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  1. Let us know if you end up using it. I'm fine now, but it's good to know options when the time comes.
  2. I'm just asking out of ignorance. Maybe those repairs are approved by the manufacturer?
  3. Just asking a couple of dumb questions. They'll be able to compensate for the wear on the used blocks when they're designing new ones? Also, they use aluminum to minimize wear on the Johnson bar itself?
  4. Thanks for checking. Do you or anyone know what the approximate cost to produce the blocks will be?
  5. my motto is buy high and sell low. I'll wait for the next recession to sell my plane.
  6. that's because your taxes are split between you and the mosquitoes and gnats.
  7. That seems like a lot. What's the temp when you poured it?
  8. Is Alan using the Kingsford in the first pic as starter fluid?
  9. He should have listed the price as 1 AMU.
  10. I would definitely get a 3rd screen if they would do that. I wouldn't want it to be limited to just an engine monitor, but having primary gauges in addition to other stuff would definitely spark my interest. I've asked other forum members, and they agree with you. It's the lack of utility the mfd500 brings to the table that keeps them from biting. Keep us updated if you could. I'm on the cusp of buying a jpi 930 this year but would change gears if this was a viable option. .
  11. All those old pilots and flight instructors with hearing loss can vouch for its utility.
  12. Allowing someone to simply replace a traditional round steam gauge is huge.