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  1. UPDATE - I just got the plane back after the oil change. The mechanic could not replicate the issue. He inspected all wiring and fuel plumbing/ plugs and could not find any issues. He secured the relevant wire bundles and applied stabilant 22 to the plugs. When taxiing back today I also saw steady fuel pressure w/o fluctuations. Will have to see how it goes on the next flight...
  2. That was great! Would love to try that some day...thank you for the inspiration!
  3. I typically cruise 9-12K. This occurred yesterday at 9K. When I turned on the boost pump it went back to 28psi and stayed there solid. I spoke to the mechanic this morning and he will be checking but he thinks because there were no other indications of something wrong (no engine surging, fuel flow, fluctuations, the gauge being solid when boost pump is on, etc.), it is not likely to be air trapped in the lines or a mechanical issue but perhaps an indicator issue. He will be troubleshooting and I will report findings. It was a bit strange to see it go down so low when it had been right at 28psi for the last 50 hours since the enginge OH.
  4. Hi all. I had a strange fuel fluctuation on the fuel pressure in my J. Engine is 50SMOH and fuel pump was replaced with new at engine OH. I noticed the fuel start to fluctuate as soon as I turned off the boost pump on climb. Here is a short video - you will see the pressure go back at the end as I turned the boost pump back on to keep from having pressure go in the red. Fuel Pressure Fluctuation Some additional facts. This was the first time I saw this behaviour from the fuel pressure. Previously pressure was always near the top of the green. Temp was 92 and aircraft was fueled to top off earlier in the day (when it was cooler). Plane was outside all day. I noticed fuel tanks were really full when I did the pre-flight, in fact, there was fuel seeping from the overflow below the wing. The fluctuations would occur randomly and in a couple of instances required boost pump use to keep from getting too low. The fluctuations were jerky - not smooth and could vary from 28 down to 16 and jerk back up in a second. The really bad fluctuations seemed to stop after about 1 hour in the flight and only returned a couple of times after - but never getting so low as necessitating boost pump use. Luckily, I had an oil change scheduled today so will also be speaking to the mechanic about this but I wanted to share with the Mooney collective and see if anyone has experienced this previously. As this was happening thoughts varied from vapor lock or engine driven fuel pump issues or possibly air in the lines. Will report back what the mechanic says.
  5. Very cool video! Spectacular views. Really enjoyed watching the video. Thank you!
  6. In my hangar at KMYF. The Ceramic Pro installer brought his tools and materials and worked out of my hangar for 3 days.
  7. I just had this done and am pleased with the result. Not bad for 20 year old paint.
  8. This is upsetting - the Cirrus driver had a cavalier attitude and did not seem to realize that he is not just endangering you but also himself. Cutting you off was just a total d$#k move especially when you were on base and announcing your intentions. Giving him a wide berth, both in the air and on the ground, was the best move you made. Not worth arguing with him - I'm sure he would have ignored you or given you attitude. Sometimes you just can't change people with such a disregard for safety, courtesy and common sense...just stay away from them...you'll read about them at some point as their lack respect for the risks involved will catch up with them. Glad you are safe.
  9. This is pretty scary stuff - also just saw the other post about the fuel leak caused by an undertorqued fitting...really sobering.
  10. Great idea Ryan. I’d be willing to help too.
  11. Just saw it and subscribed. Nicely done. Which editing software are you using - it was very smooth.
  12. @mike_elliott thank you very much for the update and for all that you are doing. Donation sent. I am really devastated to hear the medical update. This is a really sad outcome. I am really touched by our community and how we come together to support each other in times of tragedy.
  13. Cool! Just bought my ticket and looking forward to this. Thanks for organizing!!
  14. Fantastic video. Congratulations on a great career!
  15. +1 for the G2. I upgraded the older 610 earlier this year and could not be happier. I love being able to log and chart engine parameters. The color display is very easy to use the G2 is agreat device.