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  1. Definitely go with King. Their videos are great and always updated. They also have a great companion app that will let you download sessions so you can view even w/o data.
  2. elimansour

    Aero Comfort Interior

    That is a beautiful interior. Congratulations!
  3. elimansour

    Our new Rocket

    Hi Gavin. She’s a beauty. I’m also at KMYF with a new me ‘98 Allegro. Looks like we have quite a few Mooneys based at KMYF...hopefully we can do some lunch runs in 2019!!
  4. Oil analysis did find some wear metals which were indicated as being consistent with the age of the engine. Funny enough, wear metals actually trended down the last oil change as the plane was being used more frequently in the past 2 months. Visual inspection of screens did not indicate metals but when using magnet a little metal was found last couple of oil changes.
  5. Aircraft: '98 M20J Allegro with original engine and prop, both approximately 20 years old with ~ 1700 hrs. Symptoms: Inability to reach static RPM (usually ~ 2550 was best I could achieve - 100 RPM less than min. per service manual); CHT/EGT on #4 Cyl running 50-75 degrees hotter than other cylinders; Airspeed seemed 10 kts slower than POH speeds (using same MP & RPM); and needed approx. 1gph more fuel flow than POH (using MP & RPM). Diagnosis: After discussing with mechanic, they suggested that RPM/ speed issue could be a propeller issue but that the other factors (hotter CHT/EGT on 1 cylinder and higher fuel flows) pointed to a worn cam lobe. They tested for the worn cam lobe by removing the cylinder covers and measuring the movement on the valves. #1-3 cylinders had normal movement within limits; #4 cylinder valves exhibited measurably smaller movements - less than 1/2 of normal travel. After verifying the cam lobe was worn, prop was ruled out as issue (although they recommended OH due to time in service). Resolution: Engine and prop sent out for OH to new limits. This was sooner than I had planned but having one cylinder have such bad intake/ exhaust is not a good idea.
  6. elimansour

    Mooney Crash is NJ - Minor injuries

    That’s really unfortunate. I hope the pilot will recover soon. 3 gallons is not a good amount to have in any tank. With 900+ hrs and 10 years of flying his Mooney this is not a beginner. It is always disturbing when these types of accidents happen. Would be curious to know about the chain of decisions/ events that led to taking off with 3 gallons in the selected tank. Stay safe out there!
  7. elimansour

    Control Saver Control Lock PIREP?

    I ordered this from aircraft spruce and I could not get it to work. I ended up getting the gust locks from Airgizmos http://airgizmos.3dcartstores.com/AirGizmos-Gust-Locks_p_35.html. Quite more expensive but works great.
  8. That hurt to watch...even if it was a Cirrus.
  9. You would still need to ask for IFR release with the tower. If the PDC is no longer in the system I don’t believe you would be given a release.
  10. elimansour

    Beat the sales tax

    Ohio Revised Code Section 5741.02 http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/5741.02v1 imposes a tax on “on the storage, use, or other consumption in this state of tangible personal property.” The tax rate is 5.75%. The use tax exempts (5741.02(C)(2))“ tangible personal property or services, the acquisition of which, if made in Ohio, would be a sale not subject to the tax imposed by sections 5739.01 to 5739.31 of the Revised Code” Since Ohio appears to have a “Casual Sale” exemption from the sales tax, ((L) "Casual sale" being defined as “a sale of an item of tangible personal property that was obtained by the person making the sale, through purchase or otherwise, for the person's own use and was previously subject to any state's taxing jurisdiction on its sale or use, and includes such items acquired for the seller's use that are sold by an auctioneer employed directly by the person for such purpose, provided the location of such sales is not the auctioneer's permanent place of business. As used in this division, "permanent place of business" includes any location where such auctioneer has conducted more than two auctions during the year.”) then it would appear that under 5741.02(C)(2) you would be exempt as long as your seller was not in the business of selling aircraft (and thereby subject to the sales tax in his state).
  11. I have used Ron Fisher (at Kestrel) for a pre-buy and I thought he was very thorough and diligent. I especially liked his accessibility and great explanations for discrepancies and their impact. I would definitely recommend him.