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  1. Even my Missile ran smoother and made LOP possible when I switched to Tempest fine wire from champion massive in 2018.
  2. I have signifcant time in Mooney's and Cirrus's now. For most missions I prefer Mooney's. Just my person preference. Just like the M20J mid body Mooney matches so well with the IO360 (and My Missile has a hot rod IO550 on it), the best engine for the Cirrus is not the 200HP, it's the IO550 as well. The SR20 does not climb as well. The SR22 with the bigger engine climbs so much better, and it's the right engine for the Cirrus airframe. The SR20 works, but the SR22 is a much better plane simply because of the better engine to help with climb. Wing wise, the SR20/22 wing is designed with two separate airfolis with the cuffs on the outer edge stalling slightly slower than the inboard section of the wing (Similar to F-18's). For my part 135 training in the SR22 I had to push the plane to it's edge and really figure out when it would stall, how bad the stall got, etc. You have to really mess up to spin stall a Cirrus. It happens, but the warning signs are blaring at you (similar to a Mooney if you get to slow, it gets mushy, and you know it). I was in a deep stall when training in a Cirrus holding it as best I could until I couldn't. Then you drop the nose, power up, recover. It's not meant to be a low/slow airplane. But you really have to not be listening or lack the pilotage skill to stall spin one (don't get too slow). Cirrus aircraft lack elevator pitch control once you get below about 78 knots. Important to know when landing/flaring. When in a Mooney and you lose your engine in the pattern, trim, fly a smaller pattern, glide it in. Engine out practice in a Cirrus in the pattern (if high enough, you are supposed to pull the parachute, no joke), you have to dive for the numbers just like a Piper Arrow - they don't glide well - and sacrifice altitude to keep the airspeed up so you can flare at the end. The Cirrus has a much more comfortable cabin for passengers - I personally like the seat in my Mooney more (I get uncomfortable in the Cirrus after a few hours). The side sticks I don't love. The spring feedback is not the same as real feedback in our Mooney pushrods or even cable controls. Cirrus's have pushrods, but it's the springs that make the feel seem odd. It can get tiring when hand flying. Trim - Most singles have a trim wheel, Cirrus aircraft do not. All trim is electric. There's no fine movement with it, so it's hard to get perfect straight and level. A trick is to engage the autopilot, then disengage so it's trimmed perfect vs just a bit off. I'd rather have a trim wheel to manually get it just right. If going Cirrus, get the SR22 - it's the right engine for the airframe. If you missing doesn't need the climb performance nor speed of the SR22, and you are looking for a slightly roomier cabin for passengers, side-stick, parachute, and fixed gear for no chance of a gear up, go Cirrus. Both are airplanes and you can't go wrong. I love my Mooney. I see why people like their Cirrus's. More important, have your spouse sit in both. If your spouse is into it, it makes your love of flying that much better. Your spouse assisting in aircraft selection is a big factor. -Seth
  3. Next time I’m there I’ll see if I can find it and take some pics. I’m there about every two weeks right now. Likely next visit is after thanksgiving -Seth
  4. Wow. My Missile has the same “Hump” (great, now I’m thinking of Fergie) so this is good to know to avoid a heart attack. I’ve hit thumps like that at lower altitude before near BWI and Dulles at night - my guess is wake turbulence for this two specific occurrences. Otherwise, it could have been anything. -Seth
  5. Will do and yes I need to delete some old messages
  6. PM me for costs. Mine is already ordered and will be on my Missile flying early next year. -Seth
  7. Heads up, George is a very long term Mooney driver and now Cirrus driver. Led AOPA Safety Foundation, Flew F-18’s in the NAVY, owned and M20F and M20S, now flies 767F’s for UPS. He’s been a subject matter expert and speaker at Mooney Summit twice. George loves Mooney’s and is just giving his facts and point of view as we all are. -Seth
  8. I’ll have one on my Missile soon too . . . -Seth
  9. At this time we intend to have no waiting list. If we grow to 1000 people attending. That may change, but we should have enough capacity for the largest Mooney Summits thus far and everyone on the waiting list (plus some more). The last few years we’ve had about 165 register and 80+ on the wait list. A good amount cancel. And we backfill from the wait list. Normally we have 120 or so attendees at the meeting session on Saturday. I’m anticipating on 200+ attendees but we should have space for easily 250 and can make 300+ available. Would love in a few years to be even larger. We’re just glad we have made the decision to grow as there is indeed demand. More details to follow! -Seth
  10. And to all who are wondering, yes, we still plan to hold Mooney Summit VIII in Tampa regardless of the factory status. The meeting is for the owners and operators of our beloved Mooney Aircraft! See you in Tampa! -Seth
  11. And my wife’s first impression from the M20F to the Missile was that “Hank wants to fly.” She was pretty amazed at the acceleration. When light, the Missile will use The same or less runway that the E. -Seth
  12. As a follow up and having flown hundreds of hours in M20F, M20C, M20E, M20J, M20J-300, and M20K aircraft here are some finer differences I noted going back to the M20E from the Missile: -Directional control - P-Factor with the Missile is less than the E. The canted engine mount is why. In addition, with the 100 more horsepower (50% greater) it may seem similar, but that's part of why it's "less." Also, with the longer body and more effective rudder, it's easier to smoothly manipulate the directional control. Especially when applying power on the takeoff roll. -Climb: The E is indeed lighter - thus it's going to be a runway champ. Once you are climbing for a bit however, the Missile does show those extra 100 horses. Also, I've found the Mooney climbs best a little faster. The cruise climb in the Missile is pretty good at 110-120 knots. Try it out. The wing gives you the same FPM climb rate but you get increased speed as attempting to hang it on the prop. Try 140 knots as well. Less climb, but crazy distance covered and better cooling. -Handling: I find the M20C, M20E, and M20F all have a lighter pitch control feel than the Missile. I'm hoping this changes when I get my four blade prop on the front and lighten the tip of the nose by 30+lbs. -Landing: when you go back to land a M20C, M20E, M20F, or M20J, you'll notice the "window" for making that smooth landing is so much winder than it is with the Missile. The fact that you are already not slamming the Missile in is fantastic. I always think of the movie Apollo 13 where the reporter is holding up a basketball and explaining that when re-entering the earth's atmosphere if the capsule is too steep it burns up but if not steep enough it'll ricochet off the atmosphere and the window to hit is thinner than this piece of paper. I feel the Missile landing "window" is more narrow on pitch control that the lighter Mooney's. I'm thrilled you are enjoying your Missile!! Can't wait to get mine back in the air. -Seth
  13. Congrats on getting your Missile in the air!! Go back and fly an E after this and you’ll feel the difference even more. E is a great plane. You’ll find the difference will be more magnifies then. Enjoy it! -Seth
  14. This is what was suggested at Mooney Summit. I originally didn’t think I’d do it. I may be changing my mind. Maneuvering speed is both a minimum and maximum speed. -Seth