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  1. Vantage is so much stronger than stock. You’ll like it.
  2. Good video about the Vashon Ranger. I have never flown one but I’m a fan.
  3. Reinsurance rates are increasing which means our insurance rates will rise. https://www.capsicumre.com/aviation-reinsurance-begins-its-ascent The lady from Avemco alluded to this. Bottom line is they are trying to vet out potential risky policy holders to reduce losses. I felt like I was being interviewed for a job when she spoke with me regarding my 162 insurance.
  4. I spoke with an agent from Avemco for about thirty minutes. She told me they don’t want to write LSA policies and really didn’t want to insure anything but a class three medical in a fixed gear with recurrent training or an instrument rating. They are trying to cover for 737 Max losses. They all buy into pools of money and it’s more expensive now. Something like that. They really don’t trust older pilots transitioning to light sport with no medical. LSAs are hard to land especially for older pilots and result in lots of accidents.
  5. Vantage plane plastics all around. Don’t try and repair anything. Plane plastics are very thick and durable. They are also inexpensive. The spatial parts might be good for the pilots side though.
  6. Should they enter the LSA market? It is crowded and Vashon has a great low cost entry that is going to outsell the Colt IMHO. Vashon is run by Dynon and they really lowered the cost of production by using prepainted aluminum and other techniques. If I was Mooney I would build a modular airplane that is low cost but able to share parts and rigging with a LSA up to a four place. I don’t know how to do it but economy of scale and strategic reuse is the way to go. Cost matters.
  7. Cool story. I think I would have cancelled the approach and gone VFR, climbed and worked the issue as someone else said. Too much pressure to fix a mechanical issue while on final approach.
  8. I recommend Vantage and a dremel. Cost is good, quality is way better than what you have and it will last a very long time.
  9. Same here. It was due to believing two IAs who said the old plugs were good and also not properly leaning and a too rich at idle carb. All those things caused bad mag checks.
  10. My Skycatcher sight gauges are great. Limited only by my eyesight. I tried having the fuel gauges on the 65C looked at and wasted 300 bucks labor for nothing. Salty replaced them with an engine monitor. If I did it now I would use a GI 275 EIS.
  11. A guy I know has so many service limit replacement parts pulled from overhauls he has done that he told me he could overhaul my O360 at a steep discount if he used those parts. He did mention some parts that I should get new but he would replace non serviceable parts with used serviceable parts from someone else’s new parts overhaul.
  12. I used a headlight restoration kit from the auto parts store. It worked out great. I got a new windshield out of it. Just cost me a little.
  13. I polished my 65C to perfection. Until I tried looking outside from inside. I got carried away and wet sanded some spots. Well that was a terrible idea and created a warped windshield. I had to buy a new one piece and was very happy with it. Just don’t do what I did. Don’t try to spot correct. Polish the whole thing systematically. I used my paint correction techniques on a windshield. Bad idea.
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