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  1. Avionics upgrade

    You might consider replacing the MX 20 with a GMX200 base unit and a GTN 650 with the 345R. That gives you an inexpensive/installation MFD that will support ADSB in/out as well as a two year warranty on the 650/345. Keep the SL30 & sell the rest of the equipment to offset some of the cost. Audio panel of your choice of course.
  2. S-TEC Looking for 15 Mooney owners

    It was literally completed on Fri so I have not flown it yet but it should do exactly what any autopilot with GPSS does including the Stec 55 X and presumably the 3100. Only difference is it will only hold Altitude and not track the decent component as in an LPV approach.
  3. S-TEC Looking for 15 Mooney owners

    The short answer is an Stec 55x from either a M20 R or S donor aircraft together with the factory drawing and a willing shop to do the install. The servo’s are the same but there are wiring harness differances. The donor autopilot is serialized for a specific airframe serial number and is not cost effective to install unless it came out of an R or S as it would need to be returned to the factory. Some shops might require that in any event. I have the donor system but was waiting until a panel update which I just completed. Time to look at the next option. However as part of the panal upgrade a new GPSS was installed. Its much less of an interest to me now but the 3100 would seem to offer some significant advantages.
  4. S-TEC Looking for 15 Mooney owners

    I’ve also followed the BT thread and expected the same. Unfortunately according to Stec that would seem not to be the case. As it was explained to me the Mooney factory could do that as the mfg. as they did with the G1000 but Stec must follow the FAA STC process.
  5. S-TEC Looking for 15 Mooney owners

    Well Let me go to the opposite side and say Thanks Barry! Just got off the phone with Barry who has extensive avionics experience but new to the Mooney crowd. I had contacted Stec to discuss what would be required to update a Stec 30 to either an Stec55X which I have or bettter yet. 3100.unfortunately the 3100 will require the same 15 participants as the M20R. This is due to certification costs. This is a TSO’d and STC’d product carries significant costs for each airframe. Barry spent quite a bit of time with me t explain the why and wherefore of the process. Let’s give him a break and the respect each of us deserves. He is simply trying to do his best for us as well as his employer. BTW any Eagle owners that want this autopilot let me know and I will help coordinate.
  6. The primary reasons to consider an Eagle over an Ovation is useful load and simplicity. Typically the Eagle will be well over 1100 lbs-1122 in my case with the 280/310 STC. Some were initially upgraded to 280hp like mine. The 280 to 310hp added about $5k for me to upgrade. That upgrade also gives you 100 gals of fuel. It also allows for 60% power at 18K. Most if not all of these Eagles have had panal upgrades or can be easily upgraded to get the latest and greatest. Want glass think Dynon. Want low maintenance then minimize the options on the A/C you purchase. The Stec 30 is perfectly adequate particularly if you add GPSS. It is also relatively bullet proof compared to the KFC225 or similar. It does not capture GS but that is a non issue for me. A low time airframe also means low time on all the systems like radios, servos etc which can be an advantage. Mine was a low time A/F and now has 625 hrs TT. I’ve overhauled one cylinder as a result of a burnt valve which probably occurred before the G2 engine monitor was installed. Outside of that it has been inspected by Mooney experts and has had very few maintenance issues. This particular Eagle came with most of the nice to have features like Leather, upgraded panal, speed brakes, metallic paint stripes etc. My point being if you want high useful load and simplicity consider the Eagle. If you are good with the useful load and extensive options of the Ovation go in that direction.
  7. I’m one of the owners with a G2. It is a great piece of equipment and the support has been very good. I have had issues but they were related to the install. I used the old probes and at times the connections were not tightly connected causing fluctuations in the display. This happened over time so it was aggravating each time something cropped up. I do understand the OP’s frustration but this was not an Insight problem. I also had a fuel flow issue connected with a mini flow L. The unit was replaced under warranty and the issue was resolved.
  8. Hopefully someone will have the single faceplate for the Mooney annunciator. This is the black metal faceplate that surrounds the single annunciator for gear down, volts etc. I'm downsizing from a dual annunciator and need the single version. Also the single tray would be helpful although I think what I have might work. Tried Mooney and International Avionics without luck. Thanks for looking.
  9. I need verticle space in my Eagle panal for a new radio which is about .66" higher. Thus I need to replace the current 28 V Mooney Annunciation combo panal that includes both the GPS Nav as well as the standard gear, fuel, hi/lo V etc. with just the latter (standard) Thanks Cris Update: Turns out the factory installed annunciator is actually two separate annunciators sandwiched together with a larger face plate. So I need only a new face plate and the backlit plastic legend for a standard single annunciator. Thanks
  10. Wanted S-Tec Drawings

    Just sent you an e-mail Look forward to catching up.
  11. I am looking for the S-TEC drawings # 0599 & 05101 which are part of the 901 GPSS install instructions for the S-TEC 30. These drawings indicate what resistors need to be changed in the GPSS and roll computer to interface with an S-TEC 180 HSI. The current GPSS switch which I bought used is set up for a 52D54. I've searched high and low and can't find this info so I'm hopeful someone can assist. Thanks much
  12. Why a Mooney?

    Your point is well taken but in the case of the Screamin' Eagle 310 HP STC a Horizon P1000 tach replaces the factory version. From the Horizon Tach manual is this: Engine Hours Clock: Accurate to less than 1 hour error in 2000 hours. Records real time when engine RPM is greater than 800. And of course one is not typically flying 2700 rpm but only as needed to attain the % of power desired.
  13. Why a Mooney?

    This reminds me of LOP vs ROP. Argument. Lot of "opionions" in both directions. Just do a search on this site. With thousands of hours in many Mooney's and hundreds of hours with this Screamin' Eagle it works for me. Seriously, do you really think a 100-150 rpm decrease makes an engine go to TBO. More to the point one would only use 2700 rpm typically at Takeoff which gives you max power and fuel flow (to reduce temps) or at high altitude with less power. Fact is you will be below 60% power at 16-18 K so please tell me why the engine won't get to TBO on the occasion that you go to altitude? Heat is the real issue not RPM although arguably a higher rpm may increase temps but very negligible at 60%. If you don't intend to use the capabilities of the A/C as defined in the POH why fly that model? BTW I'm not suggesting it be done in a J which seems to be your A/C. Different engine/prop and nowhere near as smooth which might be part of your concern. I offered up a view of an alternative to the OP for his interest in a turbo but without the concerns that some have voiced regarding a turbo. If most of your flights are below 12 K maybe a non turbo is the way to go for the typical mission profile while having the ability to go to the flight levels on occasion.
  14. Why a Mooney?

    There is no reason not to run it at that setting (2700 rpm and 18K). It is rated to do so continuously and is one of the advantages of the Current O3.
  15. Why a Mooney?

    A compromise for a turbo is the Screamin' Eagle (310hp version) especially if you fly LOP. My Eagle provides 1123 lbs of useful load much more than an Ovation. It carrries 100 gals of fuel and operates at 60% power at 18K so perfect for LOP Op's in the flight levels but economical at the lower altitudes. I've owned three M20J's and a K as well as other versions. I think the J is a great AC but the IO550 is a much smoother engine. I've come to appreciate it it over the 4 cyl. There are also some features you get with a later airframe which may be important like one piece belly and backup systems. In mine I have dual batteries, twin alternators and a backup vacuum system. At some point that vacuum system will go away providing even more useful load important for anyone with a growing family or children who like to be fed.