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  1. I had Penn Yan overhaul my IO360 2 years ago. That was good. They used new Lycoming cam and lifters in the rebuild. That was bad. The cam failed @ approximately 200 hrs, necessitating a tear down and replacement. Penn Yan warranted the engine and freight. It took about 5 mos for them to reimburse me for labor, prop flushing, and governor overhaul, all due to metal from the failed cam lobe. They said they were waiting on reimbursement from Lycoming. I think there is a huge problem getting the correct steel for these components. Maybe machining errors too, but it seems to point to metallurgy.
  2. I just replaced the throttle cable on M20J due to becoming difficult to operate smoothly. I sent old one to McFarlane Aviation and they built a new one based on specs from old one. Outstanding service. They turned it around in 3 days after receiving old cable. Now very smooth. I did buy their Vernier assist cable. Still getting used to that part of it. Robert
  3. I find it easier to make precise and smooth changes with a vernier control. Robert
  4. Is it realistically possible to install a vernier throttle cable assy in place of the standard throttle? Robert
  5. I have asked this before, but can’t remember the answer. How do I contact a poster privately? thanks, Robert
  6. Cleaning out hangar. PM1000 II. good cosmetics. 100.00 SOLD 2 KX175B. One has yellow tag “serviceable as removed” One has green tag “repairable” 350.00 for both Average to above cosmetics. Both have racks. One has connector. One doesn’t. Plus shipping thanks, Robert
  7. Rack and backplate included As removed recently. Plus shipping BOTH SOLD Thank you, Robert Tanner
  8. As an aside to this conversation, the GTN 750 is sold pending funds. Thanks to all! Sale didn’t close. Still available. Robert
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