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  1. We were in Grand Canyon Village and Sedona last week. Our first time in GC. Amazing to say the least but cold!
  2. I contributed nothing, but I'm more than glad to take all the praise.
  3. That's exactly what I experienced with my prop cable. You can probably go a while lubing it. I never ran into a situation where it became a safety issue, but I saw the writing on the wall. Maxwell drop shipped it to me, and it was $402.19 back in 2016. That cable was for C-G models.
  4. I was using tri flow for mine, but I eventually threw in the towel and got a new cable from Maxwell. My IA installed it. From what I've read, the inner sheath starts getting worn. Even after I lubed it, it was never as smooth as the new cable is now.
  5. Oh, I thought it was something fairly recent. That must have been a very frustrating road for you. Congrats on fixing it.
  6. how are you liking the electric step? I'm having the Aspen MAX installed, so my next thing is to remove my vacuum pump and install the electric step.
  7. Btw, congrats on the instrument rating!
  8. Cool pics. Flying out of Las Vegas must have been awesome on a clear day.
  9. is the front wheel wobbling on roll out or are you just wandering side to side? Mine developed a major issue with wobbling, and it turned out to be a steering horn.
  10. Nowhere fancy, but I bribed Mooneymite to give me a ride back home from the avionics shop in Griffin, GA. Turned a 75 minute car ride into a 20 minute Mooney trip. I ended up having to buy him lunch at Popeye's.
  11. This is something I learned from a friend who gear upped his 210 due to a mechanical failure. He got a good price and insured it for that amount. You insure for 75k and have an incident. They find out what scrap value, and let's say that's 18-20k. They subtract that from the insured value. So once your damage comes close to 50k, they total you. Easy to total a vintage plane since prop and engine are so pricey. Add some sheet metal and labor, and you see where this goes. I'm not an insurance expert, and I just heard this second hand, so take it with a grain of salt.
  12. I dropped my plane off mid morning and took it home at 6pm. It was their first kt74 install with ads-b to a 430.