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  1. Well dang, my Lambo and Ferrari are in the shop. Austin Healey is being borrowed by my BIL.
  2. I guess anything can happen, but my Aspen max systems are supposedly independent of each other, and the mfd can revert to a pfd. It did require yet another antenna on the fuselage. I have a stratus/foreflight as a backup to the backup.
  3. Does anyone know of someone that has used the ones from South Africa? I've seen this kicked around a time or two but never heard of any first hand experience. Even with $80 shipping, it would save you quite a bit if you were replacing just the mains, let alone all 3 wheels.
  4. I'm curious also. It's a twin engine jet, correct?
  5. Flew back home last night. ATC sent me through the Bravo over Atlanta. Really pretty at night.
  6. Yep, you're comparing piston apples to turbine oranges.
  7. It ended up being the antenna. The avionics guy said it before I finished my sentence. Has worked fine since.
  8. GPS, autopilot and engine monitor. Got all the major boxes checked. Looks great.
  9. I agree. I believe my servos could stand some attention and my altitude hold has an issue. Just don't want to throw money in the wrong direction.
  10. If dynon approves the AP for short bodies, is it worth pursuing over gfc500 as far as cost/capability? I have an stec/aspen combo and have been looking over long term options.
  11. There is a small puddle in the pic, but I think it would have taken pretty good aim to land there.
  12. That piqued my interest. I couldn't find any studies that showed people's plaque psoriasis improving with covid-19. In fact, one study I read said that psoriasis symptoms worsened. It would be interesting to learn why yours improved
  13. It's amazing how much a paint job will freshen up a plane.
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