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  1. Mooney N94MR- Paint Project

    I was amazed at a previous thread about paint job similarities. Yea, a little snarky. I know folks pay and get paid for designing paint schemes, but these things get out of hand sometimes. I think the metallic schemes are really good looking. This plane will attract a lot of attention where ever it goes.
  2. Mooney N94MR- Paint Project

    Will it look like anyone else's airplane? Yep, I went there.
  3. Sounds like a lot of pilots that I know. I knew a SAS pilot who said that he always married housewives. They always got the house.
  4. New aluminum friend.

    Beautiful plane Mimi.
  5. Mooney Ovation vs Diamond Da40

    I don't have any time in an Ovation, but a few hours in a DA-40. The 40 isn't a bad airplane and the glass is good. However, it's hotter than your metaphor of choice in the summer and is loud with the vents open. It's fairly light on the fuel burn, which is nice because I recall the one that I flew had about 850 lbs of UL with the upgraded gear. I'd certainly rent one from the local FBO, but I don't think that I'd drop a quarter of a million on one. If you are in that cash range, you may want to consider the 6 place option so you should be able to fly 4 most of the time. Saratogas are roomy, but with all of the luxuries won't carry much. I flew one with less than 1100 lbs UL. Lances are trucks, they haul a load, but not too fast, 150 kts to be optimistic. Bonanzas with tip tanks will carry a good load with better speed, but the 210 may be your best bet if you are willing to go aftermarket with the glass, a la Aspen. Normal 210s will give you 160-165 with a 1300-1400 UL. There are plenty that are sub 200K so you'll have room to spend on the panel. Add in the SR22s and the list gets longer. I'd suggest building a spreadsheet as I flow with this obvious stream of conscious.... Good luck.
  6. There may be a one-off Eagle that gets closer and a Comanche will also get close. The 210 is known for hauling a load. Back in the olden days, 210s and Lances were used to haul cancelled checks, which is why you see so many of them with 10K total time.
  7. West Houston Airport Aerial

    In Charlie South diesel is up 10% and gas is up nearly 20%. Good luck to the recovery. I fear that we may need a little luck next week.
  8. -252 TSE for sale by widow

    I'll echo the above. There ain't enough of us and it's sad to lose one of us, for any reason. I think it may be even sadder that there isn't a family member to pass it along.
  9. Prepping for Harvey

    It was the one in the AOPA magazine
  10. Prepping for Harvey

    When I get back home, I'll let you know if I can find it. I do remember that it had experimental on the side windows I think.
  11. Prepping for Harvey

    If I dig enough, I took a picture of the experimental Ovation when it was at AOPA back in '94. I just thought it was a cool paint job. FDK was a great airport for seeing different things.
  12. FS - 1979 M20K 231 (KDXR) Danbury CT

    Thanks for that. I just need to buy a 210. With a new transponder and interior this airplane would be complete. Good luck.
  13. U.S Military grounds all C130 aircraft

    Thanks, I'm here to help. Defense News will give you a daily email with that type of news if you subscribe. Freeninetyfree, best price! Thiggy
  14. U.S Military grounds all C130 aircraft

    http://www.defensenews.com/breaking-news/2017/07/27/marine-corps-kc-130ts-grounded-until-further-notice/?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=EBB 7.28.17&utm_term=Editorial - Early Bird Brief
  15. 1990 MSE for sale

    Alex, I think the paint job looks entirely too much like another airplane somewhere. To avoid the embarrassment, I'll look after and won't even charge you! I have a generous heart like that. Continuing with my consistent theme...what's your UL? 2900 GTOW?