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  1. Not only do I have an Avidyne IFD440 for my GPS navigator, but I also use an L3 Lynx NGT9000 for my ADS-B in and out. From everything I have seen it looks like neither box will talk to the GI275.
  2. Typical of Garmin, did you notice that it only lists Garmin products for GPS source? I guess if you have Avidyne or some other system you are out of luck. I am still planning to wait for the Dynon autopilot approval and then install the full HDX system.
  3. While it is still a very short list, the complete Dynon system including autopilot is approved for some certified airplanes. If memory serves the C-172 is approved as well as a few others. It is all on the website. I am not sure when they added it, but they are once again listing the Mooney as "in process" with an expected 2020 approval. They even added a progress bar next to it. Unfortunately the progress bar is only about 1/5 of the way there. Fingers crossed.
  4. I love the N-number. LOL I will be doing something similar with my 1968 F when I get it repainted. The new number will be N6820F. "68" "20F"
  5. I wish I was closer. I am all the way down in Alabama. I will certainly keep your shop in mind, but based on distance I will also look at other shops.
  6. I have a 68 M20F. I have had my heart set on the Dynon package for quite some time now. All I need is for it to be approved and a bucket full of cash.
  7. Buying the lifetime subscription for the iPad app I feel pretty safe about. Buying the lifetime data for the Dynon Skyview before they have approved the autopilot for my airplane is where I am taking a leap of faith.
  8. Hopefully nobody is very superstitious because I did something today and hope I did not jinx us. Today I bit the bullet and purchased the lifetime subscription for Seattle Avionics FlyQ software as well as charts and data for Dynon systems. I really want this full system including autopilot for my M20F. My fingers are crossed that I will be able to put that lifetime subscription to good use soon.
  9. I am not aware of the exact depth there in that marshy area, but the pictures of the plane show that it had settled mostly above water. As for shoulder harnesses, I did not ask but I think (correct me if I am wrong) shoulder harnesses were standard on the mid 80's 20J. He did not expand on the words "really quick" and I know I personally do not want to test how fast it is. LOL
  10. Spoke with the pilot on FB and was told the this was the first flight on the plane after annual. Engine failed about 1.5 mile final forcing them to ditch short of the runway. Passenger had a broken arm and the pilot had a 10 inch gash to the side of his head. He also advised me that the water comes into the cockpit really quick. Thankfully it was shallow water and they both got out okay.
  11. I actually flew with the pilot when I was in the Army. Glad everyone was able to walk away with just minor injuries.
  12. I am not sure if this is the most current thread on the Sabrecowl or not, but I am definitely anxious to get my hands on this for my M20F. My cowlings were already looking rough, but after a short flight today I found a good size crack in the front of the lower cowl. Not sure if it happened today or if it came back from annual that way. Unfortunately I was out of country and had the plane ferried back after the annual. I already wanted this Sabrecowl, but now I want it even more.
  13. I have a 68 M20F and as long as it will fit, I am very interested in this new cowling, especially if it is lighter. Old girl can always stand to lose a few pounds. I really hope I can get this before I send the plane off to get painted which I plan to do in 2020.
  14. The 68 M20F is a 14 Volt system. I have no idea if that is common across all the older Mooney's.
  15. I was just on the uAvionix site and they still list the experimental version for $1,595. Nothing there about the certified one we are all waiting for. EDIT: Going back I did find the pre-order area for the certified version and it does show an estimated final price of $1,995...... my bad.