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  1. rbridges

    Acclaim Type S SOLD

    What a beautiful plane. Congrats on the retirement!
  2. as sad as it sounds, that's cheaper than I thought it would be.
  3. rbridges

    Cowl Fasteners

    I also use the skybolt fasteners. I bought the nylon fasteners but never used them. The wider flange makes wear minimal.
  4. rbridges

    Bad Shoulder and Johnson Bar

    I gotta find a cooler crowd to hang out with.
  5. I guess you know this but stec stc is serial # specific. You'll have to send it back before you install it on your newer plane.
  6. rbridges

    Tank seal vs Bladder

    I wasn't happy about losing 29lbs of useful load, but I've gained 10-15lbs myself since owning the mooney, and the plane isn't giving me the 3rd degree. lol
  7. rbridges

    Taxing around without any cowling installed

    I took mine to the apron to test the crankshaft seal. I watched the cht and oil temp closely. Never saw anything that worried me.
  8. rbridges

    Whelen Orion 650, and 500 LED lights

    I may check around that time for the tail strobe.
  9. rbridges

    M20C turbo

    I don't follow closely, but spot checking the classified's, it seems vintage planes are creeping up in price.
  10. rbridges

    Vne adjusted for altitude?

    We had a local Bonanza v-tail pilot lose his life when his tail departed from the fuselage. That's always stuck with me.
  11. rbridges

    Vne adjusted for altitude?

    As Mooney models became faster and vne increased, were any changes made to the airframe? Or were they just tested to higher speeds?
  12. rbridges

    Flying with guns?

    I looked at it before. You kind of see a pattern. Being from Georgia, you hardly think twice when you see someone carrying a gun.
  13. rbridges

    Daytona Gear Incident

    Glad it ended well!
  14. rbridges

    I'm back!

    you have been on this board for nearly 3 years, and you're going to post a thread about your updated panel with no pics? smh.