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  1. Not Navi but I am anxiously awaiting a call around Oshkosh but not holding my breath. I speak to Stephen at TT weekly and ask him every time. No date yet just “hoping for....” I have about 20 slots reserved so far and Stephen has told me mine will be some of the first to go out. As soon as I hear anything from him I will post it immediately and email those who are on my list. if you want to join the list shoot me an email or PM
  2. Real tough news and I am greatly saddened. I have flown that departure out of SDL to the north over DVT many times and can visualize what this unfortunate pilot was going through and seeing. Any accident is tough to read about but this one being a new Mooney, a competent well trained pilot flying in nice VFR is scary and sad. Many of the variables we associate with accidents like pilot error, weather and bad maintenance seem to be removed from this equation yet this fellow pilot was dealt a bad hand. My thoughts and condolences are with the pilot and his family. Heat soak and possible vapor lock was mentioned in an earlier post, while no one can make many conclusions yet I have flown my Mooney and many other airframes that have been heat soaked to over 100 deg at start up with no issues of vapor lock. So sad about this but a glimmer of hope for humanity in the selfless act of the bystander who risked his life to save this pilot while others were just filming with their phones, amazing!
  3. Thanks for the mention John! I always recommend the 900 to my customers first for that reason, it saves in the long run. I have a lot of customers with 730's or 830's who want to upgrade to the 900. As you know the 900 is only sold as a full kit and depending on your A&P should be installed with all the new senders and probes even though the CHT & EGT probes are the same. Thanks again!
  4. Definitely do this, it may take a few adjustments to get it right and Ill bet this is your fix.. If your are still way off check where your JPI MP sensor is located, I suggest T'ing it right behind the factory MP gauge.
  5. SOLD - Thank you Hello - I just swapped out my GNS530W for an IFD. The 530W is in perfect working condition and it was just pulled out of my aircraft yesterday. The screen is almost perfect with just a tiny amount of scuffing on the left screen border. You can barley see it if you zoom in close on the pics attached. Asking $8,100 plus shipping, Jeppesen USB adapter and tray included. Thank you, Sanjeev
  6. I fly behind the PMA450B now, had the PMA8000B in the Mooney and have spent a lot of time behind the GMA340's. No comparison, go PS the sound quality and squelch is great and the feature set especially on the 450B is really cool!
  7. Jeev


    If I ever get another Mooney it’s going to be a 252, I think it’s the best option. More performance than a 231 with a better engine set up, about the same performance as the newer turbo models for less $$ money. Check this one out, I know the aircraft and it’s a good one:
  8. Gary - Where did you install your MP sensor? If I read your post correctly you used the existing copper line? We always run a new MP hose to the JPI sensor if the aircraft has that old style line and never have an issue with fluctuations. It should be pretty easy to run a new line or give JPI tech a call to see if they have a quick fix for you. Good luck and please post your resolution.
  9. Hello Jimmy - We don’t install a lot of EI yet but do many EDM900’s per month. They come from JPI with all of the parameters preprogrammed per the specific aircraft POH. The only things you need to program are the fuel calibration, HP constant and some fine tuning of the MP, and fuel flow K-factor. All of those are described in the install manual and take about an hour to get right after the install is done. Please reach out to me or JPI tech if you need any more info. Here is the install manual : I am running some great prices on JPI through 4/30: Sanjeev
  10. Based the installs we have done unless you can get ahold of the servo mounts and actual TruTrak harness I don’t think pre wiring would be advantageous. I am waiting for word on if they can pre-sell those.
  11. Awesome!! My absolute favorite place to fly!! Glad you had a good time and yeah almost always a stiff crosswind blowing from the east at Staniel Cay!
  12. I had the exact same thing happen at that shop! I have no proof that they did me wrong just a gut feeling. Will be shipping my props to Cody in the future, even if I get bad news I know he is a straight shooter.
  13. My favorite place to fly and I’ve done Vegas to the Bahamas and back 6 times via Mooney! Stop at KFPR for fuel, a raft, Bahama pilots guide and life vest rental, I love Fernandez Bay on Cat Island and they give a pilots discount. You have to stop at staniel cay and North Eleuthera while you are there. I skip Nassau and grand Bahama since I prefer the non touristy Bahamas. Be proficient in your crosswind gusty landings and plan to have way more fuel than you need as sometimes the smaller islands will be out of fuel. Have a great time