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  1. Rack and backplate included As removed recently. Plus shipping Thank you, Robert Tanner
  2. As an aside to this conversation, the GTN 750 is sold pending funds. Thanks to all! Robert
  3. As the title says, new in box. Includes install kit, manual, Never installed, warranty never registered. 12,750.00 plus shipping. Robert
  4. Pilot and co pilot seats, non articulating, along with rear bench seat. As removed from 1978 M20J. Silver and blue leather. Rear seat like new. Front seats might need re dyed in some areas. Email any questions. 1500. If you want to negotiate, 1250. If you don’t. Plus shipping. Thanks, Robert
  5. Good morning all. This is my first post. My SO recently bought an M20J. At a height of 5”1 she is having difficulty getting comfortable. We have installed pedal extensions and that helped. Now we are thinking about articulating seats to help her see out better. She’s been flying sitting on a square boat cushion with another behind her back, but I’m looking for a better solution. I’m open for ideas! Thank you, Robert Tanner
  6. Looking for Mooney instructor for check out and IFR checkout in M20J. Based at MTN Martin State. thx