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  1. Sure. Here is his info Kevin Late Late aircraft repair Pocahontas,Arkansas 870 219-3181
  2. Thanks. I tried to make it simple and classy when I put the scheme together. I will get more photos when I get it back out of the hanger but am about to head out to work so I will be gone for several days but will post as soon as I take pics
  3. The blue color is cobalt blue the same as comes on corvettes
  4. No I didn’t pay 15.5. I paid a little over 9
  5. Ok the final outcome for my paint is this. Kevin did a good job overall on the stripping and repainting. The paint job itself is excellent and good quality. The layout was not as good but for the price I paid for it I can live with the imperfections
  6. i will post final information when i get the plane home. I had looked at the painters past work and he had done excellent work but this would have looked better if i hadnt done curves and had stuck with straight lines
  7. Well the painter sent me this pic of the plane that I will pick up next week. You can see a few differences from the drawing that I made after seeing
  8. They do. But more at dusk. So you can’t see them on an attack vector
  9. Hey everybody I know it is short notice but I am hosting another cookout here in Bald Knob Arkansas today. It will start about 4 and go til the mosquitoes start biting. Usually around 7:30. If anybody is trying to find an excuse to warm their oil it is a beautiful day to get airborne and meet new people
  10. Here are the latest photos of the plane. He plans on shooting it later this week so it will be done when I get off tour
  11. Am having a cookout if anybody is near m74 Bald Knob Arkansas today. It will he burgers and dogs and start around four and go til the mosquitoes start biting or carrying off small children. If anybody is itching to fly come on out and stop by
  12. no just the airframe on the paint my next annual will probably have the gear pulled and painted. my mechanic is kind of a perfectionist and last annual was too cold to do that and we were under a time crunch to get it out of a rented hanger
  13. He told me 4 weeks when we first spoke so I hope so but we will have to see how it goes
  14. Status as of today
  15. Latest photo of the paint job getting started