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  1. dlthig

    Ownership costs

    My desire for airplane ownership is directly proportional to my sobriety and inversely proportional to how much I fly at work. It would be safe to plan on spending $7500-$10000 without ever moving a wheel; annual, insurance, taxes and tiedown/hangar. I didn't include any purchase price in the previous figure. As long as your rental bill is under $10K and you are happy with the arrangement, I wouldn't buy an airplane. BTW, there are several worksheets in the downloads section of this site, but you may not like what you see.
  2. dlthig

    What do Brokers Charge?

    I talked to a guy a while back who was paying 9% to his broker.
  3. dlthig

    Folding Bike - Jupiter Bike 2.0

    Be nice Jim. Thread creap and we don't count anyway, part 117 and all. A few weeks ago I had several tons on Le Bus.
  4. Just curious, what are you guys paying for HOA on these airfields? I live in a "normal" neighborhood, but still pay $1K for overcrowded pools. Anyone know anything about Heavens Landing? It can't be cheap.
  5. dlthig

    Likelihood of engine failure

    I think that I've got around 1200 or so piston hours without a failure. The other 9000 are all multi engine jets, mil and civ, with 2, 3 and 4 engines. I've only shut down 2 engines. The last one was about 17 years ago. I hope to keep it at two.
  6. dlthig


    Progress, price is moving in the right direction.
  7. dlthig

    Help: Buying my first Mooney

    I'm just a curious, are you going to let the PPI make your decision or will you put eyes on the plane before you write the check? Who are you using for your escrow?
  8. dlthig


    Well, since you asked, it appears to be on the expensive side when I run it through the AOPA calculator. 40 year old paint and engine are probably discounted very heavily and the standard appears to be a 430 these days. On the bright side, the Aspen is nice. I'm not trying to kick you in the teeth, but it looks expensive.
  9. dlthig


    Don't look at it, which is nearly impossible to do because you will naturally want to see what it is or at least where it is coming from. Go to your instruments and make sure that you are in a safe attitude and altitude. Contact the nearest ATC facility and try to help them identify the origin. I've been tagged in the desert a few times and a few times flying around the states. Generally, someone got a new toy or got bored and are just doing it to do it. However, with higher power lasers on the market today, damage can occur to your eyes and could possibly compromise the safety of your flight. I got hit coming out of Atlanta a few years ago by some moron at a fair selling these things. A Delta jet got hit as well and nearly came unglued on the radio. The cops were called, but I don't know the outcome.
  10. dlthig

    Prop strike to a dog....

    Many years ago when I was flying out of a small airport in SE GA, the operator kept a dog around. I would expect that a dog that spends enough time at an airport will eventually get caught by a prop. One day I saw this particular dog walk between the prop and nose wheel, but cleared everything. I have no idea how she lived that long. Eventually, she got hit. It will happen if given enough opportunities. It's a risk reward decision. The owner's call, but be prepared to answer the mail when/if it happens.
  11. dlthig

    M20K to M20J conversion

    I'm just carrying a 1 iron. No other clubs. If we're going that far, strap an Allison to the front!
  12. dlthig

    M20K to M20J conversion

    I was thinking about the J vs K thread and the Ks are generally better equipped, but that equipment is getting older and less relevant. If someone doesn't want to fool around with the turbo and all of the systems along with the overhaul, I was wondering about another option. I wasn't aware of the IO-360 ES option, $$.
  13. dlthig

    M20K to M20J conversion

    Anything worth doing, is worth overdoing.
  14. Is it possible to convert a K to a J? I'm thinking firewall forward, lop the nose off and put on a J. I know that it can be done with enough time, money and a good mechanic. Has anyone actually done it?