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  1. I am pleasantly surprised to find out how inexpensive a new style door is on eBay. Given I will need to paint my plane in the near future anyway, it would actually be a good idea I think as it allows the door to be opened from the inside during an emergency. Safety is something I can sell the wife on. LOL
  2. IS this a parts kit that gets added to my current door or would it involve acquiring a later model door and attaching it to my older model airplane?
  3. That J model door is very impressive compared to what I have on my 68 F.
  4. Obviously the fact that you are on the ground safe and talking about the incident is the most important thing. PERIOD The next thing to look at is why this happened and what can be done to prevent it. Looking at the pictures I do not feel the door latch mechanism was the fault at all. I am focusing on the piano hinge. It looks to me that only about 1/3 of the hinge pin was installed. In the pictures I see 4 segments of the piano hinge on the door are sheered off and then there is one segment of the hinge that was from the door frame that is broken off and attached to the door still. If the entire pin was installed then we should see damage and a sheared hinge the entire length. Why are the other parts of the hinge undamaged unless there was no pin there? If I am looking the the pictures correctly, I think that the section that may not have been secured was the forward section. If that is the case, it was only a matter of time before enough air and wind got a hold of that door to rip it off the airplane. If this is correct, that the hinge pin is our failure point, why did it happen? Did the pin simply work its way back and out naturally? Was the door removed during annual and someone was simply fitting it back in place temporarily with a short pin and forgot that it was not properly installed before releasing it? There are a lot of questions to be answered and I am not an expert but those are my observations from the evidence I am presented.
  5. Although I am quite new to my Mooney one obvious thing that will affect my TAS in rain is that the Power Boost air vent will be closed. That will cost me about an inch of manifold pressure.
  6. I was looking very close at your yokes you did trying to gauge the best way to attack the odd shapes involved. You wouldn't happen to have a picture of the back side or bottom would you? Even better, would be if you had patterns you could share.
  7. For those that have actually cut and sewn the leather on, what thickness do you recommend? Cowhide, lambskin, or other? This looks like a really cool project and it seems I have lots of time on my hands. PS. I have the 201 style yokes
  8. With as many people upgrading to new digital autopilots I would think getting a decent used one shouldn't be too hard. That being said, I have no idea about getting the proper STC paperwork and installation headaches as was mentioned above. If you can hold out, I think the Tru-Track autopilot could be a very good and economical option but I have not been keeping up on their certification process. I personally am looking forward to a full panel upgrade when the Dynon autopilot gets approved for my F model. Whenever I finally make that leap I could sell you a used S-Tec 50 but that could easily be a year from now.
  9. That is one sweet plane. I only wish I had that kind of budget. For now my 1968 F will have to be enough.
  10. Shameless plug or not, I have your electric step conversion in my F model and love it. I am debating trying the Auto-Lean device but have not fully decided yet. Seems a very interesting concept.
  11. My local A&P is my wife so I make her dinner or something. Lol
  12. Thanks for the clarification. I was hoping for some really sweet aerodynamic wingtips with lights and embedded antennas. One can always hope. LOL
  13. Forgive my Mooney ignorance, but what exactly are "factory metal tips"? Are we talking about a factory wingtip upgrade? If so, would it fit a 68 F? If so, I would be interested.
  14. So that explains what happened then. As I recall the salvage company said they were from a different year F than mine. But I had checked and that year used the same caps as mine when I ordered them. I assume that plane had bladders and the Salvage company didn't list that as a difference. Just that it came off an F. Ironically, I have bladders now but I have the new locking caps they currently use.