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  1. We'll be back at Seahaven. I'm working on the group rate and will hopefully post soon. -Seth
  2. SMART MOVE (staying the extra night). -Seth
  3. Congratulations! You are going to love the Missile!! -Seth
  4. They were talking about putting a lycoming or continental in there last year as another option in addition to the Rotax. Not sure where that went, but I'm curious what was decided. So 160/180/200 HP? You've got a little hot rod! Anyone else hear any updates on this? I did find an old email and reached back out. -Seth
  5. Forgot that EPIC said they are on track for an October 2019 first certified delivery. That's amazing. They've been saying this year for years, but I actually think it'll be delivered either late 2019 or early 2020. They may have gotten me yet again with their "should be" delivery dates, but they have some FAA approval already, so it's tracking for October. Who knows. -Seth
  6. That video is absolutely hysterical. Completely didn't see that coming.
  7. Anyone have any Tarragon updates? -Seth
  8. What did those attending Oshkosh learn? So far: -New oil from Phillips -New GPS/Com from Garmin GNC 355 -Tarragon did not officially show but I saw it parked next to Van’s/Sonex -P-82 twin mustang flew (With MT props and hubs, thus now P-51’s have new hubs that can be manufactured by MT) Please add to this list. -Seth
  9. That pic was with my iPhone. Crap compared to a real camera but I liked that setup too. Each day they did it differently. P-51/F-22/F-35/A-10 P-51/F-22/F-35/P-51 3xP-51/F-22 Sorry for hijacking the thread. Back to oil discussion. How many of you will use this new oil in liew of regular Phillips 20w50XC plus vanguard? Are they stopping Regular 20w50XC? -Seth
  10. It was the first time I viewed the night air show up close. Really cool. I hope nothing bad ever happens during a night airshow (disorientation, fireworks exploding while attached to the airplane, etc). -Seth
  11. FYI - it’s not a 155 knot airplane. I flew a G6 SR-20 for tracking for my 135 job. Fine airplane. Does a lot of things well, but 155 is not realistic. Think 140-150 knots depending on settings. -Seth