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  1. Anyone upgrading want to sell me their old late model in good shape iPad while I wait on for the new mini 5?
  2. Thank you for the heads up. -Seth
  3. Seth

    Mooney search starting...

    Alan Fox had a C for sale - contact him. -Seth
  4. Seth

    Chuck Yeager turns 95

    I saw General Yeager speak at a black tie event in 2003 in Washington DC where he was honored. Afterward i asked him what advice he had for a student pilot with 25 hours. He said “Son, when I was your age I was shooting down Nazi’s of Europe!” He was also flanked by his wife and another aide at all times as they were protecting him from stating inappropriate things. He could still give a rehearsed speech and presentation, but it was clear that he was having issues even then mentally. I never had the chance to meet Bob Hoover. Happy Birthday Chuck! -Seth
  5. Seth

    Fly In at KCGE PIREP.

    Kay’s at the airport is a fantastic place and the locals support it even better than transient pilots. The lobster omlets are also really good from what I hear. I’m sorry I couldn’t meet up with the gang today. hopefully next time. -Seth
  6. Seth

    Mooney search starting...

    Welcome to MooneySpace! You’ll get a lot of good advice here and do understand it will slant toward Mooney’s! The M20C is the best bang for the buck in General aviation when it comes to speed and efficiency! For less than a 172 you get a 140knot retract with a VERY strong wing. I previously owned a M20F and loved it. It’s the best value for useful load and speed. It does almost what the J does for up to $30,000 less for comparable airframes! That delta equals the the price of some M20C’s. Your missing is capacity for more than 2 people at times and speed. Cost wise the M20C is a great choice for occasionally 3 or 4. The back seat is tight. The M20F is perfect as you ascertained. Is suggest the Mooney but here are some other airframes that are also good but not quite as fast as a M20C. Grumman Cheetah Early Bonanza 35- do your research here! The M20C will be more stable. Cessna 172, Cessna 177 Cardinal, Early Cessna 182. Piper PA28-180 Piper Commanche 180 North America Navion. It may also make sense to find a well maintained airplane at your airport of choice where the owner is open to a partner to split costs. A good flying club could be a nice way to test the waters for the first year or two while you figure out what you want to buy and regain experience. -Seth
  7. Seth

    Mooney down Woodbine Nj

    Negative. All I was shown was still of the video. Aircraft was maybe 4 feet from impact. Nose in maybe an 80 degree down angle (with a cowling length to go if that until impact). The left wing (pilot side wing) leading edge was ever so slightly closer to the ground than the copilot side. Gear was down (view was from behind and showing the belly). There is a video surveillance unit on the airfield that captured the final sequence of the crash off the departure end of the runway. The picture I saw was a picture of the computer screen - thus, it's lower quality. If I zoom in to see flight controls it is very pixelated. I'm sure the NTSB already has or will soon have a copy of the video - again, I have only seen the once still frame and some pictures of the accident itself after the fact. Very sad. -Seth
  8. Seth

    Mooney down Woodbine Nj

    I was shown a video taken by some sort of security footage showing the airplane diving almost straight down (I don't have the rights to share it here). The ground scaring indicates that as well. No chance to survive a crash like that. So sad. -Seth
  9. Seth

    Mooney down Woodbine Nj

    The tail number is N9667M. My former F Mode wasN9567M. Very sad to hear. -Seth
  10. Seth

    How do you deal with ice?

    I have encountered ice a few times in my Missile and twice in my former M20F. Escape as soon as possible. Turn 180 degrees and leave the area. Climb through a thin layer quickly (ice tends to accumulate faster at the top of the clouds). Descend quickly through the layer on your approach. Don't fly if there are reports of icing. Play your route to go around the reported areas of icing. Descend to warmer air below. You can plan and work your way around ice in winter flying, but if you are ever in it - get out. Have an out. Don't fly on days when you don't have an out and its likely you are going to have an encounter. My worst was a trip along the Appalachians and it was not forecast, but all of a sudden I heard reports of it where I was headed, and low and behold, it started forming on my airplane. I asked for lower, and lower, until I was as low as possible. I had descended below the cloud deck, and simply carried it the rest of the way to landing. I was flying fine and it was no longer accumulating, so I landed. It broke off as I entered warmer air at my destination. When climbing through a thin layer in my M20F I picked up some light ice but made it up very quickly (in Detroit). Once above the clouds, it dry air it sublimated off pretty quickly. it was above freezing near the ground so I knew I could descend if needed. In the Cirrus SR22's I fly for a charter company, they all are FIKI and I turn on the TKS prior to entering any type of visible moisture if near or below freezing. Recently near IAD, Dulles, there were reports of light icing at 5-6000 feet. During the climb and decent I put the TKS on prior to entering the cloud layer - didn't accumulate anything but ran the fluid anyway. It is important to not when disembarking or climbing into your airplane, if you ran TKS fluid, watch your footing - it can be VERY slippery - this is not in any of the training I read. -Seth
  11. Seth

    engine heater for the winter

    I have a Tannis that was installed on my airplane when I purchased it. For years I've wanted to hook it up to a remote cell switch so I can turn it on a few hours prior to my winter flights. I also built a heating until out of an electric space heater, dryer ducting, and heat tape. I have it set to keep a certain temperature so it never got too hot. That with a blanket would heat up the cowling just fine. I would plug it in, go fill up the car with gas, run an errand, maybe breakfast, come back and go flying. Now I would just get a remote cell switch for it. You can build one for $25 to $50. If my Tannis breaks, this is what I'll do. I like that with the Tannis when I'm away at another airfield I can bring an extension cord (often not needed) and have the FBO run an extension cord out to my plane the night before or day of my flight. I do not keep the heat on all the time -I only turn it on or plug it in the night before/day of a flight to warm it up for that flight. Otherwise it is off. I also took a look at just now as suggested. Nice device. Maybe I'll consider one in the future, but I'll probably just build my own heating system like I used to if my Tannis dies. -Seth
  12. Seth

    The Missile gets a facelift

    Nice update to your Missile!!! I love seeing these sorts of updates and improvements! -Seth
  13. Seth

    Too soon to move on to a Mooney 231? 130TT

    GREAT chart. Where is my Missile on that chart? -Seth
  14. I am based in the SFRA. I sweat when I’m on the ground and squawk 1200 prior to departure when away from my home base . . .
  15. Correct, Uncontrolled is the proper term. I personally like stating non-towered for when I discuss this with the non-pilot population. The look of horror when I say I'm based at an "uncontroled" field vs a "non-towered" field. Kind of like renting out my former townhouse basement. If it was a "lower level suite" I'd get $200 more per month than a "basement for rent." -Seth