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  1. Your hardware should be more than adequate to run the EFB software and to support an export onto CloudAhoy. Maybe it’s a Pilot issue? Sorry, I am not too familiar with Pilot’s export functionality.
  2. I’ve never had any issue uploading KML files from Foreflight. Which iPad are you using? Only issue I’ve had is when I forget to put the iPad in flight mode, ForeFlight will crash and I lose the whole track.
  3. Hi all - My plane is coming up on 1000 hrs since the last compliance with the no back clutch spring SB. Any recommendations of a maintenance facility in the Southwest that is expert in performing the SB? I have been told by several mechanics (and have read the threads on MS) that the SB should only be accomplished by someone who is expert in this. Thank you!
  4. @skydvrboy If you’re wanting to try in the ear headsets, have you looked at Clarify Aloft headsets? I have Bose A20 and a Clarity Aloft Classic Headset and found that I prefer the Clarity Aloft for the same you reasons you mentioned - I don’t get the head clamp feeling after an hour in the air. I found the Clarify Aloft to be very well built and I have not had an issue using it in multiple aircraft / helicopters (with adapter) with different audio panels. They are great!
  5. Have you tried downloading updated nav data from navigraph? It should update the 430 in the Mooney. Great point on connecting iPad to the sim for moving map. X-Plane will interface with all EFB apps that have a sim mode (iFly, ForeFlight, Garmin Pilot) so you can really try out your skills using the same tools you may use in the cockpit. I also forgot to mention that X-Plane will interface with several apps that will generate flight instruments / EFIS for ease of reference and interface with the sim. For example, AirFMC, Avioware, and Air Manager.
  6. You should give X-Plane a look. It is very good platform for flight simulation and the realism will depend on how much you mod it (and spend). Basically you can add terrain, aircraft and weather/ situational add-ons for greater realism and fun. Some of the aircraft models are so detailed that every button and switch is modeled and works and the included POHs are as long and detailed as the real ones There are great examples of the breadth of add-ons (both free and paid) at the X-Plane Org Site, and they even have pretty detailed Ovation and M20J models. For practicing IFR procedures (once you have your favorite scenery / weather / aircraft model all set up) you have to try out PilotEdge. if you want to go all out you can even get GPS replica bezels that work with your aircraft model at RealSimGear. basically, the sky is the limit -
  7. Flying over Julian, CA today
  8. Absolutely! That was great info. I love this site and hope that I can contribute although I am still learning Mooney...
  9. Hi All. I am trying to locate the correct fire extinguisher to mount in my '98 Mooney Allegro. It has a notch under the back seats with a metal bracket but I am not sure which extinguisher to purchase. Is there a specific model that needs to be purchased or should I just measure and go with in that direction. Sorry for the mundane question.
  10. My engine pre and post overhaul seems to always run cool. Yesterday during breakin flight at 75% the oil temp was approx 170. Upon shut down, we tested the oil temp with a probe and it was 170. CHTs were in the mid 300s. This is consistent with what happened prior to the overhaul. Any issue with oil temps not rising above 170? OATs yesterday were less than 40F.
  11. Hi Paul: I am at KMYF down in Sleepy Hollow hangars. Look forward to meeting you. Eli
  12. Would love this join you but plane is still down for engine overhaul. Should be done in a week and then will need lots of flights to break her in. Looking forward to meeting everyone.