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  1. +1 on cruise climb above 1k’agl... 120 IAS... In addition to better engine cooling, it also provides a lower deck angle, which gives better surveillance out front, to see and avoid. Good luck on solving your problems.
  2. I'd rather not say here, but if you pm me, I'll be glad to tell you.
  3. I think that manufacturers added the hashed lines to highlight that the aircraft is at a low altitude, in a way that's much easier and quicker for the pilot than 'parsing' multiple hands on the altimeter face. Different widths - the hashed area gets bigger as you get lower.
  4. No, that's it! That's what they indicated to me - that I needed one with 20 foot tick marks! But perhaps there's an internal issue too? I don't know.
  5. So, for clarity, the top one was the OLD one. T he bottom one, with the 20' tick marks is my NEW one.
  6. Welp. I guess you learn something new every day. I took my 1968 M20F in for an oil change, installation of a new (to me) vacuum step actuator, and 24 month IFR certification of the static, transponder, altimeter. Mind you, I had been flying for almost three years of ownership with the old altimeter... Aircraft logs showed that it had been IFR certified roughly every 2 years since it was installed in 2004. Came home with a new altimeter, after I was told my old one wasn't certified for IFR flight. They told me why they thought it wasn't, but do you know or can you guess? BTW, the old altimeter was p/n 5934P-A56 and the new one is p/n 5934A-1. Or maybe I just got bamboozled? Anyway, the cert along with the new altimeter cost me less than .5 AMU, so I suppose I am happy.
  7. In the two and a half years I have had my 1968 M20F, I have often contemplated getting a battery minder or tender - In part because my real job requires me to be away from my mistress for 60 to 75 days at a time, about 3 times each year. Every time I come back home after a two month hiatus I wonder if my battery will be dead, or weak or just crap. And every time, it does just fine. In all honesty, I really can't tell the difference in cranking power whether or not it has been 60 days or 60 minutes since I've last flown her. All is well, at least so far. Some people swear by the battery things. Me, not so much.
  8. I had the EI CGR-30P/C combo installed during my last annual. I can now remove the OAT gauge on the windshield, since the CGR-30C includes a fuselage mounted OAT probe and readout. What's the best way to plug that hole in the windshield from the old OAT gauge?
  9. Thanks for all the input and sage advice. Today, a dream became a reality. Added the CGR-30 Combo and removed all the old engine gages. New CiES Fuel Senders. Thanks to the great team at Gardner Lowe Aviation at KFFC - they did awesome job and I'm very happy with the results!
  10. This is a great answer! It fits exactly what I have experienced in my limited experience - except to say - sometimes it might get better... In 2017 before I purchased my 1968 M20F, it had a couple of blue stains under the wing that would be classified as heavy seeps or maybe even running seeps IAW our maintenance manual. Who knows how long they had been there? We cleaned the stains away fairly easily and nothing returned. The experienced (and renowned) mooney shop that I hired to do the pre-buy and fresh annual took a good look and assured me that it was not an issue. After the annual, I flew her to her forever home. Now I wash and wax my plane regularly, but have never seen anymore stains. Sometimes I'm away for a couple months at a time. I make sure to keep the tanks full most of the time. And each time I come back after a long hiatus, I dread crawing under there, expecting the worst - to see more blue stains. But the fact is, since I cleaned it that very first time, 2 and 1/2 years ago, I haven't seen any at all. The only thing to add to this mystery is, I did have them replace all the pucks during that first annual. Perhaps that's all my baby needed.
  11. Does anyone out there have a good resource for the placard that is plastered atop the down lock block (SB M20-88A-2)?
  12. Boy! Those polished caps sure do look great! But I heard somewhere that in the middle of the summer, in full sun, that they were "hotter than a June bride".