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  1. I’m not trying to make this a political post, I’m really not, but I think by nature of the topic it already is a little political to a degree. But I think the Westside (West LA, Santa Monica for the unfamiliar) was given this huge gift by the previous administration in thanks for the numerous political donations and contributions on the many visits the POTUS made between 2009 and 2016. I mean he really treated the Westside as his very own ATM. The timing of the announcement in January 2017 really made this look like a “Thanks guys” on his way out the door.
  2. Does anyone happen to know how the city collects date regarding aircraft that land in order to determine where to send the landing fee bill? I assume they have some overpaid city worker sitting in an office listening to the tower frequency making a note of tail numbers. So my next question is, what do they do if the tower is closed and someone lands without using a full N number, or uses an assigned callsign, etc? @MB65E
  3. How is the performance compared to the Mini 4? My mini 4 seems to be slowing down so I will be picking up a new 5 today or tomorrow. My current mini is 3 years old.
  4. How does Garmin get over 500 models certified for their G3X touch all at once while Dynon is doing one model at a time? I’m not criticizing, just curious how that happened. Hell, Garmin even got the M22 added to the AML!
  5. But I really like my L3 Lynx. It gives me a lot of info.
  6. To my knowledge they do not. You need to get the cellular version if you want built in WiFi. At least that’s how they were made in the past but I doubt Apple added GPS to the WiFi only version.
  7. Tah dah! Your wishes have come to fruition... available now.
  8. While flying today I began experiencing a new problem with one of my two IFD 440s. The bottom unit began transmitting intermittently on its own, sometimes a bit rapidly. At one point the problem unit seemed to shut down the radio and an annunciation said “TX stuck open” on the screen.My audio panel was set to transmit on the top unit so I don’t think it’s the wiring or the TX switch on the yoke as the switch is only about 3 years old.I want to do some troubleshooting so I want to swap the units to see if the problem follows the unit or stays on the bottom tray. Does anyone know what size Allen wrench is needed to unscrew the unit.Second, would there be any problems by swapping the units when one is Bluetooth capable while the other is not.Has anyone else experienced this problem?I have an email in to Avidyne but doubt they will get to it til Monday. Thanks Steve
  9. That’s some great advice here.
  10. I think I’ve seen some of the videos if it’s the three young lads crossing the pond. I think the tail number was N210EU. I’ll have a look today.
  11. That's a lot of good info, thanks! Hi Andrew, I'm curious about your last comment. I surmise you believe European GA does some things better than in the US? I'd be curious to hear (read) your thoughts on that. I would love to fly my plane around Europe someday but I doubt it'll ever happen.
  12. This is the one video I CANNOT find on YouTube. Thanks for the info. I would like to do this project myself but I don't want to screw it up.
  13. I'd be curious to hear from people who have replaced all their windows and to know how many hours of labor can be expected for a full replacement.