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  1. Savannah,GA. KSAV

    I flew in there to visit a buddy stationed at the fort. I agree with everything you said.
  2. Savannah,GA. KSAV

    Epps has a minimum (20 gallons maybe?). I flew there last week, but only needed 10ish gallons.
  3. Manual step conversion

    Why do you hate it? Is it a million turns or something? I mentioned a few times about wanting to remove my vacuum system but I have a vacuum step.
  4. How much do you trust your Garmin 530?

    I agree with you, but my friend was having static in his comms, and the avionics shop cut his ELT antenna. They said it was too long and may be interfering.
  5. I remember going to Colorado, and half the cars in the parking lot were Subarus. I'd normally see 2 in a year where I live in Georgia.
  6. My son's flight from Orlando to Atlanta to Knoxville got delayed hours before being cancelled. We had him take an Uber to catch a flight leaving Tampa to Newark to knoxville. I was worried about snow in Newark but they seem to be managing. He's still taxiing on the final leg but at least he's on the plane.
  7. How much do you trust your Garmin 530?

    I may be wrong, but I didn't think raim checks were required on the waas units.
  8. How much do you trust your Garmin 530?

    I've got a 430W. Fingers crossed, never had a single failure. The only complaint is the occasional "sticky" button, but never any signal failure or shutdown.
  9. Atlanta/Dalton area was pretty nasty by southern standards. Sticking pretty good. Really glad I decided not to fly.
  10. Never had this happen to me personally. Living in Georgia, snow is a rarity. Since getting my IR, I rarely have to cancel, but you can't modify the laws of physics. Low ceilings, rain/snow mix on my way to Dalton. I guess another day would be a better decision. I started reading the other icing thread and it reinforced what I already thought.
  11. Why love our Mooneys

    I know what you mean. Flew to Atlanta from middle Georgia for a meeting. Even with Christmas traffic, 45 minute flight time.
  12. When to replace starter?

  13. When to replace starter?

    I'm asking out of ignorance. Just wasn't sure if you could use Teflon spray around anything electrical.
  14. When to replace starter?

    Is tri flow safe? I actually have that in the hangar.
  15. When to replace starter?

    The more I think about it, it may have been the bendix not engaging. I'm going to lube the area and pay more attention if it happens again.