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  1. Also make sure when accomplishing or inspecting to reference the correct AD https://www.mooney.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/sbm20-345A.pdf (1) Before further flight after the effective date of this AD, inspect both elevators to determine if any hybrid elevator balance weight part number (P/N) 430018-1 is installed in accordance with STEP 1.1 of the Instructions section in Mooney International Corporation Service Bulletin M20-345A, dated December 13, 2022. The repetitive inspection and replacement required by paragraphs (g)(2) and (3) of this AD are not required if any hybrid elevator balance weight P/N 430018-1 is not installed.
  2. Yes the magnet idea does have merit.
  3. I blasted mine and painted with Lycoming grey from aircraft spruce. https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/cspages/sf2100a12.php?clickkey=8758
  4. Ok. So I have a bulkhead off of a J and I also have one from my F.
  5. Before I sell just the blades, does anyone have a need or interest in a Hartzell HC C2YR-1BF with spinner and bulkhead off of my F? The eddy current AD is effective and was last performed about 33.65 hours before at Tiffin Aire in OH. It has approximately 1000 hours on it since overhaul back in 97. If interested let me know and I can provide pics and paperwork. Was working just fine before I removed it to install a 3 blade MT. I can sell the blades to a prop shop but if anyone needs it for recent prop strike or something, let me know soon. Jim
  6. I have 2 G5s and have gave some consideration to replacing them with GI-275s but really can't find a good enough reason. I may add a GI-275 later this year to be an additional CDI/MFD/MAP/ etc. But I will keep the G5s.
  7. Its not firmware or navdata really. It is magnetometer data. The magnetic poles drift and the magnetometer needs to know where to point you. This needs updated every so often. It is part of the general software for the unit. IGRF stands for International Geomagnetic Reference Field
  8. Just out of curiosity, what was the part number of the elevator yoke you bought?
  9. It is in section 5.6.1 of the installation manual. Did you contact your installer? Also the lighting is highly customizable in the GI 275.
  10. And how did that make you feel? At 5'6, I'm anything but average!
  11. Also consider if your autopilot or wing leveler (if you have it and its working) needs the TC
  12. If it was me, I'd move your vacuum attitude indicator down to where your TC is and get rid of the TC. Then install the AV-30C as the primary Attitude reference if you like the display the AV-30C provides. I think that is doable per AC91-75 and you will have good redundancy then. https://www.faa.gov/documentLibrary/media/Advisory_Circular/AC91-75.pdf
  13. I don't know what to tell you Walt. Sorry you are having those bad experiences. Not all shops are out to rip you off. I have worked in aircraft maintenance for over 35 years mostly on the airline side as a Chief Inspector/Director of Quality Assurance. Now I run a part 145 repair station maintaining a fleet of flight school aircraft as well as doing outside customer work. I try to run our shop the same way we ran the airline maintenance department. We have a great budget and no reason ever to cut corners for any reason. The outside work is really just filler and to keep things interesting for my maintenance personnel but we approach maintenance on those aircraft the same way. We don't need the outside customer work to keep the lights on or make payroll so I try to be very reasonable (actually more reasonable than I should) on everything. We don't up charge parts or charge extra fees for anything. What has really been an eye opener for me are the aircraft owners. Someone has an expensive nice aircraft, pays thousands of dollars in hangar rent and insurance every year (I know this because I have my own aircraft), wants their aircraft fixed NOW, and then gripes about every little thing on their invoice. Meanwhile they are buying things like a $3200 EIS system on a carbureted O-360 so they can save gas because they went to Oshkosh and the salesman told them they would save 10%. And don't tell a customer a flight control bracket that you found cracked and broken during an annual inspection costs $400 (Used. Again my cost, no up charge). You would think the whole world was going to explode... Even after you show it to them I get asked, "Well isn't there a cheaper alternative"? One would think they would be pleased it was found before it let go in flight. You bought a 50 year old aircraft for goodness sakes for over $100k and you pay over $7 for gas for it! You want to it ready to fly every minute of every day. Did you really think it was going to be inexpensive to maintain it? Do you really want the maintenance on your single engine aircraft to be "cheap".
  14. Not sure which monitor you are installing but check the STC. It will probably specify where you can install it. The Garmin manual for the G5 is somewhat restrictive for lightning protection but allows install in an access panel while the JPI manual states to not install it in access panel. Go figure....
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