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  1. BKlott

    Instrument practical today...

    Congratulations on your Instrument Rating! It is a very personally rewarding achievement.
  2. BKlott

    Windshield replacement

    I had green tinted glass in my 172 which I replaced with Great Lakes Aero’s green tint with the UV screen all the way around. They refer to it as “Solar Control”. I am happy that I did this. From a practical point of view, there is one difference that I noticed right away which occurred during my $100 hamburger runs. I keep my plane hangared so it is not sitting out in the hot sun. When we fly for lunch, the plane is sitting out on the ramp, heating up. When I had just the regular, original green tint, climbing back in the plane felt like climbing into an oven. With the UV screen, Solar Control glass, it no longer feels like an oven. The cabin remains much cooler. That is good for your avionics, your interior and your interior plastics. I think the more important and valuable reason for getting the UV screen is protecting your health. The incidence of skin cancer in the pilot population is significantly higher than the general population as a whole. This is due to the fact that your UV exposure increases somewhere between 3% to 5% for each 1,000 foot increase in altitude. If you are essentially at sea level, like I am, then climb up to 8,000 ft, I would be exposed to a 24% to 40% increase in UV Radiation. As I have posted before, my Dad flew from 1942 until just a few months before he turned 90 and died in late 2015. He died of Melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer. It started in the center of his chest. Now, that is significant, I think, because he was not a sun bather or someone that walked around without a shirt on. He did, however, typically wear thin, light shirts when flying. He flew for 73 years. Some of his flying included high altitude glider flights in wave conditions, one of which exceeded 30,000 ft. He was wearing a lot more than a light shirt during those high altitude flights but consider the increase in UV exposure at that altitude...90% to 150% greater than at sea level?! Personally, I believe it is a false economy to go cheap to save a little money while passing up the benefits of the UV screen.
  3. BKlott

    Thank you

    Just saw your posts, Don. Words are inadequate at a time like this. There is nothing that I can say that will make this any easier for you. Just know that a lot of guys care and are sending there heartfelt thoughts in your direction.
  4. BKlott

    New Orleans recommendations?

    If you are open to an interesting side trip, consider flying over to Patterson, LA. to visit the Wedell Williams Aviation Museum. You may be able to arrange for a ride to the museum which is nearby the Harry Williams Memorial Airport. We visited this summer and basically had the place to ourselves. Fun to get up close to some round engine speedsters!
  5. BKlott

    Ft Lauderdale trip

    If you need to make an interim fuel stop, you might consider Williston, Fl. X60 or nearby Marion County X35. Both currently offer 100 LL self serve at $3.95 per gallon. If you need to grab a bite to eat, Piper Kub Cafe is on the field at Williston. Their burgers are good.
  6. They can even sleep nooked too!
  7. BKlott

    N954N At Oshkosh

  8. BKlott

    Cracked Oil Cooler

    Not a place where I would want to cut corners. If an oil cooler blows while you’re flying, you have a forced landing in your immediate future. I had one cut loose but I was lucky. It was during a ground run with the cowling off following an oil change. Ran it to check for leaks and brother did we find one.
  9. BKlott

    Old Mooney on the Flight Line

    Was able to spot your pretty Mooney on the Live Vintage webcam televised on You Tube.
  10. BKlott


    Tarragon- definition The reason a woman has a husband.
  11. Can I ask why the opinion on East Coast Aircraft?  I was considering them to paint the area around my 201 windshield mod.  I've had two experienced painters give me quotes and they haven't replied to me since.  Your private opinion would be appreciated.

    Scott F 

    1. BKlott


      Sure, happy to do so. I went to them in early 2016 for paint, interior and to have new glass installed all the way around. I even pai extra for a custom paint job. You would expect that they would do their best work.

      They had the plane six weeks and said it was ready for pickup. Took it back for deficiencies. They kept it another two weeks and still had not corrected everything. I told them, Marta, in particular, repeatedly that I wanted the job done right, not fast. 

      If you look at my airplane you will finds runs in the paint (leading edge of one wing strut, nose bowl, wheel pant), overspray on what was a freshly overhauled and refinished propellor and on the new glass, areas that evidence poor paint prep (bottom of one wing strut, bottom of fuselage right behind the cowling), poor stripe edges (cowling and rudder), damage to several fiberglass fairings (that were new) where it appears that they took a grinder to the plane and chewed up the fairings due to carelessness. I also have several small areas of paint that have chipped off around inspection plates where it did not properly adhere and there did not appear to be any primer either. Either that or the primer did not properly adhere to the plane.

      The paint work is just not of a professional caliber. The lead painter is Marta’s husband. That isn’t likely to change.

      Fresh out of high school I worked as a paint stripper at an aircraft paint shop at Torrance Airport. They did Quality work there. East Coast are amateurs in comparison.

      If you would like to see my airplane in person, I would be happy to show it to you so that you can see their work for yourself. I am based at Hidden Lake Airport in New Port Richey. My phone number is (727) 862-8243. 

      I was happy with the seats and carpeting work in the interior. Marta’s Dad does the upholstery work and the seats are pretty darn nice and comfortable. 

      Hope this helps.


      Brian Lott

    2. Freemasm


      Much thx Sir.  I had a similar experience with a paint shop in Leesburg; probably worse. Six months to finally get to a "just OK" finish. Saw three different sets of personnel working on it. Stuff stolen out of my plane as it was left outside, unlocked. Made the same punch list three times. When finally brought home, I continued to find sheet metal screws in nutplates, fasteners too long/too short/missing washers/wrong direction.  I've gotten quotes from two different painters who asked for 100% up front, or never showed up.  Frustrating.

      Thanks for the feedback,

      Scott Freeman

    3. BKlott


      It is frustrating. I also had trouble obtaining quotes from paint shops when I was looking. Had spoken to Joe at Hawk and had a start date of “the end of March” with him. Then when I called him the first week of April it became “the end of May”. He had, by my count, some sixteen planes in varied stages of getting painted. One guy at our airport had a Cherokee that was with Hawk for six (6) months getting paint and interior done. My feeling was that I would leave the airplane as-is before parking it for six months.

      East Coast was my only other option as I didn’t want to travel out of state. Now I wished that I had looked further to find a good shop. 

  12. Engine, prop, avionics, hoses and fuel lines to start with. Instruments haven’t functioned in sixteen years. If the tanks aren’t leaking, the interior is good, the pucks are good and there are no corrosion surprises you still have some big bills to deal with. Even if they gave you the airplane for free, it is difficult to see how you can make out on this one.
  13. BKlott

    Best paint shop in the South?

    No. Just NO.
  14. BKlott

    So who did it??

    Traditionally, the Butler did it.
  15. BKlott

    Best Cheap ADSB Solution

    Some other guys have found a less expensive option...a For Sale ad in Trade-a-plane.