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  1. i use the MH cannula over the bose headset. actually works really well
  2. Where do you get the seat rail clamp?
  3. Another one for the o2d2 system. Been using one for years. Excellent setup
  4. Triple digits into my J model panel… and the LHS was installed sort of as an afterthought. I had everything else purchased, and then thought, what the heck. We’re there anyways, and I have to say…. It’s probably my favorite piece of gear. 200 foot check landing gear call for one final check of the gear is awesome. Great aid for nighttime landings also. All in all, a great system.
  5. He does, but I should probably buy one for myself. Thank you
  6. Yes, he has all the “usual tools” for an annual, such a timing box, compression gauge etc. mainly just looking for tools that I will buy specific to my plane. Like the MLG rigging tool. I will pick up one of those electric screw drivers. thank you
  7. Hello, I have a 1990 J. I usually do service center annuals, but after my last one, the pickup was kind of a disaster. So, I’ve decided to do an owner assist with my local IA. He knows the airplane well, he helped me hang the 390 On it last year. I’m going to get my tools and consumables ordered now. so far here is what I have (I have a pretty complete tool set in my cabinet, so assume I have all the usual wrenches and torque wrenches etc), and pretty well stocked with the needed greases and lubricants. need a new tail weight ( will use the combination of tail weight and engine hoise for safety with the jacks. ordering gear tools (do I need the mains and nose?) oil filter oil Spark plug copper gaskets gasket for the oil screen gascolator service kit anything else I should have?
  8. They have their use in a J or an ovation, just like they do in a turbo. I don’t use them often for enroute descents, with the exception of I fly over a class C often that’s close to my home airport, and they occasionally keep my high. Few nights ago, they kept me at 12500 for a bit, but let me down sooner than they usually do, so no brakes needed. Where they are useful to me is coming into the airports I do that are surrounded by terrain. They are nice to deploy once I’m clear and let it come down rapidly. Usually have them stowed long before I’m at 1000 agl and am slowing down for the gear drop. Not a need, but nice to have.
  9. i like alot about the cabin. rear seat room in my J (i am 6ft2) would be better if a shrunk a few inches, lol. Someday soon I will be longing for the fuel burn relative to speed of my mooney while i have an engine guzzeling fuel on each wing... a quest for redundancy and room for Angel flights and my dogs.
  10. I should have posted this on here before, and I never thought of it. Yesterday's fly in airshow at Joseph, OR was awesome.
  11. Well, I wasn't originally off that weekend, so.i had forgotten about it. Now, I am in fact off. Might have to check it out!
  12. Yep. Based just west of there. KCOE
  13. Ill take them if mike261 doesnt. Thank you
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