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  1. Congratulations on getting her home. That first trip back home in your Mooney is always special! Here is the GPU unit that I use to hangar fly the avionics in my J: https://www.sportys.com/pilotshop/24v-power-supply-with-3-pin-plug-6136a-399-00.html
  2. You may want to contact Jimmy Garrison Jimmy@AllAmericanAircraft.com/ 1-830-438-4081.
  3. This is just unbelievable. I simply cannot imagine what would cause a pilot to refuse to comply to ATC instructions like this. If there was a safety of flight issue issue/ or if he had declared I can understand it - but this is just not acceptable. Maybe he forgot that you have to be cleared into Class B - not just establish 2 way communication with the controller...
  4. Doesn't it? According to a CPI inflation calculator (https://www.in2013dollars.com/us/inflation/1994?amount=1) $1 in 1994 is approx. $1.74 in 2020. Using that math, a new Mooney in 2020 should be $278K with an empty panel...Hmmm....is it all due to higher volume in '94?
  5. I just remembered I have a copy of Those Remarkable Mooneys - so was able to find the following:
  6. Check out the information on this site http://www.mooneyevents.com/chrono.htm and download the spreadsheet for the detailed history. Apparently, the Limited meant that there was a paint change.
  7. Here is an Allegro POH - it’s the one after the MSE. https://pilotage.e-monsite.com/medias/files/m20j-poh3203b.pdf
  8. Beautiful scenery and nice video - but what happened to the landing?
  9. Orange label or black label? I’m looking for a G2 orange label. Thx
  10. Small bit of trivia - the Producer and Director, David E. Jackson has about 500 hours in Mooneys and absolutely loves flying them. He told me that Bill Cox still owns and flies a Mooney and absolutely loves it!! Go Mooney!!