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  1. Your aircraft has a 28v system, correct? All the Aeroled strobes I see draw 3.00 amps peak per strobe and .4 amps average. You might want to check all of that and make sure you really have a problem. The 12v strobe does draw 4.8 amps.
  2. First of all Garmin isn't going to certify an autopilot based on the installation of optional equipment installed in a particular model (and neither is any other manufacture). They are going to find a solution that works for the overall model regardless of what may have been installed previously. Second, the Mooney is not the only aircraft that uses pushrods to control flight controls that Garmin has their servos installed in. We have a fleet of Diamond aircraft that all use pushrods for the ailerons and the elevator. They all have Garmin equipment and they all have cables attached to pushrods on the servo drum. It works just fine. Almost 30,000 hours on the fleet and with all the problems we do have to fix, the autopilot is not one of them. I think you may see a potential problem where there just isn't one.
  3. And replace your alternator belt while the prop is off.
  4. I also think the lighter color panel makes the interior feel larger or less claustrophobic.
  5. Actually I'm more of a brunette guy (at least that's what I tell my brunette wife). I agree it's just personal preference but it's not something easily changed. Maybe I could get my wife to dye her hair....... Andy's interior and panel looks great and that's about what mine will look like when I'm done except I have the burgundy seats that match the carpet. Thanks everyone.
  6. So I am finalizing my new panel and I am trying to decide on what color to paint or powder coat it. The seats are the dark burgundy and I am also in the process of refurbishing the sidewall/ceiling panels but fixing the cracks/holes and repainting. I am using the SEM paints in a the Santa Fe color. I was planning to also use that color on the instrument panel with a flat clear coat. I know this is a very personal preference (and I like it) but I probably won't own the aircraft forever so I'd like it to be generally appealing (future buyer/owner). What do you think?
  7. Thanks! Much appreciated and just let me know.
  8. Looking to buy one or more fuel sending units for my 69F. Working great when removed is perfect, a little erratic when removed is fine too. Not looking to spend a lot but I am reasonable. Hoping to have them repaired as a test to see how they do. Thanks Jim
  9. I have been pretty impressed with the MT props on 25 Diamond DA 40 NG aircraft. Highest time is almost 1200 hours (year old). About halfway to TBO. Taking the abuse of a flight school pretty well. No AD's to worry about. Good factory support. No rpm restrictions on the Mooney. If and when I need a prop for my M20F, I'd get one. Just plan ahead, very long lead times.
  10. Just to clarify, the current TSO for position lights is TSO-C30c. The TSO for these lights would be TSO-C30b dated 1957 http://rgl.faa.gov/Regulatory_and_Guidance_Library/rgTSO.nsf/0/cfa519bb271ee2df86256e93005f4e30/$FILE/TSO-C30b.pdf
  11. If you are really leaned out (as you should be on the ground) and you go to FT or even mag check power, my JPI EDM-900 will light up like a Christmas tree! EGT will spike very very quickly when you add throttle. Ask me how I know!!
  12. Curious to see what your final outcome and resolution is on this. My new-to-me this year, 69 F model does almost exactly what you are describing every so often but it seems to only do it after she warms up. And only sporadically. Normal mag check and never skips a beat once you get some power going. In my research I had resigned myself that it might be normal IO-360 low power ground ops behavior. Warm engine, fuel injection lines on top and maybe a bit of vaporization of the fuel in the lines at low fuel flow. Just enough to make it miss or sputter every once in a while. However, after reading this thread, I'd like to know what you find.
  13. This is what I am struggling with. I did install my EDm 900 in the community hangar earlier this year and it wasn't terrible. The problem is when you want to go work on it for just an hour or two, you need to access everything each time and then put everything away again when you get done so the aircraft is at least movable. As far jacking, defueling, etc, the management has been really easy to work with and I haven't had any problems but wow it would be nice to be in my own hangar with my tools, jacks, lights, extensions cords, shelving etc. all set up.