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  1. Introducing Dynon Certified

    Not sure that's entirely accurate. Dynon claims $16,000 installed price for a system in a C172. Can't see it being that much more in a Mooney. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong but $25,000 installed is more in G500 territory but that would never get you ADS-B in and out, a back up AI, an EDM or AP so at $16,000 that's a lot of value for your CB dollar.
  2. Good lord, the suspense is killing me!
  3. Interesting "self-serve" IFR Clearance

    That's an interesting story Paul. I think if I was in a hurry I'd have done the same thing and just filed direct to get it in the system figuring they'd spit something back out with some VORs making a defined route they'd want me to take.
  4. Looking for Mooney in Southern CA

    You sure it's a J? I'm only seeing a M20B on their website for $148 hr.
  5. I recently upgraded to a Power Flow system so I'm putting my stock exhaust system up for sale. Hoping to get $800 OBO + shipping for it. It came off my engine that was about 1400 hours and last OH'd in 1998. No cracks visible. Looks to be in good condition. Let me know if interested.
  6. Garmin GTN650 or Avidyne IFD440

    I know, I had the FS210 when I had my 430s. It's a great product and I really liked it. I was making a point that, IMHO, the IFDs seem to be a better complete package being that wifi and Bluetooth are included in the box and you don't need to purchase a separate product to enable that technology. I paid about $1800 for the FS210 including the installation costs. Now I realize the GTNs are a little older and were developed before the Avidynes but Bluetooth and wifi has been around for a while and I'm puzzled why Garmin did not elect to incorporate this technology in their new Premier GPS navigators.
  7. Garmin GTN650 or Avidyne IFD440

    I've used the GTN650 quite a bit at work. I most certainly do not love it. Just curious but how many hours do you have behind the Avidynes? Like other have stated, the IFDs come with wifi and Bluetooth. You want that with the 650 or 750, well please fork over some more cash for either the flightstream 210 or 510.
  8. Top Gun

    "Iceman" would have to change his callsign to "Icehouse." Have you seen him lately? I think even an F-14 would be out of CG limits if he sat in it, unless he flew sans RIO. Edit: I have to rescind my comment. I just googled his current image and looks like he lost a lot of the weight. Unfortunately he's not looking too good lately. Poor guy is battling throat cancer.
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think there is any regulatory requirement which mandates having separate airframe, engine or prop logs. You could have one giant aircraft logbook that you log all maintenance in regardless of engine or airframe. I think we just separate them for ease of record keeping. But I could be wrong.
  10. New Klixon switch covers

    I bought a set of the Shapeways v.6 and they seem to be satisfactory.
  11. New Klixon switch covers

    Yes, one was from the Oshkosh contact and the other one was a Shapeways. The contact info is midway down on page 4 of this thread.
  12. New Klixon switch covers

    Page 3 of this thread all the way at the bottom are pictures of what they sent me. They were decent quality but without text.
  13. Mooney Fly-In, Harris Ranch, CA

    Sorry I didn't make it. My youngest passenger got sick in the back of the plane and lost his breakfast. I decided to turn back since we were only about 10 minutes from home base.
  14. Mooney Fly-In, Harris Ranch, CA

    Looking forward to seeing the, eh hem, big group.
  15. Mooney Fly-In, Harris Ranch, CA

    I'm showing drizzle and "showers in the vicinity" on my end on the TAFs so hopefully nothing too severe.