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  1. First, congratulations on acquiring probably the best E model in existence. Second, even a $5k premium for your hours and entry price does not sound unreasonable and I wouldn't be surprised if it were less.
  2. How do you make a small fortune in aviation...start with a big one... Could be an interesting opportunity though...
  3. I'm in the market again and looking all the time. I made an offer on one a few weeks ago and it was rejected. I saw the one you are referring to and considered it but knew it would be gone before I could even look at it...
  4. Sorry...looks like the same as above...
  5. Whew...what a ride...I'm sorry. Hopefully you walked away with some money that you can use for another aircraft.
  6. I was unaware of any M20E's produced in 1968...
  7. When I was searching for my first Mooney a manual gear was a must on my list of wants. As soon as I would see an ad where one was converted to electric I would move on. I may have even passed on some with potential. If I look for another Mooney in the future I'll consider electric gear because of the information @Culver LFA provided. Looking forward to the pictures...
  8. Would like this post twice if I could. Thanks for the write up.
  9. And make no mistake...I am very proud to be an American and very proud of America's response. There is no response that can make everyone happy or is fair to everyone. No other country makes an attempt to be as transparent, forthcoming and provide as much data to the world as the USA. I also have a friend taking care of Covid positive patients is Massachusetts. My business had N95 masks that we use when cutting fiberglass. I offered them to him but he replied that his hospital has plenty of PPE. Every person is going to have a different reaction to the federal and state responses. I believe my governor has gone overboard. On Sunday face masks are required to go out in public and all employers must take essential employees temperatures before starting work. Our shelter in place order has been in affect for weeks now. If no restrictions have been relaxed and the response has been working why add more restrictions? I could understand adding those requirements after ending the shelter in place. When all of this is over I look forward to beginning my search for another aircraft...
  10. My worry is that a precedent has been set. Suppose the 2021 flu season is slightly worse than normal...can the economy and life be shut off again to save lives? Maybe there are too many car accident deaths in 2022 and "they" no longer allow driving? Too extreme? I don't know...I never saw this coming. What is the New Hampshire motto? Live free or die... I am about there and willing to take my chances. If someone else's idea of freedom is self isolation so be it... I now believe enough people know of the virus and they can decide on their own how to best protect themselves and what risks to take. To the original poster @bonal my ownership has been affected. I sold my C last fall and planned to upgrade this spring. I won't be doing that yet...
  11. After selling my C last fall and planning to upgrade this spring I think I am going to wait just a few more months to see where things end up. I still have access to another airplane in the time being. Our family loves to fly out for our $100 hamburger, the shore and other destinations but currently all of that is unavailable. The only reason to upgrade, if this pandemic persists, would be to visit family, which we would do a few times a year on top of local flights, but if that is all the airplane is for I don't know if it is worth it... If we would visit family 4 or 5 times per year and include recurrent training I would probably only get to 30 hours per year instead of normally much more...
  12. And another plug for @Alan Fox. He sold me some back plates for my spinner when one was discovered to be cracked. I also credit him with the sale of my Mooney by offering outstanding advice.
  13. I would like other opinions on the following as well... As I would do for my Mooney, following my father and other hangar neighbor, pull the dipstick after flying when the oil is hot you can see the steam/water leaving through the oil fill. I see it as a way that must reduce water and rust in the engine. Not necessarily for long term storage, but I would do it after each flight as I was preparing to leave the hangar.
  14. @hish747After selling my C I look at Mooney's and other aircraft all of the time. I have been in contact with Arizona Air Salvage over the last few days about this aircraft. I saw this aircraft on ebay last year and again recently. It is listed for less on their website. They sent a bunch of pictures but didn't answer any of my questions. I was trying to see if anyone there actually flies the airplane and can tell me if it flies straight or not. No autopilot or wing leveler but if it flies straight it's no big deal. They did say the prop was filed after hitting a taxi light but it was not rebalanced. Still waiting on the answers to the following: Bladder installation date with capacity and usable amount of fuel Year of the gear pucks/disc installation Weight and balance of the aircraft Damage history besides prop strike Noted corrosion on the airframe Does the aircraft have an alternator or a generator Is the intercom 4 place When was the vacuum pump installed Was SB208 complied with and, if so, when