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  1. Larry, thank you for your response. You used the work "easily" regarding designing and printing the seats. What might be easy for you is more like brain surgery for me! And I don't have a 3D printer. But I know your heart was in the right place I have a lead on a company that might have them available. I'll keep you'll posted. Glen
  2. OH MY!!! What a lifesaver. I've been having anxiety over how to fix this problem. Thank you for your help. I have the adapters ordered. Mooney will produce the seat for me, although I have to wait three weeks. My sincere thanks to you and all the others who have shared our knowledge and experience. BTW: I have a home in "The Creek", too. Glen
  3. Thanks for your comments. I will have the shop try to straighten out the door as much as possible. Who is Allen??? Glen
  4. In annual now. My doors are not closing completely. See photos. Should this be adjusted or is it acceptable? M20J.
  5. My first annual. This is inside my nose gear well. Something screws into it. Mechanic doesn’t know what it is.
  6. My fresh air vents in the headliner are not working. No air coming through. When we removed the headliner we found the individual vents in various states of disrepair. It appears they were repaired several times in the past and are pretty rough now. I have attached pictures for your viewing pleasure. It appears there are three parts: 1. the plenum (black plastic part) 2. Eyeball vent (Wemac I believe) 3. Flange that connects the eyeball to the plenum. The flanges were originally attached to the headliner but were cut out when the headliner was covered in fabric. T
  7. I'm thinking ventilation screens were added when radios were more prone to overheating issues. I believe newer equipment is less susceptible to overheating. Unless I find out otherwise, the screen will be history!
  8. I'm having Aerocomfort rebuild the glairshield from my 1984 M20J. He contacted me on Friday stating my glairshield has a "ventilation screen" on the top about 3 x 5 inches which is "not standard". He wants to know if I want to keep the screen or if he can cover it with the fabric he is using to cover the rest of the glairshield. Does anyone else have this screen and is it necessary? See photo attached. Thanks. Glen Glairshield.HEIC
  9. My new to me Garmin 530 has a user programmable checklist. Does anybody make use of this instead of a printed check list?
  10. Good questions. * My heading bug is built into the HSI, a KI-525a. * After the initial minute or two of rock n roll, it follows the heading bug perfectly for hours. * I do not have an interest in replacing the HSI at this point unless it’s broken. Thank you.
  11. When I engage my KFC 150 autopilot in the heading mode, it hunts right and left approximately 10° for about one minute before it locks in on the desired heading. Once it’s locked in it never does it again. I am engaging the autopilot with the heading bug dead center so it should not hunt at all. Any thoughts?
  12. Gee-Bee wants $295 for the tooling and $125 for a set of silicone door seals. Anyone care to split the tooling cost with me? The more the merrier. Glen 917 297 1111
  13. I have a 1984 M20J. I would like to practice and learn how the avionics work by sitting in the plane, in the hanger, with the masters switch on, twisting knobs and turning dials. I’m concerned about depleting the energy in the battery while I do this. Is there any way to provide 12 V to the aircraft to run the electronics while the engine is off? There is an auxiliary power port on the outside of the airplane to connect it to an APU. But, my mechanic has told me that will not supply power to the radio stack. Any thoughts?
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