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  1. Bob - S50

    Engine overhaul questions

    I noticed the date on that SB was 1975, prior to the manufacture of my aircraft ('78). It also excludes the A1B6D engine. And it says it will be incorporated into all subsequent engines. To me that means it does not apply to my A3B6D engine built in the 80's. So be careful before making changes to the engine. I'd love to be able to change the timing to something less than 25 BTDC to get lower CHT's in cruise, but I don't see how I could legally do that.
  2. Bob - S50

    Engine overhaul questions

    Actually, there are 4 options. Factory New (0 time). Factory Rebuilt (0 time). Factory Overhaul (not 0 time). Field Overhaul (not 0 time). Personally, if I was looking for an airplane I'd be looking for one with about 500 hours on the engine. It wouldn't matter to me where it was done as long as a pre-purchase inspection looked good (compressions, borescope, leak check, oil sample, oil burn rate). If I see an airplane with 0 time on the engine, I wonder what they did that made them decide to pay for an overhaul and then sell it immediately. If it only has a few hours on the engine, I'd be concerned that they may not have properly seated the rings. I'd rather have a run out engine with a discounted price so I could have it overhauled and then break it in myself. Just me of course.
  3. Bob - S50

    Fuel Flow at Full Power

    A bit off track, and see if others agree, but if you CHT's are high, don't reduce RPM, that will most likely make it worse. If you want to reduce power because everything is hot, and assuming you are still full rich, do it with the throttle.
  4. Bob - S50

    Fuel Senders

    If I remember right, to use the stock gauges you need to provide quite a bit of information about your gauges. Something about resistance or volts at empty, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, full. Since the gauge can't be calibrated to match the float, the float has to be programmed to match the gauge. On the other hand, with a digital gauge like the Aerospace Logic gauges, the gauge is calibrated to match the float. Much easier.
  5. Not a very good demo. When he set and said now we are turning to 200, no it wasn't. When he used the Aspen to set a heading of 270, it did not turn. However, I assume they will actually work in a plane? TT would still be a great option if all you want is a VFR autopilot to ease your workload on long cross-country flights. Not everybody wants one that will fly approaches.
  6. Ya, I agree. Maybe even a little bit more. $5200 for dual G5's. $7000 for the GFC500. $4000 - $5000 for the install. Another $2000 for the electric trim and another $2000 for the yaw dampener. Nice thing though is you can do it in stages and spread out the pain. Dual G5's no autopilot, $5200 + install. Add the 2 axis autopilot $7000 + install. Add the electric trim, $1750 + install. Add the yaw dampener, $1750 + install.
  7. I don't think the price difference is necessarily all that great. TT is $5,000. That gets you the box and 2 servos. The GFC 500 is $7,000. That too gets you the control head and 2 servos. What makes the price of the Garmin more expensive is the fact that you need at least one G5 with a GMU11 and GAD29 or 29B. That makes it another $3,000. If you want dual G5's then it's another $2200. However, if you are planning on getting rid of your current ADI/HSI anyway, that cost would be added to the cost of the TT too. Or you could replace them with the Aspen. On the other hand, if you like your current ADI/HSI, the TT then becomes about $5000+ cheaper for parts. I fit in the first category. Get rid of the KFC200 and vacuum system. And the GFC has the option of electric trim and yaw dampener. While the TT can provide auto-trim, you have to get the electric trim someplace other than TT because they don't have an electric trim option. Same with yaw dampener. Same with Dynon. Now if Garmin would provide an STC for a stand alone electric trim option, I might look hard at the Dynon. If I can wait that long.
  8. I would love the HDX, except it does not have electric trim as an option. If you want electric trim you have to bring your own. For me, that would mean continuing to maintain the trim portion of the KFC200. That means expen$ive if the servo ever breaks. I'm still leaning Garmin because it is the only system with electric trim.
  9. Bob - S50

    KFC200 - Uh oh.

    I misspoke just a bit. It was out pitch servo, not the trim servo that died.
  10. Bob - S50

    KFC200 - Uh oh.

    Read up on, and then perform the pre-flight test while on the ground. That's how we discovered our pitch trim servo had failed.
  11. Bob - S50

    Small GFC 500 Update

    We don't plan on getting much. Probably about half of the overhaul exchange price would be a good starting point. For those units with small problems probably something around half of the difference between overhaul exchange and overhaul outright prices would be a good starting point. Something somebody could use as a core for an exchange if they want a spare sitting on the bench at home. But you know, a couple hundred here, a couple hundred there, and pretty soon we're paying for a good portion of the installation price. KI525A, KI256, KG102A, KC292, KI51A, KA285, KC295, KMT112, KS271, KM275; it all adds up.
  12. Bob - S50

    Small GFC 500 Update

    And that's another reason for doing this now. Right now there are still lots of people like you out there that prefer to keep their KFC200 running. We have a better chance of selling our parts to help pay for the upgrade. If we wait until everybody else is replacing them, our parts will be worthless.
  13. Bob - S50

    Small GFC 500 Update

    Both the pitch servo and mount needed repair. It was going to cost a bit over $4000 to fix. That's 80% of the cost of dual G5's. And say we get that fixed and the Kg102 dies. Another couple grand. And the KI525A and the KI256 and the roll servo. Multiple chances to spend multiple thousands. 95% of the flying we do is within 250 NM of our home base. Once each year I take a relatively long trip to Colorado (930 NM). One partner flies about 10 hours/year because Alaska Airlines keeps him busy enough. One partner has gone further than 250 NM exactly once in 5 years. The last partner has gone as far as Billings and will probably do something similar once or twice/year. Since our autopilot has been inop, we've re-discovered that hand flying is not that hard as long as the air is relatively smooth. Trim it up and it just isn't that hard. Our ADI has started showing signs or listing. After we've flown for awhile, it appears to think wings level is about 3 degrees of bank. And the GS bug on the HSI has started sticking so I only count on non-precision minimums. By opting to go without the autopilot and get two G5's instead, we'll have two reliable, battery backed up instruments. Our backup ADI if the primary fails will be the HSI changed into an ADI instead of flying on the turn coordinator. We can get rid of the vacuum pump and end up saving about 20 pounds of useful load even after the GFC500 is installed. Who knows, maybe I'll inherit some money and be able to put in the autopilot sooner than later.
  14. Bob - S50

    Small GFC 500 Update

    Ya, hang in there. We are currently flying without an autopilot too. We refuse to spend thousands to fix the pitch servo on our KFC200. The plan is to pull the roll servo/mount in November as part of our annual. Then immediately after the annual is done have an avionics shop pull the rest of the autopilot except the pitch trim system. Sell whatever parts we can. Install dual G5's instead. Then fly like that for a couple years until we can afford to buy the GFC500 and have it installed.
  15. Bob - S50

    Fuel vent?