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  1. Jeev

    TruTrak Fly-in Factory Tour

    Saturdays will not work for Trutrak so we are trying to coordinate a Friday in January most likely the 4th, 11th or 18th. Trutrak said they will put on a nice BBQ for us, I will keep you posted when I hear back from them. Have a great week! Sanjeev
  2. I can tell you what not to do....... spend your free time that you would be flying buying a bunch of stuff for the plane, haha I have a problem. Seriously though in the past I have gotten my seaplane rating, flown aerobatics or done some simulator work when the plane has been down.... Or if you don’t want to have FUN you could clean out the hangar while it’s empty! My vote is to go do some aerobatics in a super D!
  3. Or best offer its just sitting in my hangar and I can't use it.
  4. Jeev

    TruTrak Fly-in Factory Tour

    Well looks like we have at least 8 people including myself so I think that is enough to get this thing going! How does Jan 19th or 26th work? Both are Saturdays as it seems the weekend will work better for most. I have confirm that Corey at TT can come in on a Sat.
  5. Jeev

    Finally finished!

    WOW great choice on the scheme and colors, makes me miss my J I just sold. I picked a very similar scheme but different colors. Enjoy and no matter what anyone tells you it IS faster with smooth new paint .
  6. Jeev

    TruTrak Fly-in Factory Tour

    I spoke with Corey at TruTrak today and he said they would love to host a bunch of Mooneys at their factory. They can have lunch and the test bed Mooney there for us to take a look at. So far I have four of you guys any more? I will give it a few more days then work on some dates.
  7. Jeev

    TruTrak Fly-in Factory Tour

    Yes sir I have you covered and look forward to the day I call to say its approved
  8. Jeev

    What am I missing on this 830

    As always on this site there are tons of good answers. Take a look to see what probes you have, check baffling, fuel flow or any other issues that are air / fuel / cooling related. If you do have a spark plug gasket probe swap it out for the piggyback probe here: Let me know if it can be of any more help. Sanjeev
  9. Hello everyone - As some of you already know I am a TruTrak dealer / installer in Las Vegas and focusing on the Mooney kit. I am gauging interest in setting up a Fly-in factory tour of the TruTrak facility and Mooney test aircraft at Springdale Municipal Airport (KASG) in Springdale Arkansas. It would be neat to see their facility and get hands on with the kit installed in the Mooney. Plus having all these Mooney's show up on their ramp may motivate them even more to push the approval through . As of now M20 approval is slotted for spring 2019 and has been pushed back a few times due to FAA delays, you can follow the status here: Please reply to this thread with your interest, as we have some people chime in I will work on a date (Jan or Feb) and logistics.
  10. I spoke with Trutrak today and unfortunately they pushed back the date again to spring 2019, I was told there are no specific issues it is just the process with the FAA. I am going to set up a fly in to tour their facility in at Springdale Municipal Airport (KASG) and look at the Mooney test bed install. How many of you would be interested? When I have a approximate number I can start working on a date. I will start another thread for the fly in. Regarding replacing the T/C I would definitely put in a RC Allen or other glass AI. I had the RC Allen in my last Mooney and liked it but installed it when there were not many other options. If I was going to do it again I would highly consider the AeroVonics.
  11. Cleaning out the hangar and I have a factory overhauled Skytec 149-12LS starter in the original plastic and box with an 8130-3 form (attached below). Asking $300 shipped in the CONUS. I was keeping this as a spare but never needed it. PM or email me Thanks, Sanjeev Sky-tec.pdf
  12. Jeev

    The AV 30 Looks Good

    Looking forward to your PIREP Cliffy!!! I have been watching this company, looks like some great products!
  13. Jeev

    Cowl Flap fine adjustments

    My 78 was SN 24-515 had no factory step and 3 position cowl flaps
  14. Jeev

    Cowl Flap fine adjustments

    This is how I had the cowl flats on my J set up. Would have them in trail about an inch in the summer and fully closed in the winter and that set up worked very well. If you reach up in the cowl flap and unhook the spring loaded ball joint you can loosen the lock nut and spin the fitting up and down on the threads to adjust.