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  1. I saw a '64 E model for sale in Georgia for $38. It's listed on barnstormers. Besides the rear window, I don't know of a major difference with '65 models.
  2. You sound like you depend on your plane. I'd go with fiki. I live in Georgia, and I've had to cancel some IFR flights because of freezing temps. I've flown in an sr22 with AC and it definitely makes waiting in the plane more tolerable, but I've never cancelled a flight in my mooney because I was too hot.
  3. I don't know what the back of the IO360 looks like, but my vacuum is pretty easy to remove with the exception of 1 nut. They make a wrench specific for vacuum pump removal. This is the wrench my IA had. https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/inpages/installtool.php
  4. I've never seen a politics/religion section on a forum that didn't result in people getting banned or getting mad and leaving. Personally, I'd love an off topic section but I'd almost ask that politics and religion be kept out of it.
  5. I wouldn't get a Mooney until I knew how to land well. I felt sorry for the 172 that was my trainer, and I'd squirm knowing someone was doing that to my mooney. Don't just consider load weight but space. It may be cramped getting all that stuff in there depending on how bulky it is. I know people can get a lot of stuff in these mooneys but you could end up damaging your stuff or the plane.
  6. Thanks. I thought maybe it was for other govt officials.
  7. Saw it at KATL. Is it routine maintenance?
  8. I have a UBG16, and the oil pressure is erratic, but I noticed it works fine when I reach under the panel and push the connector together. So, it's not enough problem for me to fix since I plan to go with a primary before too long. I had mine sent in to EI when my display started to miss number segments and the screen began to delaminate. They have a bench fee, but it was reasonable. They returned a display that looked new.
  9. I bought mine shortly after it was available. It replaced a KT76A. It's been great. Just keep in mind, I don't think the STC allows it to be ADS-B compliant except with garmin units. I've thought about going with the Avidyne unit when my 430W gives me trouble, but I'll have to come up with another ADS-B solution if I do that unless the STC changes.
  10. Flush $10k down the toilet. If you're willing to open up your septic tank and fish around for it, you're a CB Mooney owner.
  11. And make sure insurance is paid up.
  12. that's what I was thinking. What a mess.
  13. On my '65, there is a metal airbox with a drain tube out the aft end which drains down the left side of the fuselage. Like anthony said, test the vent and see if water drains out the bottom. If not, the water is going somewhere.
  14. when you run a tank dry, does it start to stumble and you simply switch tanks? I didn't know if the carburetor would have any objections. I've always left a few gallons b/c I was worried about going completely dry just in case that was a bad idea.