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  1. NotarPilot

    LED Landing Light - AeroLed Sunspot

    How are you getting a 10% discount? Are you using the Pilot credit card they have?
  2. I’m referring to the marks of degrees of deflection as shown in the comparison below. The G500 only has two dots on each side while a standard HSI has 5 and VOR CDI has 4 on either side of the circle.
  3. It appears that the lateral deviation scale on the G500 has 4 degree spacing per dot as opposed to 2 degrees per dot on a standard CDI. Can someone confirm this and explain why Garmin did this?
  4. We switched from the Parmetheus to the Sunspot with our helicopters at work. I concur it’s a huge improvement. Once we switched, all of our pilots were very happy with the difference. The cost difference is significant but if you do a fair amount of night flying I highly recommend getting the Sunspot. It’s on the top of my list of equipment to get in the future.
  5. NotarPilot


    Me too. I generally preach not to buy the A model of anything but the 450A was too cool to pass up. I’d love to have two bluetooth inputs. That’s pretty slick.
  6. This is about 2.5 years too late. One of the deciding factors why I 86’d my 430s with FS 210 and switched to Avidynes was because Garmin only allowed FlightStream to work with Garmin Pilot and ForeFlight and I’m a Wing X and FlightPlan Go user. However, I’m very happy I made the switch to Avidyne and don’t miss my Garmins at all.
  7. NotarPilot

    ADSB mandate postponed 20 Years !!!

    Did anyone else read the comments on the Avweb article? Some pilots REALLY can’t take a joke.
  8. NotarPilot

    ADSB mandate postponed 20 Years !!!

    I’m really glad you don’t work for the FAA.
  9. NotarPilot

    ADSB mandate postponed 20 Years !!!

    It better be or I'm gonna be pissed.
  10. NotarPilot

    LED Landing Light - AeroLed Sunspot

    Hi everyone. I’m reviving an old thread with my recent experience with a switch from the Whalen Parmetheus to the AeroLEDS Sunspot LX Par 46. A couple years ago we got rid of our GE incandescent landing lights on our helicopters, at my place of employment, and replaced them with Whalen Parmetheus Plus landing lights. I think everyone was a little disappointed with the brightness compared to the old incandescent lights. Last week we switched to the $650 dollar AeroLEDS Sunspot LX and wow! What a difference! The Sunspot provides much more light, and on final, more of the runway is illuminated while a focused beam still illuminates the center of the light. All of the pilots are in agreement. I’m going to get one for my plane in the near future. I highly recommend the Sunspot.
  11. NotarPilot

    Dynon Certified thread

    Which is why I tend to avoid buying Garmin when I can.
  12. NotarPilot

    Dynon Certified thread

    If it is, I’m all in.
  13. NotarPilot

    Dynon Certified thread

    That’s a shame. I have a feeling the “all or nothing” model may be a non-starter for a lot of people, probably myself included. I think it would be a shame being that I would much rather buy Dynon over Garmin.
  14. NotarPilot

    Dynon Certified thread

    I’ve often wondered this about the STC process. This would definitely work for me. I could see doing a full panel upgrade in 2019. I recently saw the HDX on display at Spruce last week and really really REALLY loved it. Seeing it in person may have been the tipping point for me. I really like how all the information I would need is on the screen. I was planning on getting a G5 HSI this year but I’m probably gonna hold off on that now pending full HDX installation in the not too distant future. But this brings up some issues regarding the STC. I already have a NGT-9000 transponder which I really like and 2 Avidyne 440s. My new PMA450A audio panel has only two comm spots. My old GMA340 could support three radios so I’m wondering how this will all work out if the Dynon STC requires me to install a Dynon transponder, replace my S-Tec 30 with the Dynon autopilot and will is require I use the Dynon comm radio? This could present an issue for me as I’ve already invested a significant amount of money in my plane. But I really like the HDX and I’m open to solutions.
  15. NotarPilot

    Tragic Cessna 340 crash in Florida

    Yes it could, I’m not disputing that. In my original post I even said that chances are (statistically speaking) this accident was due to pilot error. My issue is when judgements are made by people in authority during press conferences before an accident investigation is completed. Hell, before it even started the sheriff seemed like he pretty much made up his mind. However, could he have had an engine quit at a critical moment during take off that could have caused the same crash even in VFR conditions? A non proficient pilot in a twin that goes OEI could suffer a similar fate, even in VFR, if he isn’t up on his emergency procedures. So if that were to be the case, what difference does the weather make? I can’t speak to the proficiency level of the pilot as I do not have enough information and I’m going to guess neither did the sheriff when he made his statements. As far as the weather goes It’s possible that it was less of a contributing factor than his proficiency and decision making, but who knows? Of course all this is purely hypothetical and we won’t know more until a thorough and complete investigation is completed. Until then I will reserve my judgement on what happened. I can only guess at this point.