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  1. I had some interesting dates in my youth, but none that were that interesting.
  2. Special thanks to Eight8Victor for his recommendation of Phil Bracken as an IA. I met with him yesterday and he took care of my airplane issues so I can start flying again. Phil was GREAT!
  3. Thank you for the recommendations. Another member sent me the contact information for a local mechanic. I’m going to give him a call today. My new tire arrived in two days but the tube has taken a full week, that is, assuming it does arrive today as scheduled.
  4. Yes. After flying last Saturday with no apparent issues, we returned to the field Tuesday to find the left main tire flat. Removed the wheel pant, added air, inspected the tire and found a cut in it. It did not appear to be leaking from the cut, however, but within 15 minutes of adding air, it was obvious that it was losing pressure and going flat again. I’ve ordered a new tire and tube. The tire arrived today but the tube won’t get here until next Tuesday. I also need my nose gear oleo serviced with nitrogen and my VOR antenna rods replaced. (One lost two thirds of its length in flight).
  5. Can anybody recommend a good IA that is in the Zephyrhills area? I relocated my plane here in September, my prior IA won’t make trip, need to find a new to me, GOOD IA for maintenance and Annuals. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you!
  6. Lots of in State flying in Florida for me. Revisiting airports that I haven’t been to in a very long time, shooting a landing then returning home. A nice activity to share with my Wife. Gives her a chance to get out of the house as she is an on-line School Teacher.
  7. Would a gear swing be warranted following this maintenance event?
  8. I know of a guy whose engine driven fuel pump was not putting out the rated fuel flow / pressure. He didn’t want to spend the money to get this fixed. He also, reportedly, had developed the bad habit of not using his checklist. One day, while taking his new girlfriend for her first flight In his airplane, he neglected to use his checklist and failed to remember to turn on his electric boost pump. On climbout, his engine was burning more fuel than his engine drive fuel pump was supplying to his carburetor, which caused his engine to quit. I was up in my airplane at the time when he made h
  9. The Aircraft Insurance premium increases are significant but there are a couple of other insurance related issues which concern me and may also impact the affordability of flying. What is going to happen to Homeowners Insurance premiums as a result of the massive fires out west and what about Health Insurance premiums in the wake of COVID-19? Those two things keep me up at night.
  10. Tim Preston at Preston Aviation at KGIF Winter Haven, Florida does tailwheel training in a Cub and has a Stearman as well. I flew with him for my tailwheel endorsement back in 2000 (where did those twenty years go?). Tim is a great Instructor, experienced and fun to fly with. His nice wife, Peggy, runs the office. Vacation in Florida and fly with Tim.
  11. Is Ground Coverage available to protect the airplane while it is not being used? In addition to your Liability coverage, that would protect your airplane most of the time and further reduce your exposure.
  12. There are many variables involved with this. Is the covering material Grade A fabric or one of the newer, synthetic materials that have been developed over the decades. I’ve been told by those from that era that Grade A fabric could go bad in just a year or two. The newer coverings have demonstrated 25 years or longer when properly maintained. Most experts recommend that wood and fabric aircraft must be hangared. Being left out in the weather, sun, UV exposure, rain, etc. is not conducive to long life for wood and fabric. Additionally, we are told that these planes need to be flown regul
  13. Purchase a Sky-ox portable oxygen system with the pendant cannula. You can enjoy the benefits of oxygen while flying high and easily eat and drink while you’re at it.
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