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  1. Friday, May 7th Today I received my oil cooler back from Pacific Oil Cooler Service. They found some cracks in the mounting bracket and repaired them. The cost for their services was $298.13 ($216 for the overhaul, $50 for the labor in repairing the cracks and $32.13 for the freight charge). The cooler sure looks nice. It was very well packaged for the trip home. Beats the cost of $700+ for a new one. I also received the new Alcor EGT probe that was back ordered. Still have not made a decision on the engine monitor but I have 8 to 9 weeks wait on the engine. No need to rush
  2. That is great advice. I have to admit that I am thoroughly uninformed when it comes to the modern engine monitors that are available. Fortunately I am not quite two weeks in to a ten to twelve week wait for my engine so, I have plenty of time to get educated.
  3. Friday, April 30th Today I received a complete new set of powder coated engine baffles from Airforms, Inc. in Wasilla, Alaska. They look absolutely beautiful and are far nicer than the worn out original baffles that were left on my airplane. You can see the difference in the pictures below. I’ve also ordered the two air filters that are used in my vacuum system. One of these is a wraparound foam filter. Both of these should be replaced when the vacuum pump is replaced, if not sooner. Ordered some new SCAT, or in this case, SCEET ducting as well. This added $107.37 to the bill.
  4. Wednesday, April 28th Today I have an update on my exhaust system. As you’ll recall, I had sent my exhaust to Aerospace Welding, Inc. to be overhauled. Shortly after it arrived, I received a call from them verifying it had arrived and that they would start working on it. It got overhauled all right. After inspection, they “hauled” it “over” to their dumpster and tossed it in. It was in such bad shape that none of it was salvageable. In hindsight, I should have evaluated the condition of my exhaust system more carefully before sending it off. Had I done so, I could have elected to si
  5. UPDATE Took my first lesson in the Duchess today. Really enjoyed flying it and like my CFI as well. The Duchess does have a bit more performance than my 172. So far the yaw and roll from simulating losing an engine is a non event. Very little rudder is required. The Duchess appears to be quite docile. We were maintaining altitude at 5,500 ft today with one engine idled and we started with a full fuel load. Another nice feature is the acceleration on takeoff. You accelerate through VMC of 65 knots, wait to rotate at 71 knots and you reach blue line of 85 knots in just a few seconds. Unle
  6. I believe that is on the engine itself and at the overhaul shop. My plane has a remote, firewall mounted oil cooler. The only components that are being reused as-is are my alternator, which has 458 hours on it and exhibits no indication of any issues and my propellor which was overhauled in March 2016. The prop is still in great shape with 303 hours smoh.
  7. Wednesday, April 21st Today was a light day for me and my credit card. I phoned Pacific Oil Cooler Service out in LaVerne, California and spoke with a gentleman there. They sell and service oil coolers. I wanted their opinion as to whether or not I should replace my Stewart Warner Oil Cooler or have them service it instead. They told me that my existing cooler is a good quality piece of equipment and that if it is maintained and used properly, it should give indefinite service. A new one would cost some $400++ more than the cost of their cleaning, inspection, testing and repair service.
  8. I won’t defend what she did in any way, shape or form but I can’t help but notice the disparity between how she has been treated and how motor vehicle operators are treated when they do careless and reckless things with their motor vehicles. I often see drivers running through Stop Signs like they aren’t there, exceeding the speed limit by a wide margin, ignoring Red Lights, tailgating at high speeds, weaving in and out of traffic and making lane changes without signaling. Do they ever receive a letter from a Federal Government or State Government Agency revoking their driving privileges? Of c
  9. Why won't AWI use powder coating on my engine mount? ANSWER: We strongly advise against powder coating any structural airframe component. This can cause cracks and chafing to go unnoticed. Powder coating is also impossible to remove for future inspections.
  10. I believe that the lack of maintenance and upkeep on the existing fleet, coupled with a lack of aircraft production has resulted in fewer viable aircraft being available to meet demand. Sure, you can purchase a plane with a high time engine, lousy paint, worn interior and avionics from the 1970s. Then you can drop $75,000 to $100,000 (or more) into it, to resurrect it into being a nice, up to date airplane again. But how many guys are capable of and willing to do that? The relatively few nice and up to date airplanes that are available will continue to be snapped up when they hit the mark
  11. No worries, I’ve got you covered. I am doing the totaling for you!
  12. The mount and exhaust system are both on their way to AWI (Aerospace Welding, Inc.) for inspection, repair and refinishing. They do not recommend powder coating the mount but it will be refinished, probably painted white as that helps to identify cracking. The new baffle set will be powder coated, see today’s write-up. I agree with the 182 option. One of, if not “the”, best all around airplanes ever made.
  13. Tuesday, April 20th. Big order day... I started today with placing an order for a new set of baffles from Airforms in Alaska. A number of years ago our right front baffle assembly fell apart. The metal was so thin at that point that my IA said it would be best to replace it as he didn’t think he could even repair it. The baffles were just bare metal that had some black paint sprayed on them without any evidence of priming. The paint was just flaking off and it looked terrible. I ordered the three front pieces of the baffle set from Airforms and elected to pay extra for the powder coa
  14. There are STCs available to go from the 150 hp to either 160 hp or 180 hp. Some of these require that the flap travel be limited to thirty degrees, instead of my forty. Additionally, the higher horsepower increases fuel burn and my airplane only has the 42 gallon / 38 gallon useable fuel tanks. The more modern 172s have 50 gallon tanks. Another reason that I’ve elected to retain the 150 hp engine is that, if 100LL does go away, theoretically I could use the UL 94 AVGAS from Swift Fuels without issue. Can’t do that with the 160 hp or 180 hp engines. I think that if you really want the 180
  15. Mine does have the 40 degree flaps but with infinite settings available from 0 to 40 degrees. I prefer that to the pre-select flap positions.
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