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  1. You all have covered just about everything. JPI is required to set the alarm limits a the exact # that is listed in the POH and has no flexibility to change this. This is a common occurrence and even more so in the big Conti's in regards to fuel flow. Many people have their max fuel flow set to 10% of rated HP to keep things cool, this sets off a red alarm at full rich full power. I have tried to get this resolved for a few customers but its a no go. A small annoyance for the convince and pin point accuracy of these engine monitors.
  2. Yes thank you I had that backwards and made the edit
  3. I know on my 310 the engine driven fuel pumps draw more fuel than is actually used by the engine and the excess is returned to the tanks. I think all big Conti's are the same? May be a possibility the the factory Mooney fuel line, selector and rest of the system is not capable of flowing 28GPH plus the excess? The main fuel line for each engine in my 310 with the same engines are a lot bigger than any line I have seen in a Mooney. I bet Rocket has the answer and if they say the Mooney system is capable of flowing the increased fuel then I would have your adjustments looked at again. If I c
  4. I flew my J for 10 years and about 1200hrs here are the majors, just about everything. It had 1400 on the engine and about 3700 on the airframe when I bought it. Engine, Prop x2, both mags x2, resealed 1 tank, 2 starters, 1 Vac Pump, stall warning switch, 1 alternator, Lasar nose truss, gear pucks, Paint, interior and a bunch of little stuff like electrical gremlins, tires, brakes ect. Totally worth it I loved my time in that plane!
  5. I have 2 IO-550-A's in my C310R and have the Sea Level full power FF set to 31 GPH. It gives you the option of more cooling on those hot days that I see in Vegas. If you need max power just pull it back to 27-28. From all my buddies flying the big Conti's it seems that FF of 10% max rated HP works well for cooling.
  6. Definitely take your plane. I flew my J form Vegas to Tampa all the time now I do the same in my 310 almost once per month. It makes no financial sense but especially now its much more enjoyable, beautiful and calming as log as you are not on a tight schedule. Have fun!
  7. Thanks! I am here to help if needed. www.wolfaviationsales.com
  8. Still no word form BK . I am waiting up to 9 weeks to get the approved kits for Cessna's & Pipers.
  9. Well sold out of stock in 5 hrs. I will have more in 2 weeks. Uavionix told me they will be shipping all the pre orders in the next few weeks so if you have ordered them you should get them soon.
  10. Found it for ya. See link Section 8 page 47: https://www.jpinstruments.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/PG-EDM-730_830-Rev-A-02-JULY-2009.pdf
  11. Hi - there is a simple calibration in the pilots guide. It will take a few flight to get it right but it is east. Take a look its listed in the manifold pressure section.
  12. Awesome! Please send his info my way.
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