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  1. Hi, I have 2 Lightspeed Zulu 3 ANR Headsets for sale. One is brand new...never used and the other is very very new...both bought less than 6 months ago. $500 each.
  2. Kinda what I thought but wasn't sure...it is pretty quite for the most part
  3. Hi, I've had it for about 6 mnths and used it maybe 20 times. Its as good as new. Asking $1500 USD...price includes shipping. "Powerful and portable, the Sidewinder will forever change the way you move your aircraft. Powered by Milwaukee’s top of the line 28V power unit with a long-lasting, lithium-ion battery pack, Sidewinder weighs less than 22 pounds, collapses to 27” and stows easily in your baggage compartment. Made in the USA using 4130 Chromoly material. The Sidewinder comes with a battery and 110V charger. "
  4. Hi, I made a $10 donation...how long til I will be allowed to post a for sale ad?
  5. Hi, Thanks for that. I appreciate the info and it puts my mind at ease. I'll keep that programming info and see how it goes.
  6. No...I'm going to get an AME to sort it out.
  7. Yeah, I know, some weird stuff. especially the negative readings. I've been back and forth with the person who did the panel work and he swears that there are no missing wires...just two bundles composed of power/ground/temps...he thinks that the wiring harnesses for those were simply plugged back in wrong...L to R and R to L....I don't know if that could cause what we are seeing?
  8. Here is the video. You can see the UBG does its internal test fine and then I start the engine and you can see the temps increasing but the bars don't move up until about the 4:40 mark when temps get high enough....but the temps will go lower once at cruise and I only get that one bar line across all columns. I'm thinking that I need to figure out how to set the UBG so that the bars start moving up at a lower temp? Forgive the amateurish video
  9. Hi, Seems like the small fan near the floor under the instruments is on its last legs (bearing are making a loud noise) Any idea the cost of a new one and is it difficult to install?
  10. Hi, yes the unit worked correctly until after the audio panel upgrade...they also tried to clean up a number of other wires that seemed to be extraneous from past work? Pretty sure no onw tried to reprogram it...that would be weird for sure The EGTS and CHTS do show correct readings that change with time and movement of the throttle/prop control/mixture. Its just the range of the bars seems very limited now. I will take a video of the UBG 16 from start up (self test) and with engine running on the ground. Give me a few hours to get it together.
  11. Hi, I think the unit is working correctly but the range of the bars is too limited...they need to go higher. The digital readout for the EGT and the CHT looks like it is accurate. The bars do go up a little during taxi/climb, but once the engine starts to cool off they just go to one line at the bottom of the graph. I'm guessing that the temp range for the bars needs to be adjusted? Tony
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