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  1. She did try to charge me for someone else's gas... I spent as much time in the FBO trying to pay for gas I didn't want almost as long as it took to eat breakfast. I simply thought the service was poor in relation to the fees charged or the hoops needed to jump through to reduce fees.
  2. It basically boils down to this... Again, this is just my recommendation... If you are from out of the area I recommend searching for another local more pilot friendly airport of which there are plenty... Looking at my logbook I was at MQS 3 times in 2017, the year the restaurant on the field closed. To the local pilots who haven't been there in a while, which included myself, it has not improved and, in fact, has become even more of a hassle. Once more, this is just my observation and recommendation. If you are interested in any of the other FBO's and airports on
  3. You are obviously in the "Don't mind any fee for any amount for any reason" camp... I thought part of Mooneyspace was so people could share their personal experiences with others and they could make up their own mind... I was simply sharing my experience with Signature at this particular airport which happened to also include fees; even fees that I am not entirely opposed to as stated a few posts up... You are more than welcome to go to Signature/MQS...just be prepared to jump through a few unnecessary hoops and pay more money to wait around...
  4. Would like twice if I could...
  5. I agree that we all see thing differently and to varying degrees. While one person may see a benefit for the services I was (or was not) provided another may just see inconvenience. Before Signature acquired the FBO I believe that it was just run by the county and, to my recollection, just as well. All of the same facilities were present. The county does still own the airport. It isn't even the fees which really caused me to start this thread...it was the overall inconvenience. Again, someone was at the front desk, she was alone and had no other customers the entire time I was there. Do
  6. Thanks for the recommendation. I would like to go there...also never landed in Delaware yet...
  7. Ah...your saying I should not have used my previous experience with Signanture at the very same airport as a guide instead of calling... If I had called and they would have mentioned the new fees over the phone I would not have gone out of principle, not due to cost. I can not find an excuse to charge a handling fee when absolutely nothing was handled whatsoever. I was already willing to pay the $5 infrastructure fee. I was prepared go in there and give them $5 and not even get anything for it... In your estimation, where do the fees such as this become unreasonable? Is a $15
  8. Looking for a short flight to breakfast yesterday (8/9/20) and staying clear of the TFR I decided to fly to Chester County (MQS). The Flying Machine Cafe has been closed for a few years now but a diner is only about a quarter mile walk from the FBO. The last time flew there the fee was $5 for single engines and $10 for twins but if you ate at the restaurant or purchased fuel the fee was waived. I figured this time out I would fuel up at my home drome and save more than the $5 on fuel cost difference, have a merry meal and pay the $5 fee. On our way in I spoke to a nice woman at the desk.
  9. First, congratulations on acquiring probably the best E model in existence. Second, even a $5k premium for your hours and entry price does not sound unreasonable and I wouldn't be surprised if it were less.
  10. How do you make a small fortune in aviation...start with a big one... Could be an interesting opportunity though...
  11. I'm in the market again and looking all the time. I made an offer on one a few weeks ago and it was rejected. I saw the one you are referring to and considered it but knew it would be gone before I could even look at it...
  12. https://www.barnstormers.com/classified-1584668-FAST-and-EFFICIENT-1964-M20C.html?catid=20590 Sorry...looks like the same as above...
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