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  1. Yeah, there are rumors around here that you’ll pick up 2-3 knots in weight savings alone.
  2. Nice! Congrats niner four foxtrot. Interesting shock absorber on the nose wheel.
  3. That could have been even more awkward had he had a non-pilot passenger in the right seat.
  4. Here’s one from about the time I gave up my membership.
  5. Thanks for the pirep Steve. Knowledge is power and you have certainly empowered anyone that reads this. Have you posted your experience to Beechtalk?
  6. Look at page 9 of the attache pdf. You should find your blade model number and the corresponding placard P-920_Rev39.pdf
  7. Interesting, I see one is specific to the “K” while the other works for the C,D,E,F,G and Mark 22. Is the weight of the turbo a factor? What would be different regarding the board? More travel?
  8. @Gary Lewin You have an extra elevator travel board. How much do you want for it as it’s not part of the set?
  9. How about peanut butter? Gasoline? A steak dinner? What is a dollar worth today? How about next week? Next year?
  10. How much house could you buy in rural America for 160k-165k before? What is that house worth today? That J seems like a good value to me.
  11. This is indeed unusual. The only time it seems to happen to me is night flights over water or mountains. :) Seriously though, I have had a similar experience. Landed at the nearest airport and had the local mechanic check my fuel injector nozzles. He found nothing and suggested it was something that passed through in the fuel.
  12. What a great looking Missile! Kudos to you Jon. I have convinced myself that my next Mooney will be a Missile or Ovation. This one checks all the boxes, timing isn’t right for me at this time. If the world still exists in 3 years, I’lll be the first one in line when the new owner decides to upgrade. Speaking of upgrading, is there a new winged beauty on the horizon for you @M016576?
  13. Regarding the accident flight, the flightaware track shows a departure from runway 12, then a fairly sharp left turn and a return to the field and line up with runway 30 only to overfly 30 and went down on the approach end of 12. I’m curious why the pilot of 4267H didn’t choose to land on 30?
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