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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think there is any regulatory requirement which mandates having separate airframe, engine or prop logs. You could have one giant aircraft logbook that you log all maintenance in regardless of engine or airframe. I think we just separate them for ease of record keeping. But I could be wrong.
  2. I bought a set of the Shapeways v.6 and they seem to be satisfactory.
  3. Yes, one was from the Oshkosh contact and the other one was a Shapeways. The contact info is midway down on page 4 of this thread.
  4. Page 3 of this thread all the way at the bottom are pictures of what they sent me. They were decent quality but without text.
  5. Sorry I didn't make it. My youngest passenger got sick in the back of the plane and lost his breakfast. I decided to turn back since we were only about 10 minutes from home base.
  6. Looking forward to seeing the, eh hem, big group.
  7. I'm showing drizzle and "showers in the vicinity" on my end on the TAFs so hopefully nothing too severe.
  8. I might have to depart IFR from Long Beach but I think the Central Valley should be clear but there's nothing wrong with playing it by ear.
  9. That's a shame, they looked like nice units.
  10. Same thing happened to mine when I did the 10.2 upgrade. Have you had a chance to update to the current nav data cycle to see what happens?
  11. Did you pickle the engine?
  12. My wife would probably say we need a TFR in the house after I eat Mexican food.
  13. Oh that means the same over here too.
  14. I made that same argument while we were talking about the time to install the update. I told him 10.2 was a pretty major upgrade for the Avidynes. I sent him some pictures of the synthetic vision and even he agreed it was pretty cool. But the update did seem to take a really long time.
  15. What does it mean on your side of the pond?