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  1. Seth

    Dented Nose Truss

    That is quite a dent!!! When mine was damaged it was much much smaller than that. Enough to warrant replacement, but really annoying because it was such a small dent. I think I know the guilty party but I could not prove it so I ended up paying for the repair myself. -Seth
  2. Would love to understand real L39 operating costs at some point. Acquisition is not terrible, but what about Autopilot, etc . . . flying above FL180. This would be thread drift so maybe start a separate topic about flying the L39? -Seth
  3. Have you had that much success with the pencil?
  4. I'll have to stop by their booth!
  5. Alright, my 2019 or 2020 deal at Oshkosh or another time may be an audio panel upgrade. It may also be a Garmin 430W trade in and audio panel upgrade. It may be more (replacement of KX-165 if the faceplate keeps getting worse). Aircraft: 1983 Mooney M20J Missile 300 Equipment: King Auto Pilot, Garmin 430W, GTX345 Transponder, KX165 COM/NAV 2, Aera 660 panel mounted screen receiving flow from 430W AND traffic/weather from GTX 345. Aera 660 also has emergency AHRS page. Normal steam six pack. So audio panels: I have a King KMA24 from the factory. I have a separate signtronics intercom. On the shelf I have a used Garmin GMA340. I was going to install this at some point, but I have recently flown with a Garmin GMA350 or whatever is in the 2018 Cirrus aircraft and really liked it (I also liked the playback feature so I can check back and see what a controller said). So now I'm thinking of buying that instead or doing a PS Engineering job. -I know a swap of the KMA24 for the GMA340 does not work. You'd have to add wiring, change tray, probably replace wiring. -I know there's a drop in same tray version of a PS Engineering system where you add new wiring that would replace the KMA24 and give me an intercom in one unit. -I don't like the idea of doing two jobs, but maybe I replace the slide in option, do the wiring for the itercom hook up, and then wait until I do my larger job at some point in the future. The idea was to have close to an all Garmin panel even though I do like outside technology. I went with a GTX345 as the base of my system instead of the Lynx, even though the Lynx has a real display. I plan to get a Garmin 750 in the end to replace my 430 (trade in at some point or private sale). For my #2 NAV/Com, I'll do something, haven't decided what yet. That's why I was thinking Garmin 340 audio panel which is just sitting on my shelf at home. But after use of the 350, well, I'm not going to put the 340 in. So . . . PS Engineer, Garmin 350, do something in between, I'm still a few year out from the 750. For the big job I'll rewire everything. For this smaller one, I may not unless you convince me to do so. My sigtronics intercom can be touchy - it can sometimes cause some unwanted sounds if touched wrong. Sometimes the buttons on the KMA24 can cause static. It's fine for now, but they have both served the plane well it's entire life and my 7 years of ownership. Will do something at some point and I want to come up with a plan A, B, and C. It may be do nothing until the big job. So give me ideas, spend my money for me, and help confuse me so in the end I make a good decision. -Seth
  6. Still waiting for the iPad Mini5!! -Seth
  7. Seth


    Thank you for staying with MooneySpace and sharing information with us outside of the Mooney world. Congrats on the new S35!! -Seth
  8. 10 Years ago this morning is when Captain Sully landed the stricken A320 on the Hudson. Amazing still to think about/read about/hear about. Good training, good execution, good work. -Seth
  9. Seth

    2018 Hours

    That may be a topic for me if we have another kid. -Seth
  10. Seth

    2018 Hours

    Yes - having small kids limits time available. I have a 1 and 3 year old. My flying dropped considerably the last few years. -Seth
  11. Seth

    2018 Hours

    I did that in 2006!!!! -Seth
  12. I'm glad the factory is self regulating themselves and getting in front of the issue, but yes, their mistake, newer airplanes, this cost should be covered by the factory. Talk about paying it forward for all potential buyers to see. -Seth
  13. I will soon run out of room in my paper logbook #2. Both Paper Logbook #1 and Paper Logbook #2 have seen a lot of wear and need both tape and rubber bands to keep from falling apart. That said, I have a reward for return written into each with contact information and the fact that it's a "love story" not just a logbook. I also keep records on, however I still want to keep a paper logbook (even though I'm in my 30s and should go all digital). So . . . seeing that I now fly for Part 135 single engine operator, plan to get my multi, tailwheel, in the end CFI, and maybe give helicopters a shot. Likely, I will not go to the airlines (maybe more corporate and part 91 contract flying); yes, I will get turbine time soon (friend with King Air and once I get my multi I can log it), and maybe jet time in the future though other contacts. What paper logbook should I get? What do you recommend? I'm not getting a basic logbook, but one with more columns. My first was shorter. My second could fit many more flights on one page. I know it's just a logbook, but I want to know why you purchased yours, and what I should want in my logbook as I progress into aviation at a measured pace. This logbook will likely last for 5-8 years until full if I keep my current pace. Recommendations? Thanks! -Seth
  14. Hello Mooneyspace: I earned my Commercial in 2018 after starting it back when I had my F model (which I sold in 2011). I also was hired as a part time pilot for a part 135 operator as a Charter Captain in the Cirrus SR22. I plan to earn my multi engine rating in 2019. I'm looking for a weekend/long weekend (2, 3, or 4 day program) where I can earn my multi rating. I'm based in Maryland inside the SFRA - KGAI - Gaithersburg/Montgomery County Airpark. There are two Seminole's at our local flight school, however for many reasons I can get into privately, I'm not using those aircraft, and likely they would not be available for me anyway (mechanically or booked out to a higher pecking order). Here are the 2-4 day programs and pricing near me that I am aware of without too much digging. What else does the collective wisdom of MooneySpace suggest? Groten, CT - $2595 + $600 examiner fee: $3,195 Piper Seminole 269 NM Hanover, VA (near Richmond) - $3875 + $500 examiner fee: $4375 Tencam Twin 88 NM Elon Aviation, NC - last summer my CPL instructor got his multi here over a weekend in a Seneca. The website only has a Baron noted now. I will get more details. Any other suggestions? I was at first thinking the glass cockpit Tencam would be neat and it's closer, but in hindsight, probably a legacy twin like a Seminole, Seneca, Dutchess, Baron, etc would make more sense as those aircraft are more available for rent and training is similar. I can always get checked out in the Tencam for fun sometime. Thanks in advance for extra information and opinions! I'm also open to someone who would fly their twin here to my home field and is an instructor. I also have at least one, if not two other pilots that would be interested (we can combine the ground portion to maybe get a better rate). -Seth
  15. WOW - that's quite cool.  So you are a working pilot now...

    How many hours a week do you figure you are doing at that?  Its not interfering too much with your day job?  And home job (kiddies)?

    I always wondered if that kind of work would come with significant pressure to do some flights that might not be idea.  What do you think?  

    Did they send you through any specialty Cirrus training?  Do they have turbo props for you to work up to?

    So ... how much do you make at this?  By the hour?