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  1. BKlott

    Annual Winter Haven Fly-in

    I hadn’t considered doing that but I will. Good idea!
  2. It is official. What would have been the 30th Annual Winter Haven Pilots Association Fly-in will not be happening this year. The Airport Management and the Airport Advisory Committee decided to require the Pilots Association, for the first time ever, to rent the picnic area at the field and purchase a $1,000,000 Liability Insurance Policy naming the Airport as the beneficiary. Of course, this would mean that the Pilots Association would lose money on the event. The Airport wants to make sure that they get their cut even though the members of the Pilots Association did all the work and the Airport did nothing. You would think that the Airport Management would be supportive of this event and maybe even help promote it by offering discounted fuel prices for the Fly-in attendees. The Airport could make some money that way while promoting airport activity at the same time. But no, they want to make money on top of that for doing absolutely nothing. The end result is that there will not be a Fly-in this year and maybe never again. I wonder if the Airport is requiring their restaurant to provide them with a $1,000,000 Liability Insurance Policy as well? After all, the increased activity due to fly in restaurant traffic creates a liability exposure for the airport as well, doesn’t it? It is worth noting that there is a new Airport Manager at Winter Haven. Whether or not he was the driving force behind these changes I just don’t know. But his previous job was the Airport Manager of Lake Wales Airport, which is not exactly known for being a booming center of General Aviation activity. In fact, if it wasn’t for their skydiving operation, that place would be a ghost town. It is a shame that this has happened. This event was always well organized, low key and lots of fun. Something that I looked forward to every year since my Dad and I stumbled across it on what I believe was the 17th Annual Fly-in. My Wife and I attended each of the past two years since my Dad passed. She enjoyed it too. I am going to express my displeasure by not flying in to Winter Haven Airport any longer. I wouldn’t want to increase their liability exposure, something they are clearly concerned about. Less activity will apparently make the Airport Management and the Airport Advisory Committee quite happy. Hey, I just want to do my part in making them as happy as possible.
  3. BKlott

    Mooney search starting...

    Yours is certainly a beauty!
  4. BKlott

    Mooney search starting...

    Just so you know (and I have posted about this in the past) I have many fond memories of flying with my Dad in his 1964 C model. It was one of the most beautiful airplanes I ever saw. New paint, new interior, factory remanufactured engine and a freshly overhauled prop. I had hoped to fly it someday but life factors compelled him to sell it rather than keep it. Of course, shortly after selling it, circumstances changed and he could have kept it and enjoyed for years to come. I believe it was disheartening to him, going back to renting, after flying such a beautiful airplane. His log books reflect not much flying activity for the next twelve years. Then I got my license and all that changed. The year that I learned to fly I ran across his old Mooney, sitting out on the ramp at another airport. It was the first time I had seen it since he sold it. I went out to look at it a stood there in disbelief. It’s once shiny paint job was now dull and faded. The glass was crazed and cloudy. There were rusted screw heads. The interior was worn. Then I remembered back to the first weekend he owned the airplane. After carefully washing the plane, he laid on his back on the ramp at Torrance Airport and cleaned every bit of grease and grime off the belly. The airplane was spotless and now it looked terrible. I stood there and sobbed, unable to understand how anyone could let that beautiful airplane deteriorate like that. I love Mooneys too. Just wish I could buy a brand new 1964 C model, one that was fully factory corrosion proofed, and painted like my Dad’s. That would be great airplane! Sadly, that can’t happen.
  5. BKlott

    Mooney search starting...

    The Cirrus, Cessna TTX, Lancair Columbia and Grumman Tigers all look like Toyota Corollas or “trainers”? Really? Feel that way about the Cessna 177B Cardinal too? Some of the above provide equal or comparable performance to many of the legacy retractable gear aircraft without the commensurate gear up landing risks or higher maintenance costs. In fact, one can argue that the Cirrus and Columbia / TTX Series have made the majority of legacy retracts obsolete.
  6. BKlott

    Mooney search starting...

    How many hours do you have in your Mooney (versus the OP who is a prospective new Mooney owner) and how much hull Coverage do you carry? Are you implying that all other factors being equal that the extra premium for retractable gear versus fixed gear is only $200? Would the resident Insurance providers like to comment on this topic?
  7. BKlott

    Bartow Airport Restaurant

    Yes, Nini’s Landing closed up at Bartow Airport earlier this year and relocated to Lake Ashton in the Lake Wales area. We lost both Winter Haven and Bartow’s restaurants for the summer months. Visited the newly re-opened Flightline Cafe at Winter Haven and was not impressed. Service was slow, food indifferent. Hoping Bartow will be good and provide a Central Florida alternative.
  8. BKlott

    Mooney search starting...

    A Tiger would be an awfully sporty looking and spiffy handling Corolla wouldn’t it?
  9. The word is that a restaurant at Bartow will be opening sometime in early January.
  10. BKlott

    Mooney search starting...

    The C and E model Mooneys are some of the most fuel efficient cross country aircraft ever certified. When new, they were some of the most structurally sound aircraft that you could ever hope to own. Unfortunately, Mooney typically only corrosion proofed a portion of the airframe...usually in the fuselage but often not in the wings or empennage. Over the past few years members of this website have witnessed the scrapping of airframes that were rendered unairworthy due to corrosion, as the cost of repairs exceeded the value of the airplane or was simply too much a cost for the owner to bear. Consequently, finding a corrosion free, forty to fifty plus year old airframe becomes a challenge. Something that you should consider. Another poster mentioned the Piper Comanche. The Comanche offers several advantages over the Mooney. First is a fully zinc chromated airframe. This greatly reduces potential corrosion issues. The Comanche also offers a larger, more comfortable cabin. It provides a large baggage door for easy access to the baggage compartment. You can also easily open the cowling for access to the engine compartment during your preflight inspections and during routine maintenance. The Comanche does have some drawbacks as well. Don’t they all? This includes the AD requirement to dismantle, inspect and essentially rebuild the landing gear every 1000 hours. Additionally, there is a stabilator issue that can be corrected with a not real cheap fix. Finally, most of the older Comanches have some pretty archaic panel layouts. You can spend big bucks getting that modernized. Other good alternatives include a Cessna 182 and a Grumman Tiger, both of which have the cost saving advantage of fixed landing gear. Fixed gear should save you roughly $1,000 per year on your aircraft insurance premium and also provide for a less expensive Annual Inspection and on-going maintenance savings. Something else to consider.
  11. Both the Mooney A2-A Aircoupe and the Mooney M10 Cadet are approved for the UL94 Avgas. The A2-A is considered to provide superior performance than the M10.
  12. There was a time that you would obtain that information by filing an FOIA request with the FAA. You needed to do this within 20 to 30 days of an incident to ensure the records would be preserved. Not sure if this is still the best route to go or not. May be worth a phone call to AOPA to get their input.
  13. BKlott

    Tyndall Damage

    Of course not...we would never be subject to attack against us stateside so why bother to protect military assets from a surprise attack?!
  14. The paint scheme and colors are attractive. They enhance rather than detract from the lines of the airplane. It would not discourage me from purchasing the airplane and I am known as Mr. Nit Picky.
  15. BKlott

    Paint recommendations

    The key to staying “on schedule” is not having a larger facility. The key is to not have thirteen to sixteen planes on site in various stages of the process at the same time. The most successful shops have three to four planes on site and focus on getting them done properly in a prompt and efficient manner. I know because I once worked as a paint stripper at a highly regarded paint shop at Torrance Airport in the 1970s. Ted had all the work he ever wanted and consistently turned airplanes in two weeks, not three to six months. Then again, you have to have good people who know how to work. P.S. This IS a beautiful Mooney!