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  1. Actually I was referring to the engine instruments. Mark
  2. Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think you can use an IPad for a required instrument in a certified aircraft. Mark
  3. Just as an outsider looking at California, and considering the rolling blackouts in the last several years, what happens when several million cars are a few hundred airplanes plug in to recharge their batteries? I wonder if the governor will be able to charge up his multi ton electric limousine? Of course there is the 27.3 twh of solar power but when the sun goes down... Mark
  4. I would top it off first. If that doesn't fix it then all you have lost is a little hud fluid. Do the easy thing first. To answer your question, just put the fluid in and work the flaps up and down a few times. That will work any air bubbles out. Mark
  5. I have a new one I bought several years ago but decided to go to Led. Let me know if you are interested
  6. I believe that if you have the type Certificate you can build new aircraft that meet the requirements set out in it. If you do not have the production Certificate then you have to get each aircraft bought off by the FAA. This is the route most manufacturers take as they develop their production line. Once they get a line setup and get the qa in place along with supplier qualifications and oversight then you can apply for the production Certificate. The production Certificate simply allows you to certify your aircraft on your own with occasional inspections by the FAA. If you are only building a few aircraft then there is no requirement to ever get a production Certificate. Please correct me if I am wrong. Mark
  7. Second the prop o ring. $2 part. 2 hour of work. Probably nicked it when the propeller went on. Mark
  8. AC43.13 spells out the procedure to make lines quite clearly. This is basic mechanic skills. Mark
  9. Alan does your wife know you are using the dishwasher to clean parts?
  10. No fuel flow meter. I think the broken pipe hanger caused the Crack and even after I fixed it the crack eroded more
  11. Found an interesting problem during an annual on a 63C. When I removed the Exhaust I found a crack in the exhaust heat exchanger. It seems it was blowing exhaust on the front of the carburetor. It was like having the carb heat on all of the time. Low power and running rich. Fuel burn was considerably higher than normal. I think it occurred because the rubber rear support on the firewall had failed in the past and all of the weight of the pipe was on the heat exchanger weld. The support had been repaired but the crack was not found until the exhaust was removed for the annual. Mark
  12. I was offered the same option. I am not married and I have 3 airplanes...
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