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  1. ilovecornfields

    Ovation performance charts in XL

    That’s awesome! Thanks again.
  2. ilovecornfields

    Ovation performance charts in XL

    Wow! Nicely done.
  3. I just got off the phone with Garmin. I was supposed to do my 6.50 software upgrade today and decided to entertain myself on the drive to the airport with Garmin’s hold music. 20 minutes later the guy tells me there is NO issue with the screen going black. He said “did you read about this online or something?” I said “Yes. It’s on Beechtalk and Mooneyspace.” He said, “hold on, let me check with some other people.” Comes back and says DO NOT UPGRADE. There is a known issue with the 6.50 software and the GTX-345/GDL 88. When the GTN receives the ADS-B information it can become “overloaded” and the screen goes black. They expect to release the 6.51 software in the next couple of weeks which should fix this bug. Glad I called because my avionics shop was unaware of this issue. Go Mooneyspace! (and Beechtalk).
  4. ilovecornfields

    Prepping for sale 2005 GX2 Issues / Questions

    There’s a MSC at TTD, just east of Portland. They may know of someone looking for a plane.
  5. ilovecornfields

    Icing conditions climb and descent

    I’m not sure how this is a twin vs. single issue. I can see it being a turbo vs. NA issue or a piston vs jetprop issue, but not sure how the number of engines affects the answer to your question. To actually answer your question, I usually put the TKS on max, wait a few minutes to make sure everything is wet, go full throttle and then climb at the highest FPM I can get without going below the minimum icing speed.
  6. ilovecornfields

    Best Headset?

    I just bought some a couple of days ago but he said you have to call. They’re listed as “sold out” on the website. Phil McCandlessQuiet Technologies, Inc.122 Timbercrest DriveRidgeland, MS 39157(601) 316-7160
  7. ilovecornfields

    Hit by prop

    So, no clear benefit but it might maim or kill me? I guess I’m still undecided on this one... Seriously, I have seen someone get critically injured turning the prop over and in my mind it’s not worth it.
  8. ilovecornfields

    EI Engine monitors?

    Spoke to JPI 4 times today to fix an issue with the 830 after a software upgrade. They picked up right away and were very friendly and patient each time. In the end, they told me to send the unit in which would have been a pain, but I was able to figure out how to fix the software bug and they guided me through reprogramming everything. It’s nice to talk to someone in tech support that actually knows the product!
  9. ilovecornfields


    That’s weird. My plane has a G meter. But for some reason, it’s stuck on 6.674×10−11 N·kg–2·m2
  10. Publishing only positive outcomes without negatives ones is known as “publication bias” and clearly results in a distorted and inaccurate representation of “the truth.” If you have a positive experience, that’s great. Go ahead and share it. If you have a negative experience, you should share that too. We’re all adults and can make our own choices. I haven’t seen “iron clad evidence” of anything presented on Mooneyspace so I don’t think it’s fair to apply a different standard just because someone’s experiences differ from yours.
  11. ilovecornfields

    GoPro Video Editing/Software, Tips etc

    So that’s how you get the tiedown ropes off! Seems quite efficient.
  12. ilovecornfields

    Ovation 280 HP Flat Rating

  13. ilovecornfields

    Ovation 280 HP Flat Rating

    Getting the RPM wrong, setting the FF too low so the CHTs shot up too high, not doing any sort of test flight or test run, blaming the ferry pilot “for not noticing it was wrong” and then hanging up on me and refusing to do anything to “make it right” IS a reason not to use that service center. I have other reasons, but that was enough for me. The shop made it very clear that they had lots of other planes there and mine was not a priority. I have subsequently found a place where they actual seem to give a sh*t about me and my plane and they are the ones I make the checks out to now. It must be nice to be so successful that you can treat customers that way. Don’t get me wrong, they were very nice until I pointed out what was wrong, then it was just excuses and blaming other people. I don’t expect anyone or any shop to be perfect, but I do except people to own up to their mistakes and try to make it right.
  14. ilovecornfields

    Ovation 280 HP Flat Rating

    I would agree that it doesn’t seem difficult if you know what you’re doing. Somehow the first MSC managed to screw it up. The MSC I took it to afterwards told me over the phone what he thought the problem was and then fixed both the prop and fuel flow in less than an hour. That’s why I flew over 600 miles to have my annual done this year!
  15. ilovecornfields

    Ovation 280 HP Flat Rating

    First thing I did when I bought my Ovation was the 310 HP conversion. The first shop screwed it up (even though people here seem to act like that person walks on water) but I eventually found someone who knew what they were doing and adjusted the fuel flow and RPM correctly. I’ve tried taking off with 2500 RPM instead of 2700 and there is a huge difference. I only run at 2700 RPM for about a minute every flight but when I was trying to get on top of a layer of ice or climb out of Flagstaff on July 4th I definitely didn’t regret getting the upgrade.