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  1. Humnnnnn gives me something to think about. I had looked at vantage as well as Texas aeroplastics and could not find Mooney instrument plastic
  2. Am considering replacing my instrument panel plastic due to it being heavily modified in the past with random holes that are no longer relevant and general age. Have looked around for replacement plastic to no avail. Any suggestions? I thought that I found a website that had them for sale but I must have been drinking or hallucinated it altogether
  3. I was looking at a P51 replica project a couple of years back and did extensive research on the subject all the way down to piston speeds in the cylinders. The biggest unknown seemed to be the PSRU. There are many variations but none that have been around to have a history of reliability to point at. Another problem is the single crank sensor to control the cylinder firing time. Good luck with it because if you make it work I see a replica P51 in my future
  4. Sure! Here is a pic of the plane while I was waiting for pax to arrive one night .Was about 6 weeks ago in KSAN
  5. believe it or not that phenom you had to slow down for might have been me! that happened to me last week going into AUS
  6. Hi I am at Bald Knob ( about 90 miles west of MEM) with an E model if it might help
  7. I just designed and built one that has a turntable in it ( see the same named thread in the general Mooney section) that is if you are willing to build it, but you would need an old riding mower to use it to power it
  8. thanks for all of the great input. I cannot move because my hanger is at the short strip and i have been bringing the mooney in and out of there alresdy with no close calls i just seemed to float a little and wanted confirmation on approach speeds. it seems like my speeds were pretty much on point already but maybe 2-3 kts fast so i will creep the speeds down a little more. this all started because of hearsay comments to me and i wanted to see how others were doing it
  9. Yes I have done that too but was wanting belt and suspenders since I am new to the Mooney for my mental comfort I wasn’t going into dangerous territory
  10. Great I appreciate the input. It makes me feel more comfortable to know that is experience talking and not somebody’s wives tale
  11. Thanks that is what I was looking for I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t on the edge of getting bit by something
  12. Yes I just didn’t know it the plane had any suprises hidden for me as I got slow and sidmt want to learn about them at 10 feet agl and honestly these guys were so adamant a lot being at 80 they had me aecond guessing myself and normal aircraft procedures
  13. Am based at a very short field 2228’. If I read the manual correctly then 1.3 Vso is 74 in my 1965 E model. Local guys are telling me I don’t need to get any slower that 75 minimum on final. I have been looking at the manuals and cannot find a recommended short field speed so what speed do you guys recommend for final and over the fence speeds? Any input is appreciated. I have been coming mom over the fence about 72 and it seems too fast but thought I would like more experienced opinions. Thanks in advance for the input
  14. ok all here is my thoughts and parts list to make the towbar and please remember much of the metal used was scrap i had lying around 2 12 1/2 metal plates for the turntable 1/8 in thick 1 1000lb capacity bearing search ebay for 1000 lb lazy susan susan bearing (i bought the cheap one) 2 solid rubber wheels from Lowes, $34 each but had to have tires that could carry heavy loads 5/8 solid round stock axle material 1 in heavy wall square tubing ( length determined by how long you want the tongue) I used 5 feet about 3 feet of 1/8 in by 4 in strip steel for the cage for the tire 1 inch pipe 4 inches long various small bolts and cotters i had lying around additional 1/8 by 2 inch wide strip steel i used as a doubler on the bottom of the turntable and for the attach point to the tug i drilled the bottom plate of the turntable to mount the bearing along with an access hole to bolt the top of the turntable on i drilled the top of the turntable to mount the bearing and then welded the 4 in ribbon steel to the top turntable after bending it to cage the tire . dont forget to leave extra for the back plate to go in to secure the tire from rolling back out. i did this by cutting an angular slot on both sides of the cage for the lock to drop into i then welded the doubler of 2 in wide metal forming an X over the center of the bottom piece of the turntable ( this was done for added strength and to help spread the load when loading or unloading the plane i then took the 5/8 round stock and put 2 inch drops so the turntable wouldnt sit so high and i drilled holes thru the stock on each end for the cotters to insert to hold the wheels i then welded the axle on the 2 in metal doubler part of the bottom of the turntable being sure to keep it on the center of the turntable according to the tire size and how much drop toy put in your axle build the towbar part of the assembly using the 1 in square tubing so that when the towbar is hooked to your tug the turntable will sit flat weld the square tubing part to the other side of the X on bottom of the turntable being sure it is perpendicular to the axle weld the 1 in piece of tubing to the turntable opposite the towbar side of the X ( this will be where the ramp pin slides in so make it extend about 1/8 in past turntable so the ramp wont bind the turntable...this could wreck the bearing) using a piece of scrap make 2 pieces if metal to weld to the other end of the towbar to recieve the towpin using wood or other material make a ramp to whatever the turntable height you wind up with and mount the pin ( made from leftover axle material) on the ramp so that it slides in and out easily when the turntable is loaded i am gonna add a winch mount on the front of the towbar to attacha boat winch but that is because my tug has no structure to pull from for loading. your needs may vary hopefully this is as clear as muddy water but maybe you can decipher from the photos earlier in the post what i was doing. if anybody need any clarification or addnl photos i will be happy to help
  15. I tried a metal ramp. Felt it needed to be longer than I wanted for the fold up design. It is a drop axle design already