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  1. Alan's awesome. He's a great resource for parts. He hooked me up with a front wheel a few years ago. Of course he didn't include a sandwich, so I'm kinda bummed about that.
  2. Does anyone look graceful getting out? Maybe not having a decades old body (me, not the plane lol) would help.
  3. It's actually in the bladder install manual IIRC. I think it prevents damage to bladders from sharp edges. The image shows tape on side walls. So.e kind of styrofoam is present on bottom.
  4. No, just copy and paste an image. I'll try uploading to MS.
  5. you can tell by the interior and panel (well heck, exterior too), this plane has had an owner with an open check book. I'm sure the engine is probably on par with the rest of the plane. Although on the high end, it probably warrants the price. Not to step on toes, but this C rivals much newer planes based on condition and options.
  6. I did a little more inspecting today. I've flown once and done steep turns, and I've left the tanks full (1/4" from top) for a week. I can't reproduce any leaks or smells. Anyway, I removed a top inspection plate and saw this staining. To me, it looks like it may have leaked from the edge of the plate. At least the leak is up pretty high in the bladder. The only other think I could think would be the filler neck leaking on the far side near the vent. BTW, is the white powdery reside below it from dried 100LL or is it dried adhesive from the duct tape.
  7. looks great. the 750 really dwarfs the 430.
  8. Probably waiting for a flight examiner to come available for his checkride.
  9. I have dual MAX screens in my panel. I really like them. Getting used to the scan is a little different, but no wash out in sunlight and super easy to read at night. If I had all Garmin stuff ie autopilot, audio panel and GPS, I'd probably go G3X. I love the larger screen on the Garmin unit, but the Aspen allows you to do stuff in little increments. When I was picking up my plane from the avionics shop, most of the G3X planes were complete panel redos.
  10. I noticed that, too. First time I've worked under the wing without needing a mat underneath me.
  11. Took a short flight up to South Atlanta to see @Mooneymite. Pulled the plane into his fancy hangar so we could check out one of my bladders. Life is so hard living right next to a runway.
  12. c'mon Paul, you're my statistics guy!
  13. yeah, if you could send me a copy of that table, that would be appreciated.