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  1. check weather. summer time is thunderstorms in the afternoon hours. winter time is freezing levels. make sure to have good places for rest and fuel in between. my wife is a sport, but her airplane endurance is around 2hrs. I flew to Tulsa from middle GA in my friend's 210 in 5ish hours. Crazy to think you can cover so much distance in such a short span of time.
  2. that's what I thought. If I go any way other than field overhaul, I'm going to eat the core cost, correct?
  3. I believe my engine was overhauled at Zephyr. It's the original block. What are my options (I'm at 1200 so hopefully no time soon) ? I know a field overhaul is possible, but isn't there a time limit on an engine for core value?
  4. good planes don't sit on the market long.
  5. It definitely looks turn key. Great engine time, bladders, good panel. If it checks clean for corrosion, it's a really nice plane. I'm not sure about the price; I haven't been pricing things lately. Seems a little high, but I'm really guessing.
  6. I may invest in one of those.
  7. Haha. I always thought that was a weirdly specific number, but it was in the green so I just went with it.
  8. So you would fly in the morning, shut it down for a few hours and not cycle again? I would do one if the engine is still warmish, but only because I was taught to do it that way.
  9. that's why I do 3; I was taught to check for the same things. I had a CFI tell me 107F for the oil, so I've always gone with that as a minimum.
  10. I used freeze packs which I don't think work as well as ice, just more convenient. I could get a fair amount of time, but you always wish for more. Lol.
  11. I like my cooler. Same as you described--not freezing but much better than 100 outside temps. I just wish they had a little more endurance before the ice melts.
  12. Preferably southeast. I'm asking for a buddy. He has a cirrus sr22 G3. He's wanting to swap dual 430w for avidyne 550/440, new autopilot and transponder. Thanks for any recommendations.
  13. I've flown into ft Stewart to visit a buddy in the Army. It's really convenient that it has a civilian airport.
  14. I'm in middle Georgia. If you're ever passing through I-16 on your way to Atlanta, let me know.
  15. Thanks for the clarification. I knew the older planes could have smaller numbers, but I thought bigger numbers may have been required when repainted.