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  1. LA Center announced that SIGMET this morning for moderate to severe turbulence as we were headed home early to beat the winds. We still got some moderate stuff over the mountains but nothing horrible. Apparently a Cessna over SBA did not have a good day today. Good call on staying home.
  2. Part of the “E” in PAVE. I think it’s in the same chapter of the PHAK.
  3. I think like most personality traits/disorders they have to cause dysfunction to be considered pathologic. If you ever look at the personality disorders in the DSM-IV (they’re on DSM-V now but I’m not familiar with it) you’ll see that a lot of the traits listed on the personality disorders are pretty common. When they’re present to the degree they cause dysfunction then that’s when it becomes a problem. I believe this is mentioned in the PHAK, but perhaps not very clearly. I agree, we all have those traits to varying degrees.
  4. It’s very dangerous to leave your plane sitting around. Send me the keys and I’ll keep the rust off the cylinders for you.
  5. Counterpoint. I have an internet troll close friend that I recently asked “Is Scott real? Should I actually read his posts and respond to them or just wait for him to get kicked off the site a 4th time, make up a new email and then come back and annoy us all over again.” His direct quote “I think he needs to STFU and get a job.” Consider yourself ignored.
  6. Not an AME, but I would schedule an informal discussion with one without filling out any paperwork first. If you don’t need a medical right now I would consider basicmed. Pulmonary embolism is a very controversial subject in medicine and I fear that the FAA may not appreciate the nuances. One of the jobs of your lung capillaries is to filter out blood clots which we all get in small amounts. By not letting the clots get to the left side of your heart it prevents you from getting a stroke. This is all normal and happens on a microscopic level all the time. Recently, with d-dimer test
  7. @RJBrown Thabk you for contributing. The QAnon conspiracy stuff always raises the intellectual level of the discussion a notch.
  8. @Shadrach, I appreciate your sharing your views and I’m sorry you feel like you’re the victim here, but I think the issue is a little more complex than you’re letting on. Most people wearing masks are not “sheeple” just waiting for the government to tell them what to do so they can blindly follow it, but reasonable people trying to make the best of a bad situation while confronting a serious threat and a high degree of uncertainty. When I studied public health in grad school we spent ONE day on how to communicate with the public during a public health emergency. I’m sure in future cl
  9. Even if you leave the throttle wide open, you are down to 24” in about 5 minutes due to the climb so I wouldn’t worry about it. I’ve looked for and been unable to find solid evidence that a power reduction early in the climb can actually cause an engine failure, but I agree with our CFIs above who say to leave things alone until you’re at a safe altitude especially since there’s no clear benefit to fiddling around with the knobs down low. Personally I don’t touch the throttle until cruise but will pull the prop RPM back to 2550 at 1000’ AGL. If your fuel flow is set right this sh
  10. My brother in law called me a few weeks ago because his wife had “quarantined” him to the RV in their yard because he had an “exposure.” She would bring him food but wouldn’t let him in the house or let him see the kids. The funny thing was, when we talked about it what they were calling an “exposure” wasn’t anywhere near what would qualify as an exposure. I was able to get her to let him back in the house again and everyone was fine. Part of me wonders if she knew the whole time that he hadn’t really been exposed.
  11. Tolerated the Mutt Muffs today. No complaints. Or at least nothing the ANR didn’t block out.
  12. Glad you’re feeling better. I’m ready for this to be over.
  13. Well, I think we really need a clinical trial to be sure but some people seem to be experiencing some “big” side effects:
  14. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - thank you for what you do. It takes a special person to do your job and I certainly wasn’t cut out to do it. PICU was without a doubt my least favorite month of residency. I tried to look into getting my son into a vaccine trial but wasn’t able to find something. I’ve never seen him that eager to get a shot. He has his 11 year old shots coming up and he asked me what they were for so I told him - meningitis, tetanus, HPV. He asked me what HPV was and I told him “it’s a virus that causes warts.” He asked where and I told him. He turned pale
  15. We go by the rate at which he consumes bulky sticks. If it takes him longer than 15 minutes to devour a bully stick then he’s hypoxic. As an aside, my son was mortified when he learned where bully sticks came from.
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