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  1. While not installed in a Mooney, here is a really good video of the Skyview HDX in flight. Just to throw this out there if anyone from Dynon is listening, some sort of a simulator that you can access from a computer or IPad would be wonderful.
  2. Looking for some input from you avionics shop guys that are in the know, are there any new updates to the possible timeline for the Mooney Dynon Autpilot approval? I just went throught the entire thread again and the last word was possibly end of Q2.
  3. While I can not speak to thier accuracy, there are a couple LOP HP calculators in the download section of Mooneyspace.
  4. While it is still my intention to hold out for the full Dynon autopilot for my M20F, I was not aware that the Skyview can talk to the TruTrak autopilot. Of course it is not able to drive the autopilot in NAV mode, but even limited integration is better than nothing.
  5. The 30P does have the capabilty to show a traditional engine monitor, the 30C does not. Think of the 30C as a cluster gauge.
  6. I am not sure exactly what all you are trying to do with the CGR-30C but you are correct that it can replace almost all your gauges. What it will not do is be an engine monitor in the traditional sense displaying the EGT and CHT of all cylinders full time in something like a bar graph format. From what I see with the 30C you will get a single CHT and EGT just like the current instumentation you have. Additionally, those units are special order. When you buy a new one you have to specify exactly what items you want displayed and the limits that you need for your specific aircraft and engine. Having said that, I am willing to bet there is a process for sending the unit back to EI for re-programming. I am not an avionics expert, just giving you a few things to think about before jumping in. EDIT: I should have paid closer attention to what Oregon87 said a few posts above. He laid out the differences of the 30P vs 30C and states that a used instrument can be reconfigured for your aircraft for a $695 fee.
  7. Last annual I had my shop install the electric step kit. It works great and you can test it on the ground by turning on your beacon light. Now during my start up when I hit the beacon I listen for the electric step moving. I think it is a great set up and when I finally pull the trigger on my panel I will be able to remove the vacuum system and standby vacuum system. Who knows how much weight that will save!!!
  8. Let me be clear that I am not looking to change my airplanes certificate, but that statement says the the airplane weight can't exceed 2,700 pounds NOT max gross weight. I see it as you would have to look at your empty weight. One place we might look for clarification would be ultralights and light sport. How do those regs read and are they looking at max gross or aircraft empty weight?
  9. I did the initial course as well as a couple recurrent courses with them a number of years back when I was still in the Army. I think the most interesting recovery we did back then was an inverted spin recovery. That was insane. It is absolutly great training. The pilots there are top notch. The only one I can remember off the top of my head is Otter. I know you mentioned no cameras, but at least when I went through they had cameras mounted in and around the plane and you could get the video from them. Back then I think it was included in the price, may be different these days. Also from back then I think it was PUSH-POWER-RUDDER-ROLL-CLIMB. Things change of course. Probably worthwhile to go back again someday. Glad your having a great time and don't forget to use your boarding pass if you need it.
  10. Thanks for the feedback Doc. I will buy one and give it a try. I honestly do not recall the size of the pin that was in there. This was some time ago.
  11. Given that this thread has been resurrected, I have a question about those cotter pins. Is there a better option than the cotter pin? Not long ago I was working under the pilots instrument panel and apparently I somehow got my seat to go back past the cotter pin. I got into the plane to fly with a couple passengers and could not move the seat forward past it. Had to get everyone out of the plane, pull that pin to move the seat, replace the pin, and then could finally go flying. Is there something that would be better to prevent the seat from rolling back past where it is supposed to? Is there possibly something that is a little easier to remove and reinstall if required? Aircraft Spruce has these for the Cessna, has anyone tried this on our Mooney's? And the dreaded question, would it be legal?
  12. Not only do I have an Avidyne IFD440 for my GPS navigator, but I also use an L3 Lynx NGT9000 for my ADS-B in and out. From everything I have seen it looks like neither box will talk to the GI275.
  13. Typical of Garmin, did you notice that it only lists Garmin products for GPS source? I guess if you have Avidyne or some other system you are out of luck. I am still planning to wait for the Dynon autopilot approval and then install the full HDX system.
  14. While it is still a very short list, the complete Dynon system including autopilot is approved for some certified airplanes. If memory serves the C-172 is approved as well as a few others. It is all on the website. I am not sure when they added it, but they are once again listing the Mooney as "in process" with an expected 2020 approval. They even added a progress bar next to it. Unfortunately the progress bar is only about 1/5 of the way there. Fingers crossed.
  15. I love the N-number. LOL I will be doing something similar with my 1968 F when I get it repainted. The new number will be N6820F. "68" "20F"