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  1. The whole process took approximately 6 months. Sourcing new cylinders was next to impossible because of supply chain delay secondary to pandemic. We went with nitride barrels. Overall Airmark did a great job and did the best they could. I'm glad I started the process in March, because waiting until late summer would have caused even further delay.
  2. Yes! Thanks. The engine is in Junction at the moment. On to Mason soon, Didn't skimp at all: New hoses, overhaul prop, overhaul turbo, new wastegate, new starter, mags, thoroughly examine the exhaust system, had Edison reseal my tanks in January so I think I'm good to go!
  3. Right behind you, Airmark shipped my engine to West Texas last week, hopefully, if all goes well we will be back up in the air to Tucson in October! Here's a general guide for break in procedure that Airmark sent me. I prefer @donkaye tho. @LANCECASPER looking forward to being back in the air. ENGINE BREAK IN PROCEDURES.pdf
  4. Congratulations on getting back in the air soon, My overhaul is scheduled for completion 8/13. Been a long wait! I'll be right behind you.
  5. I'm running 29 inches, 2200 - 2300 RPM and TiT 1585 and achieve great fuel economy and speeds all day long! My engine was converted to a B at 1000 hours. I purchased the plane with 1940 hours. Airmark is finishing up my MOH at 2050.
  6. Also this was drilled into my head: 1) Gas 2) Under carriage 3) Mixture 4) Prop 5) Flaps 6) Speed
  7. Tucson Approach asked me to slow down coming in recently as I was about to overtake a regional. They know!
  8. Oxygen is cheap, and I tend to turn it up at flight levels !!
  9. Edison in Ft Lauderdale did a great job on my tanks. Before and after photos shows all of the screws replaced around the access panels. I haven't spent the time to touch it up. I actually think it looks okay. I flew from Tucson to Ft Lauderdale, totally worth the trip. Edison is a specialist, it's what he does and he's really good at it.
  10. Have been dealing with Airmark with the MOH of this engine, so far so good. These wetheads are very specialized, and expensive. 111K new, 69K reman, 63K OH by Lycoming. Much lag (3-4 months) obtaining factory cylinders; Any one have any experience with Nickel plated OH cylinders? Just curious given extreme heat, and pressure of these Bravo engines.
  11. Had about 22 inches of power, very limited, almost enough to hold altitude.
  12. The cylinders were borescoped in OCT 2020, and no observable abnormalities were evidenced. I'll keep you posted,
  13. My friend who owns the rocket has been a pilot for 45 years. We are both headed to Mason when it's ready and work out any settings before heading back to Tucson. I appreciate your offer. Regardless, I will PM you as it's always great to have a contact in the area. It may be worth a trip to Dugosh, too.
  14. Correct, he's sending that out, too. Good point.
  15. Much appreciated, thank you. Sam knows Don Maxwell and called him to double check a few things. He's already sent out the prop and ordered the hose kit. He's comfortable putting the engine back in. I'll definitely PM you. BTW, your plane looks beautiful. I'm missing my plane right now !! Just had my tanks sealed by Edison in Ft Lauderdale, so once the engine is set, should be good to go!
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