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  1. Online pseudonyms and aliases.

    You're very sharp but I'll let you in on a secret. The picture on the left is not really me.
  2. Online pseudonyms and aliases.

    Right now that info, in theory, is in the possession of Equifax and a group of hackers. While not a good situation at all I don't know if it's "out there" yet or even for sale... yet. Also, the latest estimate I heard was 100 million customers affected which means you have a 2 in 3 chance of not being affected. With my luck I'm probably affected.
  3. Online pseudonyms and aliases.

    For a variety of personal security reasons I think some degree of privacy is important and should be left up to the user as to how much or how little personal information he or she wants to give up. Personally I don't use Facebook, MySpace or twitter because I prefer to keep a low profile online. My handle here is representative of what I fly for my day job and is also my gmail account that I've had for years. My friends on here know me as Steve. Not a big deal but I prefer not having my surname attached to an airplane forum which allows people to find out what kind of airplane I own, what avionics I have and give an impression on how much money I may or may not have. There are plenty of unscrupulous people in this world there who like to take advantage of others based on perceptions on what they they you may or may not have. As an example, imagine if you were involved in a traffic accident that was your fault and gave the other party your name as required by law. They go home, google your name and find out you own an airplane. We all know everyone who owns an airplane is filthy rich right? So they say "This guy owns an airplane! He's definitely going to pay $XXX now!"
  4. Self-Install FS210?

    I had my FS210 installed on my avionics shelf and had no issues with Bluetooth strength. I've since had it removed when I got my Avidynes.
  5. Anyone Installed a Dynon D10A?

    I haven't come across anyone who's installed an STC'd D-10A into a certificated aircraft. I suspect Garmin gobbled up that market share being that their product is about 10 years newer at the same price point as the D-10A.
  6. Mitchell Attitude gyro 52D66 SOLD

    Sold on eBay for the full asking price.
  7. Mooney M20J muffler and exhaust system

    Dropping the price to $750 + shipping in hopes of generating some interest.
  8. This came out of my J a few months ago when I upgraded to the Garmin G5. It was working fine when it was removed. Sorry, the photos uploaded upside down. Asking $500 obo Also listed on eBay
  9. WingX

    PM sent Chris
  10. Annual needed in San Diego

    Who did you end up going with?
  11. WingX

    WingX has this great feature that once you touch down it tells you how many feet of runway you have left. I really like that amongst many many other great features.
  12. FlyQ insight

    This sounds like a great idea. Too bad we live in an ultra litigious world. I don't know if a company would want to take on that liability the day a guy's engine quits and he can't make the airport the iPad told him he could make.
  13. OSH rumors for KT 76 owners-What if I said-

    I've wondered the same thing.
  14. Introducing Dynon Certified

    Not sure that's entirely accurate. Dynon claims $16,000 installed price for a system in a C172. Can't see it being that much more in a Mooney. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong but $25,000 installed is more in G500 territory but that would never get you ADS-B in and out, a back up AI, an EDM or AP so at $16,000 that's a lot of value for your CB dollar.
  15. Good lord, the suspense is killing me!