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  1. I would think just fine....the Nav lights currently do ok....Seems to be the cheapest solution for someone without WAAS.
  2. Has anyone see this? Thoughts?
  3. That was from a shop in Oklahoma. I currently have a KT 76C. I would be looking for the cheapest solution. The plane is worth like 60K and this would represent like 10% the value of the plane.
  4. Hello, with the 2020 deadline approaching I was looking to get the ADS-B out. Is this cost breakdown reasonable? Unit cost is $2495 Antenna depending on which one expect around $500 - $600 Installation labor around 32 hours @ $95 = $3040 Encoder if you need a new one $400 Misc parts $200 Transponder test $250 Altimeter test $250 Estimated total $7235 Seems to be pretty expensive seeing how this is being forced upon there a cheaper way to pay to play.....Thoughts? Currently have a Bendix/King KT 76C.
  5. Does this gauge count as primary for the fuel quantity? I would love to get rid of the analog gauges all together.
  6. Hey guys its been question for you....I am not able to do this myself as a result of me not being close to my airplane at the moment but I need a new battery....I was quoted $ it me or does this seem high?
  7. where do you get the retreads? Aircraft Spruce?
  8. Question for you guys....I am needing new tires and was wondering what to get? There seems to be a million different types and ply rating? What are good brands? Condor 6ply for 108.95? Goodyear Flight special II 6 ply for 119.00? What about tubes?
  9. Thank you all for the replies and advice.....right now I am gonna wait and prolly start looking at used 430W.
  10. I know it kills me. I wish they still made the GX-50. I haven't needed WAAS in the past 4 or 5 years and honestly don't see utilizing it. I can still shoot a non precision without WAAS. Are the 430W still being serviced? If so anyone know how much longer Garmin will support them?
  11. I do like my very simple GX-50 but there are burnt out pixels.....death is quickly approaching.
  12. So what non WAAS options are out there that are new and still supported?
  13. So I am looking at a WAAS GPS and am wondering if the GTN 650 and the IFD 440 are the only options? The IFD440 is being sold for $13,695 and the GTN 650 is $9,815? Does this sound about right? If so does Avidyne really believe people will pay almost 4K more for their unit? I find it hard to believe that to get a WAAS GPS is going to cost me 25% the value of my plane. Does this sounds absurd to anyone or just me. My current GPS is an Apollo GX-50 and it is old and it would be nice to have something newer with a nicer screen but this is just cost prohibitive. Heck even the used 430W are going for $6500-7500. The thing that gets me is my handheld 496 and my iPad with Foreflight has never lost signal and is always spot on accurate.....even in the weather. To be honest I hardly ever use the "installed" Apollo anymore....there is simply no need other than to be "legal".
  14. I have a Skytec starter. My original went out and I shipped it to them and they overnighted it back. I did all of the removal which was a total pain in the butt. I had my mechanic do the install. He charged me 2.8 hours labor to install and put the cowling back on.