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  1. Well done. Nice landing. I flew in there last summer with the family and walked to the pizza place down the street and then stopped by the fun center across the street.
  2. I've done pumpkin drops many times out of high wing airplanes. I always find it harder to open the door wide enough to make the drop then to reclose it.
  3. Flew to breakfast with the parents today (5/26/19). Quick video of the family and I in our Mooney passing my parents in their Cessna on the flight back... 20190526_110233.mp4
  4. Very much appreciated. Nice seeing everyone. Thanks so much @orionflt
  5. I love the rounded windows as well...I would love to have a 64' E model...
  6. A couple of threads with owners...
  7. Welcome. Having a wooden wing means you can hang out here. There are a few M20A owners on here that have a wooden wing also...
  8. I only sent my receipt to the FAA for my rebate and was approved. They ask for proof of purchase or a 337.
  9. I was approved 5/2 and the check came yesterday (5/18). Not too bad.
  10. I suppose that is possible for an owner with multiple aircraft. I was the one applying for the rebate and have only one aircraft registered in my name.
  11. I did have to confirm it was a new installation then I received the below email. Please email us the documentation showing that you have installed certified uAvionix skyBeacon. We will not be able to approve your rebate claim without the documentation. Please send us a jpeg file if possible and make sure it does not exceed 5 mb. We will need evidence of new ADS-B avionics installation with following methods: 1.Clearly visible bill of sale indicating the owner’s name, equipment and part number, serial number and date of purchase or uAvionix packing slip or 2. A copy of the FAA Form 337 that includes the above information. Documentation should be submitted to It wasn't an issue since I had proof of purchase but it was just another hoop that I wasn't expecting.
  12. I actually had to show proof of purchase before having my rebate approved. Did anyone else?
  13. rebate was approved 5/2/19...waiting for it to show up in the mail now.
  14. Finally! After two MCF flights and speaking with uAvionix about a few things I did my 30 minute flight for the rebate this morning and received my GAIRS Report and code and submitted for the rebate. Installing the Skybeacon coincided with my first annual in which my autopilot was repaired as well. During the down time I also built a Stratux and tested it on the flight this morning...Traffic was flowing into my EFB! Thanks to everyone with the recommendations from this thread.