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  1. A Beech Sierra would provide more head room to work with. A Trinidad, a Rockwell Commander or a Cardinal RG would provide more cabin width and overall room; however, the Trinidad and Commander both have center consoles which could prove problematic.
  2. Class B Traffic

    Airline deregulation.
  3. Weekend Wings by Frank Kingston Smith. It’s like an old friend that you like to revisit from time to time. Gentleman of Adventure by Earnest K. Gann Night Flight by St. Exupery The Eagle has Landed by Jack Higgins The Lady Be Good by Dennis McClendon
  4. In the deep, dark recesses of a ramshackle aircraft housing structure a lone Aircraft Inspector searches for the...unknown. Will he succeed in his quest to discover that which no man has seen before? Join us for the next episode of “Adventures in Annuals”.
  5. Sun n Fun 2018

    I’ll drive in once or twice during the week. Can’t wait to ask the Medical folks in the FAA building for an update on my Special Issuance package.
  6. We could write volumes about buying and owning airplanes. Back in the 1960s my Dad talked about the “big bills” and trying to avoid those while buying and owning an airplane. His “big bills” were the engine job, the paint job and the interior. If an airplane had a high time engine or a lousy paint job, he wasn’t interested. End of discussion. Keep in mind that if you purchase an airplane with average or worse condition paint and interior, those items are going to continue to deteriorate during your period of ownership. When you go to sell, your potential buyers are going to be looking at fair to poor paint and interior. If they are knowledgeable, they are not going to pay you what you probably want for the plane. If you don’t maintain the airplane’s condition, you can’t very well expect to get out of it what you put into it. What irks me are the guys who list an airplane that has a run out or near TBO engine, the original but now faded and chipped paint job and a worn interior. They and all the former owners used up the airplane but didn’t want to spend their money fixing up the airplane. The plane is now essentially worthless but they still want an idiot buyer to come along and give them good money for the airplane. Do the math. A good, quality engine job is probably closer to $25k and up. To do it right you need to do the complete job like pulling the engine mount and shipping it to a facility that is equipped to check it for internal rust and cracks along with repairing it. Remember, it has been supporting the engine for probably fifty years in addition to being subjected to g forces, heat and vibration. Some guys won’t do that because, well, it might cost them a little bit more. Of course, if the mount fails in flight, I wonder what that would cost? A quality paint job is probably closer to $12k these days and a quality interior can run $8k to $10k. Of course, some guys try to do things on the cheap and there is nothing wrong with that unless it looks cheap. A knowledgeable buyer will look at a strange, weird or homemade paint job and walk away. He knows better. Now you can add avionics to my Dad’s list of big bills. Vintage avionics continue to decline in value as state of the art is a big box WAAS GPS NAV COM. Here again you can get mislead by the acquisition cost of the unit without considering the installation costs and related incidentals. For example, I looked into upgrading to a big box unit. In my case, I would also need to acquire a new switch panel and a new VOR head as mine would not properly interface with the new technology. That would add a little bit to my bill right there, right? Of course, the big box would eliminate the need for my ADF so the ADF, it’s indicator, antennas and wiring would all need to be removed along with my separate 3LMB which would be included in the new switch panel. Now my instrument panel is all screwed up and now you can add that to the bill. It just goes on and on.... I decided to stick with my vintage avionics which all works, by the way. That is another thing you’ll find when shopping for a plane. This radio doesn’t work, this is broken, this isn’t quite right and nobody made any effort to get them fixed and working properly. That would cost money. Take your time and learn all you can about airplanes. Don’t get discouraged. Be patient and remember this. I have twenty one years of aircraft ownership experience. It is expensive but a very rewarding experience. I wouldn’t have missed it for anything.
  7. Fly-In to Bartow, KBOW, Sat 2/10

    I stopped in there today for the Tuesday “burgers on the grill” lunch. It was quite good!
  8. Gear Overhaul

    When my Dad purchased his 1964 C model in 1970, the first annual required him to get the gear re-bushed. An unhappy surprise!
  9. Instrument Overhaul

    Another option for service which I have used is Naylor http://www.naylorsinstrument.com/mobile/index.html which is located adjacent to the Gainesville, FL airport.

    Jim Plunkett was drafted by New England then later played at San Francisco before moving to the Oakland Raiders. He became their starting QB just in time to ruin Jaworski’s shot at a Super Bowl ring in 1980. Brady was back-up to Drew Bledsoe who got injured and that was the end of Bledsoe’s run. I think as rough as the game has become, reliance on one QB is an ill fated approach. Teams really need two QBs that are starting caliber and can execute the offense in this era.
  11. In memory

    Maybe you will have the opportunity to take her son flying again. It might be difficult at first but beneficial for both of you. I lost my Dad to Cancer a couple of years ago. I kept our airplane, the last one he ever flew. The same one we flew to the 50th Anniversary of Airventure in 2002 and the one we flew to Dayton to celebrate the Centennial of Flight in 2003. The plane we flew to Souther Field in Americus, GA...the site of Lindbergh’s first solo...and to Moton, AL to see where the Tuskegee Airmen flew. We also took the 172 to the Swift fly-in in Crete Couer, MO one year and lots of other places that seem to fade in and out of memory now. Every time I go down to the field and see the plane I remember him. I can still picture him at our hangar. That was real, real tough early on but somehow it seemed to get easier as time went by. I dealt with my grief by fixing up our airplane and making it a real nice airplane. Dad would have been proud of it although I can imagine him saying to me “why didn’t you sell that stupid thing and get a better airplane?” How can you sell the last airplane that you and your Dad flew together? I just can’t do it. Cancer is hard, not only on the patient but on the patient’s loved ones as well. Often the outcome is pre-determined and unlikely to be altered by even the best intentioned efforts. Knowledge is at once both a wonderful and terrible thing in these instances. You know what is going to happen, when it is likely to happen, the warning signs that you will see as the end nears. You feel helpless to do anything about it. I think the time that we share with those we care about is the best, most precious gift that we can give. Life is fragile and tomorrow is never guaranteed. So spending your time with someone, taking her and her boy for an airplane ride was a very special gift that you gave to them both. I’m sure that it created a special memory that neither of them will ever forget. If you want to give her one more special gift, look in on her Son now and then. Make sure he is okay. I’m sure she would appreciate that. I am sorry for your loss.

    For a long time fan who was broken hearted in 1980 when Ron Jaworski and Dick Vermeil lost to Jim Plunkett and the Raiders, this was much appreciated! While most teams have their quarterback controversies during the season, the Eagles have found a way to have one post-season after winning the Super Bowl. This will be interesting to follow. Wentz was great but got injured. Back-up Foles, the Rodney Dangerfield of quarterbacks, steps in, plays great and wins the first Super Bowl for the franchise. How do you trade, bench or cut him?! Who starts next year? Foles has one year left on a two year contract. One other interesting thought. Foles played well in relief of an injured Alex Smith in Kansas City but was benched in favor of Smith when he returned. The Chiefs either cut him or traded him to Philly. Will Foles success be the last straw that gets Andy Reid fired from KC?
  13. Here is some info pertaining to 1968 Mooney Rangers (M20C): Rangers and Mark 21s are almost the same aircraft, but are made in different years. Slight differences give the Mark 21 a slight edge in cruise speed. For instance, the Ranger doesn’t have a retractable step, movable cowl flaps or dorsal fin of the 21s. Also, the later Rangers didn’t have the flush riveted underwing. Though these are small items, they add up to 4-6 mph slower cruise speeds. Mark 21s from 1965 and later and all Rangers have 52-gallon fuel tanks, enough for almost a half-hour more cruise over the 48-gallon ’61-64 Mark 21s.
  14. If I remember reading correctly, when the Crosley powered Mites started having problems, Mooney found, upon inspection, that the delivered engines did not conform to the design specifications. Thus the move to Continental and Lycoming variants.
  15. Partnerships in FLA

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate that.