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  1. don't be dramatic. It's only been 9 years, 6 months.
  2. Precisely, I've had my plane 10 years and get oil here and there, but I know it's history.
  3. Not exactly the Rocky mountains, but the Smokies are nice, too. Return trip from Blue Ridge, GA.
  4. I can't. Just like the guy in zoolander, I'm a hand model.
  5. When I first had it upgraded, I got notifications through the audio panel. I just realized I wasn't getting them anymore. Is there a setting in the Aspen for the alerts, or is it something I need to reset in the audio panel? btw, it's a 2500 MAX and PMA 450. It's under warranty, but I'd rather not fly back to the shop if it's something I can check myself. Thanks.
  6. Used it yesterday. Works well but the concave windows make mounting spots a little difficult. Overall it's helpful for sun coming in from the sides. I don't see how I can mount it on windshield. I think I'd go with cling film if I were to do it again.
  7. Landed in ellijay, ga. Spending the weekend in blue ridge.
  8. I agree. Get it airworthy. It's already got a runout engine, so the buyer will be expecting that. Any additional flying time with that engine would be considered extra.
  9. Unless someone else says they steal the water from the FBO, you're the Mooney CB winner for today.
  10. Several posts in the past. I think most people use plexus, some use Pledge. I've been using Pledge for years, and it's worked fine.
  11. I don't have a good place. I attach it to my clipboard for now.
  12. My friend has an SR22 G3. It's nice but not blessed with useful load. Prior to that, he had a 210 which was like a SUV. the mooney will either outrun or use less fuel than either, but you do compromise in other areas. BTW I have a '65 Mooney M20C with a johnson bar.
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