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  1. Not sure on that one yet, there has been no word from either company. The AV-30 was designed by a few of the founders of Aspen so hopefully it will be just as easy to interface with the TT.
  2. Correct, it looks like they are trying to fast track the AV-30 then get the autopilot adapters approved separately starting with STEC. Based on timeframe I would not bank on it if you need it to drive your AP, it may be a while. What a lot of my customers are doing is planning to buy the AV-30, installing it in the primary spot and moving the vac AI down to standby position, leaving it in the panel to drive the AP. Hopefully the AP adapter will be approved before that VAC AI needs an overhaul....
  3. I see your POV but respectfully disagree. There is a significant difference between the cheap Amazon tractor lights, the entry level Whelens / AEROLED’s and the top of the line AEROLED’s. I would say buy the best light you can afford now and stick with it. The current mid to top of the line LED’s are so much better than incandescent and more than adequate for GA applications. If you have Whelens or better, you are happy or don’t fly a lot at night stick with the LED’s you have. If you still have incandescent buy the best now and leave it alone, enjoy the fact that this will most likely be the last light you will buy for the aircraft. Here is a link to buy AEROLED’s :-) :
  4. uAvioinix informed me that approval is expected early 2020 (Caution FAA timelines) and they are taking pre orders for the AV-30.I have already ordered one for my aircraft and a few for local customers and I am really excited to install and sell these! The AV-30 embodies my mission to bring new affordable tech to our legacy aircraft that improve safety and reliability.I am not taking any payments until we have FAA approval and are ready to ship. If you would like to pre order please go to my website via the link below and select "preorder" during check out to submit the order with out payment.I have links to video's and manuals on this site as well : Wolf Aviation 702-430-2255
  5. Not yet unfortunately, anxiously waiting .................
  6. I am completely impressed with AEROLED's as a company and the the people I have dealt with. Nice, professional and passionate about their products. They are made in the USA and the attention to detail even in their packaging is impressive, I look forward to promoting their products. I agree with Don in that the taxi lights have a very diffused beam but that is what they are designed to do. With the being said the taxi light is still VERY bright.
  7. I just switched out my Whelen's for AEROLED's and I am very impressed so I just got an account with them and started selling their lights last week. AeroLED's are the brightest lights you will get unless you go HID. Check out the different PAR36 versions here: The LX lights are $345 and the SUPER bright 43xx series are $640, I haven't put them on my site yet but shoot me a PM or email and I can get you details. They are expensive but considering they are the last lights you will ever buy and are super bright I was sold and bought 4 for my 310.
  8. Very much alive but very much delayed :(.. There are many anxiously waiting the FAA approval for Mooneys. I have a pre order list going PM me if you would like to be on it, I'm not taking any payments until we have the STC/AML. Hopefully soon.
  9. Not 100% but those look like around 75deg ROP numbers. I have IO550-A's in the 310R, at 65% roughly 21MP 2400RPM I am burning 12.5-13GPH per side LOP with GAMI's.
  10. Bart - As others have mentioned that quote is out of control high and we don't charge anything near that for labor. You don't have to go to a big avionics shop for the install as it is pretty simple but time consuming. I have multiple A&P's that install for me here in Vegas who do not specialize in avionics, most of the install is Airframe and Power plant with just a few wires running to the avionics if you want it hooked up to a GPS. The big avionics shops around here don't want to bother with an EDM install unless you are buying a $100k panel to go along with it. That has opened up a lot of opportunity for guys like me, I love it and have some happy customers!!!
  11. Thank you!!! How are you liking your EDM900?
  12. Hello - JPI factory rebates are back through 1/31/20! Combined with my discounted pricing these are the best deals you will find. Please take a look at my online store, the prices on the site reflect the discounts. Thank you and let me know if you have any questions, Sanjeev
  13. You didn't ask me but I love Avionics shopping I would leave it for about 50 hrs, fly the plane and see what you like. My last Mooney had a similar panel with a 480 I would wait till it broke or I just got tired of it but be careful the more you use the 480 the more you will like it. Then I would install an Avidyne 540 and JPI EDM900, rearrange the avionics a little to make it look nice and fly the hell out of that beautiful J!
  14. @PearceBK thank you for the updates and the effort of keeping us updated. This thread is long running and we have a ton of interest and pre orders. Your participation makes a big impact. sanjeev
  15. It does sound like a loose or corroded connection or pin. Unfortunately we don’t have a full avionics shop yet. I do have good contract avionics guy on the field at VGT but he may be busy for the next week or so. Pm me and I will give you his info. If you need something faster I highly recommend Bob Webber at webair consulting. He is highly experienced and can usually diagnose things like this over the phone. I use him a lot :