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  1. Hello Airways, hello Urs, thank you both for your kind words. The plane is in good shape and i hope to find the time to attend some air shows in Europe next year. The plane was based close to ZRH and found a new home in upper Franconia. It was a quick sale. To my knowledge only three other Mustangs flew this year, one in the US, one in Australia and another Swiss one. The whereabouts of the other planes except the two in museums are not known to me. A journalist named Stephan Wilkinson was looking for information on the airworthy survivors, but didnˋt reply to my offer. Never he
  2. Thank you very much for this warm welcome, as i know now this is not the case everywhere . Having criticized the empoa board i consider it fair to introduce myself and the plane. I started flying 25 years ago, owned a V35 for some time and the M22 gets me as close to a pressurized beech single as can be. Although being hughely influenced by Bonanzas the M22 joined the advantages of Mooney and Beechcraft singles to make it superior to the Bo. It has been almost 1 year that i bought this M22 in Switzerland where it had two previous owners, the last one for 38 years. This true Gent
  3. Got an uncommented refusal for membership last week from them after filling the application form twice and asking after one week for reply, (my son already being a member). Reading this thread affirms my doubts that their board is seriously interested or capable in representing european mooney owners and pilots. (New) members are not welcome there! Peter Fischer, D-EMOO, M22
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