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  1. Chris, I didn't know the GTN allowed you to monitor the stand by frequency like the IFDs. I'm going to have to try that out next week at work. However I think the difference is the monitoring of the stand by is a function though the GTN whereas on the IFD it's a function only accessible through the audio panel. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Steve
  2. Paul, did you happen to try out the stand by freq monitoring feature on the PMA450A? Apparently you can listen to the stand by freq AND active freq at the same time from the same IFD unit!
  3. I don't think any of us, who have G.A.S., have enough money.
  4. Chris, if you're not careful with your name calling I'll have to tell you about the new taxi/landing light coming out as a PMA's drop in replacement that's got 64 individual LEDs, integrated flashing and puts out 50,000 lumens for only $1,995.
  5. Since owning my plane I've been able to upgrade the engine monitor to a G3, I added all exterior LED lighting, I upgraded my avionics to Avidyne 440s with an NGT 9000, an MD 93 clock and EI ammeter/volt meter, added a Garmin G5 and hopefully installing the UMA instrument bezel lights and CB panel lighted overlay this weekend. But lots of work left. and Chris, how happy are you with those lights? Especially when people mistake you for a Citation X at night.
  6. Matt, Not sure if you saw my most recent post in my thread about my G5 issue but after upgrading the firmware to v2.6 I have completed 4 short flights and the G5 seems to be rock solid now. I'm still going to reserve judgement for now but if it holds for say 5-10 hours without issue I will deem the unit "fixed." I actually want to get a D10A next for the right side of the panel for any co-pilots I might fly with, CFIs and added redundancy from a separate unit. Randy, I've always had a special place in my heart for Velocitys. I actually test flew one, for sale, before buying my J. It's quite an airplane. I still keep an open mind to buying a kit after I retire and building one or maybe just buying a used one. But I don't understand why modern airplane designers haven't adopted and embraced the canard. From what I know, they just seem more efficient and safer since both are providing lift and the canard will always stall before the wing. Steve
  7. After speaking with FlyDave tonight I realized I have a condition called G.A.S. - Gear Acquisition Syndrome. It seems I can never finish my list of improvements I wish to make for my beloved Mooney. I recently made a wish list of the gear I wanted and it totaled around $10k! My wish list includes finewires, GAMIs, an Aerospace Logic fuel level gauge, CiES digital fuel senders, a PSE PMA450A, a Dynon D10A for the right seat and maybe a Power Flow System. So my question to other Mooneyspacers and Mooniacs, are you happy with the current equipment status of your plane AS IS or do you find yourself always yearning for more with a seemingly endless list of improvements you wish to make? What kind of improvements would you make if you could came into a small sum of money that you weren't expecting (and the wife didn't know about)?
  8. I'm asking the wife for a PLB for my birthday.
  9. What is the price point of the EIS-41000?
  10. If this question was directed at me I got my placards from Higher Graphics out of Florida.
  11. V2.6 seems to have done the fix so far. 4 short flights and no leaning. I hope this holds.
  12. I called Avidyne tech support a couple weeks ago. Before I hung up I asked about 10.2 and was told it should be released by the end of this month. However, that's not the first time I've heard this. I stopped holding my breath last October.
  13. Correct, I know this was removed but I doubled checked anyways.
  14. I don't know, I will have to research this. They might be pretty old. I don't recall seeing anything in the logbooks referring to their replacement but I haven't looked for this specifically either.
  15. Oddly, I just had the prop dynamically balanced last weekend by a guy who is one of the best in the business. The difference in vibration level was noticeably better after the balancing yet the problem was most exasperated on the subsequent flight. I'll give a pirep in a few days when I fly again.