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  1. I've been to this bone yard and They have a “K” model that I bought some salvaged parts off of. I can't tell if this is correct, but it's priced right. located just south of Jacksonville, FL. On a grass strip. Don't try to fly in with a Mooney. https://www.ebay.com/itm/MOONEY-M20-SERIES-AIRCRAFT-CORRUGATED-RIGHT-ELEVATOR/271327608006?hash=item3f2c62bcc6:g:OooAAOxydB1SjqMk
  2. It has been an eye opening exercise for me pondering your questions -a-. I had never flown in a Mooney, nobody I knew owned one. I heard they were small inside. My mechanic friend said they were hard to work on. I heard they were hard to land. Yet I ended up owning a Mooney. I do remember my first “Oh wow” Mooney sighting though. It was March 17, 2006, I was taxiing out and watched a long body land. That was one of the most beautiful, graceful aircraft I had ever seen. Fast forward to summer 2016 and my daughter gets accepted to a school 670 nm away. The Skylane I was flying was not right for that mission and my research led me to Bo’s, Cardinal RG’s, Vikings and Mooney’s. One of the main reasons I ended up with my Mooney was the value. No other aircraft in the running came close to acquisition cost, fuel burn or speed. The Vikings were a close second though. So my Mooney purchase was based purely on value with no experience to draw from. Was it a great leap of trust in my decision making skills? Maybe, but if not for the great value I might have ended up with a Viking.
  3. I used to fly a FG Cardinal. It was a wonderful aircraft but slow as a Yugo. The RG Cardinals are pretty sleek and will match the vintage Mooneys’ speed. I found this nice example on Controller. Asking and selling prices often vary however I feel like the C brand commands a higher price than our Mooneys for similar performance. Looking at this fine specimen gets me excited but then I think about the Mooney I could have for the same outlay and for me Mooney wins. Why is it that Mooney’s are such a fantastic value? and since they are, and there are fewer of them, why doesn’t that drive the values up? https://www.controller.com/listings/aircraft/for-sale/184024203/1973-cessna-177rg
  4. Thank God for global warming, this would have been devastating...
  5. My daily driver gets 14.4 mpg, my fun car gets 11 mpg, my Mooney gets around 20 mpg. I never think about my environmental impact. Why? Because my environmental impact is basically nothing compared to that of the environmental elitist activists that constantly try to shame the rest of us for impacting the environment.
  6. For all you gear heads, I just found this old article from Car and Driver. It’s a fun Read. https://www.caranddriver.com/features/a15141011/fear-of-flying-ferrari-vs-plane-the-sequel-archived-feature/
  7. Welcome to the club Kevin. John is Really awesome to work with and puts much thought into the painting before he even begins. One of my regular missions was flying from FL to Ohio to visit my daughter in college before she graduated. This painting features 88V over Clingmans Dome in Tennessee. This was our “just past halfway” point on the 4.5 hour flight. Think about how truly cool it is to have an original work of art, featuring your personal aircraft and painted by a fellow aviator who also flies a Mooney. Glad to see John has continued to donate his talent to Mooney Summit.
  8. Jenny is a class act. Despite her recent loss, she took time to express gratitude for the extra time she had with Mark due to the heroic act of Thomas Hunnicutt. Godspeed Jenny. https://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/widow-of-plane-crash-victim-thanks-man-who-rescued-her-husband
  9. Sweet! Good catch. Are you a Gen X’er?
  10. Drone hits Mooney wing at 238 mph. (Video) https://udayton.edu/blogs/udri/18-09-13-risk-in-the-sky.php
  11. The restaurant at OCF is closed down until the new terminal is completed, probably not open until next spring.