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  1. Thanks for the tips - I will try them all to find space for my bird in Florida for some months - as I am new to mooneyspace I somehow lost track of my posting and only just now found all your replies :-)
  2. I am moving my plane a M20K down to Florida over the winter months - I am looking for a good maintenence shop for doing the annual and maybe replacing my JPI EDM-700 to a newly purchased EDM 900 any tips welcome Thanks Markus
  3. I am looking to rent a hangar space in Florida for my Mooney over the winter for approx. 4 - 6 month .. / preferred around Daytona or St. Pete - but can be somewhere else as well. Background: I am an Austrian pilot and flew my Mooney over to the US this summer - beyond others I visited Air Venture in Oshkosh. I left it there for the time and currently I have it based in Nashville but want to fly it to Florida in October to have some flying vacations over the winter months - in Florida and probably the Caribbean . Would be nice if somebody has hangar space available for rent Thank you Markus
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