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  1. This started happening to me last year. It got a bit better after I did the MagVar update. Generally, however, I get multiple errors and notices after installing a new update. I just patiently given it time and re-start a couple of times. It appears that it just takes time, and perhaps a reboot, for the update to replicate across both computers. Once done, it has been fine.
  2. I look forward to hearing @donkaye 's PIREP of integrating this into his landing methods as a repeatable process with this additional aid. When he finds he is pulling power, moving into landing attitude based on height, etc. etc. or any other observations and techniques.
  3. It would be wonderful if it made sense for @Microkit to provide/upgrade install instructions to help others avoid removing the glareshield, if possible. Each plane may be a bit different, but there are hopefully enough universals to helps shops and owners save a bit of time. Great opportunity to learn from the first installs. Looking forward to installing mine!
  4. Something for all of us to monitor. While my outcome is the same as yours, something was creating this issue, starting last year.
  5. I had this problem prior to the mag var upgrade. Precisely this issue, which started last year. Mag var upgrade made it better and I hav don’t had this problem once all databases were updated and sync’d. Per my prior comment, it takes time and a couple restarts to help this happen.
  6. Since last year, I have been getting these terrain, Gia, dB crosstalk and other failures when updating. I have found that by giving it time to replicate across and restarting more than once, it goes away. I suspect something changed in the files or how it updates. It seems to take longer to replicate, or more than one startup. One option might be to load the PFD and MFD lower slot databases separately and individually, instead of replicating from the mfd.
  7. My Ovation's Reiff plug is next to the oil filler neck as well.
  8. Good point. I sometimes do this as well.
  9. Midshipman's hitch. I end with two half hitches to secure instead of one. This is much more secure and less likely to come apart. Midshipman's is a form of taut line; the second wrap that pops down into the first wrap under friction is called an Awning Hitch. West Valley is just a modified bowline.
  10. Particularly worrisome are the moose at pattern altitude.
  11. Terrific, Jimmy. Thanks for the fine work you did in early 2019 on my Ovation 3 purchase.
  12. It was grayed out for me and unable to change it. I sent an email to the address given for resolution and the respondent seemed unaware of what Savvy was doing with updates. He offered to change it for me, but I did not know the specific options. Told him that there may be a global issue, but he closed the ticket with no resolution. I think permissioning is off and that what was being requested of Mooney owners was not communicated to the troops in case of a need to troubleshoot.
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