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  1. Camguard on sale....

    that's a good price. Thanks for the heads up, Gus!
  2. I did it... bought me a Mooney!

    Congrats. I've loved every minute of owning mi e.
  3. Tires: Air vs Nitrogen

    My 80hp Chevy spark had it from the dealership. I laughed when the salesperson told me.
  4. Tires: Air vs Nitrogen

    It's almost as good as the Shell gasoline with nitrogen blend for cleaner engine parts.
  5. pattern etiquette question

    I was flying into PDK in Atlanta. I was originally #1 for the runway, but then they made me #2 behind a Leer jet. I let off the throttle so the Leer could pass, but that's another story . Anyway, that was my first time watching a jet in the pattern. Crazy fast and much wider than I expected. I can see how it can be very nerve wracking and frustrating at times for much faster traffic.
  6. I had a ramp check. I like to live dangerously.
  7. 1963 M20C Down for the count

    Is there no other way to inspect this area from the other side? Just an area of corrosion from the "entry point." I'm not 100% sure of the geography on the other side of the tanks.
  8. pattern etiquette question

    It was one of the airport's trainers. It was a VFR day with 7k foot ceilings. I guess I shouldn't have used the phrase "closer than I'd liked". Having someone doing a straight in while I"m doing the pattern just bothers me since it's something that doesn't happen to me often. It may have been a little tighter pattern than I would have normally done, but much less tight than a circle to land. I'd never put safety on the line to prove a point or to rush a situation.
  9. pattern etiquette question

    I remember my CFII saying something about VFR planes in the pattern have priority over practice instrument approaches, but I wasn't certain. It seems part of the problem is that the other guy may not be certain, either. I remember thinking the guy in the Cessna wasn't going to break his approach; I was the one asking questions about his location over the unicom.
  10. pattern etiquette question

    I was well ahead if him. I even told him that I was going to make the base turn and he didn't object Wasn't a safety issue at all.
  11. 530w to 750gtn ( w)

    I don't see how putting a 750 in a bravo is a waste.
  12. When do you retract flaps after take-off?

    That's what I was taught.
  13. pattern etiquette question

    that's what I ended up doing. He was 3+ miles out in a 152, and I was abeam the end of the runway. I was able to turn base and land. I was actually pulling off the runway when he was on short final.
  14. pattern etiquette question

    okay. thanks. I guess a good rule of thumb would be if they're within the final approach fix.