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  1. Aerospace Welding in Minneapolis does good work. They did the MissilE Exhaust R&R in 2011 and then realized they didn’t have what they needed for an Overhaul in 2020 and shipped the exhaust to Rocket for overhaul. They do good work in my experience. -Seth
  2. If I recall Wilmar was sold off and Paul created Weep No more. Wilmar than went downhill in quality and closed. Oasis Aero was created became a new Mooney Service Center. Paul Still runs Weep No More. The two work very well together but are separate companies. I think but am not sure, that if issues are found during resealing process, Oasis often is hired to correct said problems - not sure about this. Give them a call and ask - both Eric and Paul and very accessible. You can do a reseal without any Oasis work. https://www.weepnomorellc.com/
  3. I had two cylinder heads crack on my in 2012 about 100 hours into the overhauled engine run. That caused immense overheating of the CHT. Do figure out what's wrong. The engine monitor data is crucial here. PIlot did a smart job in making a precautionary landing. Should be commended for that. -Seth
  4. You made the right call and it’s what I should have done. Pull the mixture. Stop the aircraft. at Oshkosh 2019 I was marshaled into a muddy area. I asked three times (one pointing, once attempting to taxi by, and once talking/yelling) over the engine I was worried about taxing through that patch. They said it would be fine and I had a prop strike in the mud on my Missile. EAA’s insurance paid the claim as I was marshalled into the bad area. But I still had numerous out of pocket expenses. They paid a ton in insurance. Next time I’ll shut down like you did. Good job.
  5. That's a good ending to this chapter. The lifters were bad on My IO-550A at purchase as well in 2011. -Seth
  6. I have flown my Missile to Oshkosh numerous times and have been worried every time. As long as you keep the trim up, go slow, keep the control column pulled back, and barely touched the brakes, you should be fine. I've had marshallers turn me around before and as noted by my novel of a post, I was also directed into a muddy area even after asking to not go through it. In hindsight, I should have simply pulled my mixture and held up "the line" to allow me not go through the bad patch. Happy to PM you or have a phone call about it. I was the the third to last aircraft to arrive before the field
  7. I know someone's yoke broke off and they used the other side. No a control shaft failure. I personally broke the PTT switch on my yoke once, so mid flight I plugged my headset into the other side and reached over to the other side to press the PTT for communication the rest of the flight. Diverted to a trusted shop and sat there while the PTT switch was repaired. -Seth
  8. After being on the other threads, I started thinking diesel again. Though I do want pressurized, a DA62 or a DA50 may both be good airplanes. JetA powered. Those could be alternatives, as could a Mooney with a diesel engine. Now a Mooney wing, new gear, and a composite fuselage pressurized with a diesel engine or small turbine, now that's a niche that doesn't exist right now. -Seth
  9. This thread still makes me smile. -Seth
  10. This is actually a question I’ve thought about a lot (as you can tell). I love my Missile and plan to add to the fleet though a shared arrangement instead of trading it in. I have access to late model Cirrus aircraft that seat 5 and are FIKI. So I could downsize to a two seat airplane like and RV-8 and take some cash out and operate it to my hearts content when it’s just me or one other on board which is 95% of flights. If I get access to and an typed in an SF50 or PC12 (insurance training) I’ll just keep my Mooney as my “RV8” and use those for family trips. I can get a PA-46 fo
  11. Yes, it's eye watering. Good point about the piston pressurized twin - understand it's a total loss that equals scrap metal going in and you're A-Okay! Just like a 20 year turboprop or jet is simply purchasing an engine or two and whatever comes with it is bonus. Maybe an Aerostar is in my future after all! -Seth
  12. If anyone wants to flip these right side up please do!
  13. Nope. Got the number for the Comanche Fighters LLC but never got a call back. Left two messages. Though the LLC is in Houston the aircraft are tracked to all over the US as per flight aware and the aircraft registered to the LLC. Their P-47 was the one on display at Duxford believe or not for years before being crated up and shipped back to the US in 2013. It is a dual seat P-47. -Seth
  14. So do they own an LLC and the LLC owns the Volvo and thus with the sale of the LLC the owner keeps the plates? -Seth
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