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  1. Control rod Corrosion- common and ignorable?

    I noticed the same thing on my steel cage. very minor areas on the bottom side in a few sites. Did exactly as you said.
  2. My Acclaim's right fuel tank is leaking. Sigh.

    could you put a white paper towel on it with pressure and see if it wicks up blue? my tanks leaked through the wingwalk, but the stain wasn't that big and was located a little more forward.
  3. That's what I have. Came with the plane so I can't say much about cost or install. I really like it. Only complaint would be that mine's not backlit.
  4. I still think lots of people commute, but traffic is awful and I pity anyone that makes it through that mess. Anyway, I found out that UCF has the largest undergraduate population of any US university. It's something like 60,000 students. I remember thinking UGA was a monster when I went, and I believe it had around 26-28000. Of course, I know they're including other campuses and people taking online courses. I ordered a TV from Best Buy for my son to pick up, but he wanted to wait until later in the day. He said all the parking decks were at 100%.
  5. my son wants to get a degree in computer game design, and UCF is consistently ranked nationally. I always wanted him to be a Georgia Bulldog, but I'll be happy for him to be an employed Knight.
  6. My first 3D print!

    Never heard of HIPS. My son tried dissolvable filament but never had good luck with it. We have a flash forge dual extruder.
  7. My first 3D print!

    Cool. PLA or ABS?
  8. Thanks everyone. They vectored me over the top of Orlando international. Pretty easy flight.
  9. I think it can be done with proper training for a patient person with good judgement. IMO, I'd wait and get a few hours under my belt. I remember how ugly I was with my training aircraft. I used a friend's cherokee for the next 80 hours, and I wasn't exactly stellar with the landings then, either. I definitely wouldn't want to do the same thing to my personal aircraft.
  10. C Models not IFR?

    sadly, that's probably a valid point.
  11. Today's flight for 2017

    being up by yourself, you can lose perspective on how fast you are moving. It's eye opening seeing how fast the distance closes between these planes even with minor adjustments.
  12. Thanks. That's a big help. Sucks about the $40, especially since you called. I think there's a second FBO. I may call and ask them about fees.
  13. I was squinting at them on my phone. I didn't see the turboprop but probably overlooked it. Thanks.
  14. my immediate flight will actually be from KLAL (lakeland) to KORL. I'm dropping someone off to pick up his plane so this will be a one time deal. In the future I'll be flying from central GA to KORL. My son will be attending UCF, so I'll be doing this trip often. My question is about the arrivals. Do they typically give you one when flying from the south or north? I fly to Atlanta often, and I can bank on a PAALA arrival. It's nice knowing what to expect. I'm just trying to get everything ready in my head for the trip.
  15. Mooniac contest

    voted for both of you.