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  1. Kmac

    ipad mini

    LOL, I skipped ME, Vista and 8...
  2. Kmac

    ipad mini

    I agree with @Hank. I am to young to have taken a bite out of the fruit so I started with something cheaper and more customizable for my vfr only flying. Android devices with Avare work great and are easier for me to use than foreflight which I have sampled many times flying with my brother who is a professional pilot. I am a windows fan but have no faith that Microsoft will be able to bring a usable tablet, operating system and appropriate app to market.
  3. Kmac

    Mooneys vs the others

    Not bad @M20Doc ...'62 C-150 w/ 140 gear, 152 cowl, sparrowhawked O-235 125hp, sensenich prop, flap gap seals and strut fairings. Again...just speaking for my experiences. Hopefully a worthy addition to @bonal's thread.
  4. Kmac

    Mooneys vs the others experience is different. Here is a pic of the Cessna I used to drive...can you tell me all of the mods?
  5. Had a very similar experience to you in the C-150. An electrical burning smell with smoke during take-off but to late to abort. Decided to remain in pattern and land. Searched high and low for the problem but everything seemed ok. I went flying with someone who had traffic on their aircraft and they said they couldn't see me. I knew right then that it was the transponder that was fried previously. Sure enough, took it apart and the electrical burning smell was inside the transponder.
  6. Kmac

    scrapped a mooney m20c

    Pics or it didn't happen. Never mind...I don't want to see gruesome pics this early.
  7. Kmac

    High fuel pressure?

    62' C...Same numbers as @Hank
  8. Kmac

    Dry vacuum pump poll

    I also responded with when it fails. Mine failed 4 hours into new ownership of my C. Autopilot worked well before the failure now it will only turn left. Accuflite and Accutrak II.
  9. Well done. With my '62 C I am in almost the same position, cost wise, as you. I thought about the other non-complex 180hp aircraft but just could not pass up the speed, efficiency and awesome J bar. By the way, my grandfather, two uncles and brother are pilots as well. My grandfather started it all with buying a new '63 C. (He could also afford a new airplane when he was only one year older than I am now). It is crazy that I am flying an older airplane than what he bought new 55 years ago... Thanks for the interview.
  10. Very nice meeting everyone. Thanks to @orionflt for hosting. @Marauder we would be glad to stop by for another get together. Just let us know when.
  11. I would be willing to come earlier as well according to the forecast. Of course the radar in the morning will tell the rest of the story. If you move it to 10 or 11 am, and it is not raining at that time, we will bring chocolate chip brownies .
  12. Kmac

    Pulling Prop Through

    Weather was beautiful last night (finally), so I took the plane up. As soon as I shut it down I pulled the prop through again. Each cylinder felt much more similar in compression and difficulty. No issues with the run-up or plug fouling. Thanks for the replies everyone.
  13. Kmac

    Pulling Prop Through

    I would say oily for cylinders 1 and 3 and mostly dry for 2 and 4. The oil is fairly black now (about 20 hours since annual) but I haven't owned it for more than an oil change yet. Oil consumption is about 1 quart every 6-7 hours.
  14. Is pulling the prop through a good indicator of compression? Should it be about equal difficulty for each cylinder? I recently purchased my M20C and flew it home to PA from Texas with no issues. About 3 weeks after having it cylinder 3 fouled the lower spark plug and I couldn't get it to check out during run-up. I cleaned all of the lower plugs, reinstalled them, passed run-up and flew it with no issues. The next time it wouldn't check out again... I am under the assumption that I was not aggressively leaning it and just needed to the hang of it. I decided to replace all lower sparks plugs because looking through the logs I noticed they haven't been replaced in many years (12 to be exact). I replaced them with Tempest UREM37BY's. After replacement I started it up and aggressively leaned, passed run-up, and took it for a flight with no issues. All compressions were in the 70's in March when I picked it up but it is a high time engine (1800 SMOH). The weather around here has sucked so I went to the airport just to put fuel in the tanks. I decided to pull the prop through for fun and noticed that two cylinders are fairly hard to pull though, one is slightly less and another that is not very hard. I just want to see if others think that the fouling of the cylinder 3 spark plug and having one cylinder with significantly less compression during a prop pull though could be related or if it should be checked further.
  15. Kmac

    Advice on a Mooney purchase

    Congratulations Seth! I also had a great experience with Jimmy (How is his knee doing? He just had surgery when I bought mine.) I actually bought Ron Fisher's old M20C and he moved up to a K model. The transition to the Mooney was straightforward. It is a very honest airplane and just "does what it is supposed to do". I am sure you had no trouble moving from your Yak. Congrats again! Edit: I just looked at your Flight Aware trip from Spring Branch. Awesome speed to TN. Must have been great seeing nearly 175 knots ground speed!