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  1. Thanks guys, that's what I thought.
  2. My cabin map light in the ceiling is not working and I've been able to determine the hot wire supplying power is to the switch is dead. The ground wire is however, supplying power. I checked the maintenance manual and the only guidance it provides is for replacing the bulb and switch. There's nothing mentioned about the wiring, from what I could find. Question is: Does the hot wire go from the light to the switch and direct to the battery, with an inline fuse in the wire? Does anyone know how this is wired? I'm thinking of just running a new wire with a fuse in it to make things easy. Thanks, Steve
  3. That takes big brass balls which I don't have. I can't even imagine the thought of going in the drink midway, even with a safety raft, and waiting days for a ship to swing by and pick you up. You'd be way out of reach of rescue helicopters, if the nearest country even has any.
  4. I'd definitely like to know.
  5. This gave me and my coworkers a good laugh. I liked the other video where he reads YouTube comments from "Tony Danza in a Bonanza" and "George Clooney in a Mooney."
  6. This is a bit scary. If the unit gets bricked does Avidyne repair it under warranty or is there a repair charge?
  7. I have dual 440s which are connected and cross feed. Do you know if I can update them simultaneously or will it be 2 hours plus 2 hours to get them both updated?
  8. Pardon my ignorance but what does "bricked it" mean?
  9. You should come to California and see our bullet train that's 7 years behind schedule and short on funds by around $55 billion but still choo-chooing along thanks to our crazy governor. Sorry for the thread drift.
  10. I don't think it's fair to compare the automotive business with the general aviation industry. We all piss and moan about how expensive GA is but if Avidyne had to pay everyone's Avionic's shop for 2 hours of work for an upgrade that would only add to the cost of the product. What if a customer is completely happy with 10.1 and have no desire to upgrade? How does Avidyne take those numbers into consideration if they're going to figure these costs into the price of their products while trying to remain competitive with Garmin and BendixKing? The auto and aviation industries are different and cannot be compared. If your 5 year old GM has a defective airbag, GM sends you a notice and pays to replace it. Why? Because they can because of economies of scale. Plus, I think they have to by law. If your 5 year old Mooney gets an AD, guess who pays for it? (Hint, it's not Mooney)
  11. I got a quote once from Hendricks Panels for $1000, bare metal. But that's a different shop. Hopefully that gives you a sense.
  12. At this point in time, even if it's approved next week I would imagine they'll hold onto it until Sun n Fun.
  13. I paid $680 to have mine installed and that required a little extra work of him filing out the hole to make it fit above the HSI.
  14. Shane those look great! I think you'll have a lot of interest in us Mooniacs wanting to buy them.
  15. I'm not upset, I totally get it. I was just illustrating a fact on how long this process has taken. I have no doubt Avidyne wants to get this to market sooner rather than later. It will only boost sales of the IDF product line.