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  1. Congratulations on the upgrade, what a fantastic panel!!
  2. +1 for Coast, they are a Mooney Service Center. Crownair is no longer doing maintenance.
  3. Congratulations!!! That is one lucky new aircraft owner!!
  4. That's good to hear. I could not figure out what weather products are displayed on the IFD from playing with the iOS Sim. From what I have seen, it looks like the IFD displays some but not all of the available ADSB weather info. Still trying to run that down.
  5. @WarrenI went through that went I added the Aspen to the panel. I lost the ADSB feed to the MX20 as they used it with the Aspen. I am not sure I understand your comment. Are you saying that if I went with a GTN I would be able to retain the ADSB on Aspen and GTN and add back to MX20 or would it be the same as I currently have?
  6. @BaldEagleThanks for the great reply. I've been playing with the iOS sim but may definitely take you up on the offer to look at the actual unit in a Mooney/ similar configuration. For the no weather - is that due to having a GDL-88 or only ADSB-out on another box? I have a GTX345 and have not heard of ADSB connectivity issues with the IFD and that unit. I think I also have a single 5amp CB for GPS on my panel...Oddly I have 2 10amp CBs labeled as COM1 and COM2/NAV2 but changing the CB is no issue. Both my GNS units are WAAS so I don't think I'll need to upgrade antenna. I believe the avionics tech may only need to add a couple of wires to the audio panel and between the 2 units...Will PM you separately to set up a time to visit with you. Thank you!
  7. @FlySafeThanks for the feedback. I am on the fence on what to do with the the AP. As the KFC150 is working great with the Aspen...I might keep for a while.
  8. @Patrick HoranThank you for the feedback. I was not aware of a difference in how the units handled ADSB weather. I will look into it. Any specific big gotchas with the IFD not having important ADSB features? Thanks again!
  9. Hello Mooneyspace Thinktank!! My Allegro has GNS530W/430W that works well with the installed Aspen Pro Max, MX20, and KFC 150. I have had no issues with the GNS units and they are solid and reliable for what they can do - but I have been very intrigued by the user interface, functionality, connectivity, and capabilities of the IFD units and the easy upgrade path as compared to other modern navigators. I have also looked at the GTN series of navigators but getting those will involve significantly more $ outlay for labor and require reconfiguring the panel. I have spoken to my avionics shop and they have let me know that the IFD will play nice with the Aspen, MX20 and KFC 150 but not having used one myself (other than at Oshkosh or the iOS sim) I wanted to how fellow Mooneyspacers have liked these units. I have read the prior threads here about the IFDs but would appreciate getting some current PIREPS from those that have had the IFD units installed for a while. Any negative experiences, regrets or cautionary tales? Thanks in advance for the feedback.
  10. OMG!! That is a dream aircraft if I ever saw one!! Should go fast. Wish I was upgrading.
  11. What a wonderful aircraft you found and a very touching story. Enjoy the aircraft!! Mooneys are just spectacular aircraft and I’ve found that Mooney drivers tend to be the coolest people!! You definitely were sporting the famous Mooney smile in that video…it will be very difficult to avoid getting lines on your face from that permanent grin!!! Go Mooney!!
  12. Count me in. Sedona is a beautiful destination.
  13. Ditto what everyone else is saying. I have a ‘98 Allegro a couple of serial numbers from yours and do not have this switch. It does not look like a factory item. Any 337 (or equivalent) filed for your aircraft?
  14. I'll be the contrarian and say that I really enjoy having SV. I have it on the Aspen and really like seeing the traffic in 3D on the display. I think that the GI275 SV will also display traffic in 3D although the presentation is smaller. Plus, for those of us who fly near the coast, it's nice to see the coastline on the display in realtime rather than looking on FF...ok it's not a must have but it's nice to have.
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