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  1. I would call LASAR up in central Cal for a quote, they are very experienced up there. If you want to come to Vegas I could ask the shop I partner with EGA aviation how many they have done and how many hours it takes. They work on a lot of Mooneys and have maintained mine for 10 years.
  2. Jeev

    Buyer's Brokers cost

    Regarding the buyers agent question it really comes down to how much time you have and how comfortable you are with the make and model you are buying. The process is not hard but it is time consuming. If you are financing regardless if you have an agent or not you will have to do most of the back and forth with finance. Where an agent really helps is finding the aircraft that meets your specs, often times you will have to go see 3 or 4 aircraft before you find the "one". After you locate the plane a competent agent will draft an agreement, set the terms, locate a shop that specializes in or has a lot of experience with the make and model, set up escrow, set up transition training / ferry services and a few other things. Like I said it's not hard just time consuming. I also work as both a broker and buyers agent and charge a flat fee of $2,500 ($500 as a retainer and $2000 at closing) plus travel when I work for the buyer. I personally like the process of buying and selling but some do not, the customers who retain my services are busy or first time buyers who want some help. If you are the type of person who likes to get involved I would recommend you do it yourself but use escrow, it makes it easier and ensures all the proper paperwork gets filed. If you go through Aerospace reports its only $300 or so bucks each for the seller and buyer, money well spent. If you need some help or have questions feel free to reach out, my advise is always free . One more thing, as some have said aircraft broker/buyers agents are unregulated and unfortunately there are some sleazy people out there. Be wary of anyone who wants the whole fee up front and does not ask a lot of questions about your mission, budget, pilot experience and maintenance strategies. Good luck and please remember to have fun, these are airplanes after all!!!!
  3. Well the time has come, with our growing family I really needed something bigger so I jumped off the cliff and bought a Cessna 310R Colemill conversion, man she is sweet but really likes to drink 100LL. I was thinking it was going to take a while to sell 1YG so I would have more time with my Mooney however a local guy jrothen4 snatched her up real quick. Its a great bird that I have upgraded throughout the years and it will serve him well. Also since he is local we are keeping the plans to do the first TruTrak install on 1YG. I will definitely still be around here frequently and in any if you guys come to Vegas shoot me a line!!!
  4. Jeev

    Buyer's Brokers cost

    Welcome to Mooneyspace James!!!! This is a great place to get comfy with Mooneys. I have had so much help from all these guys to make 1YG the plane it is today!!! I miss my Mooney already but I am very happy it will be staying on the field!! Cheers and it was great working with you.
  5. Jeev

    1992 M20M Bravo

    This is a real nice Bravo with good bones, clean airframe and low time engine. It has not flown a lot recently but its been in a hangar in dry Vegas, I think it would be a great bird for someone who wants to upgrade it to their specs. Its being sold by my hangar neighbor and his Broker is a straight shooter, I have no skin in the game other than I want to see this clean Bravo in the hands of someone who will upgrade her and keep her in the air. Check it out:
  6. Jeev

    Interior Renovation

    WOW looks like the interior in a Lamborghini!!! Love it!
  7. Jeev

    M20F mixture knob

    Real nice work!!! I would think the local machine shop could make them legally as an owner produced part.
  8. Starting 10/1/18 until 1/31/19 JPI is offering instant rebates on all their engine monitors! Here are some prices for the common set ups for Mooneys but feel free to reach out to me if you are interested in adding features or upgrading your current JPI. These prices are for the hardware only, installation is available at North Las Vegas Airport (KVGT) or I can send you the product to have your own A&P/IA install. EDM-730 4 cylinder with all probes and sensors (basic) $1,575 - $200 rebate = $1,375 EDM-830 4 cylinder with FF, %HP, RPM plus all sensors and probes (TIT & IAT extra) $2,500 - $400 rebate = $2,100 EDM-900 4 cylinder - Certified replacement for many of your factory gauges including fuel option for 2 tanks $3,950 - $400 rebate = $3,550 EDM-730 6 cylinder with all probes and sensors (basic) $2,150 - $200 rebate = $1,950 EDM-830 6 cylinder with FF, %HP, RPM plus all sensors and probes (TIT & IAT extra) $2,750 - $400 = $2,350 EDM-900 6 cylinder - Certified replacement for many of your factory gauges including fuel option for 2 tanks $4,250 - $400 rebate = $3,850 Here is a link to my JPI page Give me a call or email if you would like quotes on anything I have not listed. Thank you, Sanjeev Prasad 702-430-2255
  9. I noticed you have the Aspens (obviously ), IFD540 and the GTX-345. Are you able to get the traffic and weather from the 345 on all your displays or did you have to pick either the IFD or aspens since they communicate at different BAUD rates? I am looking at a similar set up with less Aspens and curious, thanks.
  10. Yes it will and it will look nice! JPI just told me they are bringing back their instant rebates as of 10/1/18 until 1.31.19, that is $400 off the EDM 900. PM me if you want more info :). Sanjeev
  11. Oh that is pretty! How do you like you IFD?
  12. I will work on it as I have been meaning to take a factory tour but I’m at least a 5-6 weeks out before I can make it out there.
  13. Jeev

    Trutrack Update

    Correct I was referring to open pins that can take an output from the Aspen or G5 for heading bug and other features. Not needed as you said since the Trutrak can operate as a stand alone but it would be for "nice to have features". We will see what is included when the update comes out.
  14. Jeev

    Trutrack Update

    Yes we will have to wait and I am certain there will be a revision on the install manual or appendix to include the Aspen / G5 interface. I do know there are some empty pins in the current wiring harness that would be available for "upgrades" they are PINS 7, 18, 24 & 25 on the diagram.
  15. Jeev

    Trutrack Update

    Just updated my website to include the general install manual with the wiring diagram and the install manuals for the approved kits for Cessna & Piper so you all can get an idea of the install. I will update this page with the Mooney manual when I get it.