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  1. Little Dipper

    Iced up antennas?

    Yesterday I lost both weathers (fisb and XM) on the Garmin 650 & 750. There was substantial icing conditions. Do any radio experts on this list know if iced up antennas could have caused that issue?
  2. Little Dipper

    Mooney stuck in Carlisle PA

    I'm out our KCKZ and am willing to run you out to Carlisle when the time comes to bring her back.
  3. Little Dipper

    TKS Pumps and Filter & Iced up LED landing lamps

    I'm going to try it on my next trip to Chicago. I always hit shitty weather on that trip. I'm thinking Rain-X isn't going to be helpful after flying thru several hours of wet weather and would like to myself proved wrong. Thanks for sharing.
  4. I got the high pressure warning on a flight about a month ago. On the ground with the engine off I could also hear a bearing squealing on pump one. I figure if one was going the other one wasn't too far behind and had both my TKS pumps overhauled and the filter replaced. Cav Ice Protection gave me a quick turnaround on the rebuild and their service was excellent. I asked how often I should replace the filter and they suggested I change it every two annuals if I fly in actual conditions often. Last year I had LED landing and Taxi Lamps installed. They don't create enough heat to melt the ice of them. They were iced up upon arrival and landing and the reflections from the ice was highly annoying to the point where I almost decided to land without them. Pictures of last nights flight from KBCT to KCKZ Icing_Conditions_at_Night.MOV
  5. Little Dipper

    Mooney N94MR- Paint Project

    That is one beautiful paint job. BTW, What does CB stand for? ....Cheap Bastard???
  6. Little Dipper

    Mooney N94MR- Paint Project

    That is one beautiful paint job. What does CB stand for? Cheap Bastard?
  7. Little Dipper

    2005 Ovation 2 - Oil leak

    Plus one on this ->After every flight unless i park on the ramp away from the home base i always open my oil filler/dipstick and leave it up a couple inches and the moisture can escape while the engine is warm this greatly reduces condesate in the CC and oil.
  8. Little Dipper

    Starting troubles, need tutorial

    I have a habit of doing the same thing.
  9. Little Dipper

    Seat belt Airbags

    Does anyone know if anyone produces seat belt mounted airbags for the Mooney Ovation?
  10. Little Dipper

    State Registration

    Just one more "Opinion Piece" for you.
  11. Little Dipper

    State Registration

    And has no state income tax which is why so many people with money live there six months and one day out of the year.
  12. Little Dipper

    State Registration

    Yes, I'm involved in the Moving and Storage Industry. California has turned into an out bound state.
  13. Little Dipper

    State Registration

    It is going to backfire in California. Your post goes a long way in explaining why many wealthy people who pay the taxes are moving out of California in record numbers. Back in Pennsylvania I often feel that so many people have their hands in my pockets that I can't even feel my own balls. This I one tax Pennsylvania hasn't thought of yet. Norm N995K
  14. That happens to me more often than I'd like to omit.