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  1. I have a 64-E with electric gear. This is what mine looks like. Sorry that the photos uploaded rotated, but I can't seem to get them to rotate back to how they are saved??? -mark
  2. Hi guys, my original reason for the post was to simply say that even though I practiced emergency manual gear lowering, I didn't even realize that I was "cheating" by scooting to the middle of the right seat, using my right hand to reach down and actually operate the breaker and engagement button slide, and then using my strongest hand/arm to crank the gear. None of these things can be done while actually flying the plane strapped into the left seat. Being able to do this in bright sunlight when you can't see down into the dark hole of the area around your knees with a brilliant sun day. A
  3. I learned a valuable lesson yesterday and want to pass it along to others. Practice your emergency procedures EXACTLY like you plan to do them in real life. My plane is a 64 M20E with electric gear. At every annual, I practice my “Manual” crank the gear down routine two or three times. I have always been too chicken to actually try it in the air and maybe screw something up resulting in an unnecessary gear up landing. When I practice, during annual on jacks, I'm always worried that I'll forget to pop the circuit breaker (the one down by the crank) and have the system come alive part way down a
  4. Great photos and explanation of what and how you are doing this. Just an aside, I have an unheated hangar with drafty doors and no insulation. I found it economical to use a "Salamander" kerosene heater. It is an old one without a thermostat, so I found a separate thermostat to plug into it. Only run it for the 3 or 4 hours every few days I am at the hanger. I buy Jet-A from the airport "for cleaning parts". When it is the right line guy, he just gives me "sump" fuel for free. I have a Blue 5 gal tank at the hanger. Taking the chill off makes such a difference when working on stubborn
  5. Thanks Eric, When I do install it, I'll go poking around but I want to hear from Avidyne first so I reduce the likelihood that I fry the unit when I first power it up. I do think it is a case of electronic infant mortality since it has under 40 hours on it, but they should be able to shed some light on this for me.
  6. Update: I now have both the Audio Panel and IFD550 back. The audio panel was returned from my "new" avionics shop after they ran some tests on it and said it was good to go, and the IFD came back from Avidyne a few days ago. I am doing a deep dive into the wiring under my panel to look for chaffing or loose wires, anything that could cause a problem with ship voltage. I have also put in a request to Avidyne to give me a report as to what they found as the problem. I don't want to just stick the equipment back in the trays and hope for the best, even though my new avionics dude told me to d
  7. Update: Per my last update around 8/6/20, I did call Avidyne the next day and connected with someone on the first attempt. I explained my problem, the status of my IFD and audio panel and what I had been told by my avionics dealer. I received calls throughout the day from 3 people. Each assured me this was not normal, and that they would help me get this resolved. They assured me that my equipment WAS covered under warranty and that it should be sent to them on a RMA. This was all accomplished in a single day. I decided that I no longer wanted my original dealer involved going forward.
  8. No time to press the Enter button, the video is in real time not compressed. The unit and audio panel was pulled by the avionics shop tech when he stopped by and is at his shop now. He has been trying to reformat with Avidyne's email support. He has told me that Avidyne is not answering their phone and that is why the email back and forth. I called Avidyne yesterday and got right through. Avidyne says it is covered under warranty and wants me to return the hardware to them for repair. I will be going to FWA tomorrow to pick it all up and send to Avidyne. -mark
  9. I spoke with the avionics installer today. He said he was having a tough time getting anyone at Avidyne to answer the phone, but that he had 5 email exchanges with them. They told him not to send the unit to them at this time and that he was being couched via email to reformat and reinstall firmware, but without any success. I plan to try a call to Avidyne support tomorrow. My experience with my avionics shop has not been very good, with the original install/ panel build quoted at 2 weeks, then being told it would be 4 weeks when I dropped the plane off. The actual time was 5 months, and m
  10. Update: Sort of??? The tech manager from the avionics shop that installed my IFD and did a complete new panel for me is located only 40 miles away. He had an appointment with another customer scheduled near by and stopped on his way back to his shop. I was out of town visiting my daughter who has been self isolated, and he had told me Not to pull the IFD out to bring over to him for a bench test because it acted differently if the engine was running or not. He said he really thought it was a power issue in the avionics buss. I got home late Thursday, two days after he stopped by. I calle
  11. Hi guys, Here is an update. My M20E is down for annual so I can't take it to the avionics shop that did the install. They have someone already scheduled for a visit to a nearby airport next Tuesday, and he is going to then come down to look at my problem. Unfortunately I am out of town for a few days to visit my self isolated daughter so I will not be there to ask questions and watch. Overall, I am very happy with the IFD550 and would choose it again over the Garmin. My only issue is that my Stec 60-2 doesn't work well with it, and that is very frustrating. I'd like to yank the Stec
  12. A couple years ago I installed an Avidyne IFD550 and an overall panel upgrade. I have been very happy with the IFD550, although I have only used it for VFR since I have never gotten it to work correctly with the Stec 60-2 AutoPilot. That's another subject we can discuss some time. My problem now is that the IFD has simply failed. I have attached two short videos. I last flew the plane on 5/29/2020 since my annual expired at the end of May, but I go out every couple weeks and run the engine for about 15 to 20 minutes. I have delayed starting on my annual because my long time AP had a stro
  13. Aryan, just got to check my email and so I sent you all the docs I used. Best of luck, -mark
  14. Hi, if you can send me your email address, I can forward to you all the docs I used to order my EDM 900 just over a year ago. I have a 1964 M20E S/N 143. I love the JPI monitor. One of the best investments I ever made in aviation. I have a RayJay Turbo and can provide that documentation also, which they needed in my case. My email is markfox942@gmail.com Let me know if I can help, -mark
  15. You said "The 3100 would be nice" with emphasis on "would" correct. As far as I know the 3100 is not yet approved for our Mooney's at least not the "E" and the reps at Airventure 2019 told me that they had pushed Mooney down on the list. I have a Stec 60-2 that I know I would be very happy with if I could find an avionics shop that was actually willing to work on it's quirks, and not just go through the motions and tell me all is working perfectly while handing me another bill for two or three AMUs. It's happened to me 3 times now, and I just use it as is. I have a new panel with a IFD 55
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