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  1. NotarPilot

    Intro and Hello

    Welcome to your new religion.
  2. NotarPilot

    Magneto Booster

    Found this much so far
  3. NotarPilot

    USB Plug in rear seat

    I have the MD 93 clock with dual UBS plugs with no issues.
  4. NotarPilot

    USB Plug in rear seat

    I have two cigarette lighter outlets, two USB outlets on my MD93 and two UBS outlets from my two IFDs all in the front cockpit. When my wife flies she usually sits in the back with our son. She usually likes to charge her phone. I figured it would nicer is the cords didn’t have to stretch to the front to the back.
  5. NotarPilot

    USB Plug in rear seat

    Yes, you actually gave me an idea of maybe adding a map light back there for night flights with pax in the back. Very rare actually but I think it would be cool. Good idea of running the power straight from the battery instead of running wires off the panel and connecting it to the master. Only concern would be battery drain while the engine is not running. But as long as nothing is plugged in it shouldn't be an issue, right?
  6. NotarPilot

    USB Plug in rear seat

    I'm considering installing one or two USB plugs in the rear, just in front of the arm rest and wondering if anyone has done this. I believe this is a minor alteration that would only require a logbook entry BUT I would have to run hot wires to the plugs so maybe that makes it iffy. Has anyone done something like this?
  7. I have no statistics to back this up but I would guess you’re in a fortunate minority. Before installing my G5 I had my attitude indicator fail on me. Conversely I had by G5 indicate “a lean” shortly after installation but that was during flight after refueling where I hopped in the he plane, started up and started taxiing right away. I don’t think the G5 had an opportunity to align. I upgraded to the latest software and now I always let it align before starting the engine. No issues since.
  8. Why? Because they never fail?
  9. My landing gear donuts were last replaced in March of 2006. They still feel like they have some cushion and sense no need to replace them. I know there's a gap test that can be done by jacking up the plane but so far they appear to feel fine. The plane is hangared almost all the time. What's the opinion? Should I change them regardless or hold out til the ride starts to feel still? They're going on 13 years. How old are your donuts?
  10. NotarPilot

    Electric Fuel Pump Abuse

    That particular light is twist dimmable which is why I got it because I fly at night a lot. It also comes in other colors besides blue.
  11. NotarPilot

    Electric Fuel Pump Abuse

    This is the one I had installed in mine. I got blue to match the fuel colour.
  12. NotarPilot

    Electric Fuel Pump Abuse

    Yes, it doesn’t get much more minor that adding a single light wired to the switch.
  13. NotarPilot

    Electric Fuel Pump Abuse

    I had an light installed high in my field of view. I bought it at Spruce and it was fairly inexpensive to have installed. It reminds me to turn the pump off every time, I highly recommend this inexpensive solution. BTW, what’s a checklist?
  14. NotarPilot

    How is the Hobbs meter hooked up?

    Strictly for logging flight time. I currently use the stopwatch on my MD-93 clock. As soon as the engine starts I start the time and as soon as I pull the mixture I stop it and write down the elapsed time. The MD- 93 has an engine run time too that I could probably use as a Hobbs meter though. When it was installed, the fine people at Pacific Coast Avionics wired it to the master and never asked me in advance if I wanted to wire it to a oil pressure switch.