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  1. You know I was hoping for a black and white answer. I ran a valuation recently and was surprised at the difference. WTH, ask for the moon and see what happens.
  2. Yep, that's about it. If I spec out a Mooney on their tool and it's more than 10% or so off the list price, who is confused? I know airplanes are at a premium, but there appears to be a substantial disparity. Any new buyers willing to offer insight? 90% of asking, 80%? Thanks for the help. Don T.
  3. This could be an issue of surfing on my phone, but I can't find the link with the member map. I think it was discussed, but a map with trusted MX could be useful as well. Thanks in advance for the assistance.
  4. UL is very optimistic. However, UL on xx nm trip with 45 minute reserve would put a 201 in a positive light.
  5. Seth, sorry to hear about your trouble, but glad you are on the other side. I'll echo the comments, it looks great.
  6. There is a cheap Ovation on Barnstormers. I'm not sure what is going on with the airplane, but it may be worth checking out. https://www.barnstormers.com/listing_images.php?id=1637805
  7. I'd wait until you are done with pilot training. Unless you are Guard or Reserve, you don't know what the next few years will look like. UPT will be busy enough.
  8. What does "last" imply?
  9. I was at KLRO today and asked about the MSC at KMNI. Yep, there is one there and apparently he knows what he is doing. This is all second hand, but probably worth checking out.
  10. Not surprised a bit. This was a good looking plane. Good luck with the sale.
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