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  1. Bob - S50

    The NEW new panel

    I'm planning something similar but even a bit more radical. I'm planning on installing the GFC control panel (GMC507?) to the left of the radio rack, to the right of the altimeter and above the #2 CDI. The EDM730 that currently resides there will turn 90 degrees to the profile orientation and fit below the GMC507 and between the #2 CDI and the radio rack. That puts all the buttons up front in my primary field of view where I can find them easily. By doing that I also avoid having to move a bunch of radios around. The radio stacks can stay just like they are now. Our installer says that will actually be easier, take less time, and cost less.
  2. Bob - S50

    The NEW new panel

    Not sure, but I think you actually have that backwards. The brains of the GFC500 reside inside the G5 ADI. If you have the G500 or Txi, your autopilot is not only connected to the G5, it's the G5 that makes it work.
  3. Well... One in actual weather. About 6 or 7 each year for currency. I still prefer the LPV over the ILS or LNAV. I don't fly many approaches to get into a destination. The reason? When the weather around here is low enough to need an approach, it's usually winter and icing potential has kept me on the ground. I have only flown maybe 3 or 4 approaches in the Mooney to get into an airport.
  4. Bob - S50

    ILS vs LPV

    A bit off topic, but here is the basic thought process I went through concerning weather when I was flying the DC9. It helped me decide if I wanted to ask the dispatcher for more fuel. I do not want to be that guy who has to bust minimums because I didn't bring enough fuel. Granted the chart is for whether or not I would let the dispatcher use an exemption to avoid giving me an alternate, but the same logic could apply for deciding if you need more fuel.
  5. Bob - S50

    Mooney Aerodynamic Curves (Nerd Alert)

    It was my understanding that wings stall from root to tip on purpose in order to maintain roll authority for the ailerons at the onset of the stall. To do that they design the plane with washout. That is, they design them so the angle of attack at the wingtip is less than that at the root. And I don't think wings stop making lift at the stall, the coefficient of lift just starts to decrease at the stall. It isn't a vertical line to the right of the stall. I think the slope of the curve after the stall is steeper for a laminar flow airfoil, but it still isn't vertical. And it was also my understanding that the stall strips are installed to get both wings to stall at essentially the same time. If not for them, due to slight differences in the manufacturing of the wings, one wing might stall earlier than the other leading to a wing drop rather than a straight ahead stall.
  6. Bob - S50

    ILS vs LPV

    In my local area: OLM (Olympia), PWT (Bremerton), PAE (Everett), and BLI (Bellingham). BFI (Boeing) and TIW (Tacoma) do not have the same minimums.
  7. Bob - S50

    Mooney Aerodynamic Curves (Nerd Alert)

    You interpret that differently than I do. 91.205.(d).(6) requires a clock with a sweep second hand or digital equivalent for instrument flight. NORSEE allows installation in addition to, not in replacement of, required instruments. The Aerovonics page does not say that only parts of the instrument are NORSEE approved. The entire instrument is NORSEE approved. The way I interpret that is that I could keep my clock and add the AV20-S, but I cannot use the AV20-S to replace my clock. That's why I'm waiting for Aerovonics to get approval for use as a required clock. While using the AV20-S to replace a clock meets the spirit of the law, I do not think it meets the letter of the law. Is anyone going to say something? Probably not. Will it ever matter? Highly unlikely that a clock would have anything to do with an accident/incident. But I want to comply with the letter of the law. That's why we also installed a nav source indicator for our GTN650 so we could legally fly IFR. My GTN650 will display time, but only hours and minutes unless I want to dig all the way down through the menus to a settings page. It will show me a timer including seconds, but the requirement is not for a timer, but a clock.
  8. Bob - S50

    Help with an engine problem

    Those are pretty small changes in EGT. I am not a mechanic, and I have much less experience with these matters than others, but I'll relate a similar situation we had with our engine. When we first got the plane and I started cruising LOP, I would notice that fairly frequently the engine would feel like it skipped a beat. As the flight progressed it became less and less common. As time passed and more of my partners also starting running LOP, the problem disappeared. I attribute it to carbon build up, most likely on the plugs, which were massive Champion when we got it. Since then we have also switch to Tempest fine wire and almost never have the plane skip a beat. If it does, it is usually after a flight by one of my partners who is not as religious about LOP as I am.
  9. Bob - S50

    ILS vs LPV

    Having been following this thread, if there is anyone here who will launch when their destination is at or forecast to be at minimums or below has bigger gonads than I do. So all this talk about which is better below 200' is moot to me. And I wish the best of luck to anybody who does have those oversized gonads and doesn't have the fuel to reach an alternate with current and forecast weather ...well above... minimums.
  10. Did you ask if they have a copy of the installation manual for the K? That's where I found it.
  11. Bob - S50

    ILS vs LPV

    Mostly already covered here, but given the same minimums I'll take the LPV and dial up the ILS on the KNS80 for the backup CDI. I prefer the LPV because I do not have to worry about beam bending due to terrain and traffic. I'm not afraid to ask either. If they tell me to expect the ILS and I prefer the RNAV, I'll ask for it.
  12. Bob - S50

    Mooney Aerodynamic Curves (Nerd Alert)

    Are you just curious about the lift and drag coefficients? You don't need them to calibrate the AOA.
  13. Bob - S50

    Oil Consumption Pirep

    If the timing was set that far in advance, I would guess the engine might not even run and if it did you might do some serious damage to it. I'm thinking the magneto is more ...retarded... than it used to be. That is, 20 now vs 25 before. That would cause peak pressure to occur further after TDC which would reduce peak pressure, reduce CHT, maybe increase EGT, and reduce blow-by. Unless you meant that you thought it was too advanced before and is set properly now.
  14. Bob - S50

    Oil Consumption Pirep

    Any chance when they put the magneto back in that they timed it to 20 BTDC instead of 25 BTDC?
  15. Bob - S50

    KFC150 Glideslope issue

    We had a similar problem when we first installed the GTN. During an ILS the GS bug would not come visible until about 2 or 3 miles on final. The problem was in fact how everything was connected through the splitter. After it was connected as indicated in the GTN installation manual it worked normally.