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  1. This has been covered extensively in other places but if you have something that may disqualify you, you may want to speak to the AME BEFORE he enters your MEDXPRESS number. Once that application is activated, you may have a disqualification on your record. I hate to cite them as a source, but POA has this covered pretty well
  2. I had the same issue with my mini5 but never had it with the mini4. Still trying to work it out.
  3. Even worse is that this applies to housing as well. Sold a condo and still had to pay the property tax bill for the next year. I also have to pay property tax for the hangar I RENT. That being said, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. I remember being in New Hampshire in the middle of winter, 10 below freezing and one of the guys at the fire station where we were based said “I’d never live in California - they have mudslides there!” To each their own...
  4. Finally got back from Tahoe with Sassy Copilot. He flew most of the way back. On the way up we had thunderstorms and ice- on the way back severe clear! He likes to turn the heat up so I told him he had to get a blanket because I didn’t want to pay the heating bill (the truth is that the weather was enough to make me sweat without a heater!). Extra HP, fuel and TKS sure are nice to have on board.
  5. I think @kortopates nailed it. Without really knowing the facts (which I would NOT post on a public forum) we’ll really have no clue why he’s getting the 709 ride. It does sound unusual that they would spend 2-3 hours “ridiculing and laughing at him.” I’ve never been in that situation, but I think if I found myself in it I would terminate the session and have an attorney present for the next one. Sounds like he’s not off to a good start, for reasons that are unclear with the information given (and don’t give us more!). Where is his CFI in the process?
  6. @donkaye, if you were in Minden you should have stopped by to say hi!
  7. Jerry W seems like a really nice guy, too. I would love to have a beer with him sometime. Doesn’t mean I think he’s a good pilot or that he doesn’t have a higher than average likelihood of killing himself or someone else in his airplane. At least Jerry leaves the bad comments up, whereas Nikko is very clear that he deletes the comments he doesn’t like “because it’s my channel.” Great role model.
  8. Hi Omar, Before you start insulting half of Mooneyspace, maybe you should take a moment to collect your thoughts. Calling someone you know nothing about “offensive and uninformed” is usually an “offensive and uninformed” statement by its very nature so you may want to use that more selectively in the future. Here is the study: Sorry you missed the towing damage on your preflight. Sorry your nose gear collapsed. Not a reason to go insulting everyone.
  9. I remember reading a study about kids watching Spongebob Squarepants and if they gave them cognitive tasks before and after the episode their performance dropped by the equivalent of several IQ points. I always assumed Nikko’s Wings was the aviation version of that. Nice plane, but clueless narcissist for a pilot. I had to stop watching because I could feel my brain cells commiting harakiri.
  10. Sounds like a Mini 4 would make a great backup! Question: Who has two thumbs and is selling his Mini 4? Just to clarify, I’m the one selling the mini 4. Not the gentleman pictured above.
  11. Exactly my experience. I also added it to my pre-landing checklist.
  12. I’m making my son learn to fly the 172 before he flies the Mooney and I think every pilot should know how to fly a 172. They’re great airplanes for what they were designed to do. With a $50k budget and less than 40 hours, I would look at a partnership in a 172 before I started looking at Mooneys.
  13. Mini 5 with Apple Pencil works awesome. Now accepting bids for my Mini 4...
  14. I agree. Cirrus did a great job in making the planes feel comfortable and familiar to non-pilots. Parachute is a huge factor for non-pilots as well (and some pilots). I don’t know how you intended the comment, but definitely not something to fault them for.
  15. I wanted to buy a 231. My wife started sending me ads for Ovations and Bravos. It’s great to have buy-in from the CFO!