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  1. Rick, I appreciate the more detailed explanation. I think this explains things a little better. Hopefully Dynon will not abandon the short body guys as there seems to be a lot of interest from them. Maybe Dynon can share how many units it would take for you to break even on the STC certification costs. One point of contention here is that a lot Mooney guys seem to love your product, myself included. And being put behind the Seneca and Barons feels akin to a kick to the ol’ Johnson bar. There are simply more of us by numbers. I know you have to gauge the market, that makes total sense, and
  2. Do you mean a field approval for the autopilot? I’ve never heard of a “one time STC”
  3. I’m a little concerned that Rick’s rather verbose post made no mention about an autopilot in the works for short or long body owners.
  4. No one calls Burbank “Bob Hope Tower” and if you do the controllers will just respond “Burbank tower.” Not that I’m totally against naming airports after people but enough with these freaking politicians already! The only true cool airport named after a person is John Wayne. Oh, and the Sheriff helicopters go by the call sign “Duke 1” and “Duke 2.” If they ever rename Burbank after Clint Eastwood, being that he keeps his helicopter there, I’d happily call it “Eastwood Tower” and no one would stop me.
  5. I definitely see Chris's frustration here. I am waiting on Dynon to replace just the D10A before moving forward. I figured I can wait on the AP but if they just kicked the short body and long body guys to the curb would mid body guys be next? Do I need to get a promise in writing that they will certify the AP for mid body guys before plopping down $35,000? This really has me second guessing Dynon. I literally have the money in the bank ready to go and how I have to start looking at Garmin, ugh.
  6. Dynon is a much smaller company and likely doesn’t have the same resources or influence that a company like Garmin has so I imagine we will have to be patient for some of the features that Dynon has in store for us in the future such as that AP for Mooneys and a replacement for that god awful D10A. I, for one, will wait.
  7. Greg, do you want mention of the D10A replacement petition as well? That thing has got to go! It’s like having two ends of the EFIS advancement spectrum sitting in the same panel. That thing came out in 2003 for crying out loud!
  8. I seem to recall my mechanic telling me that you can determine what kind of cylinders you have based on the color they spray the cooling fins. Does anyone know if this is correct or know what colors mean what?
  9. What the H! 40 hours to install 3 servos???!!! I have a difficult time believing it takes 13 hours to install one servo.
  10. I’ll likely be selling my S-TEC 30 once Dynon gets their AP approved. What are used S-TEC 30 systems going for nowadays?
  11. I don’t know which one you’re being more optimistic about. That the AP will be available first quarter 2021 or that there will be an Oshkosh in 2021.
  12. I use a couple of short bungee cords from Harbor Freight slung around the yoke handles in a similar manner to keep the ailerons from flapping in the wind when the plan it outside. It has worked for years and I park it outside a lot on a ramp with helicopters when she takes me to work.
  13. I can’t imagine that the Seneca market surpasses in the number of units they could sell over Mooneys. Even the Baron’s numbers are a little more than half (6,884) of the number of Mooneys produced (11,000+). Dynon must really think we’re a bunch of cheap bastards.
  14. I just watched him on the news. Great story and a true inspiration. What is better then seeing a vet flying a Mooney on veteran’s day?
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