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  1. dont forget to check all of the grounding straps (dont ask me how i know). hopefully it will be something simple. mine acted like yours and turned out to be the airframe to engine ground strap
  2. I hope it looks good. The drawing was the only one I could find to use for sketching paint jobs
  3. I hope it looks good. The drawing was the only one I could find to use for sketching paint jobs
  4. I didnt contact Mena. I spoke with Cody Stallings and he ha gotten a quote for $15,500 i believe was the number. this guy is a apinter from another shop that had branched out on his own so had a history of good work and has lower prices while still getting established
  5. why yes yes it is an owner supplied part :-0
  6. the painters name is Kevin Late. The shop is based in Poncahontas Arkansas (M70).
  7. Well I just dropped my plane off at a locally recommended paint shop for a very much need paint job. Will post the before pic and a Schetch of the paint job chosen. The colors will be cobalt blue and Matterhorn white with gray accent stripes. Will post updates as I get them so someone else might learn what to do or not to do and maybe this guy will hit a home run and get other paint jobs from here if he does a proper job
  8. the problem has finally been located. It was the airframe to engine ground. I hope this might help somebody else not have to go thru all the hair pulling (dont have any to spare) that I went thru. Truly a learning experience for me since I had thoroughly cleaned and tested the battery to frame ground
  9. the original lycoming starter and it appears that is the culprit. yday after pulling most of the interior out the shop owner came by and told me to stop that he wasnt convinced the cable was the problem and long story short we are gonna put a replacement starter on the plane on mon. he found the starter had the small armature shaft and we could see the bushing holding it was shot so he thinks the armature is dropping onto the field and that is my problem. we will know on mon
  10. Update to my problem. I only thought I had found the issue. I went to take the plane out for gas and all was fine til I tried to start it to fly home.the shop spent all day chasing the gremlin. It seems that the main cable from the power relay to the starter relay has a problem intermittently and checks good until put under load. The shop is gonna let me change out the cable since it is already in their shop and opened up to help offset some costs. Can’t wait to see what is causing the problem but when you test it one time it seems ok and next time not but the cable is the only thing left not replaced and it is original so it is coming out. Pics will be coming of what I find
  11. I just had this problem with my Mooney and finally tracked it down to a bad lug going to the starter solenoid. If you checked voltage on the input side if the starter relay voltage looked good until it was put under load then it fell off when you engaged the starter but if you checked the wire just above the lug the voltage was there.I have a buddy that had a kit to put lugs on and he recrimped mine and it is fine. Hope your problem is as cheap /simple to repair
  12. Here is mine. It came with the plane was kinda tough to lift it up and put it in the baggage compartment without hitting the sides. Hehehe 7D9512D3-8D42-4E62-8F46-9B70AF13E5BE.MOV
  13. Here is mine. $25 in materials a bit of welding and a drill press and about 1 hour yielded this
  14. Well I finally found the problem. The lug attaching the power to the input side of the starter relay was not making a good connection. A buddy had a crimped and we recrimped the lug and all is well. Am glad to have found the problem. The mechanic found there was some resistance in both the power relay and the starter relay so I replaced both of those as well. Should be good to go now
  15. Finally got home and began checking the starter problem 1 battery checked good 2 put load test on output side of power relay to check battery output thru relay and checked good 3 disconnected input side of starter relay and saw a significant load drop on cable before relay with this info it seems like the problem is the cable between relays bu I find it difficult to think cable has failed. Would this be possible or could it be the lugs clamped onto the cable being the problem? ( yes I did clean the lugs) :-) any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated