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  1. I am not sure which Bracket filter you have but the one I have uses the 6108 filter which is the same as the one used in the 172. it is about 12.80 from spruce. I change it at 100 hours or annual. Mark
  2. Yes it was at CPS. I do not have any pics of the interior just yet. I am not actively seeking to sell it yet, just seeing what interest there is in the aircraft. I have someone interested in it. He is local and is going to look at it tomorrow. Mark
  3. I am considering selling my 63 M20D/C. I have not decided for sure to sell it. I have my eye on another aircraft and I might sell my Mooney. I can keep it but I dont really need 3 aircraft but I like them. If anyone is interested I can provide details. It has about 3800 TT. Engine has about 400 smoh 3800 ttsn. Prop has about 300 smoh. B hub. Several speed mods. It is not a museum piece but it is a good solid aircraft and I would fly it anywhere. Hangared since I know of. Older avionics but they all work. ADSB in and out with Stratus transponder and 3I. I am thinking 65K but when it is time to sell I would entertain offers. Let me know if you want to see it. Mark
  4. In my physics class we had to figure the speed of sound in furlongs per fortnight. A lot of the students did not even know what a fortnight was.
  5. When flying from a 4000ft paved runway I rarely use flaps. It is easier and the controls feel much more solid. I establish an approach on final at about 80mph and just hold it a ft or so off the runway and just let it quit flying and settle onto the runway. Nice and smooth and if I need to go around it is already trimmed up. When flying from my 1800 ft grass runway I always use full flaps and bring it in about 70 on final and 60 to 65 over the numbers. We'll it doesn't have numbers but you know what I mean. It will take just about all of the trim and if I go around I have to hold a lot of down force. At these speeds it very seldom will bounce. Yes I use mph, but it doesn't matter what the units, I just look for the right numbers. It could be furlongs per fortnight as long as the pilot is aware of what the number should be. Just my opinion mind you... Mark
  6. Might it not be faster and cheaper to simply replace the condenser? Mark
  7. I have really short arms and have to slide the seat back to get past my hangover. The tank switcher thingy is my best bet.... Mark
  8. Cost me 20 bucks for 3 keys when I took the switch to a locksmith Mark
  9. Keep in mind that there is more airflow into the right inlet than the left one during high angle of attack. Descending blade and all that. Same reason you need right rudder. Mark
  10. I put the Whelan PAR 46 prometheus bulb in mine. Not cheap but it has lasted a couple years now and is very much brighter. We have a guy here who sells them and his website shows the difference in output and pattern. Mark
  11. The narrow deck has the plates on the cylinder base and the internal wrenching nuts. The wide deck has no plates on the base of the cylinders and regular hex nuts. Mark
  12. No. Wide deck and narrow deck cylinders are not interchangeable. Mark
  13. One of the reasons electric cars are much cheaper to operate than gasoline cars is road fuel taxes that include about19 cents per gallon federal tax and 8 to 58 cents per gallon. State tax. Currently electric cars do not pay anything to drive on public roads. That will change as soon as politicians find a way to track miles driven. With internet connected cars it will be soon. When they send you a bill for 2 to 4 cents per mile it will even out. Mark
  14. I run 15W50. I do not know of any modern aircraft oil that is bad. I personally do not think that straight weight oil is a good idea as I think the temp changes too drastically and I like the detergent qualities of the multi viscosity oil. I don't understand the concept of it being better for the cam. I f someone wants to run it then fine. I don't do that. Just my opinion mind you. Mark
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