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  1. This is just about right on to what I spent over 1200hrs and 10 years on my 78 J. Not including the Paint and interior I chose to do.
  2. As Pierce noted the guys at TT have also confirmed that it will be $5000 retail plus the $100 STC. Whenever they get the approval I will be paying for the STC ($100), the shipping ($50) and giving an additional $50 off making the total with STC, shipped in the CONUS $4,950. If you would like to be on my pre order list please email your N number, model Mooney, name, address, phone and what controller you want, there is no money due till it is approved and we place your order. Now all we need is an approval .
  3. Jeev

    Vegas CFI?

    Joe Chennault at KVGT. He just sold his 252 and has many hrs training me in my old J and now in my 310. Recently retired F15 pilot soon to be an A320 guy. He is a true aviator that has been flying almost his whole life. Very particular, detail oriented and a great guy. I have learned a lot from him.
  4. Thank you Steve for chiming in here, it is very much appreciated. I have a long list of eager Mooney owners submitted with the TT guys. We are all looking forward to the approval and reduction in back orders.
  5. I have the same issue, mine is about 8 months old. I wipe it off and it take a few uses for it to come back, I was thinking it was preservative oil? I have not seen any change in function but have been meaning to email sidewinder about it.
  6. I really don’t know, that is a question for them.
  7. Hey guys - I haven’t commented because I don’t have any new info to contribute. I did reach out to my contacts at TruTrak and gave them a link to this thread, I am hoping they are able to chime in with some information straight from the source. As some have said the product is absolutely great and does everything as advertised. I have now flown multiple installs in both Pipers and Cessnas and am very happy with the performance of the Vizion and the support from TruTrak. My hope is that now that TT is a part of larger company the resources will be put to use with approvals and addressing the growing pains of an innovative company. I also hope that the price point, approval pipeline and dealer relationships will stay the same. Time will tell and I am looking forward to the comments from TruTrak.
  8. WILCO Anthony! As for the install times as soon as they release the Mooney install manual after approval I will post it here so everyone can get an ideal of what is involved.
  9. Man, sorry about your troubles. Since you are taking it to a shop I have had good success with Len over at EGA (VGT). He is a by the book IA but is realistic and has a lot of experience. He maintained my J for over 10 years and continues to with the new owner.
  10. Hey Santos - I am not an A&P but I feel like I have a lot of experience feeding and caring for my last Mooney and now my 310 over the last 15 years and 2000 flying hrs. What I have noticed about the Continentals in my 310R is that the compressions are all over the place and my cylinders only have 90 hrs on all 12 and they are barely buying oil and look great on the scope. I am very involved in maintenance, learn all about my aircraft systems, select my A&P's carefully and make sure I have a good 2 way relationship with them. I would be very careful with an A&P who said my engine was unariworthy due to low compression readings. Is there anything else going on with the engine like metal in the filter or screen, low power, high oil burn or abnormal temps? I look at cylinders as accessories like vac pumps and alternators. If one is bad you replace or overhaul it and motor on as long as all is normal otherwise. I send you a PM, we can talk on Monday and I can give you some good contacts I work with at VGT. I would insist you do a borescope on the low cylinders before you pull anything. One more thing: When I did the prebuy on my 310 with Conti IO-550-A's three of my cylinders were below 60 and a couple were in the low 60's. The Twin Cessna specialst who works on theses engines everyday was not worried at all and said go fly it for an hr and retest they will be fine if you are not burning a lot of oil or have a lot of blow by. SP
  11. I hear ya. Stephen told me the same thing but I’m not posting anymore maybes. I feel like a scorned wife . When he tells me they are approved I will let everyone know. I have many of you in my list and have submitted it to Stephen to reserve the first units.
  12. Hello – It’s time for another JPI SALE, this one is valid through 7/31/2019! My regular prices are the lowest you will find and when paired with the JPI instant rebates these are some great deals. This is a link to my store with all the discounts applied: Here are some prices for the common set ups for Mooneys but feel free to reach out to me if you are interested in adding features or upgrading your current JPI. These prices are for the hardware only, installation is available at North Las Vegas Airport (KVGT) or I can send you the product to have your own A&P/IA install. EDM-730 4 cylinder with all probes and sensors (basic) $1,575 - $200 rebate = $1,375 EDM-830 4 cylinder with FF, %HP, RPM plus all sensors and probes (TIT, CDT,& IAT extra) $2,500 - $500 rebate = $2,000 EDM-900 4 cylinder - Certified replacement for many of your factory gauges including fuel option for 2 tanks $3,950 -$500 rebate = $3,450 EDM-730 6 cylinder with all probes and sensors (basic) $2,150 - $200 rebate = $1,950 EDM-830 6 cylinder with FF, %HP, RPM plus all sensors and probes (TIT & IAT extra) $2,750 - $500 = $2,250 EDM-900 6 cylinder - Certified replacement for many of your factory gauges including fuel option for 2 tanks $4,300 -500 = $3,800 Give me a call or email if you would like quotes on anything I have not listed. Thank you, Sanjeev Prasad 702-430-2255
  13. Not Navi but I am anxiously awaiting a call around Oshkosh but not holding my breath. I speak to Stephen at TT weekly and ask him every time. No date yet just “hoping for....” I have about 20 slots reserved so far and Stephen has told me mine will be some of the first to go out. As soon as I hear anything from him I will post it immediately and email those who are on my list. if you want to join the list shoot me an email or PM
  14. Real tough news and I am greatly saddened. I have flown that departure out of SDL to the north over DVT many times and can visualize what this unfortunate pilot was going through and seeing. Any accident is tough to read about but this one being a new Mooney, a competent well trained pilot flying in nice VFR is scary and sad. Many of the variables we associate with accidents like pilot error, weather and bad maintenance seem to be removed from this equation yet this fellow pilot was dealt a bad hand. My thoughts and condolences are with the pilot and his family. Heat soak and possible vapor lock was mentioned in an earlier post, while no one can make many conclusions yet I have flown my Mooney and many other airframes that have been heat soaked to over 100 deg at start up with no issues of vapor lock. So sad about this but a glimmer of hope for humanity in the selfless act of the bystander who risked his life to save this pilot while others were just filming with their phones, amazing!