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  1. Sorry I haven't responded yet. Will try to soon. -Seth
  2. We've got a bunch of Mooney's at KGAI - Gaitherburg, MD. PM me and I'll get you the contact info for those on the field. For now there is also a Mooney Service Center at W00 - Freeway Aviation. Lot's of good information there. Tommy and Chris are always a great resource at Freeway. In a few years the airport will likely be a housing development, but for now in our backyard you have a FANTASTIC Mooney shop. -Seth
  3. $145 an hour for 145-150 knot airplane is a great deal! -Seth
  4. Come to Mooney Summit VIII in October in Florida. It'll be the biggest gathering of Mooneys in 2020. -Seth
  5. What an amazing a knowledgeable man. I’ve watched all the videos I can find where he presents. He takes mundane and hard to talk about subjects and adds just enough entertainment to engage the audience. Watch these if you haven’t.
  6. That looks great! I’ll be bidding on this again should John donate it again. It’s a very popular silent auction item!! -Seth
  7. I remember that thread. A lot of us at the time had BMW E39 M5's. A disproportionate number for the only 9000 or so that were sold in the United States between 2000 and 2003. I'm curious who still has one. I do (just about to roll past 180,000 miles). I think it was 5 or 6 of us that had one years ago. -Seth
  8. Kevin makes a valid points, and Kevin it was something we debated before instituting the fee. For instance, if there's bad weather, or a problem with your plane, we don't want get there itis becoming a factor. However we decided so in order to hold the type of event size wise we want to offer the Mooney community. For all we know we may change it for next year. We hope to see you there. The good news is we should not be capped this year so you don't have to sign up this instant. However, the earlier people sign up, the better it helps us for planning. We also wanted to get registration open as soon as possible. We should have hotel accommodations, group rates, and that sort of information up soon. Take care, -Seth
  9. I need to get a pair of clips and install them. Anyone have any suggestions one which kind to get? That's been problem for years with my floor mats. I've done no research on this but can't belive I didn't think of it until now. -Seth
  10. Listening to your Mission, I'd go with the J. The K is a great machine. As is the Missile (mine), Ovation, or any of the turbo brethren. The M20F is a great value as well for your Mission, however the J with the aerodynamic improvements and younger airframe make more sense as you have the funds for it. I'd get the M20J, fly it for a year or two, and then before any upgrades you may choose to make, at that point decide if your mission is still the same, and then keep the airplane, make changes you want, or get something that's a fire-breather or had bigger displacement. I owned a 1967 M20F model prior to my 1983 Mooney Missile (M20J with a bigger non-turbo engine). I'm don't climb to O2 levels often so I went with non-turbo for simplicity, though I did consider a 252 before purchasing the Missile. I LOVE my Missile (as many of you know). It was an STC completed by the same people who made the Rocket - just on a J without turbo (different engine and prop, but still the same basic idea). The J sounds like the correct airplane for your mission and they can be very smooth - dynamically prop balance the prop if it's not smooth, make sure the engine mounts aren't sagging, etc. The upkeep is lighter on the checkbook too, and below 8,000 feet you'll be equal or better in speed vs the K. If after two years, you are still lusting over a fire breather, turbo normalize your airplane or at that point step up to a 252, TLS, Bravo, or Acclaim! Or don't go turbo and step up to an Eagle, Ovation, or Missile! Faster speeds, bigger displacement, lower altitudes without the added costs of turbo (that's what I did). I do also have portable O2 for when I do want to go high in my Missile (17,500 is the highest so far). It sounds like you want a turbo, and if that's what you want go for it. However, I do suggest the J with your current description of typical flying. Regardless, welcome to the Mooney club!! Keep us informed on your decision. Take care, -Seth
  11. According to Bob Kromer they did testing with a “bug” leading edge and an smooth/waxed leading edge at the factory. From a really dirty leading edge to smooth from the top of the wing spar in front and to the bottom side of the wing spar the difference was indeed a difference. I forget it it was up to 2 knots or up to 4 knots. But it was consistent every time. So keep that leading edge clean all the way back to the wing spar on the top and bottom and your bird gets an almost free speed mod. -Seth
  12. Just heard news say pilot issued mayday minutes before it went down. -Seth
  13. Full disclosure. Scott said it was a Missile (we’ve been texting - fellow Missile owner) and I then found the pic online. But yes, Media often does not have an aviation expert on staff or readily available consultant (though they should!!). -Seth