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  1. These are pretty tough to sell in today’s market. Most people seem to be doing exactly what you’re doing and buying the G5. The KSC55s don’t have much value anymore. Don’t ask me how I know this. Hopefully you can find a buyer but I wouldn’t expect much money.
  2. I bought it on YouTube about 2 months ago. I’ve watched it several times and the dogfight scenes even more times with my son. He really enjoys it even though he doesn’t like flying in the real plane. I think it was $25 to buy the movie.
  3. I was hoping for a shorter answer than reading something on the FAA website.
  4. Interesting information here. Like I said, I actually get my RPM down to 2250ish and see about 9.9 GPH and 143 knots true. I might start playing with the prop and see what speeds I get at 2100 RPM.
  5. What do you guys find the best RPM for speed and fuel efficiency at altitudes of 6500 to 8500’? Whats the lowest RPM you’ll use in cruise at full throttle at those altitudes? I’m usually around 2230 to 2250 RPM and wondering if I should or can go lower to save a little bit of gas.
  6. I predict a 3Q or 4Q 2023 certification of the M20 AP. My two cents.
  7. It would be a shame that after all the work and effort BK made towards getting the Aerocruze STC’d that they end up with dismal sales numbers due to lack of confidence amongst customers. Looks like a great product (if you could get one).
  8. This question was more out of curiosity more than anything. I was looking at the AML and some of the aircraft I don’t even recognize. I had to Google the Howard DGA-11 and the Nardi FN-333. I knew Nardi was an Italian manufacturer that once made Hughes model helicopters under license in the 70s and 80s but that’s it. I can’t imagine there’s a old Hughes biplane flying around somewhere with a Dynon Skyview in it but then again, I could be wrong.
  9. Being that there are smarter people than me on here, does anyone know how the certification process works to build an AML for a particular piece of equipment? For example: The AML for the Dynon Skyview HDX includes over 600 different airframes and some of them are pretty obscure aircraft such as the Howard Aircraft DGA-11, Mooney M22, Nardi FN-333 (All of 29 ever made), PZL M26 (9 made), etc. Does this mean they installed and tested a Dynon Skyview in each airframe or do they determine that two airframes are similar enough to sign-off on an approval for multiple different airframes? Same with the Garmin GFC 500. There are currently 28 different models of airplanes with numerous subvariants. I’m guessing not all the subvariants are tested for each model. Does anyone have any insight on the certification process? I’m very curious.
  10. You bring up many very good points. At the very least I will be wearing gloves when I pump and sump the gas. As far as the studies go, you’re right. I guess I just assumed there would have been a study of leaded fuel and the effects on GA owners and pilots. Hell, it seems like there have been studies on everything else on this planet, why not that?
  11. Which is why Cirrus is the most successful single engine piston manufacturer in the world.
  12. I’m not trying to be smart here and this is a sincere question but if lead based aviation fuel was this tremendous danger to people wouldn’t small GA piston owners and pilots have demonstrably higher levels of cancer, anemia, weakness, and kidney and brain damage than the rest of the public that isn’t directly around this stuff? I know some of you may argue, based on my previous posts, that I’ve suffered some brain damage but let’s think of me as the outlier. Any of you ever get a little bit of a gas on your hands or fingers while sumping the fuel out of your tanks before a flight?
  13. The more I read about Turo the less I am inclined to move forward with this. I just see too much risk and liability. I think to do it right I would need to form an LLC just to register the cars with to protect my assets. I’m just not that much of a risk taker for this.
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