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  1. Hello i have not done the 201 conversion yet all i have done is relocated the oil cooler, and the 201 windshield mod. Jesse
  2. Hello Igor _U I would really like to hear from Bill Cox and his turbo-normalized Mooney is there anyway to get in contact with him. Thanks Jesse
  3. Thank i would really appreciate if you invite doc john. Jesse
  4. Hello I have not purchased the kit yet, i would like to get more information regarding the kit, how much faster is the F model with the Lo Presti kit,also installation and parts needed for my plane, i would like to now the cost and who can install for me I live in California. Thank you Jesse
  5. Hello Everyone, I need some help with the Lo presti kit for my plane, does anyone now what other parts I need to do the Lo Presti conversion on my M20F, since my plane is not a J Model. Here is what I have done so far 201 windshield I relocated the oil cooler I am about to purchase the top prop conversion. Would anyone have the PDF or the instructions manuals or list of what other parts are needed to convert the F Models, i now you require more parts to fit the Lo Presti kit to the F and to the J Model Thanks for your help J
  6. Thanks everyone Very helpful
  7. Sorry I am pretty new to mooney space is there a link I can follow
  8. Thank you I appreciate it
  9. No I have not I would like to see how the installation goes and all the parts.
  10. Hello Everyone, I am wondering if anyone has the PDF on how to install the m20 turbo kit on a J Model or if anyone knows we're I can get a copy of the installation manuals. Thanks Jesse
  11. Thanks for your help I found the classified page but no luck finding the Lo presti ad
  12. Sorry I am new to this site were do I find the Buy/Sell pages. Thanks
  13. Looking good are you planning to sell these or is this a one off for your plane
  14. Hello Everyone, did this item sell on eBay also does anyone know we're I can get a used lo presto cowling kit for my M20F I already have the windshield relocated oil cooler.
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