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Found 6 results

  1. Hey everyone!! I have been in constant contact with TruTrak regarding the approval of the Vision for our Mooney's. They have told me that the paperwork will be in to the FAA late this month and they are anticipating approval in September of this year. I am taking pre orders for the Vision at this time, if you are interested please email me the following: N number, name, address, phone, 12 or 24 volt system, which controller you want 2'', 3'' or flat pack. There is NO deposit required, I will submit your info to TruTrak under my account and they will hold a spot. When they have FAA approval I will contact you and if you would like to still place the order we can move forward with payment. The Vision will be $5000, that includes everything you need for the install. I have my name on the list already and my shops first install will be my J so they are not "learning" on your plane . That will also give me a really good idea of the hours / cost of install so there will be no surprises on that front. From what I have seen with other kits I am expecting 30-40 hrs for a Mooney, labor rates at my shop are $95/hr. Keep in mind as in my case I have a century III with good servos that I will be able to sell and recoup hopefully $1,500 or so. Installs will be available at EGA Aviation at North Las Vegas Airport (KVGT) or I can ship you the Vision to be installed by your own shop. There will be a Mooneyspace discount but TruTrak does not allow lower than retail advertising. Your discount will be included in your quote if you are a Mooneyspace member. I am so excited to get this in my aircraft and real happy technology like this is finally making it to GA with "affordable" pricing! Attached to this post is some info about the Vision. I look forward to earning your business and thank you all for your support. Sanjeev Prasad Wolf Aviation sanjeev@wolfaviationsales.com 702-521-8338 http://www.wolfaviationsales.com MS Vision Info Pkt.pdf
  2. Hi Mooney fans! Im from Advanced Aviation Reno Inc and we are a dealership and install facility for Dynon certified, Trutrak autopilots, Avidyne, Trig Avionics, JPI and Surefly ignition systems! We love all Mooneys and we work on them all the time. We've been waiting on TruTrak finishing certification on the Mooney variant of their autopilots but after chatting today with our contact at Dynon, it seems highly likely that the Dynon autopilot for the HDX may be ready at the same time, if not before! (I presume TT and Dynon may have been working together?who knows) We can also do Aspen E5 units and G5's on request and the Dynon display with integrate nicely with the TT- the Dynon version will be quite a bit cheaper and the overall cost is way cheaper than a Garmin G3X setup, both in equipment cost and installation time. So any Mooney work that needs doing (Avionics or mechanical) and you're in flying range of Reno give us a shout! Ask for me (Calum) and I can hook you up with a great avionics deal. We can give discounts on bundle deals like an Aspen and TT, or A dynon and Avidyne IFD email: avionics.aari@gmail.com facebook: @advancedaviationreno We also have a website but I haven't got around to overhauling it yet: www.advancedaviationreno.com
  3. Hello everyone - As some of you already know I am a TruTrak dealer / installer in Las Vegas and focusing on the Mooney kit. I am gauging interest in setting up a Fly-in factory tour of the TruTrak facility and Mooney test aircraft at Springdale Municipal Airport (KASG) in Springdale Arkansas. It would be neat to see their facility and get hands on with the kit installed in the Mooney. Plus having all these Mooney's show up on their ramp may motivate them even more to push the approval through . As of now M20 approval is slotted for spring 2019 and has been pushed back a few times due to FAA delays, you can follow the status here: Please reply to this thread with your interest, as we have some people chime in I will work on a date (Jan or Feb) and logistics.
  4. Our KFC200 has electric trim. If it turns out to be more cost effective to replace the KFC200 with the TruTrak than it is to repair our pitch servo, I have a couple questions. 1. Can we legally keep the electric trim from the KFC200 even though it would no longer be our autopilot? 2. Assuming we want to keep the KI256 (AI) and KI525A (HSI) until they fail, what parts can we legally remove? I'm guessing the control panel and the annunciator would have to go, but does the computer have to stay for the HSI to work? That is, does the HSI get its course and glideslope info through the computer or does it get the information directly from the (in our case) GTN650? Obviously, the pitch and roll servos would be replaced by the TruTrak servos. Thanks in advance for any collective knowledge. Bob
  5. I went to the NW aviation trade show in Puyallup today looking for information. Here is what I learned: 1. Neither Trio nor TruTrak were there so I have nothing to report on them. 2. KI300. Surprise, shipping delayed until April 2018 due to software changes to handle turbulence better. Approximate price for the model to replace our KI256 in a two axis KFC200 autopilot system will be about $6500. It will actually be two boxes. The display includes the backup battery and has a 9 pin connector and connections for pitot and static lines. The second box connects to the indicator via the 9 pin connector. The other end of that box connects to the KFC200 and GPS navigator. He estimates less than a day to install. 3. Dynon Skyview HDX. Still my favorite if it's available in time. They have submitted all the paperwork to the FAA for the STC for Cessna's. Just waiting for the FAA to give approval. Unable to provide a timeline as to when the system might be available for other aircraft. I think he said it takes about 6 to 18 months to get an STC for another aircraft. That won't happen until they have approval for the Cessna. Based on the catalog he gave me, I'd estimate parts for a Skyview HDX 7" display based system to be about $10,900 for a two axis system. Another $750, or $11,650 for two axis plus autotrim. And another $750 or $12,400 for three axis plus autotrim. That includes a 7" display, primary and secondary AHRS, GPS antenna/receiver, ARINC429 box to talk to our GTN650, backup battery, autopilot control panel, 3 knob HDG/ALT/BARO bug panel, Wi-Fi adapter for use with ForeFlight, servos, and D10A backup EFIS. If you want to display traffic and weather on the main display, the dual channel ADS-B receiver is $795. If you want AOA with a heated pitot, that's $450. If you want their Comm radio, that's $1295 (pretty neat; can be loaded from the main display with buttons for ATIS, Ground, Tower, and ATC). If you want the bigger 10" display, that's another $1300. If the main display quits you fly off the D10A. If your GPS navigator (our GTN650) quits, you can still navigate and fly with the autopilot using the built in GPS system. You can also add engine monitoring if you want. About $1300 for parts plus $200 for fuel flow if you want it. Extra for MP and RPM. And if you don't already have ADS-B OUT, you can get that for another $2200. Very flexible system. Things it does that the GFC500 doesn't: Synthetic Vision (if you are into that) with terrain warning coloring, moving map, true airspeed, winds, minimums bug, maps, charts, and velocity vector. 4. Garmin GFC500. Nice system. Probably the nicest servos. Assuming everything I was told is correct: If you install the GFC500 with a single G5, the G5 is installed as the HSI. That means you may also switch it over to ADI if you need to. In a single G5 system, if the G5 dies you also lose the autopilot. If the GPS navigator fails, the autopilot still works for heading and altitude hold but it cannot navigate. In a dual G5 system, if at least one of the G5's is working, the autopilot will still work. Based on prices on Sarasota Avionics, a single G5/GFC500/2 axis system will cost $8149. Add the autotrim and you are up to $9849. Add yaw dampener and you're up to an estimated $11,549. If you want a two G5 system that's $10,889/$12,589/ and $14,289 respectively. The representative could not confirm when they would gain approval for either Mooney or Bonanza. However, other sources indicate 2018 for Bonanza and 2019 for Mooney. That is all. Bob
  6. If you are interested in seeing the FAA approve the TruTrak autopilot for the vintage Mooney's go to www.trutrakap.com and fill out the survey. The more Mooney owners that fill out the survey the faster we will get it approved. TruTrak wants to see how much interest there is for the Mooney compared to other vintage aircraft.
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