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  1. If you aren't above the altitude where you're making more than 200HP in five minutes, you're doing it wrong.
  2. Sure, let me know when you're getting close. Happy to chat via a phone call.
  3. New owner loves it! It went to a good home. He is quickly becoming a Mooniac! definitely miss the ol gal. I will say I liked that set up in my J much more than the garmin perspective plus I am flying now.
  4. I’ve read all the threads. I was being slightly sarcastic. I’ve yet to see a GFC500 yaw damper that can keep the ball centered in all phases of flight. Specifically climbing or descending.
  5. Dang, I must have not one, but two weak servos. Lol
  6. The GFC500 that I had I my J had a yaw damper. I found it nice, and would do it again, but, be realistic with expectations. You’ll still need right right rudder in even a low angle cruise climb. And still need a little left rudder in descent. Now, I feel the Mooney is very stable, but the yaw damper is noticeable in turbulence, and I preferred to have it on. All in all, I’d do it again.
  7. Must be the one hanging in NW flight services? I saw that on the wall the other day when I was there doing some transition training back into an sr22.
  8. I can't say. I would like to remain a Mooneyspace member in good standing.
  9. Well, she is flying home with new new owner today. Ill get the new owner logged into Mooneyspace soon!
  10. Purchase order out and escrow being set up. So, it’s pending for now. Thanks for the interest. I’ll change it back if it falls through.
  11. It's an IO-390A3A6. Done with the echelon STC from lycoming. Only way to do it is from the factory
  12. Mission is changing slightly, or maybe should say I refined it a little bit on what I need. I am sure I will regret this, but here she is. It’s been a multi year project, and i think it came out excellent. Yes, its expensive. I have more than asking into it, and most of what I installed was subject to extremely long wait times. No expenses spared on upgrades. 1990 M20J 2155TT. 210 since factory reman (installed in April of last year, has warranty remaining). 210 SNEW Hartzell Top Prop. Annual just completed yesterday. Logs continuous and complete. No Damage history. Asking 289k. Engine: all compressions above 78. Excellent oil analysis. Latest with historical data is attached. Lycoming IO-390. Installed with engine: new powder coated air forms baffles. New Knisley exhaust. Surefly magneto on the left side. Challenger air filter. Reiff TurboXP oil preheat. Hartzell lightweight starter. Plane power alternator. Push button start, switched magnetos via electro air switch. Full engine monitoring via the G3x with all data since engine install logged and avail for review. Brand new tempest finewire plugs Interior: 10/10. one year old. Full executive package from Aero comfort (headliner, side panels, carpet, mats, seats, yokes). 10/10. Glass 7/10 Airframe: paint 7/10. Original. Shows well, has been hangared, but is 30 plus years old. Precise flight electric speed brakes, one year old. Whelen Orion wing tips strobes and navs. Orion strobe/Nav tail light. Whelen G3 landing/taxi light. Wig wag function. Rigging was gone through last year, and flys perfectly. Straight and fast. Goodyear tires less than 1yr old. 2900 Gross weight increase. Over 1k usefull. Panel: dual Garmin 10” G3X touch with engine monitoring and Cies fuel senders. Garmin 750XI. Garmin GFC500 with electric trim and Yaw damper. Garmin remote com (tuned via the G3x). Garmin remote transponder (GTX345R). Sirius XM radio and weather from a GDL52R, displayed on both G3x screens. Landing height system (callouts from 200 AGL down, including a check landing gear annunciation) N1073U-220831.pdf
  13. Wasn’t fired because I called, and I wouldn’t have wanted that. I was just calling to let them know that somehow half my prop was greased with the wrong grease. Apparently he had a habit of making mistakes and covering them up. No idea, didn’t push any further. Just wanted to let him know of my overall dissatisfaction with the whole visit. Sent me out the door at 5pm (my fault, weather delayed my arrival) and the plane had an issue with a mag that required an overnight stay. At my expense. Also, something was zip tied too close to the control shafts under the panel, and it was interfering with pitch control, and then finding half my prop greased incorrectly. Not a great first annual at a MSC.
  14. That’s 100 percent accurate. A well known MSC greased a brand new prop with aeroshell 6, when the sticker clearly says Nyco. one side only. I can only assume they saw what they were doing and fixed it for the other half, since the 6 was confined to one blade only. I had the prop at the prop shop anyways for something else, and i had them service and reseal it, that’s when it was discovered. The lead IA says he had no knowledge of this, and the guy who worked on my plane had been fired already for a similar instance. So, unless the right person is supervising all work, a MSC badge, and reputation only get you so far.
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