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  1. Mine always has a little in the cowling somewhere. Nothing actually hits the floor except maybe the breather might have a drop or 2 after she sits a while. Honestly if the worst thing my engine does is leak a little, I will be very happy. I figure it keeps both the inside and outside lubed up and corrosion free!
  2. Need a new alternator and looking at PlanePower. For 69F model which PN do you get? The AL12-70 or AL12-P70? Is there any modification, belts or brackets needed? Or is it a bolt-on replacement? Trying to get this ordered today, if possible and I am finding conflicting information on pn eligibility from both the PP site and spruce. Currently installed is a ALY 6520 that has crapped out on me 2 days before I was going to go out of town. It appears the AL12-70 comes with extra hardware and brackets and the AL12-P70 does not.
  3. That's' great! (the part about your wife, not the Cirrus!) My wife and I got married on the beach there many years ago and have been back 10-15 times but I haven't flown in there in a while. I also used to live in the RDU area and learned to fly in high school. I have flown there in a 172 a few times but that was many many years ago.
  4. Thanks! Ocracoke doesn't have much either. Kitty Hawk has no fuel - true but Dare county does if I need it Kitty Hawk has no services - true Kitty Hawk does not allow camping - true Kitty Hawk may not allow overnight parking - they do allow 24 hour parking
  5. Thanks Pete. Completely understand. I am watching the weather this week and going to decide what our plan is a bit later. If the weather doesn't cooperate, we may head out Friday afternoon and stay at another airport Friday night then get up early Saturday and fly to our destination. Our ultimate destination is Ocracoke NC. But I think we may fly into First Flight/Kitty Hawk Friday and then take a leisurely flight down the beach to Ocracoke Saturday morning. But looking at the forecast, it has improved since I was looking over the weekend with 15/16 gusting to 23 so we will see. My
  6. Thanks for the comments. I think knowing the airport and anticipating what the winds will be, I will be using my takeoff flaps. If I'm not firmly planted in the first few hundred feet or so on the runway, I can easily go around. That's the other benefit of takeoff flap landings, the aircraft is already configured for taking off.
  7. With gusty winds, I use half flaps and a little more speed. It's a normal technique for gusty conditions that I have used in every aircraft and was recommended during transition training. The POH I have just says flaps as required and "Extend flaps as required on final approach to adjust for variations in wind, glide angle, and other variables."
  8. Just a quick question on landing distances when using half flaps for gusty winds and a possible crosswind. How much do you add to your landing distance when using half flaps? It seems to me that it takes maybe a couple hundred feet extra. Does that sound about right? Put another way, I am planning a trip later this week to a coastal airport. Winds are forecast to be 17-20knots gusting to 25-30. Maybe a 45 degree crosswind. The runway is 60' wide and 2900 feet long, no obstructions. If that ends up being the winds when I get there, I'd like to use 1/2 flaps but it's not a long runway (but
  9. Very nice!! Where did you have these covered at? Got anymore pics? I have been wanted to get mine doen as well. Jim
  10. No a re-cerfication is not required. The transponder is what is certified. In fact to accomplish the 24 month check you can send the transponder out or you can bypass the antennae connection. And yes, I do this for a living.
  11. Actually that isn't 100% true.... It is considered temporary but no clarification on what "temporary" is other than if it it leaks again, you have to clean it and reapply the sealant.
  12. I'm not really sure what to think of this article... For a 78 year old pilot with 61 years of experience including being a Safety Manager for the FAA for 28 years, what did she think would happen. She had her fun and got caught. It is what it is but I'm not sure I feel sorry for her. I mean if I am still flying at 78, I'll probably go fly under some bridges too but if I get grounded for it, I'm not going to blame anyone but myself and I'm certainly not going to expect anyone to feel sorry for me. https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/2021/04/18/lunken-airport-faa-martha-jeremiah-morrow-br
  13. Is that square plastic pan catching the oil? If so, that might be a little more oil than you would like to see.... a few drops on the floor...ok. A contained with a pint of oil, maybe not...
  14. I really learned a lot watching this video.
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