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  1. I want to use a training course to become more competent with my Garmin 530W. Has anyone used one that you liked and would recommend? I'm thinking online, not in person. Glen
  2. Thanks everyone. I have decided to install a G5 and not the DAC GDC31 as the cost differential is not huge and the added benefit if the G5 is worth the difference to me. Thanks for all the help.
  3. As requested, here are detailed photos of my panel. I don't see any GPSS label. Should there be one?
  4. My new to me J has a Garmin 530W and a KFC 150 Autopilot. How do I know it it has GPSS or not. I see no switches on the panel labeled GPSS. Thanks, Glen
  5. Dan was my neighbor when I lived in Hoboken, NJ. I miss him . Now we both live with our airplanes. I still miss him.
  6. I have a 2500’ grass runway on my property in Maine. I built it 25 years ago. I love to mow the runway with my 1939 Ford 9N tractor. I have a condo at the Spruce Creek Flyin in Florida. It’s the largest fly-in community in the world with 1600 plus homes and 700 plus pilots. Ultra-lites to Citation jets. It’s paved, 4000 plus with instrument approaches.
  7. Today, my KFC 150 failed. After I did the required self-test, I pushed the FD button and it worked normally. When I pushed the AP button, the AP did not engage. The AP light did not illuminate. I shut down the system several times but same problem each time I tried to engage the AP. Finally after 10 or so attempts it worked normally. After it worked normally I shut it down and engaged it several more times. If worked normally each time. Maybe a bad AP switch?
  8. Oh my God. I feel so stupid. I just paid my mechanic to find a problem that wasn't a problem in the first case. Squeaky.stow, you are a genius! Well, at least I'm not alone as several others have offered suggestions on how to fix it! Nevertheless, there's a lesson for me here which is to re-read the entire POH from time to time as there are fine nuances in it I've missed in previous reads. Thanks again to Squeaky.stow and MS for a remarkable resource. Glen N57540 M20J
  9. Help! My 1984 M20J has the original annunciator panel. The far right light is for “starter engaged”. During the test mode it does not light up, as it should. I assumed it’s a dead bulb. My mechanic said he thinks the annunciator panel is a sealed cluster, so one bulb can not be changed. Is this correct? Thanks!
  10. My apologies. Yes, you are correct, they are shims for the engine mounts to correct droop. And yes, it’s the slots I am referring to. Thanks. Glen
  11. I read on MS yesterday a clever way to cut a shim with a Dremel tool to make it easier to install. The shape was a diamond or triangle with a circle so it can't fall out. Now, after searching for an hour, I can't find the information. Can someone direct me to it, again! Thanks. Glen
  12. Hi guys, I have a 1984M 20 J. I know there is a shimming procedure published by Don Maxwell. Unfortunately, when I try to go to his site to review it I got an indication that his site is down. Can anyone send me the actual shimming procedure from his site? Thank you
  13. I'm having the FS 210 installed next week by a shop that has not installed one before. Where in the Mooney (mine is a J) have you installed the FS 210? I read a few comments about poor Bluetooth reception if the unit is mounted in the tail and the radio, obviously, is in the panel. Thoughts, suggestions, pictures? Please specify your aircraft model. If you don't know the answer, feel free to make one up Always a fun read! Thanks, Glen N50540
  14. Well today I found a small blue stain coming from one if the screws securing an oval panel closest to the fuel petcock in my 84 J. There was also a small stain around the petcock itself. I wiped it off then flew for an hour. After landing is when I took this photo. There was no drip or actual liquid present, only the blue stain. How bad is this and what should I expect regarding its progression. Glen
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