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  1. Hey everyone, Very excited, I'm flying up to Denver tomorrow to close on a Mooney M20S but need to get checked out in the plane. I have my complex but not high-performance sign-off so I was needing to get that along with some mountain flying. Does anyone know of a good CFI in the area that you would recommend? I am beyond frustrated, I've called Rocky Mountain flight training, Leading Edge, and Front Range flight training MULTIPLE times and can't get anyone to call me back! It's freaking nuts. In Houston the flight schools would be beating your door down to get business. A
  2. Awesome, I appreciate it guys. I'll chase down those leads down today. Thanks!
  3. Hey everyone, Quick question, planning to make an offer on a Mooney that is near Denver. Does anyone around that area know of a good Mooney mechanic that can do my pre-buy? I saw Arapahoe, but they had 2 very bad reviews online. I know folks can get mad and leave reviews sometimes that don't reflect the kind of customer service a business normally offers, so if someone has used them and likes them, let me know. If you know anyone else though, let me know too. I know I can request the seller to take the plane out further but it's Denver.......there has to be a good maintenance sh
  4. Hey everyone, Thank you all so much for the advice. I will definitely touch base with Jimmy. Couldn't agree more on the comment about how the prior owners took care of the plane, definitely something I will keep in mind. Thanks again!!
  5. Thanks for the advice on All American. I'll shoot Jimmy an email. I drive right by his offices almost monthly so it'd be easy to stop by there and talk to him. I have never been in a Mooney, but always heard great things about them. I have talked to some of the maintenance guys at the flight school I learned at and picked their brain on what models have expensive yearly's, what do they see the most issues with, etc. I've been thinking about what to buy for about a year, doing my research on specs, etc, and came to the conclusion a Mooney fits all of my needs perfectly.
  6. Hey guys, Thanks for the advice. Regarding my flying experience I've had my license now for about 2.5 years and have a little over 250 hours. Started off as most I think in an 172 but have been flying a Piper Arrow now for a little over a year (rent it). Great plane, but for cross country flights it's cruise speed leaves a lot to be desired. I plan to be making trips out to Santa Fe and up to Wyoming so a decent speed is important. Regarding American Aircraft, are those the folks in Spring Branch (GMax)? I've seen some of their adds on Controller. Spring Branch i
  7. Hey everyone, First post, and need some advice. I've never bought a plane before, and am bouncing between a Mooney M20J and K. I've read up and realized for the distances I'll be flying the K may be the best option. But my main question is if you all feel like it'd be a good decision to hire a broker or, if not, how to go about the whole thing. Some points of concern: 1. I am in the real estate business so I can look up and see what properties are selling for in an area, and how to come to a fair price based on those numbers, but how do you arrive at what would be co
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