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  1. Since I was unable to get any of you to part with your pulse demand oxygen units using my Jedi Mind Tricks I called Mountain High and ordered a refurbished O2D1 for $450. They were really nice and are even making a Y-adapter for me so I don’t need to buy a second stepdown regulator. I guess I’ll have to keep working on my powers of persuasion...
  2. Come on, guys! Oxygen is toxic. Hypoxia is the new black. The single O2D2 used to be enough for us but my wife just realized that she feels much better after a flight when she uses oxygen so it’s time to expand. They are amazing little devices!
  3. I’ve heard they spontaneously combust above 10k’. You should sell yours immediately.
  4. Any chance you could post a picture of this sometime?
  5. Hi, just wondering if anyone wants to sell their Mountain High O2D2 or O2D1. I’m trying to get a second one for the plane.
  6. PTK is right and “unloading the wing” is one of the tools taught in essentially any unusual attitude recovery course (which I would HIGHLY recommend everyone take). A wing stalls when you exceed the critical AOA. If you bank the plane and pull back on the yoke to maintain level flight while compensating for the lost vertical component of lift then you will increase stall speed. What PTK wrote in his post is that if you unload the wing (lower the AOA) then you won’t necessarily increase your stall speed. Hammerhead turn is a good example of thinking about things in terms of AOA. Near the top of the turn you’re pointing straight up and are very slow but you are NOT stalled because the relative wind is coming from above and your AOA is small.
  7. Yeah, it didn't make a lot of sense to me to vector the slower plane in front of the faster one, then tell the slow one to speed up and the fast one to slow down. I guess they both show up as M20P so if she wasn't paying attention to the groundspeed it would have been an easy mistake to make. Sounds like some good experience building. Definitely a good day to shoot approaches. Overcast all along the coast. Speaking of good experiences, I need to get night current again. I'll let you know next time I'm headed down...
  8. Bruce’s Custom Covers. I resisted because I thought they were overpriced but they’re awesome. With enough time and talent you could make you’re own but I’m happy with these.
  9. Went to CRQ for Father’s Day weekend and shot the ILS behind our very own @kortopates providing instruction to some lucky Mooney pilot. Little Dude said he finally approves of his in-flight entertainment and snack options
  10. Your mooney service center should be able to order one for you.
  11. Nice! I’m getting mine installed in August during the annual.
  12. You’re braver than I am. I would have turned around at the prospect of hand flying for 17 hours (yes, I’m spoiled). Glad you made it safely. I’m sure once you get it settled you will once again have the nicest panel. I hadn’t realized how much I use the autopilot until my flight home from Henderson last week. I asked my son if he wanted to fly and he said “Why? It’s not like you even fly. You just let George do everything” I guess I should feel lucky that he looked away from his iPad long enough to insult my piloting skills. Let me know if you need a ride back from the avionics shop.
  13. 2 flights today. I was only the pilot for one of them. Good times! Edwards AFB Little Man getting ready to Launch Hoover Dam Grand Canyon
  14. I know there are some ForeFlight haters out there, but this is pretty cool: Calculates takeoff and landing performance. For my Ovation, it showed up automatically.
  15. Sounds like everyone who wasn’t there knows what was going on better than I do so I’ll stay out of it. That being said, it’s not unusual for them to use 7/25 for the “big boys” and 15 L/R for VFR traffic. To anyone familiar with the airport that would not be considered unusual. The learning point for me was that doing an unplanned go-around affects other people as well. I agree, if you’re in doubt go around but I had not previously considered how my go around would affect others. Winds were calm, field was VFR.