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  1. Having spent 30 years dealing (i.e.: arguing/fighting) with the FAA, Transport Canada and EASA in my 121 maintenance/QA management job, I am really beginning to love GA.
  2. Thanks Skip, I did see that thread and was really wondering if when the 3" extensions were installed if the channel that is bolted to the top of the pedal was mounted a little low or if it was a little longer than it should be. The drawing doesn't really give you an exact mounting dimension but if it was lower than where it should be, the top of the pedal would be more aft. It just appears it should be mounted all the way at the top but I haven't removed a pedal to look at it yet. Did you notice any difference in sensitivity of the brakes? Just looks like you might have more leverage on the control rod to the MC. Jim
  3. For those that have installed the 3" or 1.5" rudder pedal extensions, do you like them? Do they change the feel/geometry of the pedals and/or brakes? I am 5' 6" and while I don't really have a problem getting full rudder/steering action, it is a stretch and it would be nice to sit back from the instrument panel a little more. I have made some up and had planned to install them but I keep looking at the drawings and it appears you really increase the lever on the brake master cylinder rods, especially with the 3" extensions. I have heard the 1.5" extensions aren't popular since if you need the extensions might as well go with the 3". So before I drill holes in my pedals and install them, just thought I would ask. Thanks Jim
  4. I had one recently weeping a bit like that. Was able to snug it up a 1/4 - 1/2 turn. Problem solved.
  5. Sailrite has a full selection of UltraLeather colors. It meets the FAA burn criteria. https://www.sailrite.com/Fabric-Brands/Ultraleather
  6. Is there a particular reason I see everyone is installing the GMU 11 in the RH wing? If you plan to install a GFC 500 at a later date, I think the roll servo is getting installed in that wing (RH). Is it install far enough away to not create interference? Just curious.Would it matter if you installed it in the LH wing other than you are going to have the CAN BUS wire strung all over the place.
  7. While I was at work yesterday I was checking new posts here and saw this post. Didn't really think much of it at the time since I don't have the SWTA 201 style cowling but last night I was at the aircraft finishing up my JPI EDM-900 installation and I recalled this post. I decided to take a look and found the same thing on mine. Be a good idea to look. It isn't a pressurized line and probably wouldn't be catastrophic but.... Thanks DaV8or for sharing! This place really is fantastic!
  8. Go give your local A&P a hug and remember to celebrate Mr. Taylor's birthday. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aviation_Maintenance_Technician_Day https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charlie_Taylor_(mechanic)
  9. Do you know what IPS reading he was getting? I know you said he was very experienced but when you are balancing props, once you get it balanced and the reading very low it will move around a bit. It could be that your prop is already very well balanced, or as suggested, he was trying to balance it with a gusty wind or the equipment is faulty.
  10. I am not that familiar with the GFC 500/G5 system and the ESP system but from the AFM supplements I have read is that you can certainly disable it any time by either holding the A/P disconnect button or on the G5 by selecting it off. I don't think that affects the trim system but I could be wrong. Anytime an ESP mode is active, the pilot can interrupt ESP by using the Autopilot Disconnect (AP DISC / TRIM INT) switch, or simply override ESP by overpowering the autopilot servos. The pilot may also disable ESP through the G5 menu.
  11. Thanks for all the replies. I have learned a valuable lesson. When you want input, post pictures! The general layout I am not really having a hard time with. Really just trying to get ideas from others that have either moved the switches and lights to another location or left them in the same spot. I need the engine monitor/analyzer and the transponder for ADS-B out. Since I am going to be in the panel and taking things apart/changing things I figured I might as well jump in with both feet. I do plan to make a whole new panel and replace the old one with the cracked up plastic overlay and shock mount at the top. I am the A&P/IA that will be doing all of this and the installation of all the avionics. I have not started taking things apart yet to see what structure behind the panel I may have to deal with but I am thoroughly enjoying researhing and looking at all the great panels on this site. I am also finding the old Brittain AP interesting. The one I have has a dial to select your heading and an old heading/magentometer hanging from the top of the aft equipment bay. I also have 4 of the vacuum servos in the tail and a bunch of vacuum lines running all though the aircraft. I was reading in the manuals where you have to set the heading zone you are in and mine appears to have at one point been able to capture and fly a LOC and it has the ALT hold. Kind of cool in a 1960s sort of way. Now if I can get it working, I'd really think it was cool
  12. So not the best picture but here is what I have to work with. The DG is spinning it's way to a slow death and the Britain B6 AP is not functional right now. I am going to work on the AP but there isn't a lot of support for it right now, so we will see. I plan to install a JPI EDM 900. Also going in with a G5 AI and HSI with the thought of a GFC500 when it gets certified for the F model if I can't get the PC AP to work. The GNC 300XL and old Narco TX will get replaced with the new GNX 375 and a GTR 225. And she will get a a new GMA 345. I plan to keep the old Narco MK12D for the time being. Who says I need any help spending money!! This should clean out all the old engine/fuel gauges, EGT gauge, the GNC 300 annunciator/APPR ARM switches, the PMA3000 intercom and eliminate one of the CDIs. My thought would be to extend the rack up a bit and be able to fit all the radios, audio panel, AP and GNX in the middle or put the Narco over to the right of the rack where the TX is. Then move the row of switches, annunciator lights and gear handle up maybe an inch along with the remaining GS/LC CDI. Then I could fit the JPI just to the left of the rack under those items. Or I can just put the JPI to right where the RPM/MP gauges are. Concerns are clearance in the back of the panel. Thoughts?
  13. No one? Guess that doesn't surprise me since I have searched and really haven't found anything. Apparently the 1969 panel is somewhat unique.
  14. Does anyone have a 1969 model that they have upgraded that they would like to show off with some pictures? I am planning an upgrade (G5s, EDM-900, audio panel, GPS, etc) and making some changes to my 69 F model and trying to come up with some ideas. The switches/annuciator lights/gear handle right in the middle of the panel as well as some of the other unique differences of the 69 panel are making my plans difficult. Thanks,