling towards the end of summer 2019, and since flying in the winter in the northeast sucks, purchase another aircraft in the spring of 2020. I must say that my family and I had a blast in the Mooney. It was always reliable, stable and fun. We've traveled thousands of miles and visited multiple states. Our plan now, though, is to purchase an aircraft to fit and last our family for at least 15 years. I really want to stick with Lycoming for the engine and will be looking at Piper Comanche's and Cessna R182's. I recently went through the selling process of aircraft ownership and much prefer the purchasing side of things. Some airworthy items came up during the sale and without the help of @orionflt and @Alan Fox would not have been sold. By selling an airplane I have learned more about buying one then when you buy one. Again, I want to give a big thanks to Brian Nelson for his help and professionalism and to Alan Fox for his recommendations and ideas. Here is the kids last flight in the Mooney...
  5. @Chris Strube are you interested in a Cessna TR182. I recently sold my M20C due to size constraints and will be looking at R182's.
  6. My eye doctor asked if I wanted to get lasik since I'm a perfect candidate. I declined because I prefer to wear my contacts which block UV light from any angle. Even wearing UV protectant sunglasses can cause damage because your pupils will dialate and still allow UV light in around the sides of the lenses.
  7. @orionflt is out of Quakertown (UKT). @carusoam is correct; Brian is very knowledgeable and fair. He also will probably give you great advice for the situation.
  8. I am 7.9 miles away and it takes between 14 and 16 minutes but chose "Less than 15 minutes".
  9. Back up on Barnstormers?
  10. Thanks Fellas...East Coast Propeller appointment 0800 Friday
  11. As my 100 hour prop AD has been approaching I was informed multiple times that Sensenich propeller service in Lancaster (LNS) could do the job. I just called and was informed that they can not do the inspection because of hangar construction and don't know when that will be completed. Does anyone in the eastern PA area know of another place to get the eddy current inspection done?
  12. If my wife didn't like to fly I would not own my Mooney either. Some people will just never get into flying while it seems like others can be coaxed into doing it for a reward. My aunt doesn't like to fly but she loves to go the shore so she'll fly there with my uncle in 35 minutes instead of driving 3 hours. I am lucky my wife loves to fly, she loves to take the long trips and the $75 hamburger runs... I see you are in SoCal... Have you offered to take your wife to Catalina Island or maybe Monterey or even the Grand Canyon. I don't know your wife but maybe you can coax her into going for the reward of a great destination. If she will never like flying I think you are on the right track selling and getting a two seater...
  13. Well done. Nice landing. I flew in there last summer with the family and walked to the pizza place down the street and then stopped by the fun center across the street.