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  1. Kmac

    1st Insurance Renewal

    I do did go through Falcon last year by the way. At that time I got the exact same quotation from AOPA but went with Falcon because they were more responsive.
  2. Kmac

    1st Insurance Renewal

    Thank you for the replies. My insurance agent has said they will do a review closer to the renewal date.
  3. I have been contacted by my insurance company about renewal for the upcoming year. I have only had the insurance and the Mooney for 9 1/2 months so far but the insurance company is asking for my hours etc. for the renewal. In the previous 9 1/2 months I've accumulated 46.9 hours in the Mooney and now have 57 hours of retract time. Should I wait to fill out the form for a few more weeks? Would having over 50 hours in make and model help my rates instead of 46.9?
  4. Bump...I hope someone takes this guy for a ride.
  5. Kmac

    Retirement location

    I am many years away from retirement...if ever...but I often research places where I think the best weather would be. I think Alpine TX is the winner... For the original poster: Big Bend is nearby, dirt cheap real estate, small airport in town, I would assume friendly people...they are everywhere, university in the town, best weather maybe in the country...
  6. Yes, I used to like to go to The Flying Machine Café there also. Until Signature took over it was fun to just walk in and go to the restaurant. After they took over you had to stop at the front desk and fill out paperwork with your N number and full name to get to the restaurant. You also had to let them know that you were going to the restaurant to get out of the landing fee...What a shame...
  7. Kmac

    Protecting seats

    I'd put covers on those seats too eek!
  8. Kmac

    Protecting seats

    I agree...use the product. I feel the same way about screen protectors on the smartphones. People put them on and leave them there the entire time they have that phone. A seat is meant to sit on...if you have covers over your seats I hope that you are covering a crappy looking seat.
  9. Kmac

    Relocate the battery

    This seems to be a pretty old topic, however, my 62 C has the battery in the back. It had a ray-jay turbo which is when the battery was moved. When the ray-jay was removed the battery stayed. I can run out the back of the envelope fairly easily.
  10. In the video above I had my 13 year old nephew right seat and I had about 15 gallons of fuel. I went back this past Saturday with a standard size adult passenger. We planned to go elsewhere but diverted due to fog, this time with nearly full tanks. Even better landing...wish I had that one on video. For me, the most fun part of flying is trying to make a great landing.
  11. The grass overrun is on the north end. I knew that when I consistently got off at the first exit at my home field I would have no trouble.
  12. One of my favorite airports to fly into for breakfast when I used to fly my father's Cessna 150 TD was Butter Valley. Since purchasing my Mooney at the end of March 2018 I didn't make it back until now. This is my first landing at Butter Valley since purchasing the Mooney. Runway is 1535'x24' with 900' of grass overrun. My dad and brother flew over first in his brand "C" and shot the video. You can hear my father in the background urging me to add power.
  13. Kmac

    Hearing protection for kids

    I would say almost any noise reducing headset that fits well is sufficient. We simply got some child sized shooting ear covers at Walmart. They worked fine for our daughter and now we passed them to our 12 month son. Our 3 year old daughter upgraded to a child aviation headset when our son started flying with us.
  14. Congrats Seth! daughter was born in 2015 and my son in 2017 also.