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  1. Wonder if there was moving map navigator onboard, it will definitely help with the approach. My sympathies for the family.
  2. Thanks for all the good wishes. Still recovering from a stroke two years ago. As soon I am better I will be back on business doing tank kits. Wish you all Merry Xmas. Jose
  3. Back in the mid 70s I had a chance to study the radio telescope on site while on my electrical engineering program (BSEE). I spent a week getting familiar with the intricacies and operation of it. At the time I was also a Star Trek fan so I was tuning in for Klingons
  4. https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2020/11/famed-arecibo-telescope-brink-collapse-will-be-dismantled
  5. It appears that the pilot tried to arrest the descent by pitching up. This causes the plane to slow down and loose controllability to keep the wings level. An engine failure probability on a twin is twice that of a single. To make things worse engine failures are most probable during high stress situations like on take off and climb.
  6. Were these planes in a locked hangar or out on the ramp?
  7. When you fill up all the long bodies with long range tanks to the top skin surface they will make 130+ gallons total. Some of the early long bodies have conduits at the filler hole that inhibit filling quickly to the top , thus limiting the amount of fuel you can put in. The table below shows the different fuel capacities. All of them are with speed brakes installed.
  8. Rubber ear plugs together with conventional headsets provides very good noise attenuation at a fraction of the cost of the Halos or Bose.
  9. A watch is no good if it can not tell you time reliably all the time, specially in remote areas like Mona island. I had the above Citizen watch for 16 years and never had a problem with it. It charge it battery with ambient light. No AC charging, no winding, no battery replacement, no sunlight required. Perfect for the international traveller. The new models can set time by GPS.
  10. My flight instructor prefers the summer outfit it provides the best cooling.
  11. I always rent a compact car at the FBO. More comfortable, specially under rain, carrying a lot of baggage and my wife.
  12. There is no difference between electric or vacuum. Jose
  13. The Monroy Long range tanks can be installed with either vacuum or electric speed brakes. José Monroy
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