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  1. NotarPilot

    M20C panel upgrade?

    That’s some great advice here.
  2. NotarPilot

    Fuel prices in Europe

    I think I’ve seen some of the videos if it’s the three young lads crossing the pond. I think the tail number was N210EU. I’ll have a look today.
  3. NotarPilot

    Fuel prices in Europe

    That's a lot of good info, thanks! Hi Andrew, I'm curious about your last comment. I surmise you believe European GA does some things better than in the US? I'd be curious to hear (read) your thoughts on that. I would love to fly my plane around Europe someday but I doubt it'll ever happen.
  4. NotarPilot

    Window replacement

    This is the one video I CANNOT find on YouTube. Thanks for the info. I would like to do this project myself but I don't want to screw it up.
  5. NotarPilot

    Window replacement

    I'd be curious to hear from people who have replaced all their windows and to know how many hours of labor can be expected for a full replacement.
  6. NotarPilot

    Repaint Cost

    It sure is.
  7. NotarPilot

    Repaint Cost

    I recently went with a simple two tone paint job using imron paint.
  8. NotarPilot

    Fuel prices in Europe

    Yes it’s very expensive but I wonder why the information isn’t as readily as it is in the US... perhaps because GA is not as big as it is in the US and less participation from pilots. I think having fuel prices centralized in apps like Wing X, GP and FF is a huge resource for us.
  9. NotarPilot

    Aircraft Paint Scheme Design Software

    I like scheme designers but theyre a bit pricey and im still a few years away from painting so I was looking for something I could tinker around with myself until I get it “just right.”
  10. NotarPilot

    Fuel prices in Europe

    Is there any resource to determine what 100LL costs at different airports in Europe? I mean that information is readily available for practically every US airport but I have yet to come across a similar website for Europe.
  11. Does anyone know of a paintshop or program that allows you to choose your model aircraft and paint it in 3D? Mooney used to have this on their website before they got bought by the Chinese. I really liked it but it wasn't fully customizable where you could create your own designs. You could only pick a paint design and choose your colors. Still, you could spin the plane around to see it three dimensionally. I have a design that I think would look really sharp but right now I'm resorting to using a blank Mooney side profile and using Microsoft Paint to do the designing.
  12. NotarPilot

    Intro and Hello

    Welcome to your new religion.
  13. NotarPilot

    Magneto Booster

    Found this much so far
  14. NotarPilot

    USB Plug in rear seat

    I have the MD 93 clock with dual UBS plugs with no issues.