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  1. Do I read the autopilot interface list correctly in that it does not support GPSS or simulated GPSS for the KFC150 which a lot of us have? That would seem like material shortcoming...
  2. I’m keeping the ASI and airspeed indicator. Will just want to have a backup for the Aspen (AI).
  3. Any update on using G5 as backup for a single Aspen Pro Max PFD? I currently have an RC Allen electrical backup AI w/o battery and would need to buy and add their ESP backup battery plus wiring plus indicator/button to be legal as a backup for Aspen. For a little bit more, A G5 would fit nicely in the panel to replace the RC Allen and would not have the battery/wires/indicator. Has anyone had any issues getting a G5 approved as a backup to an single Aspen installation?
  4. An icing encounter is indeed quite sobering. On a recent PC12 flight out of KMCO in raining / cold front conditions while we were climbing through 16000 for FL280 (tops were reported around FL230), we got into a severe icing layer and the speed and effect was dramatic. First the plane turned into an ice magnet - the ice did not build on the wings, but rather it felt (and sounded) like it was hitting the whole plane in mass quantities from all directions. Looking at the wing (sorry no pictures...I was a bit preoccupied) it turned from a light dusting from before that was easily managed with 3 min. boots to a jagged snow-coned heap with minimal effect by 1 min. boots. The side windshields started to fill up as well and we went from a climb rate of 1500+ fpm to less than 300 fpm...all in a couple of minutes. Needless to say we had to get out ASAP and only option was to descend. Luckily northeastern FL is fairly flat and we descended fast to 8000 for positive temps and the ice all just came off in massive sheets. We slogged through the rain below till there was a clearing to get back higher. I had never been in severe icing before and it really was pretty wild how quickly and thoroughly the plane got smacked.
  5. OMG. That is a terrible ordeal. Hope the FCU repair will take care of this.
  6. This is a sad development indeed. I really hope that management can figure out how to make money supporting the fleet and refurbishing/ reconditioning older aircraft for the time being until they figure out a permanent plan. I feel terrible for the workers.
  7. 2019 - 154 hours total: Mooney: 102.1 PC12: 46.8 BE33: 3.3 R44: 1.8
  8. I have not started looking yet but have heard they may be - I’m hoping the KFC150 will keep working until they become more available.
  9. Merry Christmas to one and all!!!
  10. I was lucky that my local avionics shop had one on the shelf from a recent equipment upgrade.
  11. I am facing the same situation. My KI256 (part of a KFC150 installation) is starting to go and is now taking 10+ minutes to erect. I have swapped with a loaner KI256 for the time being while I explore options. After looking at the options (including OH the KI 256 for ~3AMU), I am thinking of getting an Aspen PFD Pro Max /EA 100 for now and upgrading the KFC150 to the Aerocruze KFC230 down the road. The Aspen seems like a reasonable way to upgrade to glass without breaking the bank and also without drastically and expensively changing autopilots and from what I have read, seems to interface with the KFC150 (using the EA 100) nicely). I could be wrong but I think that the G5 apparently will not be able to drive the FD /AI for the KFC 150 and would require the retention of the KI256 (necessitating an OH) - this would make the G5 a good option if looking to upgrade to the GFC500 autopilot.
  12. A viable price point will have to be around $500k to compete with a new SR20. AT $700k the plane will be overpriced and will not compete well with SR22 (as discussed in another thread). Having owned an SR20 previously, and having lots of time in SR20s and SR22s I think a comparably priced new J could be a competitor with the SR20. Issues will be lack of parachute (and perceived less safety) and lack of fixed gear (for training market). Notwithstanding the lack of chute and having retractable gear, a nicely equiped new $500k J could attract buyers looking to step up from a trainer or beginner aircraft but wanting something new, fast, efficient and reasonably priced. At $700k it's just not in the ballpark.
  13. Perry, first of all CONGRATULATIONS on such a fantastic airplane!! To overcome the issue with Foreflight and since Mooneys do not have a zero fuel weight, just enter your max gross weight under the zero fuel weight box and you will be in businesses!! Please share some photos of your plane!!