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  1. Well; you could not get COVID. That’s something. I think it’s ridiculous to base a vaccination decision on what someone else tells you you can or can’t do afterwards. You should base a vaccination decision on protecting your health and the health of others
  2. Hi Don, The post-COVID world is definitely going to be different than the pre-COVID world. Hopefully some of those changes will be better, but change is certainly uncomfortable. I haven’t really traveled anywhere (except in the Mooney). We haven’t taken any vacations or gone inside restaurants to eat or done any of those other activities the “normalcy seekers” are up to these days. It’s not that we can’t, it just isn’t the same. I’d rather postpone those activities until I can enjoy them then pretend there’s some sort of “normalcy” and convince myself that I’m enjoying some wate
  3. I’m always willing to accept ridiculously high offers for my Ovation 2. Just trying to help out.
  4. Don’t get me started. They’re called “patients” but they are so impatient sometimes! If you see 30 other people in the waiting room and you showed up to the ER for the abdominal pain you’ve been having for 2 years because you don’t want to wait until tomorrow for the CT scan your doctor ordered today but you get upset that there’s a wait... @aviatoreb, I know it was a typo but I thought I’d play along. I’m not saying my job is never exciting, it’s just that when it’s exciting something really bad is probably happening. Just like with flying, I put a lot of effort into preventing
  5. I actually go out of my way to make my life boring and predictable. I get to meet lots of people with “exciting” lives in the ER and see the drama and collateral damage that goes along with it. It’s amusing to me that ER doctors are often stereotyped as “adrenaline junkies” when the opposite is often true. If my flights or workday are “exciting” then something really bad is probably happening. I’d much rather have a “boring” day.
  6. Yeah, it’s a tough call. On one hand, accident rates go down with TAA with ADS-B, but on the other hand if you intentionally disable it for the purpose of evading detection then get caught by a camera doing something illegal and stupid you might lose your license. I think I’m ok with keeping mine. If you’re bored enough to want to track me go right ahead. I intentionally lead a very boring life.
  7. Finally convinced my son to take a break from his YouTube channel long enough to make me a shirt!
  8. It’s pretty unpredictable individually but there certainly are trends - obesity, older age, multiple comorbidities tend to do worse, but I’ve seen older morbidly obese diabetics who do fine and otherwise healthy 20 year olds who look like they’re dying (because they are). I suspect genetic predisposition had a big effect as well because there seem to be some families where everyone gets super sick (except one spouse) or families where the opposite is true. Early on it was mostly individuals, but now we’re seeing a lot more “everyone in the family had it.” They will often describe everyon
  9. @Shadrach, I appreciate your comments. Let me try to address some of them. 1. You’re putting a lot of words in my mouth that I never said. Please direct me to where I talked about absolutes and certainties. Science and medicine don’t work that way and I am careful not to use those words. 2. I said “If 99 out of 100...” to illustrate a general concept but you’re claiming that I said 99 out of 100 epidemiologists agree on some statement. I’m not sure exactly what that statement is but, regardless, that is again something I never said which you’re attributing to me. 3. “Having
  10. Some of the references were pretty funny too. They went Old School with the gravity stuff.
  11. BMJ actually has an aviation-related article that addresses some issues both of you have raised: https://www.bmj.com/content/327/7429/1459 Free full-text article: https://europepmc.org/article/med/14684649 Follow-up study: https://europepmc.org/article/MED/30545967
  12. This one does. And so do my epidemiology friends from grad school. If 99 out of 100 is experts agree on something some will see that as a “controversy” and not know what to think, while others will realize that the 99 are statistically much more likely to be right. The people that don’t like what the 99 are saying will find the one who disagrees and make a huge fuss over the controversy, give him interviews, make YouTube videos and then say “See! Even the other experts can’t agree.” I believe you will have a hard time finding a practicing epidemiologist with a degree i
  13. Fake news. All those dead bodies are really just actors being paid to brainwash you into actually caring for someone other than yourself and being a responsible member of society. Don’t fall for it. Just eat your steak. It’s to die for. Let’s keep spreading the disease and seeing how many more mutations we can get! It’s totally lost on me how the people who claim to want a return to “normalcy” are EXACTLY the ones keeping us from getting there because of their reckless behavior. Every time we make progress, they act like imbeciles and almost guarantee that we’ll take a huge step back.
  14. Totally agree. You can find idiots everywhere.
  15. My son takes a lot of pleasure in pointing out that George (our autopilot) flys much better then I do. That wasn’t true 20 years ago but then I have a much nicer autopilot now. I guess I’m doing the right thing by letting the better stick do the flying.
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