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  1. My wife would probably say we need a TFR in the house after I eat Mexican food.
  2. Oh that means the same over here too.
  3. I made that same argument while we were talking about the time to install the update. I told him 10.2 was a pretty major upgrade for the Avidynes. I sent him some pictures of the synthetic vision and even he agreed it was pretty cool. But the update did seem to take a really long time.
  4. What does it mean on your side of the pond?
  5. I finally upgraded to 10.2 today. The guy who did my software upgrade hates how difficult the process is and how the SB warns of bricking the unit many times. He said a Garmin software upgrade takes a few seconds. Maybe even minutes. It took about 80-90 minutes to do each one. So I would say this is one of the few negatives about Avidyne. Unfortunately I didn't get to play with it much on the way home since I filed IFR coming back due to some clouds along the mountain tops on the route home. I hope to play with some of the features later this week.
  6. That's the STC'd version. The HSI is available on the menu page. However, you only get GPS functionality so you can't really track a nav signal so no VOR or ILS.
  7. Hi John, I'm copying and pasting a post I made back in December for the one contact I made at Oshkosh last year offering to make switch covers. I posted pictures of the final product at the bottom of page 3 of this thread. You may also consider Shapeways v.6 switch covers. But there also appear to be some really nice ones here that some MSers are making. Posted December 28, 2016 Okay guys, sorry for the delay but they finally got back to me with contact information for anyone who wants to make an order. As a reminder I have no affiliation with them and accept no responsibility for any order you place between yourself and them. I do believe they are legitimate but your orders may take a while. If someone wants to make a bulk purchase to get the costs down then please feel free. Here's part of the email I received... We can offer Switch Covers in a multitude of colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Silver, Black, White, Gray, Copper and Bronze. In addition, we handle a Pale Green, Transluscent, Glow in the Dark product that is perfect for switches having pilot lighting. (Thermal parameters of the lighting will require prototyping to ensure the appropriate application of product.)We can distribute to users you refer to us. Contact by texting Neil or Ian at NDesign, LLC 262-893-7272 or email to The per unit price will be as follows,1-3units $12.00 each 4-6units $10.50 each7-9units $ 9.60 each10+units $ 8.80 eachAll orders will be charged $6.00 for shipping and handling. Standard UPS Ground.Allow 3 weeks for shipment. Expediting is available charged on a per order basis. All orders must be prepaid.
  8. What a great idea! Especially when you consider how cheap, uh, I mean "frugal" us Mooney owners are. She could really clean up with us.
  9. Absolutely! I thought the president was her father.
  10. I read another thread somewhere where Trek said it cannot be installed without a GPS input. If you have a GNS, GTN or IFD product you can use that for your GPS source and not have to install another GOS antenna on your plane. If you don't, well... guess what.
  11. That is one sexy Avionics engineer too.
  12. Absolutely true. I literally did dozens of hours of educating myself on the right plane for me. I bought books and books and books, read a ton of stuff online before deciding on the Mooney. I never once regretted my decision or had second thoughts.
  13. Definitely diesel.
  14. I saw them drag him off the plane. I didn't see video of him being beaten up. Sure, he was bloody but that could have resulted on a number of other injuries not caused by a "beating." That being said, I think it could have been handled better and I think policies should be in place to prevent this from happening in the future. My how flying has changed over the years.
  15. I have a 78 J and I have Klixons so I imagine that's what you have too.