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  1. That happens to me more often than I'd like to omit.
  2. So whats too cold for the plane

    Many years ago in a PA28R-200 I had a Lifeguard flight in the wee hours of the morning with a lung/liver transplant patient to Pittsburgh Pa. I flew at 7,000' and it was -25F at altitude I descended straight into AGC landed and the ambulance picked up the patient. It was early in the morning and I requested for fuel for a quick turn. It was somewhere around -5F on the ground. I checked the fuel and departed for home. I was IMC in the clouds/dry snow and my engine started sounding funny and I was losing fuel pressure and asked for the nearest airport. ATC cleared me direct to Johnstown and gave lower which I declined. I ended up circling the airport dead sticking it IMC. I broke out about 2500 AGL and landed at JST. When I landed and checked my fuel it looked like there was major amounts of dandruff floating in my tanks. Long story short the fuel truck was in a heated hanger prior to filling up my Arrow. It was first thing in the morning and the fuel was nice and warm. When they filled up my cold soaked air frame I believe it created steam which stuck to the linings on my tank. I did not see any sign of this when I checked my fuel sample. The frozen steam broke off in flight blocking my fuel filter. Six or so hours later sitting in a heated hangar after sumping and re-sumping my tanks I was back in the air safely on my way home. Ever since then I've been extremely sensitive at to the variances temperature of the air frame in the winter when I fuel.
  3. I am a CFI-I who has over 2,300 hours in an 1995 Ovation and over 4,200 hours total time. If you want to do some local work up here I might be able to help you. I don't think flying to Houston on auto-pilot to simply gain hours is in your or your our families best interests. Norm N995K M20R
  4. Wish I hadn't read that Flying Magazine article. It really had me drooling.
  5. Overhauled TKS pumps

    I replaced several TKS pumps with new ones over a twenty year span. I learned about CAV from this mailing list. So the last time I lost a pump I replaced it with a new one then sent the burnt out one to CAV for rebuild. It took about three weeks and I now have one for a spare .
  6. New pannel

    I shouldn't have ignored your thread.....My backup vacuum pump failed due to oil in the vanes. My the backup vacum pump has been replaced and the clear pvc hose is going to be completely replaced from the front to the back on Monday. The plumbing and the pump was installed by the factory in 1997 so it lasted a long time. Glad the failure was caught on the ground....
  7. This Ovation. Any good?

    That is because it has no options like oxygen fiki etc.
  8. This Ovation. Any good?

    Pictures can deceive but I looks like it is almost in new condition. But the avionics are outdated and I wonder what it would cost to have the aircraft flown back to the US from Australia?
  9. I still have the prop for sale Info is below. I also have about 3 used cylinders from an IO550- g for sale.
  10. I economically justify the price of my Ovation every time I fly commercial and get strip electronically strip searched by the TSA then having to make a connecting flight in Chicago only to be delayed of the weather that happened six hours ago someplace else. Time matters whether it is personal or business related.
  11. I think the Ovation is a very stable platform in IMC conditions and great personal/business traveling machine. Much faster than going commercial. phl-ord-cid. Throttled back and burning 11.4 gallons per hour with a tail wind got back home from Cedar Rapids Airport Iowa to Pennridge Airport Pennsylvania in under four hours last week vs. four and a half on the way out. Over the last several years my thinking was that the market price for the used Ovations was too low compared to other makes and models. I think price of the Ovation may have hit bottom and has no where to go but up. Norm N995K
  12. Ice

    If I recall right about an hour for the ice to build on the lights. I can only speak for myself but the prop slinger on my Ovation keeps ice off the windscreen in most light/light moderate icing conditions and the spray bar is not used often other than to prime the pump. If I am going to be in or near icing conditions I operate my pumps to pump fluid to the leading edges on the ground prior to launching. I have already waited too long and have accumulated significant ice in flight while waiting seemingly forever for the system to prime up and weep in flight. When that happens it will slowly melt the ice from underneath on the leading edges while continuing to build on the outside and the ice will look like a mushroom . I also cram my neck in flight to observe the leading edges on the elevator. Every now and then ice will accumulate on the bottom of the cowling. It makes a crashing noise when it breaks off and startles the shit out of me especially at night. The only reason I traded in my Arrow and bought an Ovation in 1997 was because of severe icing I encountered which was not forecast.
  13. Ice

    I wanted to know how well FIKI worked before I got into it for real. So for me the best way to learn how well FIKI worked was to intentionally fly into it under controlled conditions when there were multiple ways out. The bottoms were solid overcast at 3k with the tops at 7k... so I filled for 6,000 when I did this trip to Chicago. I've always noticed that the clouds seem wetter southeast of the great lakes like Youngstown and Cleveland then other places.
  14. KCID, Cedar Rapids Iowa

    Thanks for your help. Norm N995K
  15. KCID, Cedar Rapids Iowa

    I am flying to KCID next Tuesday and staying out there for several days. Signature is $627 per gallon vs.$4.10 at the General Aviation Self Service pumps. Do any of you Mid-Westerners know if the General Aviation at KCID has tie downs for overnight parking and facilities for getting taxi service? Norm N995k, M20R