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  1. Summer's going fastNights growing colderChildren growing upOld friends growing older Time stand still.
  2. I’ll offer an appropriate segue. Yachtmaster and HK 93 (pre ban)
  3. Thanks for all the replies. I realized after some checking that there were various different designs For the cable attach point so only those with my style probably feel my pain. Anthony, it was finished and closed up by the time I posted this and I was at the height of my frustration so no pictures and I didn’t want to dig back into it. I did find a pic on Mooneyspace from another poster that I attached here that resembles mine. MKturbo, Moose, Chump, Mitch and Yetti. I did have the oil, cooler unbolted but it only provided minimal room to negotiate with my hand. In the end I
  4. Awesome video Oscar. Way to go! 41V looks amazing!
  5. Im going to hell. It took 237 curse words to get the wire into the small hole in the stud. The oil heat exchanger mocks me the whole time while the cable housing punctures my finger tip releasing bright red corrosive fluid. There’s got to be a better way, so share your secrets.
  6. Wow, is certainly an appropriate response to this video.
  7. Or buy an F and a 996 turbo Porsche with the savings. The appreciation on the Porsche will pay for your Mooney upgrades.
  8. I like the 201 windscreen for sure as well as the cowl enclosure. I don’t think any of the mods will give you any appreciable speed increase, mostly aesthetics. I have speed brakes and while many will say you don't need them, I have found them to be useful. Try to make it to the next Mooney Summit. It will be well worth your time. pics attached
  9. @TheSaltyExplorer I ended up with a ‘76F for many of the same reasons listed here. The “F” model has some positives. The cheek panels and upper cowl are super easy to remove and reinstall making for easy oil changes. Dual magnetos vs the single drive unit in the A3B6-D. I think most “F”’s have a higher useful load. Although not popular here, I like flying with the throttle quadrant. I always get compliments on my “201” . Mine has the ARI cowl enclosure’s which looks better than original but not as good as the 201 cowl. I also have the 231 wingtips and wing root fairings. The ‘76 F’s h
  10. I met the owner of the company when I first bought my Mooney and was having it annualed down in Sanford, Fl. Ruben is a brilliant guy and super nice with a great family. They left Venezuela after the Marxist take over and are living the American dream. Good people.
  11. Jose, Your customs stickers are expired.
  12. Sorry to hear about this Frank. Peace to you and his family.
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