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  1. The map that you show is that of Quebec, Canada I was mostly referring to the US. But when I am VHF (aeronautical) out of coverage I resort to HF on my trusty Icom 706. KP4DAC
  2. Hi Yves next time try your cell from the air at 1,000 feet. KP4DAC
  3. $20K that's more than my home central air conditioner. With Coke and ice I am pretty refresh in the summer. My pilot relief ventury and cup holders are no brainer.
  4. Same story here but I switched to the internet with my cell phone. No noise no QRM and works everywhere. No towers needed. KP4DAC
  5. Nice article but for the price I think I will stay low.
  6. Does anyone here has experience using oxygen concentrators as supplemental oxygen for inflight use?
  7. Beautiful airplane but no pilot relief venturi neither long range tanks neither HF radio that I have on my M20J for ocean crossing.
  8. You can mount the antenna underneath the glare shield, supported by a home made bracket. Mine can receive satellite signals even inside the hangar with the hangar doors open
  9. My M20J average cruise speed heading to KAGC.
  10. I think an HSI or CDI are better options for course guidance, specially for IFR precision approaches.
  11. This device can make all your landings greasy. I have terrain warning on my GNS530W that shows terrain threat in red, yellow and black. Very useful to me on departure at night from Quito Ecuador. It shows you the mountain passages.
  12. Or add these to your shoes, FAA approved.
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