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  1. rbridges

    Is this bad?

    looks like it's trying to set up for a short field take off.
  2. rbridges

    The Greatest Generation

    my son and I were talking about how many WWII vets were still alive. It's been almost 73 years since the end of the war. That makes most vets at least 90. It's amazing that there are still that many alive. That made me google how many people were in the armed forces at that time. Pretty incredible IMO since the country's population was less than half of today's.
  3. rbridges

    Insurance up 20%

    I use global, and I remember my agent mentioning the increase.
  4. I have the original PMA 450, and I've really grown to love it. It was a replacement for a KMA24. The 450A included a copilot as passenger feature which I miss having on mine. It lets the copilot listen to music and not be interrupted by ATC calls. My wife usually puts ours on ISO so she can listen to her phone, but it cuts me off intercom with her. Of course, she probably sees it as win-win for her.
  5. most of the people on this forum throw like girls, so that still wouldn't hurt.
  6. rbridges

    ATC Professionalism

    I'm half Asian, and I have a mom with a thick Korean accent, but I have the hardest time understanding many of the Asian student pilots on the radio. I have yet to hear anyone on ATC act unprofessional. I even told my wife that I'd lose my mind trying to work with them and I didn't know how ATC stayed so patient.
  7. rbridges

    Be gentle it's my first time

    mine is offset to the right, also. My next move is a primary engine monitor. It will be nice to get rid of the factory gauges. Your setup is very clean looking.
  8. rbridges

    Be gentle it's my first time

    looks good. would the transponder not fit in the center stack?
  9. rbridges

    MooneyMite Pics

    those pics are cool. what's the endurance of a mite?
  10. rbridges

    Basing a J on Grass

    Somewhere is better than nowhere. The length would bother me, but I'll admit that I'm not very proficient with short fields. Living in Ireland, I'll assume that density altitude is not usually an issue?
  11. rbridges

    Check your exhaust

    I'm glad I bought the CO detector at the last Mooney summit.
  12. Look on the firewall under the cowl. Prob a few small hoses sticking out of the firewall near the pilot side below your windshield. These are used to fill it. This thread was when I bled the flaps but it uses the same line. In my case it was the overflow since we pushed from the bottom.
  13. rbridges

    Today's flight in 2019

    That's awesome, Jim!
  14. rbridges

    Today's flight in 2019

    Taking my son back to school at UCF after Christmas break. This is the Florida turnpike. If you look really close you'll notice traffic is piled up in the north/westbound lanes. Makes me even happier to be flying.
  15. rbridges

    Anti-chafe tape

    Thanks for that. I've uses the tape from spruce, and everyone's right about it not sticking well.