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  1. We have electric trim. My entire career I have always trimmed all the way to touchdown. The nose still always comes down right after the mains.
  2. In almost 7 years, I've had 2 landings during which the nose did not drop immediately after the mains. Don't know why. Maybe because I finally attained a high enough pitch attitude at touchdown to rotate the wheels further forward. If that's the case, and provided you have enough runway, you might try a couple no flap landings. Those will require a higher pitch attitude at touchdown. That will rotate the wheels forward relative to the CG.
  3. But a timer is not a clock. Pretty sure the regs say clock. We can display the time in a field on the map page but it doesn't include seconds.
  4. An app in the tablet does NOT meet the requirement. If your GPS can display the TIME to the nearest second then that would. While I can dig through the pages to find the time in our GTN, there is no easy way to get to it so I don't consider my GTN to meet the legal requirement. I'm hoping I can convince somebody that counts that the clock on the NORSEE AV-20S works.
  5. Over on BeechTalk they said you will be able to buy the non-AHRS versions over the counter. Anything that uses AHRS has to be installed by a dealer.
  6. I'm thinking you meant that to be in green but just in case... I don't think so. A G5 ADI/HSI with GPS GAD29 and GMU11 costs just a bit over $5000. To buy two GI275's to act as an ADI and HSI would cost a bit over $8000 and you probably also need the GMU11 and maybe a GAD29 (but I don't know). That makes it about $3000 - $4000 more. If you plan on getting the GFC500 and can wait until the GI275 is approved for use with that, there are only a few things extra that you get: Primary airspeed and altitude. Airspeed bug. Enhanced HSI (moving map) Where the GI275 makes the most sense is if you have an old attitude based autopilot, the servos are all still good, but the ADI quits. You can then slap this think in and keep flying with your current autopilot. Once a servo quits, you could then change to a GFC autopilot or TT if you wanted. It provides a way to spread out the cost of moving to a better/lower maintenance cost autopilot.
  7. We already have dual G5/GFC500. What might interest me is using it as an MFD to replace the CDI for our KNS80 (maybe). Their site says the unit is compatible with the KX155/165/170 series of navigators. If it will also support the KNS80 I could see replacing our CDI with this thing. Enroute I could use it to display traffic or weather. If I needed to use the KNS80 for navigation or an ILS, I could use it as a CDI. Once on the ground I could use it as a moving map of the airport diagram.
  8. If I remember right (but I'm old) the GAD is built into the box.
  9. Read the note at the bottom of the list.
  10. See the note at the bottom of the table. GFC500 support expected later in 2020.
  11. It could be reduced oscillations due to distance to runway rather than speed. Have you ever a actually tried an approach at a lower speed?
  12. Don, I notice you are flying final at 100 - 110 KIAS. How does it do if you fly final at something closer to your VFR final speeds? Something like 80 KIAS or so?