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  1. Collings Foundation is asking for support to continue to allow rides in historic aircraft. Please list your comments here for the FAA to review. An Important Message from the Collings Foundation October 14, 2019 Dear supporters, Please join the Collings Foundation in our thoughts and prayers with those who were on the tragic flight of the B-17 Flying Fortress “Nine-O-Nine” on Wednesday, October 2nd. We will be forever grateful to the heroic efforts of the first responders at Bradley International Airport and the assistance of all local agencies in the days after the crash. The Collings Foundation team has been and remains fully cooperative with officials to determine the cause of the crash and we will comment further when facts and details become available. We have suspended the Wings of Freedom Tour for the remainder of the 2019 season and the aircraft have returned to our winter maintenance base in Florida. The mission of the Collings Foundation remains steadfast in the goal of making history come alive as we have for over 30 years. Since 1989, the Wings of Freedom Tour has touched the lives of millions, as we have made visits to over 3600 communities in that time. Tens of thousands have flown aboard our Living History Flight Experiences (LHFE) on the B-17, B-24, B-25, and A-1E and flight training on the TP-51C, TF-51D, and TP-40N. In the past week we have received many stories on how powerful and life-changing the tour has been for families and as we move forward, and we expect there are thousands more who have been touched by the Wings of Freedom Tour. In the coming months, federal agencies will be reviewing the LHFE program for not only our organization, but many other organizations nationwide who continue to fly vintage aircraft as a part of their educational mission. As these reviews take place, we feel it is important for the voices of those impacted by the Wings of Freedom Tour over the years to be heard. We need to let federal agencies know that the LHFE program is important to you and other American citizens as an educational tool. Please take a moment to add your comments to the current docket regarding the renewal of the Collings Foundation LHFE program with the FAA at the Federal Register. You may do so online at the following link: As you write your comment, please review the tips for submitting effective comments from at Thank you for your support of our living history mission. Best regards, Rob Collings Executive Director Categories: Blog News
  2. Good thread and good post. Thank you for sharing. I'm amazed the slam dunk and quick nature that sometimes occurs with ATC. In bigger and faster airplanes it seems everything happens faster. Glad you were safe. Smart that you planned to go missed if it didn't work out. -Seth
  3. Around 3k was my quoted price for leading edge and other touch up areas. But those quotes are old now and I’d need new quotes. -Seth
  4. I have. They are currently one of my finalists.
  5. I'm following this thread. Very fascinating. I'm not the best artist but I can mechanically make things work. I'll practice on some scrap prior to touching up the airplane, but this could be a great way for me to touch up my leading edge and other small areas. I do have the paint codes for my airplane. And if I mess it up, I can always go to a real paint shop and have them remove my bad work and respray the leading edge and other areas. The problem is my hangar does not have high walls and there's a lot of dust/particulate in there. I wonder how this will harm the finish of my paint job/touch up -Seth
  6. I’m leaning that way
  7. That’s terrible. I’m sorry for the loss of your friend. -Seth
  8. As many of you know insurance is paying for a teardown of my IO-550 due to an issue while taxing through some mud (full write up due in 2020 once my Missile is flying again). My Missile is currently at Freeway MSC (W00) in Maryland. I would like some suggestions for where to send the engine for the teardown. I have to decide if I’m going IRAN or overhaul. Engine info: IO-550A Hours on engine: roughly 2200 Hours SMOH: roughly 700 Hours STOH: roughly 600 Bolduc in MN performed my OH in 2011 at purchase. 1 year later, two of the overhauled cylinders cracked. Bolduc stood behind their work but I didn’t trust the other 4 cylinders so I swapped them all out and we agreed to a very reasonable price. So it was a Top at 100 hours with new millennium cylinders. Engine was running great and the issue with mud causing an RPM reduction for about 1/4 of a second and trashed propeller, is precipating this paid for teardown. I may fully overhaul but the price difference is ranging from about $20,000 to $25,000 depending on the shop. None I’ve spoken with are willing to give me a flat price discount since they are getting teardown insurance money anyway. Was hoping to work an angle. As with any 700 hour 8 year engine, my gut is lifters will show some amount of putting so I’m sure I’ll pay for that. There’s the continental gear that was not done by Bolduc in 2011 that will need to be done. Anything else not covered by insurance is on me for IRAN. I’ll decide on overhaul vs IRAN later. I’ve reached out to numerous shops but have narrowed to three at the moment, but that may change: Poplar Grove in IL Columbia in PA Continental Factory itself Please give engine shop suggestions and any experience with the shops noted. I plan to make my decision this week. A big shout out to Alan Fox. He’s been excellent in helping me through this on numerous fronts. If you have any Mooney questions anytime or just need some candid advice or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact Alan. Tommy and Chris at Freeway have been excellent as well. Again, full write up expected in 2020. Thanks, -Seth
  9. Well, 27-0 in the let them fly vs ground them category. We're biased here, but we also understand the issues and are more knowledgeable when it comes to aviation maintenance than the general public. Still, a double edge sword. -Seth
  10. His name is Alex Gertsen. Reach out to him anytime. Feel free to use my name - Seth Alex Gertsen Director, Airports & Ground Infrastructure 202-737-4477
  11. Though some say not to touch flaps on the runway, I find the airplane brakes much better when at zero flaps vs approach flaps. If you land with half flaps/approach flaps, it's much easier to flat spot the tires as there's more of a lift component at speed and the weight may not be on the wheels, hence the skid. I learned how to fly my Mooney on a 2400 foot strip. Thus, for my first 2.5 years of Mooney flying all landings were short field landings and I always retracted my flaps on landing. Still do out of habit. -Seth
  12. After the crash of the B-17 Nine-O-Nine a lot of talk here, elsewhere, and articles have come up about if vintage/historic airplanes should give rides or if they should even be allowed to fly at all. I understand both sides of the arguments. I personally feel they should indeed be allowed to fly and for the public to be allowed to donate or pay funds to the organization keeping the airplanes active to be allowed to fly on them. However, I understand the argument on both sides. I'm curious as to other pilots here and what they think. Please comment as well as answer the poll. -Seth
  13. It is sad. I've climbed through that B-17G, the Nine-O-Nine a few times. My grandfather who died in the 1970's flew B-17's in WWII. I understand both sides of the argument to allow these types of vintage aircraft to fly vs putting them in a museum. -Seth
  14. Here's an interesting problem. I cannot find in all my paperwork/weight and balance information the actual weight and arm location of my current full feathering three blade Hartzell Missile prop. I can get the weight from Hartzell - non issue. The arm length for CG calculations should I change the prop (which I'm doing) I cannot find. In all the paperwork it simply states new CG calculated as per STC SA00472SE and Per STC SA00081SE. But in all the STC paperwork I have it does not give the location. It had diagrams, everything, but I'm not able to find it. I'm thinking SA00081SE may be the rocket STC, but I don't have that. Can someone with a Missile check out your prop location for me in your paperwork? In the Rocket paperwork, can someone share with me their prop location? Last, since I have a K Cowling as part of the Missile Mod, can someone with an M20K give me their prop Arm location? I do plan to call Rocket Engineering on Friday. Thanks! -Seth