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  1. I figured I might as well post who it was incase someone ever finds themselves in my position near Vancouver BC. The instructor was named Jeannette from Principal Air. She was awesome and approved by my insurance company. I would highly recommend her for any pilot training.
  2. Does anyone have a Foreflight Mooney Ovation with the 310 STC profile they would be willing to share? Thank you!
  3. Is there any adjustments made to the POH regarding take-off roll, climb etc? Are those noted somewhere? Obviously you would want this data to do calculations.
  4. What is the performance gain from the upgrade? With the 3 blade prop of course.
  5. Hopefully someone has information on a qualified instructor in my area. That would be the most helpful.
  6. Appreciate that. With COVID I need someone in Canada and no farther than Alberta. a CFI in Quebec is way too far to make sense.
  7. Hello WC Mooniacs! I have just purchased a Mooney Ovation with a partner and we would both like to get Mooney transition training. Does anyone know someone in Vancouver BC that could help us out with this? Thank you!
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