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  1. the fact that it's been flow regularly with low hours is a huge plus.
  2. I think I smell a hustle going on here.
  3. If you saw my plane in person, you'd see they used a lot of body filler to blend in the wing root fairings and rivets around the windshield. Joey Cole told me it was pretty thick when he was installing the bladders. I imagine that added several pounds to it.
  4. I've had my '65 C model for nearly 9 years. It was fairly heavily modified prior to my ownership. A physician in Atlanta had it modded with 201 upgrades at Mooney Mart in '98. Last year, I realized that I'm probably keeping this plane until I can't climb up on a wing, so I bit the bullet and started updating the panel. Still a work in progress, but it suits my mission well. Plan on going vacuumless in the near future, just waiting on the Aspen MAX upgrade to be available. It's arguably one of the faster C models with a TAS in the 152-157 knots range. The downside is it's probably one of the lowest useful loads in the fleet. After the bladder install, I'm sitting at 550lbs of people and bags with full fuel.
  5. I wonder if it's mislabeled. It would be based off of $7700. Weird.
  6. Yep, still lots of the same old same old Carusoam still hogging all the bandwidth, Marauder still delighting us with pics of his girlfriends....
  7. I agree with Niko that if the plane is in good shape and maintained well, it would outlast most of us. If you plan on unloading the plane, you know the high hours will turn away prospective buyers.
  8. I think I read that to be certified, an engine has to run on half the maximum volume. I generally keep mine between 5-6; closer to 6 for longer trips.
  9. I didn't think it would be the phone. It's usually the OS that matters.
  10. Can an autopilot fly an approach to minimums with manual trim?
  11. When the MAX upgrade is available for my aspen units, I think I'm going to go ahead and finish my panel. I have an STEC 50 with altitude hold. I have manual trim. I currently have a 430W and will fly it until it gives me problems. At that point, I'll probably swap it for a 440. In my situation, does the 3100 do enough to justify such an investment? Since the form factor is different, I'd have to pay to modify the panel if I were to decide to add it later.
  12. That's the same knob I replaced. I have the old one still.
  13. I bought a new Dell computer from Ebay. I normally don't get too uptight about warranties since I usually get inexpensive stuff for my office. Anyway, one of the units ended up having a bad motherboard. I contacted Dell and the warranty was expired; the sell date was about 4 months before my purchase date. Not a world crusher for me, but it did make me realize that "new" on ebay isn't necessarily the same as "new" from the manufacturer. If I buy anything expensive, I make sure it's an authorized reseller.
  14. I have the mooney Mart 201 upgrade. It is an actual J cowl. It involved fabrication of a new carb heat box. I sent pics to sabremech a few years ago.
  15. I think it's a great idea. Hopefully you can market it well. I don't know how many mooney owners outside of this forum are aware of its existence. I love the 201 cowl on mine, and this is a more updated iteration IMO. Since upgrading to a 201 cowl is extremely difficult nowadays, this one is a homerun depending on the costs involved.