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  1. I had an oil ring stick on my #5 cylinder which pumped overboard through the air oil separator almost 5 qts after a four hour trip at 13000! Landed and oil was dripping from tail tie down! Engine is over tbo at 2375. All compression good except no 5 at 60. Thinking about ordering rebuild from cont in near future! Any thoughts!
  2. Hi can anyone recommend a Maint shop for Mooney around central Florida?
  3. My gear down light is dim with the nav lights off. Any ideas? Mooney screaming eagle. Thanks
  4. I am flying from alpine to Zion in July and wondered what the best airport to fly in for tours convenient and hotels? Thanks
  5. Thanks for the help! He has a scimitar prop and g1000. 2007 ovation.sounds like 5000 plus labor if he doesn’t need an digital tach
  6. I have a friend with an ovation with 280hp. How much and where can he increase to 310?
  7. Thanks! I will give them a call! I have a screaming eagle as well 006! Great paint! Changed the entire plane
  8. Beautiful paint job

  9. Hi cris I love your paint job ! Can you call me at your convenience? My eagle needs the red paint too! Thanks Steve
  10. I noticed a stain on my wing walk and suspect a fuel leak. An 1999 eagle. Anyone else have the same issue?
  11. Thanks for the help. I fly rop and wot 2550 rpm. Ff about 16-17 gals . At 13000 ff 15 100 rop
  12. I am curious to see what other people have for cruise speeds at ten and twelve thousand. My eagle has a true of 186-188 at ten and 182-184 at twelve rop
  13. Thanks I have the eagle all set with a GTN 750 and a 330es. A friend has the 2006 ovation with the g1000 trying to get WAAS
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