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  1. I agree completely with the O2D2 (I also have an O2D1), but the gentleman still needs a tank and regulator.
  2. You’re not bringing the propofol home from work, are you?
  3. Need a mask above 18k’. Deluxe system would be O2D2 with masks and a nice precise flight or skyox system. I can send you the amazon stuff I got if you send me a PM. A lot cheaper. Hopefully you already have a pulse ox because they’re getting harder to find.
  4. I bought an oxygen tank, regulator and cannula on Amazon a few months ago pretty cheap. What kind of system are you looking for?
  5. I’ve never taken off with low boost on (and wouldn’t) but it did seem to help a little during climb. I may be imagining it, though. Is the runway long enough to take off at 2550 RPM? It seems like on my engine the difference between 2550 and 2700 RPM is huge when it comes to CHTs. A stock M20S takes of at 2400 RPM so it doesn’t seem too crazy to use 2550 when the conditions allow.
  6. Those CHTs seem high to me. What were the temps before the electronic ignition. What are the outside air temps? I use 380 as my limit on climbs (also an O2 with 310 HP STC). I recently hit 400 for a few seconds climbing out of an airport where it was 104 F on the surface. Some tricks I’ve used (WARNING: Not an A&P and have poor mechanical skills and knowledge at baseline): 1. Takeoff at 2550 RPM (almost like an O2). 2. Low boost pump on in climb. 3. Rotate, accelerate to Vy immediately and climb out at 120-130 kts. Maybe someone that actually has some mechanical knowledge can give you better advice.
  7. Vortex generators might not be a bad idea either if the plane is going to be based at a short field. Mine dropped the stall speed by several knots and they are really helpful in crosswinds.
  8. Well, you’re actually not doing enough contact tracing and given the high number of positive tests, you’re not doing enough testing either. Reopening businesses isn’t the problem. It’s reopening then and not following the guidelines to reduce disease transmission. I fully support reopening businesses but if you reopen them by having a restaurant full of people and no one is wearing a mask that’s not really a “fact based and rational” approach. Lets see where your rates are in two weeks and we can continue the discussion then.
  9. I’m sure it all has to do with miscounting Native Americans and nothing to do with blatant disregard for best practices and public health guidelines.
  10. Had another genius moment today. I was cleared for immediate takeoff with a Cessna on final and I always pull the yoke all the way back and let it come forward slowly when I’m taking the runway for departure because that’s what I see all the corporate pilots on YouTube doing. Well, this time I noticed that it was really “stiff.” I thought that was really odd because I’d just tested the controls and they were “free and correct” and then I looked down and noticed the AP was “on” instead of on flight director. I don’t know what would have happened if I’d tried to take off that way but I assume it would have been unsettling. Spoke to my wife about it afterwards (I was alone) and she found this website for me which looks pretty interesting: Stressful time right now. Would have been disturbing to have two ER doctors killing themselves in airplanes twenty miles away and a week apart. Stay safe out there!
  11. I think you meant “UNaccelerated 1-g flight” but the rest of that is EXACTLY what I’ve seen (and occasionally done) and I think you hit the nail right on the head. Anytime I even think I might be slow in the pattern the first thing I do is unload the wings. I wonder if an unusual attitude course were required for the private pilot rating what effect that would have on LOC-I accidents? I did mine almost 20 years ago and still remember the importance of “unloading the wing.” Being at the top of a hammerhead turn with almost no airspeed but not stalled really illustrates the point of AOA being the important factor, not speed or bank angle (and it’s really fun pointing straight down at the top of the turn and pulling out of the dive!) I think you’re absolutely right that people fixate on bank angle (not the problem) and ignore AOA (the actual problem that kills them). I don’t remember reading about wings stalling because they exceeded the critical bank angle...
  12. I personally don’t know anyone in the healthcare community that expresses that sentiment over the economy. The ones I know are deeply troubled by the economy and the significant harm that medical illness has on the economy. The #1 cause of bankruptcy is medical debt. Many people dropped their insurance over the last couple of years when the individual mandate was removed and run the risk of financial ruin even if they do recover from COVID. Have you considered the economic cost of missing work for 2 weeks because you get sick? Or the cost of a day in the ICU? Or a month? How about a month of disability to recover from your illness? Or being permanently disabled as many “COVID survivors” will be. How about the economic impact of having infections skyrocket when people stop social distancing and wearing masks and either a) people are afraid to go out because they don’t want to get sick and possibly die or b) the restrictions start again. It seems if one was really concerned about the economy, he would do everything possible to prevent getting infected or spreading the infection because that is that strategy that would result in the least economic harm. If the waiter in your restaurant exposes 100 people before he knows he’s sick, 10 of them end up hospitalized and one or two end up dying what’s the economic impact of that? To me, someone sitting in a crowded restaurant without a mask doesn’t send the message “I have no fear” —instead it shouts to me “I have no brain.” If not trying to convince anyone of “my” views. I’m comfortable with how I reached my conclusions.
  13. CDC has plenty of information in its website, the expected disease course and the reasons to present to the ER. In the hospital, the two diseases are treated very differently. Not a subject that can (or should) be comprehensively covered on an aviation forum. If you’d like a consultation, send me a PM and I’ll be happy to discuss this at length with you as long as you compensate me appropriately for my time.
  14. Thanks for sharing that. I was wondering why Arizona had a much higher death rate per capita than any of the surrounding states. Now it’s crystal clear!