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  1. The space is comparable IMO. I have a C model that I feel is equivalent to the early arrows. The J would compare with the 74(?) and later arrows that were stretched. The cabin curves sooner near your head so it feels tighter but shoulder width is very similar. In fact, the Mooney is slightly wider IIRC. The seating position differs. The Mooney sits closer to the floor so your legs extend more forward. Loading the rear cargo area differs, too. The Pipers have a door that loads into the bottom whereas the Mooney opens near the top. There are pros and cons to both but I prefer the Mooney setup. There are several members in the NE that should chime in later.
  2. rbridges

    Why do they let them sit unflown

    an older guy came into my IA's hangar to talk about an annual for his Lance. he bought out his partner several years ago, but hasn't flown it much. It's basically been sitting there. It's got a vintage panel and dated interior from what I can gather. He asked us what selling price would be on it. You could tell by his reaction that he was shocked. He said that was 30k less than he had in it, but he didn't know what to do with it. I think situations like that get the ball rolling with some of these planes. Owner doesn't want to admit to the monetary loss, so he keeps it out of denial.
  3. rbridges

    Successful annual!!

    pretty similar for me. My last annual was $7k, and my current one is running $1700 or so. My plane is definitely better than it was 24 months ago.
  4. rbridges

    SureFly Certified

    It will be ready for mooneys the day after I overhaul my mags.
  5. rbridges

    The AV 30 Looks Good

    I'm seriously considering the electric step if I end up removing my last vacuum gauge.
  6. rbridges

    1966 Mooney M20E located in the Pacific Northwest

    Nothing wrong with the green. Makes it stand out. I've seen my paint job on 20 other mooneys.
  7. drilled brake rotors look cool, why not valves?
  8. rbridges

    Long Body Market?

    I haven't looked myself; the long body market isn't anything i've ever considered. But that's a surprisingly disproportionate amount given how many Js were produced vs. Rs.
  9. rbridges

    Retract step travel

    but you lose 12-15 knots based on posts I've read.
  10. rbridges

    BB/VREF/Value Guide - My Idea

    getting actual sales price would be great. All I have access to are asking prices which may or may not be realistic.
  11. rbridges

    Tips to bleeding flaps?

    I did! I also forwarded the link to my IA.
  12. rbridges

    Tips to bleeding flaps?

    thanks the help.
  13. rbridges

    Tips to bleeding flaps?

    So, it will be mushy but gets better with time?
  14. rbridges

    Tips to bleeding flaps?

    Last thing left on annual. We changed o-ring with kits for master brake cylinder and flaps from lasar. IA is having trouble getting pressure. He's bled the lines a lot with little luck. I'm going to call Cole on Monday if nothing improves. I've also read some old threads. Just wondering if there's a trick to it.
  15. rbridges

    finding a roof scoop mechanism

    Haha. Those were the two I PMed.