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  1. whatever is left over can be used to seal the leaking tanks, too.
  2. Given the age, wouldn't you think the vintage planes have hit the bottom of any depreciation curve? I think a newer model would be better for upgrades from a resell standpoint.
  3. At least it's a newer model. Hopefully it's worth fixing and not destined for spare parts.
  4. 90% of the tire is still good. Can't you just land on the thicker parts in the future?
  5. Not to mention his silk wash rags and Egyptian cotton shop towels.
  6. 12 minutes now, but we are building a house which puts me right across the street. Not @Mooneymite close, but pretty close.
  7. Sweet! No personal experience in an Encore, but I've heard it's a great model. You'll never look back at the arrow.
  8. I use a $25 float charger from Lowe's. Got 7 years with my Concord. Could have gone longer, but I could sense it wasn't 100%.
  9. If it were easy to access, it wouldn't be a mooney.
  10. Same here, I only have two sizes, but as I mentioned, the larger flange will keep the camlock from inserting as far depending on the existing wear on your cowl. I originally had 4 and 6. Now I'm using 5 and 8.
  11. I can run by my hangar tomorrow. I believe I have some I can measure. Depending on the wear around your existing camlocks, you may need to order slightly longer since the larger flange keeps them from sinking in as far. Also, your camlocks should have a number stamped on the end where the screwdriver engages it.