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  1. ilovecornfields

    Update: Me & N201DY

    That Mooney hawk is pretty awesome! (Or is it a falcon? I’m not good at identifying birds).
  2. ilovecornfields

    Mooney down in Hayward CA

    I completely agree. Just because someone is speculating doesn’t mean the points aren’t valid. No one here or at the NTSB or FAA will ever know what that pilot was thinking when he took off on that flight. The value from discussing this comes from what we can learn about ourselves that will help us make better decisions going forward. It’s well established in the medical literature that when people review cases with bad outcomes (and with the knowledge that there was a bad outcome) they claim they would have made different choices that what they actually do prospectively. This is called a “hindsight bias.” Knowing what happened to this pilot, it is easy to say why none of us would have ever done something like this (and maybe you wouldn’t have, but that’s not the point...). The value here is in thinking “with the knowledge and information he had at the time, what made a reasonable person decide to take off on this flight and how can I learn from this to keep from making the same mistake in the future.” I’m not going to get into a discussion on people who “live life to the fullest” because I’ve met too many of those people and it kills me everytime I have to tell someone that the most important person in their life has died. Let’s jusy say that we all have a different tolerance for risk but that alone does not make one “unreasonable.” Let’s use this as a reminder of the dangers that we face and use it to help us make better choices when it seems like the flight we’re about to take might have more risk than it’s worth.
  3. Love that mount! Where did you get it?
  4. ilovecornfields

    Contintental Motors CSB19-01

    It looks like it doesn’t apply to the IO-550G in the Ovation unless I’m reading it wrong.
  5. ilovecornfields

    Bay Area Crash

    I remember taking an ICC out of OAK in 1997. I was under the hood in a 172 and the instructor told me to fly a heading and intercept an airway. I got turned around and realized I had intercepted going the wrong direction (these were VOR and paper map days, of course) so I told the instructor “I’m heading the wrong way, can I do a 180?” To which he replied “Sure, do you want to turn right or left?” I picked right and about halfway into the turn he said “It’s a beautiful day today, what a waste to wear the hood. Why don’t you just take it off and enjoy the scenery?” I took the hood off and was turning in a path that would have taken me right into Mt. Diablo. I’ll never forget that. When we were on the ground we had a discussion about the importance of looking for terrain (which wasn’t always easy in the IFR charts) and situational awareness. The Bay Area is very congested with unforgiving terrain. Sad to see someone succumb to it.
  6. ilovecornfields

    Oil analysis

    I remember when I was a 3rd year chemistry major in college and I finally “understood” why metals were shiny. It was pretty cool, but also pretty disappointing that it really took me that long to “get it.” As you get older you finally understand that phrase “he’s forgotten more than you’ll ever know.”
  7. ilovecornfields


    Come on in, the water’s fine! I guess I got spoiled by foreflight because once you learn it it seems to do things well, it works reliably and it does what I ask it to do when I ask it to do it. I never got that out of the other EFBs. Maybe it is a tax I pay for not being tech savvy and not willing to invest the time to use another program. I like being able to plan my trips quickly, enter changes in seconds and hit “send to panel” and have it show up on my GTN750.
  8. ilovecornfields


    SAFE gives you a pretty hefty discount to ForeFlight. You don’t have to be a CFI to join. I wouldn’t do it for the 3D option but I like the pre-departure clearance and the updated performance profile. My last few flights have been within 2 gal of the predicted fuel burn.
  9. ilovecornfields

    CFI rate per hour

    I don’t know how much I pay, but after spending a long time finding good Mooney instructors I have to say that I don’t mind writing the check for quality instruction. I consider it cheap life insurance. If you’re really getting good instruction it’s worth way more than the $50-100/hr the instructor is charging you. If you’re worried about what your paying, you may want to find an instructor that is worth your time and money. Saving money by getting a cheap instructor seems like it would end up costing more in the long run.
  10. ilovecornfields

    Catching fuel from gascolator drain

    Thanks! Wish I could figure out how to do that.
  11. ilovecornfields

    Catching fuel from gascolator drain

    Thanks for all the great ideas! After seeing what people were doing, I realized it was beyond my technical abilities. Fortunately, I knew a professional builder with several years experience so I gave him my specification and he built a stand for me to place under the gascolstor drain. Tried it out today and didn’t spill a drop! In the end it was pretty expensive, but apparently he just started taking flying lessons and that’s expensive too, so at least it’s for a good cause.
  12. ilovecornfields

    ILS vs LPV

    Was just looking at the ILS and LPV approaches into MOD. It looks like the ILS has lower minimums but has this restriction that the LPV approach does NOT have. Anyone know why? “Autopilot coupled approach not authorized below 1080’” Seems like the opposite of HHR where it says: 8. Use of Flight Director or Autopilot providing RNAV track guidance required during simultaneous operations. Why do they care about or restrict/require AP use?
  13. ilovecornfields

    WTB TKS Ovation or Bravo

    @Yetti is right. If you find the plane you’re describing for $200k, there’s probably something wrong with it. Have you considered a TKS 252/Encore? That might fit your mission.
  14. ilovecornfields

    Flap Extension Speeds

    Sorry. I don’t know how to do the green font thing so my sarcasm doesn’t come through very well sometimes. I’ve been trying to make the point all along that if Mooney intended for partial flaps to be lowered above Vfe they would have said so. Others have argued that by not explicitly prohibiting it, they are allowing it. Thank you for clarifying that in the latest POH they explicitly prohibit it.
  15. ilovecornfields

    Flap Extension Speeds

    Mike, I think we’ve already definitively established that what Mooney INTENDED to say was that you can do partial flaps at 139 kts (see posts above). You may want to inform them of the error in this latest POH. Disappointing for an $800k airplane.