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  1. Ok... I really wish I hadn't looked at the Lasar listings! I just lost an hour of my life drooling on my keyboard.
  2. RW flying is not difficult or exceptional. Like some one else said, they're like a Bike vs. Car. You never stop working. Similar to the taxiing a Tail dragger. Hovering comes with practice. Most folks I knew 'Broke The Code' and it just happened one day. You struggle for a while and then it just happens and voila! I've made money flying RW on and off for 15 years. It is by far my favorite and chosen form of monetary acquisition. I would never even entertain owning one. If I was independently wealthy (read Lotto winner), I would rent one. Come to think of it, I'd just keep flying
  3. *!Thread drift alert!* Flying mag just had a write up on a company mounting jet engines on Aerostars.... Two Thumbs Up!
  4. "Those who have, and Those who will." The loudest critics among us have a short memory of their close calls and mistakes. Or they don't yet have enough experience/knowledge to know that they are one minor distraction away from a gotcha moment building up to an accident/incident.
  5. Slam dunks frustrated the heck out of me when I was flying little jets. Those things are slicker than.. and getting hung up high was frequent in some areas. I hated spoliers and chop and drops as they sometimes startled the uneasy sheeple in the back. I tried to fly like someones Grandma was back there, it wasn't always easy. Like other said, you start to get a feel for the places it happens. ATC has a whole set of constraints we'll never get to see. A simple inquirie may provide the the answers or push you back up in his/her list of priorities. 99% of controllers are GREAT and team o
  6. CFI/II-MEI, CFI-RH. I earned my Comm ASEL, Inst, and CFII in M20J's... of course that was ~20 years ago. I still miss flying them. I'm a lurker here and, hopefully, someday I'll become an owner and treat my Wife and Girl to the sights I've seen and people I met flying around our beautiful country. I'm currently in the Virginia area.
  7. Quote: maropers I'll preface my post with the fact that I'm not IFR rated but in the beginning stages - Does no one use flightwatch? I find it a bit odd it isn't mentioned in any post thus far. I've used it on the way from Alabama to Texas about 45 minutes out to confirm my expectations of conditions at the home field
  8. Situational Awareness = Using events of the past and present to predict the future. XM Weather is simply a tool (of many) that you use to build your situational awareness. I lurked through the debate here about 'Glass Cockpits', but I think your question has a similar thread and I can't sit idle. Your success is directly related to your knowledge of the product's capabilities AND its limitations. If you know how and why a complex avionics system operates and are proficient in its use, it will help you. If you are not proficient and are ignorant, the system will be a detriment to ef
  9. I was checked by Fed's quite a few times while flying part 121 (airlines). Most times the Feds were looking to just check you pilot cert. and medical. On occasion they would ride the jump seat for the leg. I even had a Maintenance Inspector stroll up for a ride while me and the captain were trying to figure out a maintenance question. The fed walked in to the cockpit, saw all the reference books open and went looking for us. (we were both out looking at a gouge in a tire) He asked what our intent was (we called for a replacement) and then sat and gave us a maintainer's point of view and
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