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  1. The only other option was the three blade top prop. It had an rpm restriction, the two blade doesn’t. I hate removing cowling with a three blade.
  2. will do! hartzell top prop two blade. i was level last night at 10500, and it was pretty warm. still making well over 160kts true. seems to work well at altitude! planning to replace the junk ignition harness lycoming supplied with the engine next week when i replace the mag. ordered a new maggie ignition harness. if it works as well as thier customer service, ill be thrilled.
  3. update to this thread. The electronic ignition was believed to be the culprit. i have the lycoming branded surefly. the aircraft is a 28V airplane and there is a known issue on the surefly side on some airplanes. I called surefly, but they couldnt give me a power conditioner since mine was a lycoming branded mag. I called lycoming, they let me know they sent me an old magneto when they shipped my new engine this march. they have updated the software on the mags to not be so sensitive to momentary voltage spikes. the revision on the new mag is L, and lycoming tells me the ligtning protec
  4. appreciate that. i got it working this morning. used my ram air bulb, since i no longer have ram air. so for now i am good. the bulb ( for future reference) is a two prong AML7327. thanks to everyone who replied. fix was easy
  5. Thanks skip. Mine only has two screw, but I will pull them off and take a look.
  6. Just received my plane back for getting an audio panel installed. The gear down light doesn’t work any longer. Both when I press the test and when the gear is down and locked. Suspect the bulb. Anyone know what bulbs are in a 1990 28V J model? And how to get to them?
  7. Might have a line on a pristine one from a friend who is thinking of an IFD upgrade from us
  8. yes, its the SOARS kit i am after information on peoples installation on
  9. I’ve had an Sr22 with them, I’m aware of the costs. These airbags are in the lap belt. It appears this installation manual leaves a lot up to the installer, but looks easy enough. Doesn’t actually even connect to ship power
  10. Nice paint, mid time engine. Original interior and panel though. I wouldn’t define this as top of the market. Maybe top of what currently is for sale.
  11. Just a followup here, @LantisPDX, did you get your kit and get it installed?
  12. A pristine layer J I was told will easily eclipse the high 100s to low 200s. You will be into it way more to get it there. I’ll be in mine well over that when it finished. But, it’s a great plane and fits my mission profile well enough. Although Jimmy did tempt me with a bravo the other day, lol. I’d get it airworthy, no more, put 25 hours on it and sell it, assuming the goal Is to get out of it with the least damage to your wallet. FYI, I paid just over 100k for a nice in annual 1990 j 8 months ago. Probably put 90k in it since, not even close to being “done”, and I was told it’s prob
  13. I am leaning with having hector do mine, but its a 1 in front of that 6 currently....
  14. Thanks, Eric. I’m going to have the cowl off for an oil change tomorrow, any idea where to find the shunt?
  15. Interesting. Mine was rock solid until yesterday. I landed, picked a friend up and took off. On climb out it started doing that.
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