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  1. Looks like the sharp Mooneyspacers figured this one out! I have not been here in a few weeks due to work and flying schedules, miss you all
  2. Unfortunately this is true. I have 6 autopilots on order for other airframes and Have been quoted 6-9 weeks 9 being the norm. Frustrating that such a great product is being stifled by bad management.
  3. Ouch . Well I'm still around If you need anything else! Enjoy that Rocket, I have always wanted to fly one...
  4. Thank you guys I really appreciate the support! Sanjeev
  5. JPI is officially back open however they are working at 50% staff with employees working one day on / one day off so there will be delays. The good news is Donna at JPI has been very responsive to me and my pending orders that got delayed due to COVID. They are doing their best but there will be some longer lead times, I thing 14-20 days for the certified replacements 900, 930, 960 is realistic. Thank you all for the support.. I no longer fly a Mooney but feel the MOONEY LOVE! Sanjeev
  6. Hello and thanks for the nice PIREP Ross. Based on my interactions with JPI the last few weeks they are shipping the stocked units: 730, 830, 790's. They have not been answering the phone but I am able to place orders via Email and get a response within 1-2 business days. The 900, 930, 960 units that are certified replacements for factory gauges are running longer. JPI has to build and program each one of them per the specific Aircrafts POH and I don't believe all the programers are back to work. They are taking orders and the last one I put through for a Mooneyspacer I was quoted 14-20 business days. They are not up to full capacity but they are working with me so its looking good. Fly safe everyone!!
  7. Thanks -a- I have been in contact with my rep at JPI. They are able to ship some limited probes but any of the engine monitors including the EDM900 are not being shipped, all my pending orders an paused in process. I am expecting an update tomorrow on their status. The JPI rebates are active now and what I am doing with my customers is taking orders, getting all the paperwork in order, sending in the order to JPI to lock in the rebates but I am NOT charging anyone until I have a ship date. As stated the normal lead time for JPI to build the certified units like the 900/930's is about 4 weeks. My prices are better than Chief & Spruce but unfortunately I won't be able to ship until JPI reopens.
  8. Andrew - Thank you for chiming in! I had a list under Wolf Aviation with Pam from the start of the thread many months ago and she said she would transfer that over. The Mooneyspacers on my list are some of the very first that have wanted to buy the Vizion and it would be great if we can get them theirs first. Thanks for bringing this great product to market, I have many happy Cessna and Piper customers and hopefully soon to be Mooney customers.
  9. This is true. I have my own list that TruTrak said they would ship first or give priority. Since the buy out my "slots" are gone but I have been in regular contact with Bendix King. It will be a while before any Mooney (when approved) kits ship, the approved piper kits are on a 5-9week back order now. I have not and will not take any payment until there is a ship date, I would be careful of anyone who wants your money now. The good news continues to be I have have a lot of happy customers and the AP works great and is still a good value. I know rubbing salt in the wound until there is an approval...
  10. Oh man!!! I feel bad for forgetting to mention Janet!! She is a phenomenal instructor and person. She also has a very nice J! +1
  11. Joe Chenault owned and flew a 252 for many years. He now owns a flight school with diamonds and barons but is a great instructor and has a lot of Mooney experience.+1 (702) 912-8515 As for an A&P I use a few solo guys with mixed results, EGA is a good shop Len the owner is experienced and maintained my Mooney for 10 years. Feel free to reach out to me if you need any help or just want to say hi. I would love to check out your Mooney!! 702-430-2255
  12. Hahaha! I commend all of you guys for waiting so long to drift this thread . A group of true professionals!! Frustrating but a humor helps...
  13. Historically with TruTrak it has taken between 3-4 weeks to get an autopilot from when i place the order. Hopefully BK will be faster.