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  1. I got very good results with WD-40. Besides lubricating it removes all the dirt from the rod ends and is not sticky.
  2. I replaced my fuel selector placard by making one myself on a printer with sticky paper and sticky plastic film for protection
  3. Try lubricating all the actuating joints with WD-40
  4. I use Rain-X which besides ice inhibitor I get 5 knots increase in speed. Just wax it over.
  5. One significant advantage of altitude is VHF radio range. On overwater flights I always carry marine radio frequencies capability (156.8Mhz). If you are going to be ditching you want to be near a boat. On most routes there is plenty of boats that will hear your call. Just make sure you choose the right boat.
  6. I used to do the same trip but non stop from KFXE to TJIG to avoid Customs and refuel
  7. I had a similar problem and found two pin holes at the oil sump causing the leak. Sealed the holes with Marine Tek and problem solved. It is not unusual for a casting to loose some of the grain over time
  8. I had this watch for 20 years and never needed to replace the battery. It works with ambient light. I set it with and found it to be very accurate.
  9. A $10 baseball cap will do the job and only requires to be installed on your head 713dy9J0sQL._AC_UL480_FMwebp_QL65_.webp
  10. This is one of those events were synthetic vision would not help. Keep your windshield clean.
  11. I have a 13cuft portable oxygen tank that I place neatly in between the back bucket seats of my 1982 M20J for long trips. It works very well and much cheaper to refill than the permanent tank. I just get refill at a SCUBA shop with NITROX capability for $10.
  12. Make sure your pilot relief tube is in working order for the trip
  13. On the early days of GPS you needed to have LORAN C for redundancy. Trimble came out with the TNL 3000T GPS/LORAN C navigator that would operate on LORAN mode in case of GPS unavailability. Wish the LORAN C network still available. Later on the US gov. was to improve to eLORAN for accuracies of those of GPS. I had an Apollo 618 LORAN C and love it. Opens image gallery Mouse over to Zoom - Click to enlarge