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  1. If it's the one in Apopka, it has some history. Google the n-number. There are some pics on the web that will help your mechanic know where to look. Damage history is less relevant with proper repairs and time.
  2. Yes, I did make this using an original as a template. I have not been able to find my file but I will check with the shop that worked with me. They might still have it. Your challenge will be getting the degree scale in proper position. I do not have the original travel board to work with anymore.
  3. I attempted to create a set via waterjet. My intention was to be able to share the cad file so they could be produced at a local level for whoever needed them. The problem is that both sides have the degree scale and we could only jet the degree scale on one side as it was impossible to set the aluminum back in the precise position to create the degree scale on the opposite side. I ended up marking them by hand with a sharpie. The Mooney boards are very intricate and a work of art.
  4. Turtle, we really are but caretakers to these machines for a season. Your Mooney chapter may be ending but there is someone out there who will take over and care for your bird as you did when the baton was passed to you. I have thought about doing the experimental thing myself as I love to turn wrenches and have an inclination for anything mechanical. When the time is right, you will know. My condolences regarding the loss of your friend. In time you will be able to smile when you remember some of the adventures you shared flying in your Mooney. My CFI died of cancer too. He was very health conscious and in shape and it shouldn't have happened to him. I still talk to him when I fly and I can hear jim in my head, giving me instruction....and it makes me smile. Best wishes, Steve
  5. That one has some damage history, but mine does as well. I've been eyeing it for a while also. Let me know if you go check it out, I'd like to see it.
  6. What? Can you speak up a little?
  7. Hi @FastTex, I have a jackshaft assembly in my hangar that came from a 1975 F model with electric flaps. Not sure of the part number. Do you have any pictures? There’s one on ebay with a-001 superseded by a-503 part number. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mooney-M20F-Jackshaft-Flap-Control-Assy-P-N-750093-001-Use-750093-503-/232212430952
  8. Same topic over at the Jet Careers site a couple of years ago...interesting read. https://forums.jetcareers.com/threads/anr-headsets-and-tinnitus.232480/
  9. @hmasing I have a set that came from a 1975 F model in my hangar. I'll be at the airport today and get some pics if you’re interested.
  10. Is that when all the retirees in Florida move to Jersey?
  11. @MATTS875 Try John Gostinger here: John Gostinger LL Johns & Associates, Inc. o: 248-666-4400 | o: 800-662-4401