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  1. Congrats Andy, Fly up to OCF sometime and I'll buy you lunch at Tailwinds cafe. Steve
  2. Eight8Victor

    Dented Nose Truss

    I’ve had my LASAR truss tab broken completely off by an FBO. Even though the tube was not bent, the break allowed moisture into the tube I’m assuming through micro tears in the metal. When my mechanic noticed what appeared to be rusty water forming at the break, we decided to replace it. I don't know how long it was broken. It must have been a while for moisture to form.
  3. Thanks for posting Andrew and thanks for giving your talk at the Summit. Your presentation was top notch.
  4. Eight8Victor


    Hello all, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed some relaxing time with their families. I was high bidder at this year’s Summit for the original art work donated by @bonal and am absolutely delighted with the painting. I would like to thank John for donating his talent to the Mooney Summit as well as those of you who support the event. If you have not been, I would highly recommend attending next year and will guarantee you will come away a better, safer pilot. John was a pleasure to work with. He truly enjoys painting and loves Mooneys, who better to commission for a painting of your Mooney?After sending some photos to John, we discussed my flying experiences and settled on a background of the Great Smoky Mountains (Clingman’s Dome) since that is the most visually dramatic portion of my frequent trips from Ocala to Dayton. John kept me posted via email on the progress and even had the painting framed before sending it. He is a class act! I have my original of 88V hanging over my desk in my home office and have received many compliments. Thank you John.