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  1. Dogs are loving this quarantine. Our Bella has never been so spoiled as now with walks around the neighborhood and a good rubbing of the ears and neck multiple times a day. Cats too, though they won't freely admit it. Today I was working from home and caught myself staring at that beautiful painting of my Mooney that hangs above my desk. Thought about you @bonaland how you captured that gorgeous halfway point in the flight from Ocala to Dayton so perfectly. Yes in the midst of this zombie apocalypse I found myself smiling. Thank you. This pandemic is a learning opportunity for the powers that be. When the next one comes around it will be handled better, I'm certain. I had just started a new business as of March. It is all but dead and my regular business is down 60%. I have clients that might not re-open when this is over. Yes, it can be depressing but people are resilient. We will rebuild and move forward. We will have a sense of normalcy again. I once asked my grandmother what it was like living during the great depression. She thought about it for a minute and told me it wasn't so bad. She said people helped each other and family was a priority. Community was everything back then. Fortunately we have an online community during this time of holing up. Hang in there bro, happy days are on the way.
  2. Doctor said decaf is better for me....uhh, I don't think so.
  3. Welcome Casey, nice looking bird. @OHAEDO might be of help as well.
  4. I've always used tempest filters with no issues, but I always wipe a film of new oil on the o ring before I install the filter. Edit- I used to use tempest in the Skylane, I’ve been using Champion with the Mooney. Still, never had an issue getting them off and always used my finger to wipe some clean oil on before installing. Champion has not given me any problems either.
  5. Looks yummy. I think restaurants are going to be packed when the zombie apocalypse is over. I can't wait to get my hands on a Ribeye steak, cooked medium with a baked potato, butter and sour cream and some sauteed mushrooms. Oh, and an ice cold Miller light. Ummm mmmmm! By the way, Mesquite is spelled incorrectly on the website.
  6. I've always wondered why Long Islanders switch up the “A” and “R” sounds. I’d like a glass of water with my pasta becomes, I'd like a glass of “Wat-ah” with my “Past-er”. Weird stuff.
  7. They will come out. I purchased a plexiglass polish at Sun-n-Fun a few years back as my windscreen was full of micro-scratches. You must use a clean(new) microfiber cloth and a lot of elbow grease. I will snap a pic of the product next time I go to the hangar. I would recommend never wiping the windscreen if it has any kind of dirt on it. The best way to clean is a running hose and your hand. edit: I'm pretty sure this is the product I have. https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/cspages/lpsealant.php?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIstuwkIy06AIVDFYMCh0uVQBoEAQYByABEgL4b_D_BwE
  8. I noticed there has been no talk of the elephant in the room for several hours but I found this presentation from Captain/Dr. Samuel Philbrick USAF 525 FS/medical element in Anchorage. The presentation is simple and easy to understand as to why we are going through this nightmare. Hope it is useful to some of you.
  9. https://beta.controller.com/listing/for-sale/190417029/1976-mooney-m20c-piston-single-aircraft
  10. WHAT CAN YOU LEARN FROM YOUR MUCUS/PHLEGM COLOUR Your immune system has a lot of work to do while fighting off a chest cold. One of your body’s best defenses is to produce mucus to flush the virus or infection out of your system. Phlegm is the name for mucus that is coughed up from your lungs when you have a wet cough. Whether it’s clear, white, yellow or green – the colour and texture of your phlegm can vary when you get sick and even as you get better. Though some colours are more common for certain ailments, the colour of your phlegm is mostly determined by how thick and concentrated the discharge is. Here’s a rundown on some of the more common colours of phlegm and what it might mean for your health: Clear mucus: your body produces this 24/7, usually over a litre a day even when you’re healthy White mucus: your nose is congested which is causing your mucus to become thicker and cloudy a virus may be present Yellow mucus: your cold or flu is progressing and white blood cells are rushing to the site of infection Green mucus: your immune system is working hard and your mucus is thick with dead white blood cells Prolonged production of thick yellow/green phlegm or any other colour (dark red or brown) are a signal to see a doctor to ensure it is nothing more serious.
  11. Another one down with the sickness! Sorry @GeeBee. Please keep us posted on your situation and reach out if you need anything. I've got food that will ship. No toilet paper though.
  12. Same thing as a tyre but designed to operate on vehicles that travel on the “right” side of the road.
  13. Bella the boxer doesn't fly because she gets gas.