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  1. rbridges

    What do Brokers Charge?

    I think brokers can give some sellers a realistic idea of what they're plane is worth, so it's not sitting on the market forever.
  2. rbridges

    Do you like your Aspen MFD?

    Does it matter if it's the 500 or 1000?
  3. rbridges

    Do you like your Aspen MFD?

    Wow. I didn't know that.
  4. rbridges


    pics of GPSS unit.
  5. rbridges

    RAM mount pirep

    I'm back up and running. We'll see how long this one lasts.
  6. Just an update. This actually got fixed when I took my plane in for the Aspen install. They updated my 430W; he said I was a few versions behind. It took care of the NIC error.
  7. rbridges

    Frugal Mooney Owners Rejoice!

    You do see the irony of someone flying an Ovation talking about membership in the CB club, don't you?
  8. rbridges


    I often fly to Orlando, so I'm talking with Jax approach. Florida in the summer is one big afternoon storm, but it always seems like Savannah and Jacksonville has it the worst.
  9. rbridges


    Oh thanks. I'll go back and get one.
  10. rbridges

    another panel arrangement thread

    Thanks for all the help. I think I'm leaning toward the 900 on the left side. I may sacrifice the CDIs if fit is an issue. The pics were a huge help.
  11. I'm wanting to add a primary engine monitor, maybe a JPI 930. This will probably do it for me for a while. I want to remove: UBG16 backup engine monitor, KN64, gauges by CB panel, factory gauges at top of panel. I'm leaning towards removing both VOR CDIs. Is that a bad idea? I'd like to get the engine monitor on the left side, but I don't think there will be enough room. The transponder will go in the center stack. Any feedback or suggestions?
  12. Recent Aspen install. These were working great when removed. The GPSS was connected to a 430W. Make a reasonable offer.
  13. rbridges

    Jeppesen skybound 3 in 1

    I have a 430W, so I use the skybound USB. You're welcome to my 3 in 1 if you pay the shipping. It works, but I've had issues with the computer recognizing it. Sometimes you have to play with the cable until the computer sees it. If you're using a different slot for the card, it may work better for you.
  14. rbridges

    Jeppesen skybound 3 in 1

    I've got an old one that's kinda temperamental. Do you not want to get the newer USB one?