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  1. Please add me to the map project. Thanks.
  2. My closest brush with death in an aircraft came in 2007 while I was flying Dash-7's in Iraq. We were in a "stack" over a target at night. We did not fly with goggles and were blacked out. Our TCAS said there was an aircraft at our same altitude getting closer to us. As it got closer still the TCAS started to give warnings. Finally the intruder was close enough that the TCAS said "DESCEND DESCEND". The pilot flying put the plane in a descent as directed by the indication on the VSI. I was watching the TCAS and we were still same altitude. The TCAS said "INCREASE DESCENT INCREASE DESCENT". The pilot flying points the nose down to where our descent rate was in the green band on the VSI. TCAS still showed we were same altitude.... we are not getting away from him. Suddenly the TCAS indicated the target was 100' below and said "CLIMB NOW CLIMB NOW". The pilot flying pulls back on the yoke hard and increased power to the engines. My attention was focused on the TCAS screen. The pilot flying said that at night and blacked out, he saw the C-130 pass right under our nose. The next thing we hear on the radio is an aircraft saying they nearly had a mid-air. The next day we got the chance to talk with that crew. The plane they were flying was not equipped with TCAS. They were using NVG's for collision avoidance. As they said it, they were flying along and as they got close identified there was an aircraft in front of them. The action they chose was to descend. The only problem was our TCAS had just given us the same command. The dove faster, and so did we. Finally they were able to get below us enough that our TCAS directed the climb and the collision was avoided. Obviously not something I would ever want to go through again.
  3. They look absolutely fantastic. Thanks for all your work on this.
  4. Hey PilotFun.... with the center stack as you have it planned, do they think it can be straight vertical or will it need to be angled forward for clearance with the cage behind the panel?
  5. Those small panels are 1.27 inches deep and have a couple 9 pin connectors on the back. My thinking at least is that the should be fine, but I am no expert.
  6. I am glad to see you moved the knob and AP control panels from the lower left like they were in the video. I think you will be much happier with them where you can use them with your right hand.
  7. They are saying that some of the most polluted cities in China are actually seeing clear blue skies for the first time in many years.
  8. Back many months ago, when Space X launched the first batch of 60 mini satellites, I was overseas flying under NVG's. It was very cool to watch them all going by across the sky. The guy I was flying with had no idea what was going on. He was glad I was there or he might have thought it was the aliens invading.
  9. Gents, I am not sure if I messed up when I placed the order or if LASAR messed up and sent me the wrong thing. I was trying to order the tail tie down but was shipped the wing tie down kit for my plane. I am already past the 30 return window and have LASAR tie downs installed. So I now have an extra set, brand new in the packaging. LASAR sells them for $55 + Shipping. I will send you this set for $50 flat rate including shipping anywhere in the US. With the shipping my total was $67.60. So you could save about $17. Hit me up if you are interested. First come, first serve. Thanks, Dan
  10. If indeed your opportunity has passed I hear that LASAR has them in stock once again. I have not confirmed that, but it would be worth checking out if this opportunity is gone.
  11. So far they are still planning to run the event. The way I am reading it, unless Florida places a ban on large gatherings they are still a go.
  12. Due to my work, I am forced to take frequent 2 month breaks from flying my plane. While I know this is not the cheapest option, I use the Black Max to help protect my engine during these extended times that I can't fly.
  13. Let me make sure I am understanding some of these replies. If the engine has actually quit running running but the propeller is still spinning at a decent RPM, then starting with advanced throttle should be ok. It is only if the engine is not running and the prop is stopped or at a very low RPM that I should be worried about retarding the throttle first. Does that sound about right then? Would have been very nice if Mooney made that a little bit clearer when they wrote that caution about in flight restarts. This is why we come to Mooneyspace, to get the rest of the story.
  14. By the way, what may also be of interest is that I am a retired Army Pilot and in the Military they really harp on making sure you know and understand all Warnings, Cautions, and notes. This being a Caution, really gets my attention.