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  1. Don’t forget to check your grounds….all of them
  2. Don’t forget to check the grounds …. All of them. Battery to airframe and airframe to engine. ….ask me how I know
  3. I see that the trutrak is finally released for mooney on the aircraft spruce website
  4. I have done his mod and have the old step actuatorif it will help anybody
  5. Man I am so sorry to hear this. He used to be my check airman in another life
  6. And look at NetJets. I can offer positive input on them
  7. I had to drill it out . If the pin slipped I don't know of any other way to access it
  8. So that would be the mooneyu2? :-)
  9. Must be some kind of record. Wonder what kind of o2 gear he was using. And you gotta wonder how long reentry took
  10. My suggestion is a large slow turning fan. I have an old shop fan that moves a lot of air but doesn’t blow you over and doesn’t make a lot of noise so you can hear the radio over the fan. Other supplies as you need them and just buy a few extra and soon you will have all kinds of supplies you didn’t know you need ;-)
  11. There is a drawing from Mooney in the archives here. I took it to the local machine shop and $50 later and about 4 hours he had me a set.I had my mechanic observe me installing them during the annual and everybody is happy.I would even bet you would have the parts in hand before you would have gotten them if they were shipped from Mooney
  12. I got the plans from the archives here and took them to a cnc machine and in short order I had 3 inch extensions that my mechanic installed at annual
  13. Thanks for the follow up. I plan on doing an upgrade at annual and your input helps tremendously
  14. that was one of the first things I did and Iwent so far as to spray the canon plug that connects to the back with contact cleaner and install a new ground from the instrument panel to the cluster
  15. didn't do that but i will do that this week and see if i find anything. Thanks for the info.is there any way to test the sensor itself?
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