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  1. What a wonderful aircraft you found and a very touching story. Enjoy the aircraft!! Mooneys are just spectacular aircraft and I’ve found that Mooney drivers tend to be the coolest people!! You definitely were sporting the famous Mooney smile in that video…it will be very difficult to avoid getting lines on your face from that permanent grin!!! Go Mooney!!
  2. Count me in. Sedona is a beautiful destination.
  3. Ditto what everyone else is saying. I have a ‘98 Allegro a couple of serial numbers from yours and do not have this switch. It does not look like a factory item. Any 337 (or equivalent) filed for your aircraft?
  4. I'll be the contrarian and say that I really enjoy having SV. I have it on the Aspen and really like seeing the traffic in 3D on the display. I think that the GI275 SV will also display traffic in 3D although the presentation is smaller. Plus, for those of us who fly near the coast, it's nice to see the coastline on the display in realtime rather than looking on FF...ok it's not a must have but it's nice to have.
  5. Thank you Mike. Unfortunately, my MSC is telling me that I will need the shorter one - the 56B3A9.
  6. I just looked in the IPC and I show the following part number: 880061-501.
  7. Hi all. My plane is in annual and needs a new oil temp probe. My MSC has not been able to get a hold of Mooney about this part and LASAR has told them that the part is showing as no longer available. Does anyone have a good source for 28v oil temp probe? The part number according to the MSC is 102-00066 but that part apparently no longer exists so there must be an alternate part number now? Thanks!
  8. I ended up scrapping that idea and going with a GI275 as a backup. Installer felt that the ESP would be difficult to fit with all the other changes in the panel.
  9. LOL...I too was trying to log in all day from San Diego without any luck...major withdrawal...need my Mooneyspace!!
  10. Jim. Thank you. That is very helpful. I will share with my avionics tech. I was not aware that it constantly monitors the trim system but now it makes sense why the TRIM error was generated when the autopilot was off. After the avionics folks removed and tested the KC192, and reinstalled it, I have not had any issue in any further flights...not sure if it is due to reseating the connectors or just part of the random failure mode. I will keep flying to see if/ when it happens again. Thanks again. Eli
  11. What a great write up - Thank You!! I’m so sorry to have missed it. Looking forward to next year!! I think I’ll go to Sunriver sometime when the fires are done. That canoe ride looked epic.
  12. Before the shutdown, I was commuting in my J between KMYF and KSJC/KPAO. Like you, I planned to take SWA if there was icing, convection, 0/0 conditions etc. and ended up on SWA maybe 30-40% of the time. Each one way trip in the J on average took 2.5-2.7 and burned about 25 gal. I like the reliability of the IO360 on the J and never had to scrub a flight for a maintenance issue. I am sure with a Bravo, FIKI, etc. I would have relied on SWA less but I am ok getting on a 737 when conditions are beyond the capability of the J.
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