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  1. I have been based at KFXE for 40 years and have no complains. Plenty of facilities , shops and good people.
  2. Check with Mani Vicioso at Premier/KFXE at tel 786 457 3157. He does my annuals and is very familiar with Mooneys.
  3. Your landlord is fully responsible for fixing the hole and your plane. Show them the pictures.
  4. My home base is at KFXE which is near to KPBI. Every time Mr. Trump is in the area a TFR zone is issued. I only know of the TFR on my Garmin Pilot Samsung cell phone. Is there anyway of displaying the TFR on my 530W? Are TFR warnings issued on ADSB ground stations? Would the GTX 345 provide TFR data to my GNS530W?
  5. But, but no pilot relief tube oohhh!!. Back to the bottle, just don't miss the cap underneath the seat.
  6. Does the GTX 345 will provide TFRs depiction to a GNS 530W? Currently I get WX and TFrs on my Samsung cell phone using the Garmin Pilot application.
  7. A friend of mine has one of these portables in his Mooney hanging from the coat hanger and works very well on the ground but it has to be turned off once you reach altitude or you will freeze. For $89.00 is a good deal.
  8. Missing segments failure is common on these radios. It can be easily fix by removing very carefully the display from the PCB and bending down the contacts and cleaning them with contact cleaner. This is a very delicate job so make sure you have a magnifying lamp and small tweezers.
  9. On a TCAS II system if both aircraft are TCAS equipped the RA issued is opposite maneuvers for each aircraft one is told to climb and the other to descend when they are close to the same altitude. The TCAS software takes into consideration altitude and climb performance to determine which aircraft is to climb.
  10. No COVID 19 on your Ovation but 11 hours by train for sure someone had it have the test done.
  11. $85,000 and no bathroom!!! That is more than your 1964 M20C.
  12. Used to be based at TJIG 30+ years ago with my old 1966 M20C next to the tower ramp. From TJIG you can easily access the Old San Juan and the Metro Area. FBO facilities are very much like here in Florida. If you make the trip nonstop from the US to PR there is no need for Customs. It takes me about 6 hours on my 1982 M20J with long range tanks. If you fly the A555 route at 11,000 feet or above you will have good VHF coverage with Miami and San Juan Oceanic Centers. Typical winds are from the SE at 10kts. Over GTK at 14,000 ft
  13. I use a portable tank that last 8 hours at 20,000 feet. I filled up with oxygen only at local SCUBA shop that has Nitrox capability for $15.00. Not a bad deal.
  14. Has anyone tried portable oxygen concentrators. No need to refill. www.
  15. If you are going to have cup holders have one of this pilot relief installed.